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coronavirus volunteer abroad
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Volunteering Abroad AFTER the Coronavirus Outbreak

Want to volunteer abroad but worried about the coronavirus? In this article, we’ll highlight volunteer projects that you can join after the Coronavirus pandemic has passed and life returns to...

By Nick Callos27 Mar 2020
what is the peace corps
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A Guide to Peace Corps Volunteer Opportunities

Want to change the world? Serving as a Peace Corps volunteer could enable you to do just that! If you’re not familiar with the process to become a Peace Corps...

By Nick Callos3 Mar 2020
United Nations volunteer
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A Guide to United Nations Volunteer Jobs

Dream of serving as a United Nations volunteer? We have some great news: You can achieve that dream! The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program gives people like you the chance...

By Nick Callos26 Feb 2020
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The Best Mission Trips

Mission trips aim to uplift people in need around the world by addressing key problems, much like volunteer abroad programs do. With your mission trip group, you’ll build houses, teach English, work...

By Nick Callos18 Feb 2020
Marine conservation, research, biology, scuba internships
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Marine Conservation, Research and Biology Internships Abroad

If you’ve chosen marine conservation or marine biology as your focus, there are lots of wonderful opportunities to make new connections through internships abroad. From PADI Divemaster internships in Fiji,...

By Sarah Vandenberg14 Feb 2020
short term volunteer abroad programs
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Short Term Volunteer Abroad Programs & Mission Trips (1 Week & 2 Weeks)

If you want to make a meaningful impact while traveling abroad during a short school or career break, then check out the 11 volunteer programs below. You will be surprised...

By Brittany Edwardes11 Feb 2020
Volunteer abroad opportunities for seniors and retirees - Volunteer Forever
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Volunteer Abroad Opportunities for Seniors and Retirees

Boomers, seniors, retirees, and over anyone over 50: are you looking for a wonderful vacation that not only will let you explore the world, but also to make a positive...

By Sarah Vandenberg11 Feb 2020
Long term volunteer opportunities
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Long Term Volunteer Work Abroad Programs & Voluntary Charity Jobs


By Brittany Edwardes29 Jan 2020