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Long Term Volunteer Work Abroad Programs & Voluntary Charity Jobs

Brittany Edwardes
By Brittany Edwardes
Guest Volunteer Travel Writer
Long term volunteer opportunities

Updated for 2023-2024

Whether you’re looking for a valuable way to give back during your gap year or perhaps just interested in doing something different for a while, long-term volunteering is an excellent opportunity to give back in a way that is structured, sustainable, and beneficial to everyone involved. These long-term positions are typically referred to volunteer work abroad programs and voluntary charity jobs to differentiate them from short-term voluntourism trips.

Long-term Volunteer Abroad Programs to Check Out

I spent a year volunteering abroad in Malaysia during a Fulbright grant. Before I left, I knew spending a year volunteering abroad would have a lot of, well, results.

Some of the results were ones I expected — like the invaluable relationships that I forged with my community and the perspective that I brought back home to my American community after spending a year away in such a distant, otherworldly place.

Some results were ones that I hoped for, like seeing my community consider a way of thinking that goes beyond the kampung, or village. Since I volunteered teaching English and geography, I was proud to see that one result was that my students now knew their way around the globe and could see, for the first time in their lives, just how small and special a country like Malaysia is.

Still, some results were ones that I did not expect. After returning from Malaysia, I never expected to spend my nights editing essays from my wonderful, bright students who are bravely applying to study at universities around the world. I never expected to have changed my career plans from non-profit programming to teaching, two fields which are not as different as you’d think. Finally, I would not have expected that so many of my ambitions, goals, and dreams are now a result of spending a year abroad.

Benefits of Volunteer Work Abroad Projects

My year abroad transformed me and I think I am right in believing that the changes within my own life were only a small part of the good that came out of my voluntary work. While I had spent shorter lengths of time volunteering abroad before, usually less than three months, this was the first time that I had the time to really see the problems in my community for what they were and become a part of my community in a way that was substantial enough for us to work together on brainstorming solutions.

Long-term volunteer work abroad projects differ from short-term ones in a few key ways that are especially important to volunteers who are looking to change or define their career paths or for additional volunteer work in the fields of international development. Since long term volunteering abroad projects can only support a limited number of volunteers at a time, these positions are often more selective and thus recognizable in a way that makes them comparable to a prestigious fellowship or grant. In my experience, many employers are impressed by international experience and give it much more clout than they would short-term volunteer abroad trips.

There are many other benefits to choosing a long-term volunteer abroad trip over a project that lasts for a shorter duration. Since long-term volunteers are more likely to establish long-term working relationships with staff, there is a greater chance that their volunteer experience could lead to a job or further voluntary jobs within the same field or area. Long term volunteer abroad experiences are also generally less expensive and projects or organizations are more likely to offer cheaper rates, free room and board, or even compensation for the volunteer’s work and travel. For example, the daily rate for International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ’s) programs starts at just $20 per day and gets even cheaper the longer you volunteer. As another example, GoEco is another trusted volunteer organization which has program durations up to 16 weeks. The longer you volunteer, the more impact you will leave and the cheaper it will be! Especially for programs that you can build relationships with like teaching English in Ghana, or in Galápagos Islands, or be involved in a community development.  

In addition, the weekly rate for Maximo Nivel’s volunteer programs also become less expensive the longer you stay: while their volunteer programs in Costa Rica start at $680 for 1 week, an additional week beyond 4 weeks only costs $135.

Finally, since the volunteer will be spending a much longer amount of time working for the project, they often are able to have both a greater impact on their community and a greater opportunity to gain knowledge and wisdom about their project and generally serving abroad. For example, African Impact offers short- and long-term volunteer programs, including one where you can work at a National Park in South Africa; the longer you stay, the more responsibility you will have at the sanctuary.

While short-term volunteer projects often place the emphasis on accomplishing short-term goals and changes, long-term volunteers become much more rooted in the creation of long-term, transformational aspirations. In many cases, long-term volunteers are the ones who have the time and capabilities to work towards the systemic changes that many projects and organizations aspire to accomplish. Most people associate volunteering abroad with short-term, project-oriented experience. Volunteering is seen as a type of excursion rather than something that could be a permanent or semi-permanent lifestyle change that involves massive amounts of community collaboration and planning. They don’t realize that many volunteer organizations could not exist without the support and constant hard work of long-term volunteers. Additionally, some projects, like those that work with children, must rely solely on the commitments of long-term volunteers because of the nature of their work and the institutional knowledge that must be understood in order to work effectively within them. These kinds of organizations, and others that have well-organized and implemented long-term volunteer abroad projects, will be the ones we talk about today.

Recommended Long-term Volunteer Abroad Projects

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)


Since its founding in 2007, International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) has built its reputation as a trusted, low-cost volunteer program provider. With project fees starting at only $20USD a day, IVHQ offers affordable volunteer programs in 40+ countries throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Pacific. To date, IVHQ has placed more than 130,000 volunteers around the world on programs that provide support for education and childcare, conservation and wildlife, community building, and medical care. IVHQ partners with local NGOs and organizations that allow its volunteers to gain meaningful experiences. Upon registering, IVHQ volunteers receive a comprehensive information booklet and guidance in preparation for their trip; in-country support also is available 24/7.

Jungle Conservation in Peru

Here’s a great opportunity to contribute to the unique Amazon ecosystem. Live and work onsite at an Amazonian jungle conservation camp as an IVHQ volunteer in Peru. You’ll travel from Cusco to the project base – a 6-hour bus ride – and enjoy a cultural experience you’ll never forget! Accommodations are rustic but comfortable and communal, in bungalows or dormitory-style rooms. Volunteer tasks include reforestation, trail and home-base maintenance, basic research, and taking inventories of native animal species. There are three different locations, and volunteers are placed where the need is the greatest and field conditions permit it. Orientation in Cusco will introduce you to Peruvian customs, language lessons, rules, safety, travel opportunities, and in-depth information about your project and placement. This opportunity requires a minimum stay of two weeks, but you can volunteer up to six months.

Environmental Scuba Diving in Portugal

Grab your swimsuit and head to Portugal for an Environmental Scuba Diving volunteer project with IVHQ. Open to beginners without any diving experience, you’ll earn your Open Water PADI Dive certification on this project, or take specialty diving courses if you’re already certified. Certifications you complete depend upon your diving experience and duration. Stay up to 12 weeks, accumulate training, and gain enough experience underwater to apply to Dive Master certification! You’ll work with a local diving school in Cascais to help contain underwater pollution and conserve marine life – a few of your tasks may include trash removal on the seafloor, recording items collected, observing, identifying and counting fish, and learning how to protect the marine ecosystem. You’ll arrive in Lisbon, be transported to Cascais, and stay in a dormitory-style hostel in same-gender rooms. Wifi is available, as well as nearby cafes and restaurants. Program fees start at $1015 for one week, and includes the required PADI manuals, crew packs, PIC cards, and full scuba equipment.

Women’s Education in Morocco

Travel to Morocco and help empower women through education as a volunteer with IVHQ. You’ll work to combat the poverty and unemployment rates when you help improve women’s literacy levels, which, in turn, leads to professional development and a positive social environment. The Women’s Education project not only helps Moroccan women, but it also improves their children’s education prospects. Volunteers teach English as well as sewing, art, computer training, sports and other activities, and provide occasional childcare. Share your knowledge and skills in finance, health, communication, women’s rights, and single parenting. If you have a business background, you can assist in creating and managing online websites to showcase and sell items made by women. During your time in Morocco, you will live in a homestay with a local family and fellow regular and full-time volunteers. This is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the Moroccan way of life, meet local people, and eat local food. During weekends, you’ll have the chance to relax or explore Rabat, travel to neighboring cities, or even trek to the south of Europe.

Volunteer with Turtle Conservation in Bali

Like spending your time outdoors? The beach is at your doorstep when you travel to the island of Nusa Penida and work with sea turtles at the conservation center. Develop your interest in wildlife and conservation as an IVHQ volunteer by feeding, cleaning, and caring for turtles. Be proactive in their protection and take part in beach cleanups. Help develop waste management projects to improve the surrounding areas. Become part of the solution by educating the local community, especially the children, about Indonesia’s endangered sea turtles. Extend your stay and watch as your actions have lasting impact. Housing on the island is comfortable but basic, and you’ll share a large room with fellow volunteers. Food is simple, Balinese-style, vegetarian meals. Rice is a staple, and eaten daily along with fresh vegetables. On weekends, you can explore Ubud, Sanur, Seminyak or Kuta. Take cycling or trekking tours on Mount Batur, and visit temples and nearby rice terraces.



Since 2006, GoEco has offered affordable volunteer abroad programs and internships in over 40 countries throughout Africa, AsiaAustralasiaCentral America, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. With more than 150 different programs, GoEco is a great organization to check out if you’re looking for a variety of impactful trips to choose from, from wildlife conservation to teaching English. GoEco was recently recognized as the Top Volunteer Abroad Organization from GoAbroad, Top Eco-Enthusiast by Greenmatch, and has been recommended by Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification and more. As a volunteer, you will have 24-hour support from the GoEco team, from start to finish. Currently, GoEco is offering a special travel grant where you can stay for the 3rd week free! Check out the qualifying programs here!

Sri Lanka – Dog Care and Veterinary Assistance

If you love playing and caring dogs, then look into this amazing program in a renowned and ethical dog shelter in Sri Lanka. There are over 2000 dogs that need your help. They need medical attention as well as emotional well being to be nursed back to health by volunteers. You will help with routine care such as playing and socializing, grooming, feeding, etc. and some medical care. There will be lots to do in this sanctuary so the longer you stay, the more impactful your experience will be. You can stay for up to 16 weeks for this project. In addition, in your free time, there will be lots to explore including the many beautiful beaches, temples, yoga sessions, etc.  For more information, click here!

Costa Rica – Animal Rescue and Conservation 

Add on GoEco’s Spanish language Immersion Week before volunteering, and your experience will be even more meaningful and culturally immersive in this animal conservation project! One of GoEco’s top 5 volunteer abroad programs, this project duration maxes at 12 weeks at the Alajuela Rescue Center. You will help over 130 Costa Rican wildlifes such as sloths, monkeys, macaws, etc. with their routine care with the goal of releasing them back to nature. Other tasks may include gardening, facility care, community projects, etc. On the weekends, there are many tours and activities you can join to explore the surrounding popular spots like the Arenal Volcano, white beaches, and Manuel Antonio National Park. With so much to do, you will want to stay longer! Click here to get started!

Women’s English Literacy Program in Sri Lanka 

Here’s another project in Sri Lanka where you can spend your volunteer vacation to make an impact on the lives of the women there. Through this English literacy program, you can be a part of a movement to break down education barriers by teaching English to give them better chances of employment and confidence. You will lead the lessons, as well as help them practice English speaking skills in creative ways. Each day, you will spend 2 hours teaching and then some time on planning lessons. The longer you are involved, the more you will be able to contribute to the lives of these women and the more meaningful your relationships will become. You can stay as long as 12 weeks for this project. Please note, this project only accepts female volunteers. Located in Galle, a coastal beach town, there are lots to enjoy in your free time such as nightly yoga sessions with other volunteers, bike tours, fishing trips, and even an adventure tour!

Wild Animal Rescue Shelter Project in Ecuador

Start your long volunteer trip by exploring Quito and learning Spanish for the first week. Then, head off to care for rescued wild animals. During the program, you’ll get to see some of Ecuador’s most beautiful natural areas, such as Yasuni Biosphere Reserve and National Park. Main duties include feeding the animals, general facility maintenance, assisting the vet, and educating visitors.

Sound like an awesome experience? Project fees begin at $1390 for three weeks and you can stay up to 12 weeks. Get all the details here!

African Impact


African Impact is a responsible, sustainable volunteer travel organization that has won multiple industry awards, including being voted the world’s Top Volunteer Abroad Organization by volunteers on GoAbroad four years in a row. Since 2004, they have hosted over 35,000 participants on 20 projects across 7 countries. The organization believes in the spirit of Africa and that the volunteer experience is just as important as the impact made. It is also recognized as a trusted specialist on volunteering and interning in Southern Africa. African Impact offers internships, as well as group, family, and high school projects. The minimum age requirement for their projects is 16, making African Impact a great option for teen and high school volunteers.

Big 5 Wildlife Conservation Program

The African Big 5 Wildlife Conservation project is a volunteer program in South Africa that offers participants the opportunity to work with expert field guides and research teams in the Greater Kruger Area, one of the world’s last remaining wildlife strongholds. The Greater Kruger Area encompasses over 20 private wildlife reserves on the west side of the Kruger National Park, and it is home to many of Africa’s iconic “Big 5” animals, including lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, and buffalo.

Participants in this program will have the chance to collect information about these animals and to help protect them from threats such as poaching and habitat loss. They will also be able to track the movements and behaviors of herds of elephants and prides of lions, and to witness nocturnal animals in their natural habitat on unforgettable night drives.

During their time on the project, participants will live in a private volunteer lodge in the heart of the Greater Kruger Area. The lodge offers a safari-style camp experience, with amenities such as a swimming pool, viewing deck, WiFi, and hot showers. Participants will be able to relax and socialize in the outdoor area, and to enjoy the stunning views of the African bush.

This volunteer program is open to people of all skill levels and backgrounds, and it is suitable for anyone with an interest in wildlife, nature, or conservation. No prior experience is necessary, and participants will be able to choose from a range of start dates and duration options to suit their schedules and preferences. Once they have submitted their application, a Destination Specialist will be in touch to discuss the project and to answer any questions they may have.

Wildlife Photography

African Impact offers wildlife photography volunteer projects in South Africa where participants can improve their photography skills while contributing to wildlife conservation. The projects take place in the Greater Kruger Area, where participants will live in a lodge and have daily game drives to photograph a variety of animals. The projects are guided and tutored by professional photographers and have monthly start dates. Participants will also have the opportunity to contribute to conservation efforts by supporting non-governmental organizations and raising awareness of environmental issues. The cost of the project varies depending on the length of stay.

Early Childhood Development Project in Cape Town

The program offers volunteers the chance to work with vulnerable children in underprivileged townships. Volunteers will support children in foster care homes and pre-schools, providing them with access to education and care that they may not otherwise have access to. The project aims to make a positive, long-term impact on the lives of disadvantaged children by providing them with the support and education they need to succeed.

In addition to working with children, volunteers will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Cape Town and all it has to offer. Cape Town has been named the Most Beautiful City in the World for the past 5 years, and is known for its stunning natural beauty, diverse culture, and vibrant nightlife. Volunteers can take advantage of the many activities available in the city, such as hiking up Table Mountain, going paragliding, kayaking in the ocean, or visiting historic sites such as Robben Island.

Volunteers will live in a spacious guesthouse in the center of town, with shared dorm-style accommodation and shared bathroom facilities. The guesthouse is close to the main sights of Table Mountain, the V&A Waterfront, and the Company’s Gardens. A team on site will be available to support volunteers and help them with any needs they may have during their stay.

Dolphin and Marine Conservation Project 

Volunteer in Zanzibar on African Impact’s Dolphin and Marine Conservation Project and make a real difference to the sustainability of dolphin tourism. As a volunteer, you will monitor human-dolphin interactions, promote ethical dolphin tours, and contribute to the conservation of marine life in the area. This project is ideal for those passionate about marine conservation and the environment. In your free time, you can explore the beautiful coastlines and vibrant culture of Zanzibar. You will live in a private volunteer house near the coastal village of Kizimkazi and work with local communities and organizations to protect the marine ecosystem. This is a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact while enjoying a truly amazing location.

Maximo Nivel


Since 2003, Maximo Nivel has provided a wide variety of affordable volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru to over 25,000 participants. Each program is internationally accredited, with choices including volunteer abroad projects, international internships, native Spanish program, TEFL certification, Spanish camp for teens, and adventure and culture opportunities.

Maximo Nivel’s volunteer abroad programs start from just $595 per week, and their intern abroad programs start from $1,525 for four weeks. Each program includes airport pickup, 24/7 emergency support, orientation, certificates, wifi, salsa dance classes, Spanish books and materials, and lots more.

Volunteer in Construction

Through this program, you’ll help with construction projects to improve schools, homes, and more. You’ll work in a rural village Monday through Friday each week, depending on the construction schedule, weather, and project needs. All projects are led by foremen, architects, and engineers, who will guide you on tasks such as digging, removing dirt, carrying bricks, mixing cement, painting, and cleaning. Program fees for volunteers staying one month or longer start from $1,125. To learn more about this program, visit: http://maximonivel.com/volunteers/construction/

Volunteer Teaching English Abroad

This is the perfect opportunity to earn your TEFL or TESOL certificate while providing valuable education to children in Costa Rica, Guatemala, or Peru. As a volunteer, you’ll teach English—including grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and more—to students in community centers and shelters, and help with homework and tutoring. Maximo Nivel also offers a TEFL/TESOL certification program lasting four weeks, with 100 hours of classroom instruction, 25 hours of practical teaching and observation, and 25 hours of self-study and research outside of the classroom. Learn more about this program and sign up at: http://maximonivel.com/volunteers/teaching-english/

Micro Business Internship

If you’re currently in a bachelor’s or master’s program – or have a year of vocational training – in business, economics, communications, or a related focus, you’re invited to take part in Maximo Nivel’s micro business internship. Based in Costa Rica, Guatemala, or Peru, you’ll work alongside a local entrepreneur or with a small business to help with marketing, client services, accounting, or development, all of which will help keep the company running and successful.

You’re invited to stay at least four weeks on this internship, and you must have at least intermediate Spanish language ability to apply. If you don’t have Spanish language background, Maximo Nivel invites you to take their online Spanish class or enroll in their native Spanish program before applying for your internship. Learn more and apply here: http://maximonivel.com/internships/micro-business

Special Education Internship

Another amazing internship opportunity being offered right now through Maximo Nivel takes you to Costa Rica, Guatemala, or Peru to teach students with special needs at a private school. The students you’ll work with may be visually or hearing impaired, or developmentally disabled. During your internship, you’ll work as a teacher’s aide, where you’ll conduct lessons, work with individual students, and take on teacher-to-teacher mentoring.

If you’re an expert in American Sign Language (ASL), you’ll have the opportunity to teach English to hearing impaired students as well. As with Maximo Nivel’s micro business internship, you’re asked to stay at least four weeks on this program, and you must have intermediate Spanish language ability to apply. Learn more and sign up at: http://maximonivel.com/internships/special-education

Projects Abroad

Long term volunteering opportunities with Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad is a leading international volunteering organization, with more than 600 trained staff and hundreds of projects to choose from. Founded in 1992, Projects Abroad offers programs and internships in 50+ countries and has placed more than 120,000 travelers worldwide. Working across language, cultural, and geographic lines, mutual learning and cultural exchange is a priority for this organization. Projects Abroad volunteers have immense global impact each year, working together on numerous projects that work with some of the most vulnerable groups in the world.

Projects Abroad’s flagship volunteer program lets you experience working in five destinations over a period of 27 weeks. The Global Gap program is the perfect gap year option if you want to travel the world while making a difference during your gap year. This program is ideal for high school or college graduates.

Not only will you be able to explore five amazing countries, you’ll also get to experience working in the different fields of childcare, building, teaching, medicine, and conservation. The program runs a total of 27 weeks with a four-week winter break in the middle. Highlights from the Global Gap Program include:

Work with children in Ghana

This is the first leg of the program, where you’ll develop the skills to educate children from a disadvantaged community. You’ll spend time at a local day care center, focusing on promoting literacy, numeracy, and hygiene practices among young Ghanaian children.

Teach in Peru

Based in the fascinating ancient city of Cuzco, you’ll work at a teacher training program during the local school holidays. Here, you’ll help improve the quality of teaching which will benefit hundreds of school children. During your time in Peru, you also get to visit the amazing Machu Picchu!

Conservation in Thailand

After completing your own PADI Open Water Diver certification, you’ll team up with leading researchers in marine conservation. You’ll take part in survey dives, coral clean up dives, tackle mangrove reforestation, and help keep idyllic beaches clean.

Find out more about the full Global Gap program.

Volunteering Solutions

Volunteering Solutions has many volunteer and teach abroad programs

Volunteering Solutions began in 2007 with the mission to connect volunteers with affordable, high-quality and impactful service projects. To date, Volunteering Solutions has hosted more than 17,000 volunteers.

With 150+ projects across 27 countries, Volunteering Solutions has a variety of offerings, including long-term volunteer work abroad as well as volunteer charity jobs. Below, we’ll discuss three great programs if you’re wishing to volunteer abroad for a bit longer than the usual two weeks. 

Before you book a trip with Volunteering Solutions, consider getting travel insurance through them. It’s only $12 per week!

Teach English in Vietnam

Head to Hanoi, and teach English to students from disadvantaged communities. As Vietnam continues to develop, they have an ever-growing need for English teachers. As a teacher, you can help children obtain a language skill that will greatly benefit them later in life and help them end the cycle of poverty for their families. 

As a teaching volunteer, you’ll work in schools and education centers in the Cau Giay District. Gain valuable international teaching experience, while enjoying the buzzing city of Hanoi. 

Program fees begin at $750 for 4 weeks ($1190 for 8 weeks; $130 for each additional week). To apply for this long-term volunteer work abroad program, click here!

Women’s Empowerment & Girls’ Education in India

Make your way to Jaipur, the capital of India’s Rajasthan state. You’ll volunteer in a local slum center and help adolescent girls and women improve life skills, self-confidence, and health. Duties include: 

  • Teaching English
  • Counseling and mentoring
  • Teaching nutrition and family planning
  • Providing computer and life training lessons. 

This is a great opportunity to learn about the challenges women and girls in Jaipur face, and help them work to overcome those barriers. 

Program fees begin at $1000 for 4 weeks ($1700 for 8 weeks; $175 for each additional week). To apply for this long-term volunteer work abroad program, click here.

Charity Shop Volunteering in Ireland

Volunteer at the most impactful charitable organizations in Ireland! Situated in Clonmel, County Tipperary, the charity store provides key services and goods to impoverished residents in the region, such as furniture and books. Volunteer duties include sorting donations, offering sales assistance to customers, cleaning the store and more. 

Work alongside amazing staff as you enjoy your time in Ireland. This program is a truly great experience. 

Fees begin at $1499 for 3 weeks ($2499 for 8 weeks; $200 for each additional week). To apply for this long-term volunteer work abroad program, click here.

Plan My Gap Year


Since 2011, Plan My Gap Year has offered affordable placements for travelers who would like to volunteer in areas including childcare, teaching, wildlife conservation, community projects, medical care, and mental health. Plan My Gap Year prides itself on transparency and accountability, with each of its programs personally inspected and vetted by the Plan My Gap Year team to ensure project safety and to be sure that you are matched with an initiative that complements your skills and interests. And with recognition including the Shell LiveWire Grand Idea Award, Thailand Green Excellence Award, and Special Recognition from the United Nations in Sri Lanka, Plan My Gap Year is a wonderful organization to check out if you want to take part in sustainable, impactful programs abroad.

Volunteer in South Africa with Monkey Rescue

Volunteering with Plan My Gap Year’s unique Monkey Rescue program gives you the chance to interact with primates and develop a deep understanding of the impact a sanctuary can have in the recovery of wildlife. Spend one week, or stay for several months at the rescue center in Pretoria Central, South Africa, and perform volunteer work with biologists to undo the harmful effects of domestication of primates. It’s a common practice for monkeys to be adopted as pets from only a few days old, however this domestication can alter the animal’s behavior, making it more aggressive, confused, and agitated. The monkey rescue center’s goal is to provide a safe place for these vulnerable animals to interact. Volunteers help protect and care for the monkeys, and tasks include feeding up to 100 monkeys, helping with cleaning and maintenance, administering medications, assisting with observations, introductions and socialization, baby monkey assistance and monkey interaction. Long-term volunteers can also help to provide stability and leadership. Program fees start at $330 for the first two weeks.

Volunteer in Vietnam

Plan My Gap Year volunteers can partner with NGO professionals in Vietnam for up to six months, helping to design communication projects that leads to long-lasting change. Gain experience in marketing and promotion as you share your writing and social media skills with others. Your familiarity with graphic design and web development can shine a light on the economic, environmental and social issues that people face as Vietnam continues to move beyond the tragedy of war. Program fees and duration begin at $435 for two weeks, with stays lasting six months.

Empower Women in India

Select an enduring social initiative as a volunteer in India. Choose between two programs with Plan My Gap Year: Eco School or Isabella School, both empowerment projects that provide support for women in the local community. The Eco School Empowerment Project teaches women vocational skills, such as dressmaking and craft design and basic numeracy and English classes, enabling women to seek employment. These classes help improve the women’s confidence as well. The Isabella School Empowerment Project provides computer and vocational training for young women, ensuring they have a greater chance for employment and educational success in this male-dominated community. Program fees start at $330 for two weeks, with durations up to six months.

Volunteer to Rescue Street Dogs in Sri Lanka

Head to Sri Lanka, one of PMGY’s most popular volunteer destinations. In the town of Ambalangoda, you’ll care for abandoned and injured street dogs. At the rescue center, your tasks will include creating enrichment activities, doing training sessions, assisting with medication, and helping with feeding and grooming. You’ll also participate in animal welfare education campaigns in the community. Not only will you help stray dogs live healthier, happier lives, but your work will also tackle the rising risk of rabies as dogs get vaccinations at the rescue center. So, are you ready to play with these cute pups? It’s a ton of fun! Volunteers can also enjoy weekend trips, which include the Maldives and Yala National Park. The program lasts from one to 24 weeks, with fees beginning at $300.

Tanzania Medical Program

Advance your medical career with Plan My Gap Year’s program in Tanzania – on this program, you will spend up to six months working alongside qualified medical staff at the Tengeru government hospital, near the city of Arusha. You’ll gain firsthand experience and insight into a developing country’s healthcare system while performing a variety of tasks dependent upon your level of experience. Learn how to treat patients requiring care for obstetric cases, malarial and typhoid treatment, basic dentistry, and infections. The long-term program allows you to focus on treatments in the following areas: Dental, Diabetes Clinic, General Medical Consultation, Laboratory, HIV Awareness and Testing, Midwifery and Labour Ward, Newborn Care and Immunizations, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Optical, Pediatrics, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Prenatal Care and Antenatal Care, and Radiology Surgery. Program fees start at $540 for two weeks.


Love Volunteers

long term volunteer abroad programs

With more than 20,000 travelers placed on service trips and internships abroad since 2009 (and 4,000 in the past year!), Love Volunteers is one of the fastest growing volunteer organizations that you can be a part of right now. Each of Love Volunteers’ trips is affordable, starting from $259 for one week overseas, depending on where you travel. A few of Love Volunteers’ popular locations include:

Love Volunteers has placements in 34 countries worldwide, with more than 120 different projects. Most of Love Volunteers’ trips start from one or two weeks, and invite you to stay for three months with longer stints available on an individual basis.

Education Support in Cambodia

For four weeks or longer, you are invited to teach English, computer skills, arts, economics, and other subjects in a school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This can greatly help to improve future education and employment prospects for Cambodian students, particularly those living in poverty – and learning English and IT skills can make a major difference in finding jobs in an increasingly globalized society. In addition to teaching, you will be able to play sports and games with the children, and help them with projects and other activities – outside of volunteering, you will be able to explore the area and learn all about Cambodian culture. Learn more here!

Medical Internship in Thailand

Based in Bangkok, this internship invites pre-med students, medical students, and those with experience in the medical field to learn from and work alongside local professionals in a private or public hospital. Depending on your qualifications and background, you will shadow a doctor, provide medical care to locals, undertake routine hospital tasks, and work on health and education campaigns. This program lasts from two weeks to three months, and longer stays can be arranged on an individual basis – learn more and apply here!

Environmental Conservation in Costa Rica

Travel to Central America on this volunteer program, where you can make a difference in protecting and conserving the Costa Rican environment. With multiple locations throughout the country, this project gives you the chance to help with a variety of initiatives including organic farming, assisting on a butterfly farm, or even helping out with rainforest research programs. A few tasks that you can take on include researching plant and insect species, maintaining trails, educating the community about ecological practices, taking care of medicinal gardens, and much more. This program lasts two weeks to three months, with longer stays available – learn more and sign up here!

HIV/AIDS Support in Kenya

If you have at least four weeks to give, and if you are a pre-med student, in medical school, or if you have background and education in medicine, come to Kenya, where you can assist with a vitally important HIV/AIDS program. As a volunteer, you will start with a two-week HIV/AIDS support course, after which you will help those living with HIV/AIDS through medical care and other services, such as providing food or other basic support. As well, you will educate adults and children about HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, and provide much-needed care to children who have been orphaned due to the disease. You are invited to stay between 4 and 12 weeks on this program, with extensions available on an individual basis – learn more and apply here.

Wildlife Conservation in South Africa

Join Agape Volunteers on a meaningful wildlife conservation program in South Africa that benefits big cats, rhinos, elephants, and water buffalos. Work with endangered animals in Marakele National Park, monitoring the movements and behaviors of wildlife. Participate in anti-poaching activities, such as looking for suspicious tracks, and help with invasive plant removal, road restoration, trash removal, fire control, and bush clearing. Accommodations are in a farmhouse with dorm-style rooms, and large social areas. This program cost starts at £1,530 for two weeks, and you can stay for up to 12 weeks. Sign up today!

Sports Coaching in Kenya

Spend up to a year coaching and teaching young people teamwork as a volunteer sports coach in Kenya. As a long-term volunteer, you’ll observe children develop their athletic skills as part of a soccer team. This is a great gap year program for educators, as one of your roles is to help the PE teacher with school studies and physical education. Stay at the volunteer house in dorm-style rooms, a roof terrace with barbecue, a game room, and communal space for socializing with other volunteers. There’s plenty to do in Kenya during weekends and free time, from safaris, hiking trips through national parks, and visiting beaches of the Indian Ocean. Program fees start at £590 for one week, and you can extend your stay for one year. Read more and sign up here!

Music Teaching in Ghana

Teach music in Ghana for one week, or stay up to a year, sharing your passion for music with children who would normally not have a chance to take music classes at all. As a volunteer, you’ll support established musicians at the school, helping to plan and run music classes for students of all ages, plus work with full-time instructors to make use of resources available. Teach small classes and focus on basic keyboarding, singing, and music theory. If you have old or secondhand instruments, consider bringing some with you. Fees start at £510 for one week. Learn more here!

Raleigh International


For more than 30 years, Raleigh International has provided volunteer expeditions for young people and adults who want to visit Nepal, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Tanzania. Programs can focus on clean water and hygiene, sustainable use of natural resources, and community building, and youth programs incorporate a leadership component to help you become more engaged with your host and home communities. So far, 400,000 volunteers have traveled with Raleigh International, with another 800 signing up this year. As part of their commitment to program quality and safety, Raleigh International helped design and currently holds the BS8848 Safety Standard for organizing and managing visits, fieldwork, expeditions, and adventurous activities outside of the UK. Volunteering expeditions and opportunities with Raleigh International range from five weeks to nine months, depending on the program you sign up for.

International Citizen Service

Through Raleigh International Citizen Service (ICS), you will help create lasting change in rural communities worldwide as a volunteer or team leader on one of two different projects: safe water and hygiene, or supporting young people in the development of small businesses or social enterprise. These programs last three to nine months, and are perfect for travelers who want to inspire young volunteers of all different backgrounds and make a difference in any of Raleigh International’s program locations. Learn more and sign up here!



If you want to stay a little longer when you volunteer abroad, Fronteering has plenty of programs that may just be perfect for you. Known for taking volunteers and interns to unspoiled locations, Fronteering’s unique programs usually last at least four weeks, with the option to stay 12 weeks or more for most.

Even better, the longer you volunteer through Fronteering, the cheaper the price gets on a per week or per day basis. So, you get to help out and experience life abroad for an even longer time, while not breaking the bank.

Ready to go off the beaten path with Fronteering? Read over some of their great long-term volunteer work abroad programs below.

Volunteer to Care for Wolves in New Hampshire, USA

Go howl with the wolves at a sanctuary in New Hampshire. This program involves true off-the-grid living, as the wolf rescue center is located in a remote and beautiful natural location. Your main duties will include food preparation, helping the more social canines exercise, building and maintaining animal enclosures, and general cleaning. You’ll also get the chance to educate the public about wolf conservation initiatives.

When you’re not caring for and learning about wolves, you’re free to enjoy the wonderful scenery of New Hampshire. Interested to hear more? Program fees start at just $995 for six weeks. You can stay up to 12 weeks. Get even more info here!

Environmental Internship in Vancouver, Canada

Venture to Vancouver, known as the world’s most liveable city, for an exciting environmental internship. Lasting eight weeks, this internship is a great way to gain real, hands-on experience. Depending on your work history and education, your role could involve environmental research, public relations-related tasks, office work, and/or public outreach campaigns. Note that, if you’re in university, you may be able to get academic credit for this environmental internship in British Columbia (check with your university and Fronteering beforehand).

When you’re not working, check out Vancouver, a city where you can ski and lounge on the beach in the same day. Have fun in Gastown, enjoy Stanley Park, and walk the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Sound like the right long-term internship? The program fee is $1,595 for eight weeks. Get even more info here!

Teach in the Amazon in Guyana

Teach in a rural area of Guyana! As a teacher, your main responsibilities will be to teach English, sports, and math, as well as basic computer skills to older children, teens, and adults. Depending on your interests and skills, you can also get involved in community development, which includes construction of community centers. There’s really a lot you can do. You’ll also help with marketing and eco-tourism initiatives aimed at giving the community sustainable income and preserving their way of life.

This program offered by Fronteering allows you to experience life in the jungles and savannahs of South America, and immerse yourself in the culture of Amerindian communities. Want to hear more? Program fees start at $1,795 for four weeks, and you can stay up to 12 weeks. Get even more info here!

Via Volunteers


If you seek long-term volunteer work in South Africa, Via Volunteers should be your go-to organization. Founded in 2013 and based in Cape Town, Via Volunteers is passionate about ethical volunteering. Their community, childcare, wildlife, and conservation projects receive top ratings from past volunteers—proof of the quality and impact of their programs.

Via Volunteers specializes in gap year placements in South Africa, and can also arrange a combination of volunteer projects for longer stays. The Via Volunteers team provides excellent volunteer support, taking care of everything from pre-trip preparation and airport pickup to orientation and accommodation. Since you’ll be doing long-term charity work in South Africa, they may provide:

  • a free SIM card
  • in-country transport
  • living advice
  • help organizing travel activities
  • help seeing a doctor

When you sign up, download the Via Volunteers app, the first ethical volunteering app. This will organize everything for your volunteer journey, including sightseeing in Cape Town. Now, check out the programs below!

Palliative Care for Disabled Children in Cape Town

Join the Nazareth House team, and provide palliative and end-of-life care to children with severe disabilities and terminal illnesses. As a long-term volunteer for children in Cape Town, you’ll care for children that have been abandoned by families. Duties include feeding, bathing, and assisting with naps. You’ll also participate in the daily stimulation program and interact with the children through games, music, and other activities.

You can make a big difference as a volunteer at the Nazareth House, the oldest non-profit organization in South Africa. The organization has over 130 years of experience in medical care, was one of the first to open their doors to HIV-positive babies, and truly creates a loving environment for the children.

Want to know what other volunteers say? Here’s what Melissa, a volunteer from the UK, said in her review:

“I couldn’t have asked for a better volunteer experience. Everybody was very friendly, and I soon felt a part of the family at Nazareth House. From deciding to spend my summer holidays in Cape Town, both Ed and Heather were there to answer any questions and put both myself and my parents at ease. And throughout my trip, I had continued support from Ed and Heather (Via Volunteers’ founders).”

Fees begin from just $249 per week and you can join for 12 weeks or longer! Register here to volunteer with disabled children in Cape Town.

Greater Kruger Conservation Project

Want to stay in a rustic bush camp? Wildlife could stroll by at any time. Yes, when you volunteer at Kruger National Park, you’ll encounter Africa’s most legendary animals, such as lions, rhinos, buffalo, zebras, and giraffes. You’ll also contribute to important research by collecting data and helping with reports. Daily tasks include elephant identification, reserve maintenance, clearing alien vegetation, and camera trap monitoring. Ready to help Kruger National Park stay beautiful and thriving?

Perfect for wildlife enthusiasts and those who want to build a career in conservation, this nature volunteer program in South Africa gives you a real experience in the wild. And you’ll have WiFi at camp!

Past volunteers give the project terrific reviews. Here’s what Dr. Mark, a volunteer from the USA, had to say:

“Via Volunteers has a reputation for supporting only ethical volunteer opportunities–and they live up to that reputation. One gets to interact and work with dedicated conservationists engaged in the very serious matter of poacher prevention, and participate in reserve management tasks. The volunteer camp is an excellent experience. It’s completely integrated with the reserve–no fences! All types of animals may be encountered in and around the camp.

Via Volunteers is very engaged with their clients. They arranged everything. And once in SA, Via was immediately responsive. We needed a doctor while traveling to the project (in rather rural parts of SA), and Ed made plans for us.”

Fees begin from $355 per week, with stays eight weeks or longer available. Sign up today to be a conservation volunteer at Kruger National Park!

Masigcine Children’s Home Program

Literally meaning ‘Let us cherish’, the Masigcine Children’s Home is a registered children’s home near Cape Town for 0-6-year-olds. The home provides a safe, nurturing environment for those youngsters that have been neglected or abused. Many are affected by HIV, fetal alcohol syndrome, learning difficulties, and other illnesses and obstacles.

As a volunteer, you’ll create stimulating games and activities, feed the younger children, engage in developmental play with the babies and toddlers, iron and clean, and more. Your support will go a long way in enhancing the lives of these beautiful children.

Fees begin from $231 per week, with stays 12 weeks or longer available. Learn more about this childcare program in South Africa here!



If you’re looking for long term volunteer work abroad programs or voluntary charity jobs overseas, search on Abroadly, a new booking platform created by Volunteer Forever. Abroadly streamlines the process of finding and applying for volunteer, intern, and teaching jobs abroad. Organizations on the platform are all highly respected and are trusted names in meaningful travel.

Abroadly gives travelers the tools to easily research and compare hundreds of projects based on interests, experience, and skills. Program options abound, from sea turtle conservation to teaching English to construction and development.

Apply to your dream program on Abroadly today. You’ll get access to Volunteer Forever’s crowdfunding platform, and be given the chance to win a $500 scholarship for your trip. If you’re not accepted, your Abroadly application fee is guaranteed 100% refundable.

Volunteer for Sea Turtle Conservation in Antigua, Guatemala

Head to beautiful Guatemala to support local biologists and researchers performing vital work in conserving turtle nesting grounds. Tag turtles, relocate nests to hatcheries, join nightly patrols, and more to help protect these animals. This program through Maximo Nivel also provides you the opportunity to take part in community outreach and work towards increasing awareness about the importance of turtle conservation. You have the option of a homestay or dormitory/hotel. During free time, explore charming Antigua, which is known as the best-preserved Spanish colonial city in Central America.

The program fee starts at $1,005, with stays from two to 12 weeks available. Read more about the program here!

Volunteer for Environmental Conservation at a Cloud Forest Reserve in San Ramon, Costa Rica

Preserve Costa Rica’s precious national parklands by working at a community-owned nature preserve through uVolunteer’s program here. During your stay, you’ll care for a butterfly garden, clear trails, plant trees, and assist with general upkeep. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of some of Costa Rica’s most majestic creatures, like sloths, big cats, and monkeys. Best for volunteers who know some Spanish, you’ll reside in a volunteer house and will have the chance to enjoy the city of San Ramon during off hours.

The program fee starts at $935 for three weeks, with stays from three to 12 weeks available. Read more about the program here!

Volunteer for Endangered Species Conservation in Gladstone, Australia

Care for wombats, wallabies, koalas, kangaroos, and other native Australian creatures through Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers’ exciting program at the Endangered Species Conservation Centre in Gladstone. During the project, you’ll help rescue wildlife, care for those that are injured, sick, and orphaned, and if possible, release the animals back into the wild. Duties include food preparation, cleaning of enclosures, facility maintenance, and attending outreach events. You can even teach about conservation to local community groups and at schools.

The program fee starts at $1,086, with stays from two to 12 weeks available. Read more about the program here!

Volunteer in a Wildlife Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa

Journey to South Africa to care for injured, ill, or orphaned birds, mammals, and reptiles. During Awesome Travel’s project, you’ll get the rewarding experience of offering specialized rehabilitation care to animals until they’re ready to go back out in the wild. Your responsibilities will include administering medication, assisting the vet on site, and keeping the facility clean. When you’re not busy saving the animals, you’ll be able to explore Johannesburg and all the wonderful culture, dining, and entertainment there. The location is actually right next to Rosebank Mall.

The program fee starts at $1,012, with stays from two to 12 weeks available. Read more about the program here!

Teach English to Children in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

If you’re looking for rewarding volunteer work abroad programs, look no further than this Love Volunteers program. Journey to beautiful Costa Rica, where you’ll work as a teacher’s assistant, helping children improve their English language skills through games and activities. Many of the local classrooms suffer from inadequate resources, so your support will have an impact right away. This program is also a great way to build your resume if you plan to work in education. You can gain experience planning lessons and managing a classroom.

The program fee starts at $608, with stays from one to 12 weeks available. Read more about the program here!

The Intern Group


The Intern Group is an award-winning social enterprise that annually places 2,000 interns with renowned NGOs and important global employers. Founded in 2011, the Intern Group’s mission is to develop an innovative and culturally-sensitive generation prepared to address the issues that affect the world today and tomorrow. It receives 30,000 applications each year and works with top applicants from 600 different universities to develop customized professional development internships in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The Intern Group has been featured in Forbes, TIME, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and CNN. It provides assistance with visas, as well as developmental workshops, career training, social and cultural events, quality housing, and in-country support.

Hospitality, Events and international Tourism Internship in Columbia

Start an exciting career in event planning or international tourism with a hospitality internship in Medellin, Colombia. If you speak basic Spanish, you can work for up to six months with a tourism company or resort hotel on a placement with the Intern Group. As a budding professional, you’ll enjoy the multicultural adventure and real-world work experience as you learn first-hand about event planning for major international events. You’ll learn about management, marketing, and customer service of the tourism industry. Colombia’s natural beauty and warm climate make for a perfect location for an internship in hospitality and tourism. Medellín was named the “innovative city of the year” by the Urban Land Institute in partnership with Citi and the Wall Street Journal – spend free time on a walking tour of the city, learning about the culture and history of this mesmerizing country. Enjoy a day trip to el Peñon de Guatape, a landmark rock formation in Colombia. Take in cinemas, museums, restaurants and more. Fees for this placement start at $3,620 for six weeks – click here to read more and apply!

Theater, Music and Entertainment Internship In London

Immerse yourself in the creative industry of theater and music with an international entertainment internship in London. Spend up to six months following your passion with a professional placement by the Intern Group, working with high-quality theaters that let you explore roles both on and off the stage. Or choose to work with a record label on a music internship, gaining hands-on experience in all sectors of the music industry, including public relations, label marketing, and music production. Design your own internship that accelerates your creativity and career development. While in London, take time to enjoy street festivals like the Notting Hill Carnival, and a visit to Buckingham Palace. Tour St. Paul’s Cathedral while in the city, and enjoy a play at West End. You’re invited to stay six weeks or longer and program fees begin at $4,841. Learn more and apply here!

Finance and Accounting Internship in Hong Kong

If you want to succeed in the world of finance or accounting, consider an international internship with a financial institution in Hong Kong, a world cultural capital as well as a leader in the global economy. Prepare for your successful career when you choose a long-term placement with the Intern Group and its partners, selecting from hundreds of leading investment banks, commercial banks, hedge funds, asset managers, financial technology companies, accounting firms, private equity funds, and venture capital firms. Gain vital experience in order to establish yourself in the industry, and develop critical, real-world knowledge. During time off, enjoy a day trip to Macau, known as the “mini Las Vegas of Asia,” and a tour of Lantau Island. Enjoy dinner and the view on The Peak, which provides a panoramic view of Hong Kong. You can stay four weeks or longer and program fees start at $4,919. Read more and apply today!

International Engineering internships in Shanghai

If you’re looking to stand out in the competitive field of engineering, check out a long-term engineering internship in Shanghai with the Intern Group. Choose fields from chemical, industrial, mechanical, environmental, and civil engineering, and learn from leading industry professionals. Then, put your knowledge to use in a real-world context with a blue-chip corporation in one of Asia’s most innovative cities. As an up-and-coming engineering professional in Shanghai, you’ll learn about Chinese culture and make valuable networking connections. As part of your internship cultural schedule, you’ll take a guided day tour of Suzhou and Tongli, an ancient water town known for its picturesque canals, bridges and UNESCO World Heritage gardens. You’ll also enjoy a traditional Kung fu performance, and participate in a Chinese cooking class. Spend four weeks or more with placement fees starting at $4,120. Read more here!

Global Vision InternationaI


Since 1997, Global Vision InternationaI (GVI) has placed more than 20,000 volunteers and interns on meaningful, adventurous programs all around the world. With placements in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australasia, and Africa, GVI has no shortage of impactful adventures where you can help with conservation, teaching, construction, and so much more.

Wildlife Conservation Internship in South Africa

On this program, you’ll intern for 24 weeks in South Africa to research and assist with wildlife conservation – including learning about and getting up close with South Africa’s Big Five animals. For the first half of your internship, you’ll help with big cat research, learn conservation techniques, and learn about animal tracking and other skills.

After this expedition, you’ll work at a conservation organization or a safari lodge – and after completing your internship, you may have the opportunity to work with GVI or its partner organizations either in South Africa or around the world. This program costs $9,495 for the full 24 weeks, which includes staff support, meals, orientation and training, project equipment and materials, 24-hour in-country support, and much more.

Volunteer with Children in Nepal

Based in Pokhara, Nepal, this program lets you teach children against the backdrop of the Himalayas. Through this placement, you’ll teach in a care center or children’s home – including playing sports and games, creating art projects, helping with homework, and more – while also visiting traditional Hindu and Buddhist sights.

During your orientation, you’ll visit the Tal Bahari temple and learn about culture through language lessons and cooking classes. GVI also offers optional side trips, including kayaking, bungee jumping, mountain biking, and much more. You’re invited to stay up to 20 weeks, and are housed with fellow volunteers with a host family. Longer term stays are highly desired to minimize the effect of volunteers’ departures on the children.

Marine Conservation and PADI Divemaster Internship in Fiji

Right now, GVI is inviting you to Fiji, where you’ll take on a 24-week internship that includes diving, helping with research and conservation, and educating the local community about sustainable management of protected marine areas. For the first half of your internship, you’ll take part in a training program, learn advanced diving, and learn about the local marine ecosystem. After that, you’ll complete your PADI Divemaster course while also helping out with day-to-day operations at a local dive center. This program costs $11,500 for the full 24 weeks, and you must have PADI open water certification (or equivalent) before signing up.

Thailand Coastal Conservation Expedition

On this project, you’ll travel to the coastal area of Phang Nga, Thailand to help with climate and conservation research and management. You’ll work alongside local researchers to contribute to scientific studies, educate the community about conservation, and encourage capacity for and understanding of sustainable development. A few tasks you may take on include sea turtle research and conservation, biodiversity surveying, beach cleanups, and tourist management, and the type of work you take on will depend on the time of year and the priorities of the program.

During your stay in Thailand, you’ll live at the research base, and will have the opportunity to take side trips, such as exploring Khao Sok National Park, visiting the beaches of Khao Lak, going island hopping through the Similan and Surin island groups, and much more. You’re invited to stay up to 24 weeks on this program, with arrival dates available every month throughout the year.

Volunteer with Buddhist Novice Monks in Laos

On this trip, you will head to the city of Luang Prabang in Laos to teach practical and conversational English to Buddhist novice monks as well as to other local students. Each week during your stay, you will have the opportunity to plan and carry out English lessons, which will help these students find future employment opportunities and build a better socio-economic status within their community. This program starts from two weeks at $1,900, and you are invited to stay for six months.

International TEFL Academy (ITA)


Founded in 2010, International TEFL Academy (ITA) provides internationally accredited TEFL courses and certifications for travelers who would like to teach English overseas. If you’d like to get paid to travel – or find an affordable way to explore the world – ITA is a great place to start: they certify over 5,000 people a year and with extensive pre-enrollment guidance and information from expert advisors, you will be matched with the TEFL training course that’s best for you and your interests.

ITA also maintains strict standards of excellence for all certification programs, which are taught by university-level professors committed to your success. And with lifetime job search guidance as well as an array of other valuable resources for students and alumni, ITA is an amazing organization and community that you can be a part of long after you’ve completed your English teaching certification.

170-Hour Online TEFL Certification

If you’d like to earn your TEFL certification before traveling abroad, ITA’s 170-hour online certification is the way to go. This 11-week, state-of-the-art course can be completed part-time (usually with 10 to 12 hours of training per week) and includes optional Young Learner and Business English modules. You’ll start with 150 hours of coursework through lectures, webinars, and chats with a university professor – once that’s completed, you’ll take on 20 hours of live practice teaching with ESL students. This online course covers basic principles of teaching, grammar, classroom management, error correction, lesson planning, use of visual and audio aids, and much more. Once you’ve completed your certification, you will be qualified to become a full-time, paid English teacher abroad – learn more here!

Nicaragua TEFL Class

Ready to take the plunge with your TEFL training? Check out ITA’s four-week, full-time course in Nicaragua, where you will earn your TEFL certification and be able to teach English in Latin America and beyond. On this program, you’ll travel to Leon, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Central America, and take classes each weekday from 9:00am to 5:15pm. This class covers basic principles of teaching, classroom management, lesson planning, and many more modules to help you become an effective English teacher – plus you’ll be able to practice teaching with local ESL students. During your stay, you’ll have the chance to go volcano surfing, salsa dancing, take Spanish lessons, and much more. Learn more and sign up here!

Global Nomadic


Areas of the World: Italy, China, South Africa, Laos, Brazil, Nicaragua, Belize, Peru, Thailand, Argentina, Tanzania, Costa Rica

Project Types: Wildlife conservation, film and photography, human rights, animal rehabilitation, TEFL, marine biology, renewable energy and sustainability

Selectivity: Selective

Volunteer Prerequisites/Requirements: None

Time Commitment: Varies depending on availability and project requirements

Cost: Varies depending on project length

Global Nomadic aims to create programs that help passionate volunteers pursue their desire to affect positive change while also developing skills and gaining experience that will help them become even more marketable in today’s competitive job market. All programs are incredibly flexible so that they are able to meet the needs of all potential volunteers and interns. Global Nomadic works hard to ensure that its programs are affordable, accessible, and provide vital, transferable skills that volunteers can take into their next job and beyond.

Other Long-term Volunteer Abroad Projects to Consider

Peace Corps

Areas of the World: Widespread in 65 countries

Project Types: Environment, agriculture, education, community economic development, health, youth in development

Selectivity: Highly selective

Volunteer Prerequisites/Requirements: 90% of placements require a bachelor’s degree and many projects require significant working experience

Time Commitment: 2 years and 3 months (27 months total)

Costs: None; PC volunteers receive a stipend and transitional funds after service ends

The Peace Corps, as one of the oldest, most-widely recognizable, and biggest programs, is a good place to start when considering long-term volunteer projects. In many ways, Peace Corps volunteers have the best of both worlds when it comes to working abroad. They are able to have ownership and provide the direction of their projects, but also supported by an in-country team, Peace Corps staff in America, and a large network of volunteers, returned volunteers (RPCVs) and other supporters.

Since the Peace Corps is a governmental organization, all volunteers must adhere to rigid guidelines and do not have as much freedom over choosing their placement and interest area as they would with some other projects. All volunteers, except in extreme circumstances, must stay the full 27 months and must juggle a duality of roles as they strive to be accepted by their community while serving and representing their country at all times. Additionally, all Peace Corps volunteers must be United States citizens.

UN Volunteers

Areas of the World: Widespread in over 130 countries

Project Types: volunteers work in over 25 thematic areas such as refugees and displaced people, emergency relief, and gender

Selectivity: Highly selective

Volunteer Prerequisites/Requirements: Volunteers must be at least 25, have a university degree, be fluent in English, Spanish, or French, and at least two years of relevant work experience.

Time Commitment: Renewable contracts are usually issued for either 6 or 12 months, with the expectation that volunteers will serve a year or more.

Costs: None; volunteers receive transportation, a stipend, and benefits.

UN volunteers work primarily to support the work of in-country United Nations teams. Volunteers assist with a variety of projects such as helping run fair elections, maintain building projects, encourage public civic participation, and support the growth of local volunteerism. Because UN Volunteers places a high value on making sure their volunteers are representative of a global way of thinking, over 80% of their volunteers come from developing nations and 30% volunteer within their own country.

If you aren’t sure about your ability to travel and serve, UN Volunteers also operates UNV Online Volunteering, which connects organizations with online volunteers to help solve global challenges through online collaboration. Short-term assignments are also available.

Voluntary Service Overseas

Areas of the World: Widespread

Project Types: Animals and natural resources, communications and fundraising, community and social development, engineering and tech, health, HIV and AIDS, management, business, and IT, and teaching and education.

Selectivity: Selective

Volunteer Prerequisites/Requirements: Exact requirements depend on the post, but volunteers are general expected to have a degree and from 2-5 years of professional experience depending on the duration of the post.

Time Commitment: 6 months to 2 years

Costs: None; volunteers receive a stipend, transportation costs, and insurance

VSO works to put highly qualified, engaged volunteers at the heart of international development in order for them to build strong, lasting partnerships and solutions. VSO volunteers are placed with a local in-country partner project where they can use their unique skills to the improvement of their host community. These communities are especially selected so that their needs are matched to the skills of the volunteer. VSO operates from recruitment bases and urges interested volunteers in seeking out information from their closest recruitment base. Volunteers are usually advanced professionals and specific postings can be found through VSO’s job portal.

If you don’t have all of the qualifications required yet, don’t worry- VSO has a special program for 18-25 year olds called VSO International Citizen Service that lasts for three months and takes place alongside other young in-country volunteers. More information can be found about their recruitment and selection processes on their FAQs.

European Voluntary Service

Areas of the World: Widespread

Project Types: Varies, depending on current availabilities

Selectivity: Selective

Volunteer Prerequisites/Requirements: None

Time Commitment: 2 weeks to 1 year

Costs: Volunteer may be responsible for administrative costs, but most costs (even food and travel) are reimbursed.

European Voluntary Services provides opportunities for young people (aged 18-30) from the European Union to volunteer abroad and have their fees and expenses paid for. The list of opportunities and countries is long and changes frequently depending on the current needs and relationships of partners of the European Voluntary Services. Volunteers are expected to reach out to accredited volunteer sending organizations that will be responsible for coordinating with an in country-partner to plan the volunteer abroad trip. Sending organizations can be found in the European Voluntary Service’s online database, which also lists the availability of current positions. Fees, a volunteer timeline, and other details should be discussed with the volunteer sending organization.

Since the European Voluntary Services operates differently in each country, any questions should be addressed to your own country’s council (Example: the resources for British applicants.) More information can be found in the European Voluntary Service program guide.

Kiva Fellows Program

Areas of the World: Widespread in over 60 countries

Project Types: Projects vary based on the goals of the local initiative.

Selectivity: Highly selective

Volunteer Prerequisites/Requirements: Kiva accepts volunteers of all backgrounds and experience levels. However, volunteers must be at least 21 years old to apply.

Time Commitment: Volunteers serve from 4 to 12 months.

Costs: Although volunteers must fund the fellowship and travel costs themselves, Kiva provides basic insurance.

The Kiva Fellows Program prides itself on being the experience of a lifetime for people interested in microfinance and international development. Fellows, which must apply by a yearly deadline, serve as “the eyes and ears of Kiva” by working with local microfinance institutes and field partners to witness and communicate Kiva’s work to the world. Although Kiva advertises that former fellows are of a wide range of ages and come from many different backgrounds, they especially encourage applicants with interests or skills in journalism, economics, consulting, or fluency in a language where Kiva operates.

Internships must be fully funded by the individuals; volunteers must be able to provide for their own travel fees, living arrangements, and other costs. Kiva encourages its fellows to apply for grants and scholarships or else use crowdfunding to fundraise for their trip. Kiva volunteers have an average 7 years of work experience, so this may be a fellowship best suited for those well-grounded in their field.

Crees Foundation- Manu

Areas of the World: Peru

Project Types: Wildlife conservation, conservation research, wildlife management, community education

Selectivity: Selective

Volunteer Prerequisites/Requirements: None

Time Commitment: 6 months

Costs: $6,500 for 24 weeks

The Crees Foundation, based in Peru, helps continue its mission of conservation and sustainable community development initiatives taking place in the Amazon rainforest in Peru. Crees Foundation Internships last for six months and include a homestay, Spanish lessons, and extensive training. All internships are comprised of three phrases– an introductory phase, a volunteer phase, and an intensive research placement phase. Interns take part in activities such as wildlife monitoring, working with local communities on conservation initiatives, biological survey planning, species identification, and conducting environmental impact surveys.

VE Global

Areas of the World: Chile

Project Types: Childcare, mentoring, education, administration

Selectivity: Selective

Volunteer Prerequisites/Requirements: None

Time Commitment: 4 months minimum, 6 months preferred

Costs: There is no program fee, but volunteers are responsible for covering airfare and in-country costs.

With only about fifteen volunteers on staff at a time and a very targeted outreach area, VE Global is much different from many other volunteer abroad organizations. However, it makes up for what it lacks in size by providing its full-time volunteers with highly personalized experiences with plenty of staff and community support. VE Global achieves its mission — providing enrichment for at risk Chilean youth — by providing volunteers who act as educators, role models, and advocates of social justice.

While many in the volunteer abroad industry criticize volunteer programs that sponsor or allow volunteers to work with children, VE Global ensures that children are much less likely to suffer from high volunteer turnover rates by requiring that volunteers stay at least six months and by keeping their team small and close-knit. If you would like to learn more about the application process and volunteer culture at VE Global, their Volunteer Forever page is a good place to start.

Foundation for Sustainable Development International Internship

Areas of the World: Argentina, Bolivia, India, Kenya, Nicaragua, Uganda

Project Types: Microenterprise/microfinance, environment/appropriate technology, health, education and youth development, women’s empowerment, community development, human rights

Selectivity: highly selective

Volunteer Prerequisites/Requirements: currently enrolled student or recent graduate

Time Commitment: 3 months to 1 year

Costs: The application fee ($50) is nonrefundable and programs costs are dependent on the program and due 45 days before the start of the program.

With this long-term internship opportunity, volunteers are placed with host organizations in one of ten FSD international sites and work closely with existing staff on a project related to the applicant’s skills and interests. The internships incorporate homestays, an on-site orientation, and direct work with a local NGO or project and teach the volunteer useful industry skills such as grant writing, development training, and international project implementation. The FSD internship is unique in that volunteers are required, after training, to implement their own project with their local support network and seed funds provided by FSD.

Because there are additional costs associated with this program, you may want to look into ways to finance this fantastic opportunity. Aside from crowdfunding with Volunteer Forever, FSD also offers the Katie Evans Memorial Scholarship for Master of Public Health students and recent graduates. FSD also provides additional resources for finding grants based on your specific project, school, or affiliations.

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF)

Areas of the World: Widespread

Project Types: Agriculture, environmental education

Selectivity: Less selective

Volunteer Prerequisites/Requirements: Requirements are dependent on the post, but usually none. Volunteers with more agricultural or environmental experience may receive more desirable posts.

Time Commitment: Although it is dependent on the post, WWOOF suggests short term stays to start with longer term stays upon negotiation.

Costs: Volunteer is responsible for the one-time WWOOF fee (which varies by region or country) travel expenses, and in-country costs. Food and housing are generally provided by the host.

Out of all of the long-term volunteer abroad options in this article, WWOOF is probably the most flexible and can be individualized to the largest extent. In many ways, WWOOF operates like an agricultural volunteer-oriented couchsurfing network. Volunteers must reach out to the farm or host upon choosing a destination and becoming a part of that region or country’s specific WWOOF network. They then apply to the farm or host, and if accepted, work out an agreement stipulates what the host must provide (shelter, food, supplies) and what tasks for which the volunteers are responsible. This process is more thoroughly detailed here.

Before deciding to WWOOF, it is a good idea to do some research into the countless blogs and articles about people who have gone WWOOFing around the world.  It is also a good idea to take some time to consider the fact that WWOOFing requires hard work and long days, so if you’re looking for something a little lighter with more direct work with a community, this might not be your thing.

International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)


Since 1993, International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT) has provided TEFL and TESOL courses and certification for travelers who want to teach English overseas. ITTT certifies more than 7,500 students each year through its online course, in-class courses around the world, and a combined course that lets you learn from home and complete certification overseas. ITTT also provides lifetime English teaching job support for all graduates, including leads on unadvertised jobs, employer databases, CV and resume review, cover letter assistance, contract consultation, and interview preparation. Online classes start at $249, in-class programs start from $1,490 for four weeks, and ITTT’s combined courses start from $1,195.

Online Course

If you want to earn TEFL certification from the comfort of your home – then get paid to teach English abroad – check out ITTT’s online course, starting from $249 for the 60-hour program, or $295 for their 120-hour course. Open to anyone 17 or older who’s a native English speaker or fluent in English, ITTT’s online program allows you to complete your certification at your own pace, with or without a tutor to assist along the way. Once you successfully complete the online program, you’ll be awarded with an internationally-recognized, accredited qualification to teach English anywhere in the world.

In-Class Courses

If you want to earn TEFL or TESOL certification abroad – and then have the opportunity to teach English in the country of your studies – ITTT offers four-week in-class courses in 25 different locations throughout Thailand, Costa Rica, Spain, France, China, and many others. ITTT’s in-class programs start at $1,495, and are divided into six areas: teaching practice, foreign language experience, language awareness, student profile, teaching techniques, and a materials project.

One of ITTT’s many amazing in-class programs invites you to Costa Rica, where you can gain TEFL certification at one of the most recognized and well-established training centers in the industry. This course takes place in Manuel Antonio right by Costa Rica’s beautiful Pacific coastline, where you can learn all the skills you’ll need to teach English while also exploring one of the most tourist-friendly locations in Central America.

Once you’re trained and certified, you’ll be able to teach English to students in Costa Rica and beyond – with job placement assistance from ITTT staff. ITTT’s Guatemala program is another excellent opportunity for travelers who want to learn to teach English abroad – courses are offered year-round, and as with ITTT’s Costa Rica training program, you’ll be certified to teach in-country after graduation, or anywhere else in the world.

Combined Course

If you want to earn your TEFL certification alongside other students but don’t have the time yet to attend a full, four-week course, take a look at ITTT’s combined TEFL course. Through this program, you’ll start with a 120-hour online program that can be completed at home, at your own pace, followed by an in-class course lasting 5, 8, or 10 days in the US, Canada, Spain, Thailand, Italy, or France. This program starts at $1,195, and you’ll receive full TEFL certification after successfully completing both portions of the combined course.

I hope that you don’t finish this article thinking that short-term volunteer projects are somehow less important than long-term ones, as I don’t think that is true at all. Short-term volunteer projects have the high level of energy and collaboration that is difficult to sustain with longer, more personally-driven projects. Each kind of program has its own merits. Ideally, I think that someone who would like to make volunteering abroad a part of their lifestyle should have a variety of projects- both long and short- under their belts so that they can understand the benefits and values of each.

That being said, it is inarguably more difficult to set aside the time, money, and dedication to dedicate yourself to a long-term volunteer project. I urge you, in light of that, to do it. It’s simply worth it — for you, the community you help, and for the greater international service industry. Six months or a year may seem like a long time as you consider the project, but once you’re on the other side of such a beneficial and transformative experience, it will seem like no time at all. In fact, you may find yourself making plans not just to go back, but to go back for longer.

P.S. If you’re still looking for a volunteer opportunity, check out our list of best volunteer abroad programs and recommended volunteer projects in Africa, Central America, and Thailand. You can also read about 7 Great Medical and Veterinary Volunteer Abroad Projects, 10 Dental Volunteer Abroad Program and Medical Mission Tips for Pre Dental Students, and nursing volunteer abroad projects for students and nurse professionals. Or, if medical volunteer projects aren’t for you, be sure to read about our sports and coaching volunteer abroad, wildlife conservation and veterinary abroad, teach abroad, and intern abroad programs. Lastly, if you’re under 18, you may be interested in a teen volunteer abroad program from one of our many great partners.