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Best Programs to Volunteer, Teach, or Intern in Ghana

Nick Callos
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By Nick Callos
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By Munira Maricar
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Volunteer Forever - Volunteer & Intern in Ghana

Updated for 2023-2024 by Munira Maricar


Ghana marches to its own fantastic beat. From the bustling streets of its capital, Accra, and beaches along the coast to the green farmlands and breathtaking national parks, Ghana wows every step of the way.

It is a nation of vibrant cultures and diverse landscapes, beckons those with a spirit of adventure and a heart for service. Offering a plethora of enriching experiences, volunteering in Ghana is not just about lending a helping hand; it’s about becoming part of a larger narrative that weaves together the threads of community development, healthcare, education, and empowerment.

Did you know that Ghana’s national sport is soccer? It’s a safe bet that you’ll find yourself playing soccer with locals at some point. Ghanaian cuisine is also known for its mix of fresh produce like okra, mango, and watermelon, which you’ll get to enjoy.

This country is more than just a friendly place with beautiful people and gorgeous natural views. Ghana’s growing economy and vibrant democracy give its people plenty to be proud of. There’s a lot of opportunity in the country — and that’s what makes it a great place to volunteer, intern, or teach abroad.

In this article, we delve into the myriad of opportunities available for volunteers, interns, and educators, each designed to leave a lasting impact on the communities they serve and on the volunteers themselves. From the pulsating energy of Accra to the tranquility of the Akuapem Hills, join us as we explore the transformative volunteer programs in Ghana, where each contribution paves the way for a brighter future and a deeper understanding of this magnificent country.

Volunteer in Ghana

Volunteer Forever - Volunteer & Intern in Ghana

Volunteer organizations offer you lots of different options to do your part. Whether it’s engaging with children in need of care and attention, contributing to the development of rural communities, enhancing healthcare services, empowering women and girls, or coaching football to enthusiastic youths, Ghana presents diverse volunteering opportunities that cater to different passions and skills. 

Here are some of the most rewarding volunteer programs in Ghana, highlighting how each one contributes not only to the betterment of local communities but also to the personal growth and global perspective of volunteers. From the bustling streets of Accra to the serene landscapes of the Akuapem Hills, join us as we explore the multifaceted volunteer experiences that Ghana has to offer.

1. Volunteer for Childcare in Ghana

Childcare support and development programs in Ghana aim to improve the lives of the country’s most vulnerable children. Spend time playing and engaging with children in dire need of love and attention while helping provide for basic needs.

International Volunteer HQ‘s Childcare project in Ghana, located in the Accra Region, offers a unique opportunity for volunteers to engage in early childhood education in local communities. This program is designed to support children from low-income families, ensuring their development and learning are nurtured. 

You also can volunteer with children in Ghana with Projects Abroad. Join any time of the year to help children in rural communities. You’ll work at a kindergarten or daycare center and work with local teachers and caregivers to support children’s educational development.

2. Volunteer in Community Development

Often times, what communities need most is the infrastructure to make great things happen. Help build schools and community centers, address issues related to education and healthcare, and promote gender equality.

International Volunteer HQ’s Construction and Renovation project in Ghana’s Accra Region offers a hands-on opportunity for volunteers to assist in building and upgrading essential community infrastructure. This program, ideal for those who are eager to contribute to construction and renovation efforts, does not require prior experience in the field. Volunteers collaborate closely with local teams to enhance facilities in rural towns, directly impacting the safety, health, and functionality of these communities.

Projects Abroad offers the opportunity to travel to Ghana to help build important infrastructure, like classrooms, toilet blocks, libraries, and homes. You’ll work in one of the many little rural villages found in Akuapem Hills and stay with a local host family.

Global Vision International (GVI) offers a comprehensive community development volunteer program in the Greater Accra region. Assist with construction projects and provide community support so communities can get on the path to sustainable futures. The program lasts from two to 12 weeks, with costs starting at $4,095.

3. Volunteer in Healthcare

Proper resources for treatable diseases, such as tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, could help solve many health issues too many people face in Ghana — and give them the opportunity to live healthy, fulfilling lives. Join a healthcare volunteer program and help support initiatives to bring medical services to those in Ghana who need it most.

The Healthcare Outreach and Education project in Ghana, offered by International Volunteer HQ, is a week-long campaign aimed at enhancing the health and well-being of people in rural Ghanaian communities. Volunteers help in malaria testing and treatment, along with providing crucial health education. This program is suitable for anyone interested in healthcare, regardless of their medical background, and focuses on improving access to essential health services in rural areas.

Volunteer Solutions’ Medical Volunteer Project in Tamale, Ghana, allows volunteers to work alongside doctors, nurses, and local staff in hospitals and clinics, contributing to various medical tasks based on their qualifications and experience. Suitable for medical professionals and students, volunteers assist in areas such as maternal health, mental health, surgery, and counseling.

4. Volunteer for Girls’ and Women’s Empowerment

Did you know that the average schooling for girls in Ghana is two years less than boys? With the right support and opportunities, Ghanaian women can unlock their full potential and transform themselves, their families and their communities.

The Volunteer Girls Teaching Program by Volunteer Solutions in Tamale, Ghana, focuses on empowering young girls through education in subjects like English, Mathematics, and Computers. Volunteers in this program work at a school with the mission to educate disadvantaged female students in urban villages around Tamale. This program is open to anyone passionate about teaching and working with children, with no formal teaching qualifications necessary.

The Gender Equality for Girls program in Ghana, operated by GVI, works to empower women and girls along the Gulf of Guinea coastline by providing skills training, promoting health and well-being, and improving computer literacy and English language skills. Volunteers assist in delivering workshops and classroom talks on topics such as menstrual health and building healthy relationships, aiming to foster confidence and promote agency among young women. This program contributes to several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including Gender Equality and Reduced Inequalities, and is open to those who wish to contribute to women’s and girl’s empowerment initiatives in Ghana.


Motivate the next generation of football superstars on your internship in Ghana!

5. Volunteer for Football Coaching

As Ghana’s national sport, football (a.k.a. soccer) is not only a passion for many youths, it’s also a way to meet friends, build teamwork skills, and stay physically fit. If you love football, you’ll love volunteering in Ghana as a football coach.

You can travel to coach soccer in Ghana at any time of year on Projects Abroad’s Volunteer Soccer Coaching Project. You’ll gain coaching experience while helping kids improve their skills and develop their fitness.

The Sports Volunteering Football Coaching program by Volunteer Solutions offers volunteers the opportunity to foster the local passion for football by teaching, training, and playing with young players. Volunteers assist in improving football skills at local schools and clubs, contribute to organizing matches, and work alongside local coaches, helping to develop game strategies and address players’ individual needs. This program is ideal for those with a keen interest in sports, particularly football, and can be combined with community development or orphanage work for a more comprehensive volunteering experience.

Intern in Ghana

Gain valuable work experience serving those in need in Ghana. From empowering local entrepreneurs through microfinance to providing essential medical aid in bustling hospitals, each internship offers a unique window into the complexities and triumphs of life in Ghana. 

We have curated a selection of dynamic internships in Ghana, each presenting a different facet of the nation’s socio-economic landscape. Whether it’s through journalism, education, healthcare, or legal work, these internships are not just about gaining work experience; they are about immersing oneself in an environment where learning transcends the traditional boundaries of a classroom. 

Through these programs, interns can not only contribute meaningfully to Ghanaian communities but also gain invaluable insights and skills that resonate far beyond their time in the country.

1. Join a Microfinance Internship

Not having access to capital prevents too many people in Ghana from pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. Provide funding and personal finance training to help folks start a business, gain security and/or build credit.

Projects Abroad offers a Microfinance internship in Ghana where you can help local entrepreneurs living in a leprosy camp run their own businesses. By joining these efforts, you’ll help a marginalized community overcome some of the challenges they face because of stigma. The organization also works with women’s groups in a fishing village.

2. Join a Medical Internship

Volunteer Forever - Volunteer & Intern in Ghana

If you’re in medical school, or are a qualified nurse or doctor, you can utilize your specialized knowledge to reduce the workload often placed on Ghana’s overburdened medical resources. Play a key role in providing medical services and combating the effects of diseases like malaria and tuberculosis.

The Medical Internship program in Ghana with Projects Abroad offers participants the chance to gain invaluable work experience by shadowing doctors in hospitals and participating in health checks. Ideal for anyone considering a career in medicine, this internship allows for an immersive experience in a developing country’s medical practices, with opportunities to learn about diagnosing and treating various diseases and conditions. Interns work in a large regional hospital and participate in community outreaches, providing essential health services and education, making this program a great fit for those looking to add real-world experience to their resume.

They also offer internships in more specialized fields like dentistrymidwiferynursingpharmacyphysical therapypublic health, and speech therapy.

The Medical Hospital Internship by Involvement Volunteers International presents an opportunity for individuals to assist in hospitals and clinics that are often under-resourced. Volunteers are involved in shadowing local medical professionals, participating in daily rounds, and potentially engaging in more hands-on roles depending on their experience. This program is suitable for those with or without a medical background, offering a chance to contribute to improving healthcare services while gaining insight into the healthcare system in a developing country. The internship also includes cultural exchange opportunities, allowing participants to interact with local communities and learn about Ghanaian culture.

3. Join a Journalism Internship

Volunteer Forever - Volunteer & Intern in Ghana

Ghana has lots of stories to tell. Help document those stories as you put your journalism skills to work.

Projects Abroad runs a journalism internship program in Accra — the center of politics in the country and the economic heart of West Africa. Projects Abroad lets journalists choose among print, TV and radio placements, providing you the chance to work in a busy newsroom and learn how to find and develop stories. The internship program lasts one to 12 weeks (or longer), and you get to stay with a host family (program fees start at $2,470 for one week, with four weeks costing $3,580).

4. Join an Education Internship

A solid educational system is crucial to unleashing the full potential of a country’s youth. Ghana’s children have the drive to learn — but a lack of resources in poor areas and rural communities makes it hard for many to realize their dreams. Help move Ghana toward a better future as an education intern.

The Teaching & Education Development Internship in Ghana by GVI is a program where interns gain practical experience by assisting local teachers in lesson planning, classroom management, and tutoring in the Ghanaian coastal town of Kokrobite. Interns contribute to a range of subjects including English, arts, and literacy for nursery to junior-school-aged students, while also engaging in extra-curricular activities. 

This program aligns with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #4, Quality Education, and offers interns the chance to immerse themselves in West African culture, meet participants from around the world, and make a significant impact on local education. The internship is ideal for those interested in education, liberal arts, and related fields, offering skills development in areas like leadership, project management, and cultural awareness.

5. Law and Human Rights Internship

Though Ghana has made great progress, there remain a number of societal issues that need to be addressed. Raising awareness of human rights in various marginalized communities can solve important problems. Be a part of that solution by doing a law and human rights internship.

Through Projects Abroad’s Law internship, you can gain practical legal experience and boost your resume while working at a law firm in Ghana. You can also conduct human rights work while empowering marginalized communities in Accra on Projects Abroad’s Human Rights internship.

In addition to the Law and Human Rights internships, the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Internship in Ghana by GVI offers a unique opportunity to contribute to social justice and international development. Based in Kokrobite, interns work closely with GVI Ghana’s school partners to enhance inclusivity in education, integrating new teaching methods and raising community awareness about inequities. This program allows interns to engage deeply with local socio-economic and cultural contexts, identifying and addressing injustice and inequality affecting vulnerable community members.

Teach in Ghana

Volunteer Forever - Volunteer & Intern in Ghana

Teachers have the power to shift mindsets — and motivate youth to achieve great things. As Ghana develops and moves toward a brighter future, its educators will play a vital role. You can help.

Here are six great options for teaching in Ghana.

1. Teach English in Ghana

English is a national language in Ghana, but many children rarely get to hear it spoken by non-Ghanaian speakers of the language. Learning English can open up a world of opportunities for those living in Ghana. Spark students’ creativity and curiosity by not just teaching English in Ghana, but also sharing your knowledge, ideas and experiences.

International Volunteer HQ’s Teaching English project in the Accra Region offers volunteers a chance to make a significant impact by teaching English, along with other subjects like math, music, and arts, to students in these underserved areas. This program is ideal for fluent English speakers interested in improving educational access and quality for disadvantaged students.

GoEco offers another opportunity to teach English in Ghana, where volunteers can engage in classroom teaching, play educational games with children, and assist with school repairs. Focused on improving both educational facilities and the English skills of young learners, the program requires a basic level of English proficiency and a commitment to positively impacting the lives of children in Accra.

You can gain practical teaching experience by teaching English to children in more rural areas of Ghana, through Projects Abroad’s Teaching Project in Ghana. You’ll support teachers at a local junior school that provides free education to village children.

2. Teach in Special Needs Education

Approximately 100,00 children aged 6-14 in Ghana have a disability, with many not receiving the education they need and deserve. Help children with disabilities gain knowledge and build independence by becoming a volunteer in special needs education.

The Speech Therapy internship in Ghana by Projects Abroad presents a valuable opportunity for those pursuing a career in speech therapy. This program, based at a special needs school lacking an in-house speech therapist, allows interns to apply their skills and training to assist children with speech and language impairments. Interns play a crucial role in boosting these children’s confidence and quality of life, designing and implementing treatment plans, and potentially training staff and other interns. The internship requires at least two years of speech therapy-related studies or training and offers the chance to gain practical experience, develop systems to improve workplace efficiency and contribute to data analysis and reporting. This program aims to develop interns’ professional skills and provide critical therapy to children in need, thereby improving access to basic healthcare and supporting the wider medical goals in Ghana.

3. Teach Women to Empower Themselves


Gender inequality remains an issue in Ghana. Women earn less income and own less land than men. One of the key barriers is access to education and resources necessary to improve one’s economic standing. Address this issue by volunteering in a women’s empowerment program.

One great project is hosted by Global Vision International (GVI). GVI’s women’s empowerment program takes place in Accra, where you work to increase females’ access to education and improve their employment opportunities. The big goal is to empower local women through education and build their capacity to support themselves. 

Join Projects Abroad’s Microfinance Internship to empower women living in a local fishing village in Ghana. You can use your skills to teach groups how to run small businesses that will give them the income they need to support themselves and their families.

4. IT Teaching

As Ghana’s society and economy become increasingly digital, the need for IT teachers will only grow. Help Ghanaian youth gain computer literacy — and give them an advantage to achieve success in the 21st century.

Projects Abroad has an exciting IT teaching program in Ghana. You live with a host family and get to teach children ages 6 to 12. The grand mission is to make it possible for these students to use technology on their own to build skills and knowledge — and secure a better future. The program lasts from two to eight weeks (or longer).

5. Teach in Rural Primary School

In Ghana, all children have the right to free basic education. However, in rural and remote communities, resources are often scarce. The Childcare Volunteer Program, offered by International Volunteer HQ, allows volunteers to aid in early childhood education, particularly for children from low-income families. This program includes activities such as helping with education, games, and meal times in schools, and focuses on enhancing the health and learning of children in rural communities.

Furthermore, the Childcare & Community Program for High Schoolers is perfect for teenagers who want to contribute to the well-being of children in need in Ghana. Volunteers in this program assist in learning through play, engage in community work like improving school facilities, and participate in cultural activities. This program is specially tailored to provide support and guidance to teenage volunteers, encouraging the development of skills such as teamwork, leadership, and planning. Both programs aim to improve access to quality education in rural Ghana, contributing to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #4: Quality Education, and offering volunteers the chance to immerse themselves in Ghanaian culture while making a meaningful impact in the lives of children.


Empower Women in Ghana!

Meaningful Reasons to Volunteer, Intern, or Teach Abroad in Ghana

No matter your preferences, goal, or budget, we have shared some meaningful ways you can make a difference in Ghana. Now, here are 4 meaningful reasons to get you packing right away:

1. You Can Change Someone’s Life

Volunteering or interning in Ghana is not just about the help you provide; it’s about the lives you touch and the difference you make. Imagine being the reason a child in a remote village gets to learn English or a small business owner gets the financial training to succeed. Your actions have the power to create positive ripples in the lives of individuals and communities.

2. You Can Be Part of a Community

Immersing yourself in a Ghanaian community offers a unique opportunity to connect deeply with its people. You’ll experience their day-to-day lives, share in their joys and challenges, and forge lasting bonds. This connection goes beyond mere volunteering; it’s about becoming part of a community that welcomes you with open arms.

3. You Can See the World

Volunteering in Ghana is your gateway to exploring a world vastly different from your own. From the bustling markets of Accra to the serene beauty of the Akuapem Hills, every corner of Ghana offers new experiences, perspectives, and stories. This journey is not just about seeing new places but about immersing yourself in a rich cultural tapestry.

4. You Can Build Your Resume and Further Your Career Opportunities

Each volunteer or internship opportunity in Ghana provides skills and experiences that are invaluable in the professional world. Whether it’s enhancing your teamwork abilities, developing leadership skills, or gaining practical experience in your field of study, these experiences make your resume stand out. They equip you with unique stories and insights that can set you apart in job interviews and cover letters, propelling your career to new heights.

In essence, volunteering, interning, or teaching in Ghana is about embarking on a journey that enriches both the lives of others and your own. It’s a path to personal growth, professional development, and making a tangible impact in a community that will cherish your contribution for years to come.

To ensure you get in the volunteer program you want, apply and reserve your spot once as soon as possible.