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2024 Best Internships Abroad: Medical Care, Marine Biology & More

Written By
By Sarah Vandenberg
Director of Partnerships
Best internships abroad - Volunteer Forever

Updated for 2024

Intern abroad programs came to a halt at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you all have stayed safe and healthy  during these challenging times. Now that we emerged from the pandemic, overseas internships are back!  Before signing up for a program, do take time to look over travel restrictions, quarantine policies, and other necessary preparations though these are increasingly uncommon as international travel returns to normal. 

Internships are among the best ways you can gain work experience in your degree or preferred career before entering the job market full-time. Not only will you learn what day-to-day work might look like for professionals in your field, but you’ll also develop valuable connections with people who can teach you new skills, mentor you as a young professional, and build your network for the job hunt later.

While most students opt for a local internship, international internships can be an amazing way to build your skills, add to your resume, immerse yourself in a different culture, and directly contribute to work being done on a global level. And in the case of paid internships abroad, you will be able to earn money in the process.

Real-World Experience

You won’t just be making copies or taking coffee orders on an international internship. The programs outlined below are much more immersive, and in many cases, you may be taking on a higher level of work that can be expected of full-time staffers. A few of the best internships you can pursue abroad include:

  1. Shadowing medical professionals at a hospital or clinic, and even assisting with basic services with Maximo Nivel
  2. Participating in a dental elective abroad and working with a professional dentist with Intern Abroad HQ
  3. Assisting with incoming veterinary examinations as part of with wildlife veterinary internship with GoEco
  4. Providing administrative assistance for a law firm or an NGO dedicated to human rights
  5. Developing lesson plans and teaching English to disadvantaged children around the world
  6. Helping with increasing the awareness of endangered animals and promoting conservation efforts through a wildlife photography internship

Academic Credit

All of the organizations featured in this article offer assistance to work with your college or university to arrange academic credit upon successful completion of your internship. In particular, Maximo Nivel is one of the few organizations in the world to offer academic credit for International Internships. Their School of Record issues official transcripts and academic credit for your program. Intern Abroad HQ is another organization that offers academic credit for their internships through their partnership with the University of Montana and Warren Wilson College in the United States.

Intern Abroad HQ is actively recruiting for interns for 2023 and 2024. They offer 230 internship opportunities across 23 career fields in 21 countries. Learn more and apply here to jump start your career!

Most of the internships listed here last four weeks or longer, and can be a perfect opportunity to spend your summer or a semester abroad. Through these internships, you will have guidance from intern coordinators and project staff, scheduled check-ins to ensure you’re gaining the most you can from your program, and even a final project to show what you’ve learned and highlight what you’ve accomplished.

An Affordable Way to Travel

If you have wanderlust but you’re on a shoestring budget, an internship abroad can be an amazing way both to explore the world and to gain hands-on experience in your future career. In my case, studying abroad was far too expensive, so I opted instead to pursue a summer internship abroad studying marine research in Costa Rica. I had the wonderful opportunity to travel outside of the US for the first time in my life, live at a research station on the beach with conservationists and scientists, learn about environmental protection, and work alongside volunteers from all over the world, all for about $100 per week for training, food, and lodging.

Ready to jump into an internship abroad? Check out these programs to learn more and get started!

Maximo Nivel

Best internships abroad - Maximo Nivel

Founded in 2003, Maximo Nivel offers a variety of impactful programs in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru for travelers who want to volunteer, intern, teach, study, or even learn Spanish. So far, 25,000 travelers have signed up with Maximo Nivel, which offers very affordable placements starting from just $1,525 for a four-week internship, depending on where you’d like to travel.

Maximo Nivel’s internship programs help you develop professional skills in several different fields – they’re also a great way to learn Spanish, which can help set you apart in the job market. Internships are personalized for each participant, ensuring that you can gain the most from your experience abroad. Right now, Maximo Nivel offers four- and eight-week (or longer) internships, which include daily practical work, private Spanish lessons, final project, internship advisor to guide you through your program, letter of recommendation, and much more.

Medical Internship

Through Maximo Nivel’s medical internship, you can travel to Costa Rica, Guatemala, or Peru for four weeks or longer while gaining real-world experience and learning about medical practices. You’ll be placed in a hospital, clinic, private practice, or an assisted living facility, and will work with a local medical professional to learn about their day-to-day activities. Depending on what’s needed at your internship site, your tasks may include consultations, health education, and administrative assistance. Internships focusing on dental care and physical therapy are available on a limited basis. To sign up, you must have intermediate Spanish language background and you must be enrolled in a college or university program in the medical, healthcare, or dental field, or be a licensed medical professional.

Human Rights Internship

If you’re passionate about human rights, Maximo Nivel may have the perfect internship for you: this internship allows you to work with a community organization, government agency, or an NGO to promote change through social justice and empowerment. As an intern, you will focus on community outreach, education, research, and fundraising, and will have the opportunity to learn about politics, religion, gender, and ethnicity in Latin America. To sign up, you must be enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s program in social work, international development, or a related field, and you also must have intermediate Spanish language ability.

Education Internship

Maximo Nivel also offers an excellent education internship in each of its three locations in Central and South America, where you’ll have the opportunity to gain classroom experience and teach a variety of subjects to students of all ages. You’ll be placed in an English-speaking classroom at a private school, where you will work alongside local teachers to develop lesson plans and teach the students. You’ll also receive valuable feedback to help improve your skills as a teacher, and you’ll have the chance to learn about school curricula and standards, family and community challenges, and methods of measuring students’ educational development. This internship lasts four weeks or longer, and is open to students in bachelor’s or master’s programs in education, secondary education, or a related field.

To learn more about internships abroad with Maximo Nivel, please click here:

Intern Abroad HQ

Best internships abroad - Intern Abroad HQ

With extremely affordable international internships, Intern Abroad HQ offers a growing portfolio of placements throughout Central America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. With a focus on experiential learning and community engagement, interns gain hands-on experience while gaining relevant skills for a successful career. Whether you’re passionate about business, health, conservation, law, education, engineering, or economics, Intern Abroad HQ offers flexible, entry-level internship opportunities for personal and professional development year-round. Internships include a resume-boosting reflection program to build skills that are universally transferable across employment settings. Intern Abroad HQ is brought to you by International Volunteer HQ, a leading volunteer travel organization that has supported over 80,000 volunteers since 2007.

Environmental & Wildlife Conservation internships

Conservation internships provide the ultimate opportunity to get outside, get your hands dirty, and put your classroom learning into practice. Greece is an ideal destination, where you can choose from a broad selection of specialty internships in Marine and Terrestrial Conservation, Marine Mammal & Sea Turtle Conservation, Environmental Law, GIS Mapping, Laboratory Research & Microplastics, and Sustainable Aquaculture. Or discover the intense biological diversity of Costa Rica and Guatemala through internships in Environmental & Wildlife Conservation. For aspiring ornithologists, the Bali Endangered Starling Conservation is for you! Dreaming of Africa? Then join environmental internships in South Africa and have the experience of a lifetime while contributing toward essential data collection for ongoing reserve management in Dinokeng Game Reserve, Balule Game Reserve at Kruger National Park, or Sodwana Bay Marine National Park.

Health, Medical & Social Work internships

Specialty internships in Latin America combine Spanish immersion with the opportunity to secure internship hours relevant to diverse fields of health care. Internships in Cusco, Peru include fields in Special Needs Care, Language Therapy, Dentistry, Midwifery, Nutrition, Psychology, and Physiotherapy. Don’t speak Spanish? The Physician’s Assistant internship is for you! Or join Spanish-speaking Health & Medical internships in Costa Rica and Guatemala. If Spanish-immersion isn’t right for you, internships in Cape Town, South Africa provide placements in Physiotherapy, Psychology, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, and Public Health.

Community Development & Education internships

There are lots of ways to get involved in different activities that foster community development goals while also promoting education. Choose from Bali Internships in Tourism & Hospitality Training, Early Childhood & Primary Education, or even Engineering – Renewable Energies. If you’re passionate about caring for others, you’ll love being based in Peru, in Guatemala, or in Costa Rica for internships involved with Animal Care, Child Care, Special Needs Care, Teaching, and Youth Development. For something different, Intern Abroad HQ offers specialty internships in Agriculture and Law & Human Rights as well.

Discover all Intern Abroad HQ’s internship opportunities and apply today!


Best internships abroad - GoEco

Created by experienced volunteers in 2006, GoEco is committed to connecting volunteers and interns to affordable and impactful programs. That’s why they’ve been recognized as a Top Eco-Traveling Enthusiast in 2017 by Greenmatch and the Top Volunteer Abroad Organization in 2018 by GoAbroad. GoEco has also been featured in major publications, such as USA Today and The Boston Globe. 

To date, GoEco has placed more than 17,000 volunteers and interns in overseas programs. GoEco offers you numerous excellent internships abroad, whether you’re looking to launch a career in education, medicine, environmental science, tourism, or another field. Even better, there’s a diverse mix of opportunities across the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia and the Pacific.

Health and Medical Care Internship in Costa Rica

Make your way to San Jose, where you can get medical care experience as you enjoy a wonderful city and beautiful nearby natural areas. This program has opportunities available for everyone, from those just starting out at university to professionals who already hold medical qualifications and have experience. Volunteers will be placed based on their level of experience, but all placements allow volunteers to experience the Costa Rican health care system first-hand. Duties may include aiding with patient consultations, assisting with physical exams, sterilizing and preparing medical equipment, organizing patient files, and processing lab tests. If you’re a medical professional, you’ll have a more hands-on role. 

You can intern for four weeks or longer. Internship fees begin at $1,850 for four weeks ($3,970 for 12 weeks). Learn more about this medical internship in Costa Rica here

Pre-Vet Wildlife Internship in South Africa

Gain hands-on animal care experience in Chintsa, South Africa, in a gorgeous village in the Wild Coast region of Eastern Cape province. As a veterinary intern in South Africa, you’ll care for African wildlife, agricultural livestock, and domestic animals. Expect to do everything from assist with wildlife rehabilitation to manage farm animals to help animal shelters treat abandoned pets. This veterinary internship abroad offers any aspiring vet the chance to learn about how to care for a wide range of animals. And you’ll get to see amazing wildlife up close. Giraffes, rhinos, and buffalo…oh my!

Fees for this veterinary internship in South Africa begin at $2150 for two weeks. It gets cheaper the longer you stay, with four weeks costing $3750 (lodging and meals included). Get more details and apply here!

Veterinary Internship in Malawi

See all the amazing work that goes into wildlife rescue during this vet internship in Malawi. As an intern with GoEco, you can enhance your CV and boost your skills by rehabilitating a variety of wildlife, from vervet monkeys to zebras. Tasks could consist of assisting with veterinary examinations and emergency surgeries, helping with clinical research, and working in animal husbandry and orphan care. Depending on your education and experience, your role may be more or less hands-on. 

During free time, you can experience ethical wildlife interactions, see the beauty of Lake Malawi, and more. Internship fees begin at $1,840 for two weeks ($4,330 for eight weeks). Get more details about the vet internship in Malawi here.

Projects Abroad

Best internships abroad - Projects Abroad

Founded in 1992, Projects Abroad is one of the largest and longest-running volunteer and intern abroad organizations in the world. Each year, Projects Abroad places more than 10,000 travelers throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific. As an intern with Projects Abroad, you’ll have the chance to build your resume, gain new skills, take on practical experience, and engage in cultural exchange within your host community. There currently are more than 30 different internships you can choose from, and you’re welcome to sign up any time of the year, and can even earn university credit through your work.

Take on an internship abroad with Projects Abroad and discover what you’re capable of as you grow professionally and personally. You’ll learn directly from experienced individuals and get first-hand knowledge of the field you’re working in. It’s a different and exciting way to add practical work experience to your resume, and it’s an opportunity to explore potential career paths as you enhance your studies.

You’ll also develop your personal skills as you learn to adapt to working in different environments and cultures. Hone your communication and organization skills as you network on a global level.

Projects Abroad internships run throughout the year, so you can choose when to start and end. Throughout your internship, its dedicated in-country staff are there to support you 24/7 and provide a hassle-free experience. Speak with staff about arranging academic credit for your internship.

Medical Internship in Kenya

In Kenya on a medical internship, you’ll shadow doctors and nurses in hospitals and clinics. You’ll observe them on their rounds and they’ll explain how they diagnose and treat patients. Depending on the length of your internship, you’ll be able to rotate through different departments. These include surgery, pediatrics, general medicine, and more. You’ll also get involved with practical outreach work. In Kenya, regular outreaches provide basic medical services in areas where healthcare is limited. You’ll treat minor wounds, distribute deworming medication, measure blood pressure levels, and more. All of this work is done under supervision.

Microfinance internship in Tanzania

The goal of the Microfinance Project in Tanzania helps disadvantaged entrepreneurs get a small business off the ground, helping them secure financial independence. This is done by providing interest-free loans and business training and guidance. You’ll work mainly with local women. You’ll empower them by improving business plans, managing loan accounts, running workshops, and more. If needed, you’ll also help to teach basic literacy and numeracy.

Human Rights in Argentina

The Human Rights internship in Argentina gives you direct access to work being done on the ground. You’ll collaborate with professionals within local communities, focusing on awareness and empowerment. In Argentina, you’ll be placed at the Projects Abroad Human Rights Office.

Volunteering Solutions 

Best Internships Abroad - Abroadly

Volunteering Solutions (VolSol) is an international volunteer and internship organization that was started in 2006. Since 2007, they have hosted over 17,000 volunteers and interns in projects across 25+ countries, including popular destinations such as Nepal, India, Thailand, South Africa, Peru, and Costa RicaVolunteering Solution’s intern abroad projects are among the most affordably priced in the world, starting at $200 USD for one week. Among the highlight of their international internships are their medical internships. The program offers medical internship electives in Thailand, India, and Nepal. Volunteering Solutions has written an informative article on the difference between medical volunteering abroad and medical internship electives here.

Medical Internship

Right now, Volunteering Solutions is offering several different medical internships in Nepal, India, Peru, and Thailand. As a medical or healthcare intern with VolSol, you can choose from projects focusing on nursing, medical care, dentistry, and physiotherapy while earning hands-on experience in your field.

Depending on your placement, you can work in local government or private hospitals and clinics, and you’ll have the amazing opportunity to work alongside local medical and healthcare professionals to learn about their practices. Internships can be customized to your university requirements, and you’ll earn a certificate of participation upon successful completion of your program abroad.

Dental Elective Internship in India

Through this program, you’ll have the chance to work in a dental clinic in the Dharamsala region of India. This is an excellent placement for dental students who want to gain experience in the field while learning from and shadowing a local professional. You’ll be able to assist with basic tasks or even assist with extractions, fillings, and scalings, depending on your educational experience and comfort level. This internship program lasts two weeks or longer, and starts from $750.

Dental Elective Internship in Peru

Another excellent internship you can take on as a dental student is Volunteering Solutions’ dental elective in Peru. Similar to the elective in India, this internship invites you to shadow a local professional and assist with tasks such as sterilization of supplies and assisting with hands-on tasks such as cleanings, extractions, and more, depending on your background experience. As an intern, you’ll also have the chance to visit public schools and kindergartens to teach about oral hygiene practices. This internship starts from two weeks at just $580, and you’re invited to stay eight weeks or longer.

Internships start from two weeks at $650, with your program cost varying based on which placement you sign up for. Learn more about medical internships with Volunteering Solutions here.

African Impact


African Impact is a responsible travel organization that offers volunteer and internship opportunities in Africa. The organization aims to provide volunteers and interns with a transformative experience that combines adventure and learning with genuine impact. African Impact works closely with local communities to develop projects that are led and directed by them, and focuses on long-term goals. The organization has received multiple industry awards, including being named the world’s top volunteer abroad organization by GoAbroad four years in a row. Volunteers and interns can participate in a variety of activities, such as teaching in townships, working in hospitals or clinics, or conducting dolphin and marine research.Since 2004, they have hosted over 35,000 participants on 20 projects across 7 countries and have won multiple industry awards, including being voted the world’s Top Volunteer Abroad Organization by volunteers on GoAbroad four years in a row.

Wildlife Photography Internship

African Impact offers wildlife photography internships in the Greater Kruger Area of South Africa. Participants will be guided by professional wildlife photographers and will gain hands-on experience in photography, as well as contribute to conservation efforts in the area. The internships are open to anyone with a passion for photography and a love for the wild, and participants will have the opportunity to work on their own level and build an impressive portfolio of images. The internships are available year-round and cost between $5995 and $7995. Participants will live in a lodge in the middle of the reserve and will be part of a team of conservation experts and volunteers.

NGO and Charity Internship

African Impact’s non-profit and charity volunteer projects and internships offer individuals the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the non-profit sector while making a positive impact on sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa. These internships are customizable, allowing individuals to explore a specialty within the framework of international development. As an intern, individuals will support the daily operations of a non-governmental organization (NGO) and become an integral part of the team, supporting the organization’s goals, initiatives, and impacts. Non-profit and charity internships in Africa focus on issues such as extreme poverty, gender equality, water and sanitation, and other third world problems. The internships also provide opportunities to learn about how a non-profit functions, gain insights into fundraising and grant writing, and learn about community development. The cost of these internships varies depending on the program and length of stay, but many offer affordable options for individuals looking to make a difference in Africa.

Gender Equality Internship

Participating in the Gender Equality Internship in Africa is a great opportunity to gain professional experience and specialize in gender empowerment initiatives. By joining the team, you will have the chance to make a positive impact on the lives of young girls in rural Zambia who face social isolation, economic vulnerability, and a lack of appropriate health services. You will also be able to form part of the Girl Impact initiative, which seeks to empower these young women through workshops, mentorship, and support in areas such as education, health, safety, and self-confidence. Additionally, this internship will give you the opportunity to work alongside other passionate volunteers and interns, gain exposure to international development issues, and develop new skills. And, as an added bonus, you will get to live in the adventure capital of Africa near one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World – Victoria Falls!

Public Health Internship

The Public Health Internship in Zambia is a four-week global health program that takes place in the town of Livingstone. The internship is designed to improve access to and the quality of healthcare in the area. Volunteers will work in a low-income area to determine the health of community populations, launch and run initiatives, and address context-specific barriers to effective healthcare. The program provides participants with practical experience and allows them to explore key issues in Zambia’s public healthcare system. Through the program, volunteers will gain an understanding of social research methods in an under-resourced area and learn how to report on issues surrounding health. They will also have the opportunity to engage with healthcare workers, professionals, and NGOs in a variety of settings to learn about current health challenges and emerging trends. In addition, volunteers will deliver practical workshops on topics such as disease prevention and healthy living. They will also learn how to collect and interpret data and survey methodology to help analyze health indicators. The program takes place in Livingstone, a beautiful rural town in southern Zambia located near the Zambezi river and the border of Zimbabwe. The town is a hub for visitors looking to experience Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. In their free time, volunteers can participate in a variety of adventure activities and explore the town’s rich culture and history. Accommodation is provided at the Victoria Falls Backpackers Zambia, which offers a range of amenities including a swimming pool, lounge, bar, and fire pit area. The program is a great opportunity for volunteers to gain practical experience in public health and make a positive impact on the communities they serve.

Global Vision International (GVI)

Best internships abroad - GVI

One excellent organization you should check out if you want to intern abroad is Global Vision International (GVI). In addition to internships, GVI offers volunteer programs and under-18s placements for younger travelers. So far, more than 24,000 travelers have signed up with GVI since its founding in 1997, on programs ranging from environmental conservation, to teaching, to healthcare, and much more.

GVI currently offers internships in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and Australasia, with a focus on developing teamwork and leadership skills while giving real-world experience on degree-related programs. Through GVI’s intern abroad programs, you’ll receive an exclusive leadership training course, all necessary field training and equipment, weekly one-on-one staff mentorship sessions, a professional recommendation on completion of your internship, and even the opportunity to work for GVI or selected partner organizations. You also may be able to receive academic credit for your internship.

Marine Conservation Internship

If you’re interested in marine biology, conservation, or being part of the diving industry, an internship with GVI is a great place to gain experience and get a head-start on your career. Right now, GVI has marine conservation internships available at research bases in MexicoSeychellesFiji, and Thailand, where you can collect data to establish marine protected areas, conduct surveys on coral and fish species, and perform recovery research. GVI also provides Professional Dive Training on their Divemaster Internships, Instructor Development Course (IDC) and Master Scuba Diver Trainer course (MSDT), with placements at local dive centers to help expand your knowledge of marine conservation and diving.

Community Development Internship

GVI also offers a community development internship for students who’d like to gain experience in education, healthcare, women’s empowerment, and sustainable environmental practices. A few community development internships you can sign up for right now include mentoring children in India and Nepal, teaching in LaosFijiSouth Africa or Costa Rica, or helping local community organizations in a variety of countries with sustainable programs to benefit their environment.

Construction Internship

Another internship you can sign up for right now with GVI focuses on construction – whether you’re interested in building, construction, or community work, this is a great way to gain practical work experience in a developing country. GVI is currently offering construction internships in IndiaNepalCosta Rica, and Fiji, where you can renovate buildings, assist with community building programs, and help with outreach about sustainable living and improved sanitation.

Learn more about internships abroad with GVI at:

International TEFL Academy

International TEFL Academy has the best internships abroad.

Do you want to get paid to live abroad as a professional English teacher in a country like Spain, Thailand, or Costa Rica? Are you looking for the best TEFL training and job services? If so, take a look at International TEFL Academy (ITA). 

Founded in 2010, ITA is the go-to organization for teaching English abroad.  ITA certifies 5,000 people per year, and graduates are teaching in over 80 countries and online. While they don’t offer traditional internships, the teaching positions you get through ITA can truly jumpstart your career like an intern position would. If you plan to work in education or the ESL field, training with ITA is a wonderful choice. 

All ITA TEFL courses – including online TEFL classes –  include live practice teaching and employ a state-of-the-art curriculum taught by highly credentialed and experienced instructors. In addition, all ITA students receive lifetime job search assistance that includes personalized guidance from our team of expert advisors. To learn more and begin your journey, download your free TEFL Guide now.

ITA can help you get English teaching jobs in amazing job destinations. Below, we’ve listed a few.

Teach English in Italy

From grand Roman monuments and Renaissance art to sun-kissed Mediterranean shores and delicious cuisine, Italy offers teachers the chance to experience incredible natural beauty and cultural richness. ITA can help you find an English teaching job in a city like Milan, Rome or Naples, with salaries ranging from $1,500 – $2,500+ per month. You must be a native English speaker and have TEFL certification, and preferably a 4-year degree.

Teach English in Vietnam

Whether you’re wandering the bustling streets of Hanoi or relaxing on the beaches of Da Nang, Vietnam amazes and entertains at every step. Rapidly developing, Vietnam has lots of opportunities for native English speakers with TEFL certification and a bachelor’s degree. Job positions abound and ITA can help you get a position quickly. Teaching there is a great way to learn new skills and advance your career. You can earn between $1,000 – $2,000+ per month, depending on location, which should provide you with a comfortable life in Vietnam.

Teach English in Colombia

With a fast-growing economy and the second-largest population in South America, Colombia has an increasing need for qualified English teachers. Having a TEFL certification through International TEFL Academy will help you land a job. A 4-year degree isn’t necessary but will give you an advantage. Not only will teaching in Colombia bolster your resume like an intern abroad job would, but the experience will also be a ton of fun. Cities like Bogota and Medellin offer cultural activities, entertainment, access to nature, the chance to learn Spanish and much, much more. Overall, you can expect to earn between $800 – $1,300+ per month.

Love Volunteers

Best internships abroad - Love Volunteers

Love Volunteers is one of the fastest growing and most affordable volunteer and intern abroad organizations in the world, with more than 20,000 travelers placed worldwide since 2009. They currently host more than 120 projects in 34 countries around the world – in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas – and just in the past year, they sent more than 4,000 travelers abroad. Love Volunteers offers many different internships abroad, in areas such as journalism, medical and healthcare, dental care, and more.

Journalism Internship in Morocco

If you’re studying journalism or media, you’re invited to apply for Love Volunteers’ journalism internship in Morocco. Through this internship, you’ll have the chance to work at a news agency such as Skye News and Morocco World News, with focus areas depending on your background experience. You also will work with an internship mentor, who will guide your learning through work in content editing, writing articles, operating social media pages, editing videos and images, marketing strategy, and much more. You must be able to stay at least four weeks or longer, and you can choose to stay with a host family or in a volunteer house.

Medical Internship in Costa Rica

Love Volunteers also offers a wonderful internship opportunity in Costa Rica for students interested in entering medical or healthcare fields. Through this internship, you will visit the northern highlands and work in a rural clinic or hospital. This program is best for third-year medical students, or doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and dentists interested in gaining experience abroad. While you provide medical support for a community in need, you’ll also gain hands-on medical experience and learn about practices you can bring back to your home country.

Medical Internship in India

Based in Delhi, this medical internship is a great way to gain experience and learn new techniques in medical care. As an intern, you will work in a large hospital in South Delhi, where you will be paired with a local doctor, nurse, or other medical professional who you will learn from through observation and basic assistance. A few departments where you can work include emergency, pharmacy, radiology, critical care, nursing, physiotherapy, and many others.

To learn more about international internships with Love Volunteers, please visit:


Best internships abroad - Fronteering

If you’re looking for an internship abroad that’s unique, exotic, and off the beaten path, check out Fronteering, which offers volunteer and internship projects in 14 different countries. This organization offers impactful programs for travelers who want to visit unspoiled locations and make a positive difference in environmental conservation, wildlife research, indigenous communities, and much more. Fronteering offers affordable and flexible placements abroad, with internship opportunities lasting up to six months.

Predator Research Internship in Brazil

If you’ve always wanted to visit the Amazon, Fronteering offers an internship where you can help with bush dog research and monitoring in the rainforest. A few of your tasks as an intern may include setting camera traps, collecting data, helping with community activities, performing research, and much more. This South American internship starts from one week at $695, and you’re invited to stay up to six weeks to help further research, get to know the community, and truly immerse yourself in the Amazon Rainforest.

Hospital Care Internship in Ghana

On this internship, you will travel to Ghana to work in a local hospital, which is understaffed and in need of assistance. For four to eight weeks, you’ll intern as a medical or healthcare assistant, with tasks including taking vital signs, performing abdominal scans, setting trays for different procedures, assisting in labor and delivery, and helping with administration of medications, depending on your background experience. Also included in this trip is a two-day visit to the tropical rainforests of Kakum National Park.

To learn more about internships abroad with Fronteering, please visit:

The Intern Group

Best internships abroad - The Intern Group

The Intern Group works with students and other travelers to develop customized professional development internships in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Founded in 2011, the Intern Group is an award-winning social enterprise that’s been featured in Forbes, TIME, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and CNN. Each year, the organization receives 30,000 applications, and works with top applicants from 600 different universities. It places 2,000 interns with renowned NGOs annually, working with more than 1,000 global employers. The Intern Group offers advice and assistance with visas, as well as developmental workshops, career training, social and cultural events, quality housing, and in-country support.

Entrepreneurship Internship in Hong Kong

Join some of the most exciting startups in the world, working in the fields of finance, green energy, technology, logistics, and more with an entrepreneurial internship in Hong Kong. These types of companies offer a different path than typical corporate careers, but they’re often more ambitious and thrilling, with open minds to creativity and innovation. When you embark on a placement with the Intern Group, you’ll challenge the status quo and provide real social, economic, and environmental benefits while gaining valuable skills working alongside business leaders. Your social calendar includes a day trip to Macau, known as the “mini Las Vegas of Asia,” and a tour of Lantau Island. Enjoy dinner and the view on The Peak, which provides a panoramic view of Hong Kong. You can stay four weeks or longer and program fees start at $4,919. Read more and apply here!

International Hospitality Internship in London

If you’d like to work for a major hotel, or if luxury tourism sounds like an interesting field, consider an internship in hospitality, events, and tourism in London. This placement with the Intern Group invites you to learn first-hand about planning for major international events, such as the Olympics! You’ll learn the ins and outs of management, marketing, and customer service of the tourism and hospitality industries, and work in a multicultural environment. You’ll enjoy world-famous sites of London during your free time, including street festivals like the Notting Hill Carnival, and a visit to Buckingham Palace. Tour St. Paul’s Cathedral while in the city, and enjoy a play at the West End. You’re invited to stay six weeks or longer and program fees begin at $4,841. Learn more and apply here!

International Non-Profit Internship in Australia

Travel to Melbourne with this international NGO internship in Australia! On this program, you’ll be connected to a major NGO or a smaller grassroots organization, which may focus on sectors from human rights and social work to animal welfare. Other causes include community development, environmental activism, and political and economic development. This is a great career boost for those studying psychology, sociology, or international relations. While in Melbourne, take a walking tour of the city, and visit the Eureka SkyDeck, Melbourne’s tallest building with a 360 degree view. Take in a major sporting event, such as the Australian Open Tennis, a Formula One Racing event, or a soccer match. Kick back on the weekend with a day trip to a vineyard, all inclusive with your internship. This program lasts six weeks or longer and program fees begin at $4,617. Click here to sign up!

Journalism & Media Internship in Madrid

Do you have a way with words? Is communications your strong point? Consider a journalism and media internship in Madrid that will give you a leg up in this notoriously competitive industry. Hands-on, professional experience is the best way to get yourself noticed in journalism – it’s also a great way to understand the sector on a global scale. During this internship, you’ll have the chance to work for a magazine, a radio station, or a news outlet. When you travel to Madrid, you’ll have an opportunity to explore a new language, city, and way of life as you work alongside media industry professionals. Spend a traditional Spanish night out, enjoying dinner and a Flamenco show. Take in an event at the Real Madrid Stadium in Santiago Bernabéu, and visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Toledo. This placement lasts six weeks to six months, with a program fee beginning at $4,558. Read more and apply here!

A Broader View

marine volunteer

A Broader View is another impactful organization you should definitely check out if you want to gain experience through an internship abroad. Since 2007, A Broader View has placed travelers in more than 20 countries throughout Latin America, Africa, and Asia, with placements customized to interns’ and volunteers’ interests and background experience. This nonprofit organization partners with NGOs, private institutions, and community organizations to provide the most meaningful and sustainable placements possible for their participants. You can choose from a wide variety of internships with A Broader View, spanning from medical care, to conservation, to special needs support, and beyond.

Sea Turtle Internship in Costa Rica

If you’re passionate about environmental conservation and wildlife protection, consider this sea turtle internship in Costa Rica. On this program, you will help volunteers with their work on an ongoing conservation project, learn about data collection practices and basic biology of sea turtles, participate in data collection and monitoring at the beach, help with release of baby sea turtles from hatcheries, record and review information, and much more. This internship lasts 12 weeks with start dates available year-round.

Pre-Med and Nursing Internship in Ecuador

This internship is excellent for students and professionals who want to gain medical and nursing experience abroad. Based in Quito, you will work in a hospital that cares for impoverished patients – a few tasks you’ll learn how to do include taking vital signs, blood sampling, suturing wounds, and more. Departments you may work with include internal medicine, hospitalization, pediatrics, gynecology, physiotherapy, pathology, dentistry, and others. At the completion of your internship, you will receive a certificate issued by the Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador. This internship lasts two to 12 weeks, with start dates available year-round.

To learn more about international internships with A Broader View, please visit:


Best internships abroad - Frontier

Founded in 1989, Frontier invites international interns and other travelers to work with researchers and local communities in the areas of capacity building, ecosystem protection, community development, economic growth, and development of civil society. This nonprofit scientific research organization got its start with a marine park in Tanzania, and more than 25 years later hosts more than 400 projects in 72 countries worldwide. Frontier’s internships abroad start from just $845 for your first six weeks abroad, depending on where you travel, and can focus on journalism and media, hospitality, medicine, veterinary care, and much more.

Costa Rica NGO Media and Journalism Internship

If you’re interested in media and journalism, check out Frontier’s NGO internship in Costa Rica – through this program, you’ll work as a field journalist, recording day-to-day activities and recording and documenting work and social activities of volunteers at your host organization. A few areas you can focus on, depending on your skills and experience, include article production, photography, videography, and blogging or vlogging. This internship lasts two months or longer, and is a great way to break into travel journalism in particular.

Cambodia Teaching and Community NGO Internship

On this internship, you will travel to Siem Reap, Cambodia, where you’ll work with a program dedicated to helping children build better futures for themselves and break the cycle of poverty. As an intern, you will work with an NGO to teach children who cannot afford an education. You’ll help educate them in a variety of subjects, including English, and you’ll have the chance to be creative and inspiring with your lesson plans, homework assignments, and extracurricular activities. To apply for this two-month placement, you must have relevant academic and teaching qualifications to at least a degree level, as well as some experience working in a school. This is an excellent way to earn TEFL certification so you can find paid work teaching English abroad later.

To learn more about international internships with Frontier, please visit:

Global Nomadic

Best internships abroad - Global Nomadic

Global Nomadic offers affordable, impactful volunteer and intern abroad placements for travelers who want to expand their education and get a head start on their career while also doing good for communities in need. As an intern with Global Nomadic, you’ll work in partnership with local NGOs on projects relating to your degree or career goals, with placement costs as minimal as possible in keeping with a student, gap year, or career breaker budget–covering your support before, during, and after your program abroad. Right now, Global Nomadic offers internships in wildlife rehabilitation, environmental conservation, marine conservation, veterinary care, healthcare, media and journalism, human rights and law, business, NGO assistance, and hospitality.

Sea Turtle Research Internship in Guatemala

If you’re pursuing a degree in marine biology or related research, Global Nomadic is offering the opportunity to work with endangered sea turtles in Guatemala. As an intern, you will work alongside scientists and biologists in the areas of sea turtle conservation and research, caiman and iguana breeding, environmental education, and community initiatives such as water treatment, ecotourism, school construction, and lots more. This internship lasts one week or longer, and is open for application any time throughout the year.

Photography and Journalism Internship in Thailand

Another excellent internship to check out with Global Nomadic invites you to Thailand, where you can study and work in photography and journalism. For three months, you will work as an intern with a PR company in Bangkok to prepare photo material for PR and marketing campaigns. A few of your tasks may include finding and editing images, selecting subjects and equipment, writing articles, and other work in collaboration with the sales team. Thai language classes are offered as part of this internship – a very helpful skill for interacting with customers and attending networking events.

For more information about internships abroad with Global Nomadic, please visit:


Best internships abroad - i-to-i

Since 1994, i-to-i has offered TEFL certification, adventure trips, paid internships abroad for graduates, and jobs for travelers who want to teach English abroad. So far, more than 175,000 graduates have completed i-to-i’s accredited TEFL courses, with certificates recognized by thousands of employers worldwide. i-to-i also has an impressive 90% approval rating from their past participants and students who have embarked on amazing journeys such as four- to five-month trips to China and Vietnam, and even shorter-term TEFL experience trips to Thailand, Cambodia, and several other countries. I-to-i offers paid internships abroad for students who are interested in becoming TEFL certified, and gaining hands-on experience teaching in a classroom overseas.

Paid China TEFL Internship

One of i-to-i’s amazing English teaching internships invites you to China, where you will earn your TEFL certificate and teach in a classroom for five months. This is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in Chinese culture and gain valuable experience teaching abroad. To start, you will take i-to-i’s 120-hour online course, accompanied by 20 hours of classroom teaching over two days in China to receive your TEFL certification. After that, you will travel to one of i-to-i’s partner schools across China, where you’ll teach five days per week over the next five months. And as this is a paid internship abroad, you’ll also receive accommodation, meals, and a living allowance of about $260 per month – plus a completion bonus of $320 at the end of your internship.

Paid Vietnam TEFL Internship

Another internship you can sign up for right now with i-to-i is their TEFL internship in Vietnam. As with i-to-i’s paid internship abroad in China, you’ll begin with 120 hours of online training followed by 20 hours of classroom training in Vietnam, which will not only let you earn certification, but also help you teach confidently. After that, you’ll begin your teaching experience, where you can work with students aged 4 to 18. Each month, you’ll earn a living allowance of $700, plus housing with fellow interns.

To learn more about paid internships abroad with i-to-i, please visit:

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