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Volunteer in Argentina: English Teaching, Wildlife Conservation and More

Nick Callos
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By Nick Callos
Volunteer Forever - Volunteer in Argentina

Argentina energizes like few places can, whether you’re sipping coffee at a streetside cafe in Buenos Aires or taking in views of the Andes’ snow peaks. From the fútbol games to the tango to the mighty Iguazú Falls, this country sweeps you into the action — and makes you want to stay.

Clearly, Argentina is a fabulous volunteer destination if you’re looking to make an impact while exploring the local culture. There is an abundance of service opportunities available, so you can do your part to improve this wonderful country.

This article is your guide for volunteering in Argentina:

Know Before You Go

Argentina gained independence from Spain in 1816. Following liberation, the country had to overcome internal conflict, but eventually became one of the most successful nations in Latin America during the 20th century.

A geographically diverse country, the highest and lowest points in South America are in Argentina. The country includes five major terrains: the rich forests near Brazil; the swampy, flat Gran Chaco plain; the fertile grasslands of La Pampa; the long plateau of Patagonia; and the Andes Mountains.

Argentina, though heavily impacted by the 2008 global financial crisis, has come out strong again. This doesn’t mean the country doesn’t face pressing issues in urban, rural, and natural areas. As a volunteer in Argentina, you can help tackle such problems.

Types of Volunteering and Interning Opportunities in Argentina

Volunteering in Argentina is particularly popular for those who are amazed by Argentina’s culture, history, and diverse natural beauty. Its mix of indigenous cultures and Spanish and Italian roots have created the fascinating atmosphere you see today.

The country presently faces challenges in protecting its wildlife and natural environments, meeting the needs of disadvantaged communities, and providing enough healthcare resources.

If you want to volunteer in Argentina, popular options include:

  1. Childcare: Work at after-school centers to provide children from low-income communities with a safe and healthy environment.
  2. Animal Rescue: Save local pets and farm animals that have been abused or abandoned, feed and care for endangered native animals, and more.
  3. Healthcare: Provide support to charity-run clinics in Buenos Aires and beyond, ensuring the country’s most vulnerable can access the healthcare they need.

There are also numerous internship opportunities in Argentina, from journalism positions in Buenos Aires to veterinary assignments in Cordoba. If you’re an aspiring dentist and hope to learn Spanish, there is even a dentistry internship.

Featured Volunteer and Intern Programs in Argentina

Volunteer in Argentina

Love Volunteers began in 2009 with a mission to bring transparency, affordability, and quality to the volunteering industry. Past volunteers rate Love Volunteers highly, a testament that they’re fulfilling that vision. If you want to intern or volunteer in Argentina with Love Volunteers, you have some good options, including:

  1. Medical Internship: Open to those who are pre-med, in medical school, or have experience in healthcare, this program offers the chance to assist local staff with provide essential treatment to those who need it most in Buenos Aires. The program lasts one to 12 weeks, with fees starting at $619.
  2. Community Development: Head to Ciudad Oculta, where you’ll provide educational support for at-risk youth and improve water quality for the marginalized indigenous community of Perutí. The program lasts two to 12 weeks, with fees starting at $779.

Projects Abroad

Volunteer in Argentina with Projects Abroad

With more than 120,000 volunteers placed overseas since 1992, Projects Abroad has become one of the largest volunteer travel organizations in the world. Projects Abroad volunteers work on projects to help address a specific challenge, or do internships abroad to gain real-world experience. Whatever your motivation, Projects Abroad’s range of options gives you the opportunity to discover what you’re capable of while seeing the world.

You can volunteer with children in Argentina to promote early childhood development in care centers in disadvantaged communities.

Shadow experienced doctors and nurses in a hospital during a medical internship in Argentina. You’ll gain insight into the local healthcare system, and get to witness medical procedures first-hand.

If you love animals, you can work at a dog shelter. You’ll shadow a local vet and assist with the general running of the shelter. You’ll also be able to help prepare dogs for adoption.

Contact Projects Abroad to begin your volunteer adventure in Argentina.

Volunteer in Argentina

Over 110,000 volunteers have chosen International Volunteer Headquarters (IVHQ) since 2007, thanks to their commitment to affordable opportunities. IVHQ empowers volunteers to make a difference through their 200-plus projects across the globe, including Argentina.

If you want to volunteer in Argentina with IVHQ, they have numerous reputable projects ongoing, such as:

  1. Construction and Renovation: Help make local school buildings shine through building and maintenance activities.
  2. Sports Coaching: Play football and hockey with children and teenagers while encouraging teamwork, communication, and hard work.

IVHQ’s programs take place in and around Buenos Aires and last two to 12 weeks. Costs start at $590.

volunteer in Argentina

Globalteer was founded in 2006 with the mission of helping communities and environments in need throughout the globe. In Globalteer’s first decade, charitable expenditures exceeded $5 million.

Globalteer’s volunteer program in Argentina, the Howler Monkey Project, is an exciting initiative that aims to preserve the monkey and its habitat. Take care of rescued howler monkeys at a sanctuary in Cordoba. The volunteer program lasts two to 12 weeks, starting at $1,185.

volunteer programs in Argentina

A Broader View began in 2007 with the goal of offering people a way to travel while doing meaningful service work. The organization has 245 programs across the world (and counting).

If you want to volunteer in Argentina with A Broader View, one great program worth your consideration is the project ongoing at an animal rescue center in Cordoba. Assist with conservation efforts, care for wild animals, and educate visitors about issues facing local wildlife. The program lasts from one to eight weeks, with fees starting at $895.

volunteer programs in Argentina

Frontier has provided volunteers and travelers more than 20,000 successful placements since 1989. If you want to immerse yourself in local culture as you volunteer in Argentina, Frontier is a great choice.

Specifically, Frontier’s Spanish and community project in Buenos Aires is an excellent option. Learn Spanish as you volunteer in Argentina to help children and families in disadvantaged communities. The program starts from two weeks at $1,995.

Finding the Best Volunteer Program in Argentina

When it comes to volunteering in Argentina, you have numerous options. Even single organizations, like Projects Abroad, offer a diverse selection of programs in Argentina, from law internships to volunteer farming projects to healthcare positions.

To find the right volunteer program in Argentina, consider your budget, goals, and preferences. If you do your due diligence, you’ll find yourself having an awesome volunteer experience in Argentina.