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Ghana marches to its own fantastic beat. From the bustling streets of its capital, Accra, and beaches along the coast to the green farmlands and breathtaking national parks, Ghana wows every step of the way.

Did you know that Ghana’s national sport is soccer? It’s a safe bet that you’ll find yourself playing soccer with locals at some point. Ghanaian cuisine is also known for its mix of fresh produce like okra, mango, and watermelon, which you’ll get to enjoy.

This country is more than just a friendly place with beautiful people and gorgeous natural views. Ghana’s growing economy and vibrant democracy give its people plenty to be proud of. There’s a lot of opportunity in the country — and that’s what makes it a great place to volunteer, intern or teach abroad.

In this article, we explore the myriad of ways you can have the experience of a lifetime helping out in Ghana.

Volunteer in Ghana


Volunteer organizations offer you lots of different options to do your part.

1. Childcare

Childcare support and development programs in Ghana aim to improve the lives of the country’s most vulnerable children. Spend time playing and engaging with children in dire need of love and attention while helping provide for basic needs.

Love Volunteers’ childcare program in Kumasi aims to improve the prospects of Ghana’s most impoverished children, some of whom have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. The program lasts from three to 12 weeks and starts at just $509.

You also can volunteer with children in Ghana with Projects Abroad. Join any time of the year to help children in rural communities. You’ll work at a kindergarten or day care center and work with local teachers and caregivers to support children’s educational development.

2. Community Development

Often times, what communities need most is the infrastructure to make great things happen. Help build schools and community centers, address issues related to education and healthcare, and promote gender equality.

Global Vision International (GVI) offers a comprehensive community development volunteer program in the Greater Accra region. Assist with construction projects and provide community support so communities can get on the path to sustainable futures. The program lasts from six to 12 weeks, with costs starting at $3,095.

Projects Abroad offers the opportunity to travel to Ghana to help build important infrastructure, like classrooms, toilet blocks, libraries, and homes. You’ll work in one of the many little rural villages found in Akuapem Hills and stay with a local host family.

3. Healthcare

Proper resources for treatable diseases, such as tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, could help solve many health issues too many people face in Ghana — and give them the opportunity to live healthy, fulfilling lives. Join a healthcare volunteer program and help support initiatives to bring medical services to those in Ghana who need it most.

A Broader View runs a medical volunteer program in Kasoa, Ghana, for those with training in healthcare, as well as currently enrolled medical and nursing students. The program lasts one to eight weeks (starting at $820).

4. Girls’ and Women’s Empowerment

Did you know that the average schooling for girls in Ghana is two years less than boys? With the right support and opportunities, Ghanaian women can unlock their full potential and transform themselves, their families and their communities.

Cross-Cultural Solutions has a specific program for empowering girls and women to be successful, financially independent people. The program focuses on education and leadership skills as the pathway to build stronger women and communities. The program lasts from one to 12 weeks (starting at $2,624).

5. Football Coaching

As Ghana’s national sport, football (a.k.a. soccer) is not only a passion for many youths, it’s also a way to meet friends, build teamwork skills and stay physically fit. If you love football, you’ll love volunteering in Ghana as a football coach.

You can travel to coach soccer in Ghana at any time of year on Projects Abroad’s Volunteer Soccer Coaching Project. You’ll gain coaching experience while helping kids improve their skills and develop their fitness.

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Intern in Ghana

Gain valuable work experience serving those in need in Ghana.

1. Microfinance Internship

Not having access to capital prevents too many people in Ghana from pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. Provide funding and personal finance training to help folks start a business, gain security and/or build credit.

Projects Abroad offers a Microfinance internship in Ghana where you can help local entrepreneurs living in a leprosy camp run their own businesses. By joining these efforts, you’ll help a marginalized community overcome some of the challenges they face because of stigma. The organization also works with women’s groups in a fishing village.

2. Medical Internship

If you’re in medical school, or are a qualified nurse or doctor, you can utilize your specialized knowledge to reduce the workload often placed on Ghana’s overburdened medical resources. Play a key role in providing medical services and combating the effects of diseases like malaria and tuberculosis.

International Volunteer Headquarters (IVHQ) manages a medical program in Ghana for qualified medical and nursing professionals. During this internship, you go to rural communities to provide basic healthcare services to those deprived of it. The program lasts from one to 24 weeks, and costs begin at just $270.

Love Volunteers’ medical internship program in the Ashanti region allows you to gain hands-on medical experience working with local nurses and doctors. The program is for med-school and pre-med students. The internship can last from two to 12 weeks. It starts at only $499.

You can gain valuable international experience to improve your resume with a medical internship in Ghana with Projects Abroad. They also offer internships in more specialized fields like dentistrymidwiferynursingpharmacyphysical therapypublic health, and speech therapy.

3. Journalism

Ghana has lots of stories to tell. Help document those stories as you put your journalism skills to work.

Fronteering runs a great journalism internship program in cooperation with a local newspaper. Research and gather news to craft stories about local communities in Ghana. The program also includes a trip to Kakum National Park, where you can see monkeys, elephants and more. The internship lasts four to 24 weeks, with fees starting at $1,495.

Projects Abroad runs a journalism internship program in Accra — the center of politics in the country and the economic heart of West Africa. Projects Abroad lets journalists choose among print, TV and radio placements, providing you the chance to work in a busy newsroom and learn how to find and develop stories. The internship program lasts one to 12 weeks (or longer), and you get to stay with a host family (program fees start at $2,470 for one week, with four weeks costing $3,460).

4. Education

A solid educational system is crucial to unleashing the full potential of a country’s youth. Ghana’s children have the drive to learn — but a lack of resources in poor areas and rural communities make it hard for many to realize their dreams. Help move Ghana toward a better future as an education intern.

Global Leadership Adventures has a program called Children of Africa­™ in Ghana. You tutor children at a village school, assist local staff with preparing classes, build and refurbish educational facilities, and learn about challenges facing Ghana’s women and children. It’s a great program for aspiring educators, and you also get to immerse yourself in wonderful Ghanaian culture. There are two program locations:

Anloga: 21 days; $5,399

Krobo: 14 days; $3,699

5. Law and Human Rights

Though Ghana has made great progress, there remain a number of societal issues that need to be addressed. Raising awareness of human rights in various marginalized communities can solve important problems. Be a part of that solution by doing a law and human rights internship.

Through Projects Abroad’s Law internship, you can gain practical legal experience and boost your resume while working at a law firm in Ghana. You can also conduct human rights work while empowering marginalized communities in Accra on Projects Abroad’s Human Rights internship.

6. Mental Health and Psychology

Public initiatives have established and expanded psychiatric services throughout Ghana, but the industry is still vastly understaffed. By interning in this field, you can help fill that gap and get lots of hands-on experience.

Plan My Gap Year has a mental health and psychology program designed for those currently studying mental health, psychology or a related subject. Held in Kumasi, Plan My Gap Year‘s program aims to address mental health issues through public outreach and assisting doctors and nurses with diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring. The program lasts from two to 12 weeks and starts at just $714.

Teach in Ghana

Teachers have the power to shift mindsets — and motivate youth to achieve great things. As Ghana develops and moves toward a brighter future, its educators will play a vital role. You can help.

Here are six great options for teaching in Ghana.

1. English Teaching

English is a national language in Ghana, but many children rarely get to hear it spoken by non-Ghanaian speakers of the language. Learning English can open up a world of opportunities for those living in Ghana. Spark students’ creativity and curiosity by not just teaching English in Ghana, but also sharing your knowledge, ideas and experiences.

International Volunteer Headquarters (IVHQ) has an English teacher program in Ghana, where you work with both rural and urban communities in Accra. Gain a greater understanding of Ghanaian culture as you help children improve their language skills and build a better future. Program fees start from just $250 for one week (you can stay up to 24 weeks).

You can gain practical teaching experience by teaching English to children in more rural areas of Ghana, through Projects Abroad’s Teaching Project in Ghana. You’ll support teachers at a local junior school that provides free education to village children.

2. Special Needs Education

Approximately 100,00 children aged 6-14 in Ghana have a disability, with many not receiving the education they need and deserve. Help children with disabilities gain knowledge and build independence by becoming a volunteer in special needs education.

Plan My Gap Year has a great program for disabled children. Volunteers assist staff with education sessions, life skills classes and rehabilitation activities. You also get to spend one-on-one time with students to promote character development and communication abilities. The program lasts from two to 24 weeks (starts at just $375).

3. Women’s Empowerment

Gender inequality remains an issue in Ghana. Women earn less income and own less land than men. One of the key barriers is access to education and resources necessary to improve one’s economic standing. Address this issue by volunteering in a women’s empowerment program.

One great project is hosted by Global Vision International (GVI). GVI’s women’s empowerment program takes place in Accra, where you work to increase females’ access to education and improve their employment opportunities. The big goal is to empower local women through education and build their capacity to support themselves. The program starts from two weeks at $1,795.

Join Projects Abroad’s Microfinance Internship to empower women living in a local fishing village in Ghana. You can use your skills to teach groups how to run small businesses that will give them the income they need to support themselves and their families.

4. IT Teaching

As Ghana’s society and economy become increasingly digital, the need for IT teachers will only grow. Help Ghanaian youth gain computer literacy — and give them an advantage to achieve success in the 21st century.

Projects Abroad has an exciting IT teaching program in Ghana. You live with a host family, and get to teach children ages 6 to 12. The grand mission is to make it possible for these students to use technology on their own to build skills and knowledge — and secure a better future. The program lasts from two to eight weeks (or longer). Prices are $2,400 for two weeks and $3,060 for 4 weeks (it gets much cheaper per day the longer you stay).

5. Rural Primary School

In Ghana, all children have the right to free basic education. However, in rural and remote communities, resources are often scarce.

A Broader View places volunteers in local village schools to help children supplement primary and secondary education. You provide teaching assistance in English, Math, Science, Computers, Business, Art and Music. The program lasts from two to eight weeks (starts at $995).

6. Music

Music is a great hobby and potential career for many children in Ghana, as well as a way to improve well-being, enhance creativity and make friends. Being a music teacher is a great option for volunteering in Ghana.

Agape Volunteers has a music volunteer program in Accra. As a music teacher in the program, you have the opportunity to teach the youth how to play your favorite instrument. You will also learn about the many styles of traditional and modern Ghanaian music. The program lasts from as short as a week to 12 weeks or longer. Fees start at £510 (~$680).

7. Other Subjects

While the majority of programs are looking for those who want to teach English in Ghana, you can find volunteer programs where you get the chance to educate in other areas. This is a great idea for those who have expertise in a certain field and want to help older children in Ghana dive deeper into the subject.

Fronteering offers volunteers teaching programs beyond English. Through their teaching program, you can also choose sports, economics or math. The program lasts from four to 24 weeks and begins at $1,495.

Meaningful Reasons to Volunteer, Intern, or Teach Abroad in Ghana

No matter your preferences, goal, or budget, we have shared some meaningful ways you can make a difference in Ghana. Now, here are 4 meaningful reasons to get you packing right away:

1. You Can Change Someone’s Life

Making a difference in the world is so powerful. Have you always dreamed of making a difference? Even if you make one person’s life better and inspire them, you’ll make a huge impact.

2. You Can Be Part of a Community

When you head to Ghana to volunteer, you’ll be working in a specific local community. Often times, our volunteers are placed in small communities where they really get to know the people they help. This is a great way to interact with locals, learn about their lives, and make friendships.

3. You Can See the World

Are you craving adventure in other parts of the world? If you only ever experience the town or city that you live in, you won’t be fully exposed to new ideas and new ways of living. We encourage you to step outside the world you know so that you can see new places. Volunteer Ghana opportunities are the perfect way to see the world.

4. You Can Build Your Resume and Further Your Career Opportunities

While volunteer abroad programs are a great way to make a difference and learn and grow as a person, they can also pave the way towards your future career. You’ll be able to add this experience to your resume and share your unique perspective and experiences in job interviews and in cover letters. This can be a great way to get a start in your chosen career field.

See what we mean? There are so many great reasons as to why you should take a chance and volunteer in Ghana. You’ll have the experience of a lifetime in Ghana, a country known for its welcoming nature, energetic atmosphere, and wonderful history and culture, while doing your part to help the country build a better tomorrow.

To ensure you get in the volunteer program you want, apply and reserve your spot once as soon as possible.

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