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Featured programs

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)


The world’s most trusted & affordable volunteer abroad programs


Featured programs



Volunteer Abroad with GoEco in over 40 countries and 150 affordable programs. From working with exotic wildlife to teaching English to children, from guided projects for teens to international internships for students – we offer something for everyone!

Featured programs

Maximo Nivel


Make a Real Impact Volunteering Abroad With Maximo Nivel!

1.Learn about volunteering abroad

If you're new to volunteering abroad, we recommend going through a few of our top guidebooks to familiarize yourself with how to find the right program, and what to expect on your travels.

Top volunteering guidebooks

2024 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs, Organizations, and Projects

By Sarah Vandenberg 1 Jan 2024

Medical Volunteer Abroad Programs for Doctors, Nurses, Pre Med Students

By Brittany Edwardes 20 Oct 2023

Teens & High School Volunteer Abroad Programs | Under 18 Mission Trips

By Sarah Vandenberg 4 Oct 2023

Cheap Affordable Volunteer Abroad Programs & Low Cost Overseas Projects

By Sarah Vandenberg 18 Sep 2023

200 Volunteer Abroad & Study Abroad Scholarships & Grants

By Sarah Vandenberg 16 Oct 2023

Guidebooks for each traveler type


How Volunteering Abroad as a Couple Can Improve Your Relationship

By Ken Budd 2 Oct 2019

Family & Group

Family & Group Volunteer Abroad Projects

By Sarah Vandenberg 1 Dec 2022


Volunteer Trips for Female Solo Travelers

By Sarah Vandenberg 20 Oct 2023


Best Solo Vacations for Lone Travelers: Volunteer Vacations for Singles

By Robin Van Auken 20 Oct 2023

Gap Year

Gap Year Travel Abroad Programs, Projects, Internships, and Experiences

By Sarah Vandenberg 11 May 2019

Senior Citizens

Volunteer Abroad Opportunities for Seniors and Retirees

By Sarah Vandenberg 2 Oct 2023

Teen & high school

Teens & High School Volunteer Abroad Programs | Under 18 Mission Trips

By Sarah Vandenberg 4 Oct 2023

First Time

Volunteer Abroad Opportunities for First-Time Travelers

By Brittany Edwardes 29 Aug 2023

2. See where to go and what to do

Make a Real Impact Volunteering Abroad With Maximo Nivel!

Guidebooks by project type


Medical, Dental, Nursing Mission Trips Abroad | Global Health Internship

By Brittany Edwardes 25 Sep 2016


Dental Volunteer Abroad & Medical Mission Trips | Dentists & Students

By Nick Callos 2 Aug 2023


Nursing Volunteer Abroad Projects for Students & Professional Nurses

By Sarah Vandenberg 4 Aug 2023


Intern Abroad Programs | Overseas Pre Med & Healthcare Internships

By Brittany Edwardes 14 May 2024


Health Volunteer Abroad: Paramedic, Public Health, Midwife, Pharmacist

By Sarah Vandenberg 18 Sep 2023

HIV/AIDS Support

Health Volunteer Abroad: Paramedic, Public Health, Midwife, Pharmacist

By Sarah Vandenberg 18 Sep 2023

Mental Health

Volunteer Abroad in Mental Health, Psychology and Special Needs

By Danielle Forshay 1 Sep 2023


Midwifery Internships and Volunteer Programs Abroad

By Nick Callos 15 Aug 2023


Veterinary Volunteer Programs and Internships Abroad

By Robin Van Auken 5 Aug 2023

Guidebooks by destination


Best Programs to Volunteer, Teach, or Intern in Ghana

By Nick Callos 2 Dec 2023

South Africa

Volunteer Abroad in South Africa | Overseas Volunteer Programs

By Melissa Haynes 16 Mar 2015


Volunteer in Tanzania: Wildlife, Teach English, Medical & More

By Jordyn Hotchkiss 13 Nov 2016


How to Volunteer in Kenya: Wildlife Research, Teach English, Medical Care

By Jordyn Hotchkiss 29 Nov 2023


Volunteer in Madagascar: Lemurs, Conservation, Wildlife and More

By Volunteer Forever 19 Jul 2024


Volunteer & Teach in Morocco: English, Sports Coaching, Speech Therapy

By Volunteer Forever 22 May 2017

Guidebooks by season & duration

Spring Break

Alternative Spring Break Trips 2024: Volunteer Abroad Trips for Students

By Volunteer Forever 6 Dec 2023

Summer Break

Summer Volunteer Work Abroad Programs & Opportunities

By Sarah Vandenberg 1 May 2024

Winter Break

Winter Break Volunteer Abroad Programs | Trips for Christmas Break

By Volunteer Forever 8 Sep 2023

Long-Term Volunteering

Long Term Volunteer Work Abroad Programs & Voluntary Charity Jobs

By Brittany Edwardes 11 Oct 2023

Short-Term Volunteering

Short Term Volunteer Abroad Programs & Mission Trips (1 Week & 2 Weeks)

By Brittany Edwardes 2 May 2024

3.Find a program

Ready to narrow your options? Here's how to use Volunteer Forever to find an amazing program abroad!

Visit our Volunteer programs page, where you’ll find hundreds of organizations and projects all over the world.


Click on an organization name to learn more about who they are, what they do, and how you can get involved.


Want to know more about travel opportunities with that organization? Follow the link to their website to explore and start your application!


4.Plan your travels

Once you’ve decided on your dream project, it’s time to apply! Here are a few of our top recommended partners.

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)


Established in 2007, IVHQ is the world's leading volunteer abroad organization offering projects in over 40 international destinations. Whether you are traveling for one week or even taking a gap year, or simply wishing to assist a community abroad, IVHQ has the program for you.



GoEco is a leading ecotourism company with a varied selection of affordable volunteer projects abroad - a gateway to over 150 extraordinary community, wildlife and environmental initiatives all over the world.

Maximo Nivel


Maximo Nivel provides high quality volunteer, intern, study, and teach abroad programs in Latin America. Since 2003, they have offered volunteer programs to travelers in medical and healthcare, teaching, childcare, and much more. Programs are located in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru!

Projects Abroad


Tired of the ordinary? Craving an adventure that transforms you and the world? Projects Abroad is your passport to life-changing experiences. They are the world's leading provider of volunteer and internship programs, empowering over 135,000 individuals to make a real difference for over 30 years. > Impact-driven adventures: Dive into meaningful projects tackling critical challenges, from wildlife conservation to community development. > Hassle-free experience: Focus on making memories, not logistics. We handle everything from transport in destination to accommodation and meals. > Unlock your potential: Develop new skills, meet passionate people, and become a global citizen with our gold-standard support.

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