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Founded in 2003, Maximo Nivel is the Intercultural Center of Latin America. We offer Volunteer Abroad programs, TEFL Certification, International Internships, and our Native Spanish Program in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. Maximo Nivel is a local organization in each country and we work in partnership with community groups, schools, orphanages, and hospitals to help lead development initiatives with civic and environmental goals. Volunteer opportunities include: Working with Kids, Animal Care, Teaching English, Eco-Agriculture, Conservation, Construction, and Medical projects. Internship opportunities include: Education, Micro-Business, Hospitality & Tourism, Human Rights, and Medical. Everyone has access to our support team and great home-base facilities 7 days/week year-round.

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By Sarah Vandenberg

Director of Partnerships

Sarah has worked in the volunteer travel industry since 2004. She supports all of our partners, and shares stories, trends, and advice for travelers who want to volunteer, intern, or teach abroad.

With four institutes and unparalleled in-country support, Maximo Nivel is a leader in international education, study abroad, and travel in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. This organization is a top-ranked local provider in Latin America, specializing in three specific areas for people who want to learn and make an impact: work abroad programs (including volunteer and intern placements), study and teach abroad opportunities, and travel adventures.

Trips to Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru

Maximo Nivel’s programs in Costa Rica bring you to San Jose and Manuel Antonio – two very different locations for very different travel styles. San Jose is Costa Rica’s capital city, and the institute is based downtown. Manuel Antonio, on the other hand, is more of a smaller, quiet beach town.

In Peru, Maximo Nivel’s programs are based in and around Cusco, with their institute located downtown (though arguably in a less hectic area than San Jose). Depending on your placement, you may work right there in Cusco or out into the mountains – or even in the Sacred Valley.

If you’re interested in Guatemala, Maximo Nivel’s programs there are based in the city of Antigua, a top destination for ecotourism that’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Teaching English in Peru with Maximo Nivel

Impactful adventures

Maximo Nivel emphasizes education and cultural exchange among all of its participants. Travelers of all ages are welcome to join, and can choose from volunteer, intern, teach, study, and adventure abroad programs. No matter where you go or what you do, you will be encouraged to learn from your counterparts in-country, share skills and stories, and explore the beautiful places where Maximo Nivel works.

Programs are community-developed, meaning a local organization, school, or center either has an ongoing need or has identified an unmet one, and requested volunteers, interns, or teachers from Maximo Nivel. And all programs undergo a vetting process to ensure participants help to provide a local solution to a local problem.

Construction volunteering in Costa Rica with Maximo Nivel

Support and safety

A recurring theme with Maximo Nivel is an emphasis on support and safety. Travelers are provided excellent support before, during, and after their trips – whatever questions or concerns they have, a team member can answer. A few highlights:

  • Maximo Nivel has a 24/7 emergency support line
  • Institutes and staff are based in the communities where you’ll work, so they have local knowledge and context to ensure safety, to respond to any issues that could arise, or just to answer questions about places to go and things to see
  • All host families are carefully vetted, and travelers are asked for feedback about their experience

Because Maximo Nivel works with so many students and less-experienced travelers in particular, they want to make sure you have the best trip possible – to get out of your comfort zone, but still to know there’s a safety net if you need it.

Volunteering with animals in Peru with Maximo Nivel

1010 Participant reviews

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Erin Roach

10 May 2024

This experience was amazing!!!! I could not be more grateful to be able to give back to other in need.

anusha balakrishnan

10 May 2024

Amazing trip and best week! so positive and a great experience that everyone should experience sometime

Kylie Raynor

10 May 2024

This was an amazing experience! I absolutely loved getting to know Guatemalan community in the most authentic way. I will never forget the connections and the experience I had on this trip. I’m forever grateful that Máximo Nivel welcomed us!

Greta Kaminske

10 May 2024

Volunteering in Guatemala through Máximo Nivel was the most incredible experience that I’ve ever had in my life. Despite not speaking Spanish at all, being immersed in the community and providing a service to the people was so rewarding and eye opening. It was not only extremely educational but so fun as well, I couldn’t recommend the medical campaign enough to anyone going into the health field.

Ellie Richards

10 May 2024

I absolutely loved my experience through Máximo Nivel, I highly recommend this trip to anyone that is interested! Everyone here is so kind and welcoming!

Alison Watson

10 May 2024

I felt extremely welcomed when first arriving to Maximo Nivel. This volunteer experience was an amazing opportunity to learn the culture and life of Guatemalans!

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