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GoEco is a leading ecotourism company with a varied selection of affordable volunteer projects abroad. Our team is made up of experienced and passionate volunteers who are eager to give you the voluntourism vacation of a lifetime!

We act as a gateway to over 150 extraordinary community, wildlife and environmental initiatives all over the world thanks to our great partnerships. Our providers are well diversified, ranging from local community groups to renowned global organizations. All of our projects are carefully vetted to ensure every volunteer experience meets our standards and yours.

Special travel grant: GoEco is currently offering a travel grant for participants. Visit this page for eligible programs: https://www.goeco.org/tags/3rd-week-free-grant/

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Tasha Legendre

30 Jan 2024

I have met incredible people, and I loved the Rhino walk ! Taking care of the animals was so much fun especially with animal time. I learned so much about each and every one of them, I d love to come back as soon as I can.

Jared Muench

30 Jan 2024

We loved working with the animals each day. We got to learn their story, learn about caring for them and what each animal needed, and got to work hands on in many different facets of their care. Being on the orphanage was such a memorable and enriching experience, the people we worked with were wonderful!

Eleanor Goddard

30 Jan 2024

Making friends

Patricia Klick

30 Jan 2024

The work was hard but very satisfying. The people we worked with very kind and friendly.

Guy Freiman

30 Jan 2024

I had the best time I could have asked for. Before the trip, I had many concerns: about the location and conditions, about the people I would meet, and about working all day—but they all vanished the moment I arrived in Chipangali. The Wilson family, who own the place, made me feel at home. Ryan, Micky, Nicky, and Kevin were there for whatever I needed and gave me and the other volunteers the best feeling in the world - thank you so much for everything. Working with animals is an amazing experience. You sometimes work with them and sometimes for them. During my first week, I had the opportunity to take part in monkey release back in the wild. It was an incredible moment to be a part of. Working in this place just makes you feel good. Even after two weeks away, I still have a smile on my face and can't wait to come back. When I was there, I had a chance to join a trip to Victoria Falls, it was the best weekend I could have asked for, full of excitement and adrenaline, an incredible view of the falls, and so many stories to share back home. I will definitely return to Chipangali and recommend it to anyone who might be thinking about it. Thank you for everything and lots of love from Israel! Guy Freiman

Nelly Wingard

30 Jan 2024

It is an amazing experience! The family running the African Wildlife Orphanage are doing an amazing job. We learned a lot from them. We were very well looked after and enjoyed every minute! Thank you!!

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