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GoEco is a leading ecotourism company with a varied selection of affordable volunteer projects abroad. Our team is made up of experienced and passionate volunteers who are eager to give you the voluntourism vacation of a lifetime!

We act as a gateway to over 150 extraordinary community, wildlife and environmental initiatives all over the world thanks to our great partnerships. Our providers are well diversified, ranging from local community groups to renowned global organizations. All of our projects are carefully vetted to ensure every volunteer experience meets our standards and yours.

Special travel grant: GoEco is currently offering a travel grant for participants. Visit this page for eligible programs: https://www.goeco.org/tags/3rd-week-free-grant/

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Sam Collins

26 Jul 2019

I may end up changing my review. However, my daughter, travelling to Zimbabwe, ran into some problems during her experience. I attempted to contact Go Eco only to find that there telephone number did not work. No call went through on two different phones that I tried.

So, I emailed their "urgent email" line. The person on call "did not have her international phone handy." I was told to call the phone number to talk to the manager on call. I explained three times that the number did not work.

At this point, my daughter is in Zimbabwe, going through a difficult time in a Go Eco program, and they are off for the weekend and cannot help.

Thanks Go Eco!

Sophia ntogka

17 Apr 2018

Being a volunteer for over a month was a unique and very special opportunity to discover people, cultures and countries. Apart from this, i had plenty of time to know deeply a new city, the incredible barcelona. It's a city which combines a lot of things: high mountains and endless beaches, cosmopolitan life or more local things to do. Small bars or big clubs. It's a modern city with an old - architectured style. The spanish food is amazing, as well.

Amanda Axcrona

17 Apr 2018

I had a wonderful time volunteering in Bali. The living conditions were simple and the rooms small, but the bathroom facilities were good and the living area kept clean. The beach that was five minutes walking distance from where we stayed, was fantastic and the perfect place to relax between the morning and afternoon working hours at the turtle sanctuary. The work was not too demanding or time consuming and allowed for free time around lunch and in the evening when the volunteers could socialize. I am proud to say that I have made a difference in the world by having volunteered to help against the extinction of turtles and thankful to the staff and other volunteers who have helped make this experience memorable for life.

Alycia Chan

17 Apr 2018

Overall, I had an amazing experience volunteering for the pandas. I got to meet volunteers from around the world with an common interest. It was a very enjoyable experience and I would definitely do it again.

Alex Marshall

17 Apr 2018

It was amazing to see a different side of a city like cape town and explore it whilst also giving back to those who live there, you really create a special bond with the place and by the end of the trip it was hard to say goodbye

Alexander Paul

17 Apr 2018

Really a lovely trip. It was very nice to do work that you can feel good about and having a sense of community in the volunteers not only passed the time but made every moment enjoyable. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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