Guide to Volunteer in Mexico: Conservation, Wildlife, Childcare, and Medicine


Explore Mexico’s vibrant culture and biodiversity through volunteer work that makes a difference! Whether it’s conservation efforts for stunning ecosystems, wildlife protection, lending a hand in childcare, or medical assistance, your contribution will have a lasting impact while offering personal growth and the joy of service. 

This journey will not only be a chapter of meaningful work but also one of cultural exchange and collaborative spirit.

Embark on a volunteering adventure with International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ), known for its affordable, sustainable global programs and Carbon Neutral status. Engage in responsible travel and contribute to UN goals with Projects Abroad, offering accredited and age-inclusive experiences. Discover Involvement Volunteers International (IVI), an Australian non-profit praised for its ethical and sustainable community programs, including disaster management. Or explore Global Vision International (GVI)‘s award-winning projects that support all ages and backgrounds, emphasizing ethics and impact. These organizations offer comprehensive support, flexible durations, and the chance to make a real difference while gaining personal growth and academic credit.

Your volunteer experience in Mexico promises a balanced mix of work, learning, and adventure.  Join us in unfolding the wonders of volunteering in Mexico and be part of a movement that goes beyond tourism to touch lives and create lasting legacies.

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International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

An IVHQ volunteer at Mexico's childcare program

Founded in 2007, International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) is a prominent force in volunteer travel, with over 132 thousand volunteers placed in more than 330 projects across 42 countries, including Mexico. Recognized for stringent social and environmental performance with a B Corporation Certification, IVHQ has been named the Top Volunteer Abroad Provider by Go Overseas for five consecutive years. As part of the UN Volunteer Groups Alliance and with certified carbon-neutral operations since April 2019, all IVHQ projects align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

IVHQ’s volunteer programs in Mexico, specifically their presence in Mérida in the Yucatán state of Mexico, offer volunteers the chance to immerse themselves in the rich blend of Mayan tradition and Spanish colonial history. Recognized for its safety and vibrant city life, Mérida provides a diverse backdrop for volunteers eager to engage in cultural and social experiences.

IVHQ’s schedule balances structured cultural and language education with flexible project involvement, allowing volunteers to contribute meaningfully while exploring the local area. The volunteer house accommodation encourages a community atmosphere, complete with essential amenities like Wi-Fi and a swimming pool.

Volunteers are welcomed bi-monthly following their arrival at Mérida or Cancun airports, with comprehensive orientation provided. The program fee encompasses meals, on-the-ground support, and transportation. IVHQ guides volunteers on financial planning, with a suggested weekly budget of $100 for personal expenditures, ensuring a well-rounded experience with the opportunity for weekend excursions to Yucatán’s historical marvels such as Chichén Itzá.

Here are three of our top picks for Volunteer Opportunities in Mexico with IVHQ.

Animal Care Volunteering in Mexico

Immerse yourself in animal welfare as an Animal Care volunteer with IVHQ in Mérida, Mexico. 

A lack of homes often leads to these animals being euthanized, but as a volunteer, you’ll help increase their adoption chances through play, grooming, feeding, and socializing activities. This program offers a chance to support shelters caring for stray and abandoned cats and dogs.

Along with basic care, you will also help with fundraising initiatives as well as educating the local citizens on this issue and the importance of caring for these animals. You may also be taking part in free or low-cost clinics that offer mass spaying and neutering services for street animals throughout the year to curb population growth.

Starting at $345 for one week, you’ll join programs on the first and third Mondays of each month, staying in volunteer houses and enjoying cultural immersion in the Yucatán’s rich Mayan history. Volunteers can contribute up to five hours daily to this meaningful cause. While experience isn’t necessary, Spanish language skills are beneficial, and a tetanus shot is a must. 

Contribute to global biodiversity and help reach the UN’s SDG for Life on Land with IVHQ, where personal growth and animal care experience await! Learn more and sign up here!

Teaching English Volunteer Program in Mexico

Volunteering to teach English in Mérida, Mexico, with International Volunteer HQ offers you an enriching opportunity to impact children’s lives by enhancing their language skills. As a fluent English speaker, you’ll find joy in leading educational workshops in schools and community centers, helping to improve English education to boost the students’ future prospects. You’ll engage directly with a structured curriculum, playing a vital role in lesson planning, teaching, and conducting interactive activities.

This program, which starts on the first and third Mondays of each month and costs $345 per week, provides you with accommodation and meals. It also gives you the chance to volunteer for up to four hours a day. By engaging with Mexico’s vibrant culture and traditions, you enrich your experience, turning it into more than just a teaching role – it becomes a deep dive into the local lifestyle.

The program is ideal for you if you are passionate about education and possess intermediate Spanish skills. You will have the chance to experience professional and personal growth while contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goal #4 for quality education.

Sustainable Agriculture Volunteer Project in Mexico

International Volunteer HQ’s Sustainable Agriculture project in Mérida, Mexico, gives you the unique opportunity to engage with organic and sustainable farming techniques firsthand. The project is both accessible and immersive, opening for new enrollments every first and third Monday of the month, with fees starting at $610 for a two-week stint.

As a volunteer, you will contribute to critical environmental efforts and learn about crop cultivation, irrigation, and farm maintenance processes.

While you don’t need any prior experience to participate, having a willingness to work hard and a basic understanding of Spanish will greatly enhance your volunteering experience. This program is perfectly suited for you if you’re passionate about environmental sustainability, agriculture, and Mexican culture.

You’ll be volunteering for up to five hours a day, helping local farmers adapt to ecological challenges and promote sustainability, in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for economic growth. You will leave the program with practical farming knowledge, improved Spanish skills, and a deepened understanding of the cultural tapestry of Mexico. You’re expected to be 18 or older to volunteer alone, but if you’re younger, you can still join with a guardian. All volunteers must be ready to undergo a criminal background check or provide references if necessary.

Projects Abroad

Aid in the preservation of endangered sea turtles

Projects Abroad is a preeminent force in volunteer travel, placing over 10,000 people annually into programs that weave quality with impactful experiences. In Mexico, volunteers contribute to local community support while reaping the benefits of cross-cultural exchanges and professional growth in relevant fields.

The Projects Abroad Team in Mexico oversees all travel logistics, from airport pickup to visa guidance. Arriving volunteers are met with friendly support and hosting arrangements, which include practical advice on local living and project engagement. Once in Mexico, an induction process acclimates volunteers to local systems and amenities, paving the way for a productive stay.

On the work front, volunteers receive thorough introductions to their placements, with transportation expenses covered. Safety is a priority, guaranteed through round-the-clock support and rigorous adherence to international safety standards.

Recognition for Projects Abroad’s commitment to excellence comes from affiliations with LOtC, EPA, Travel Aware, and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, among others. Volunteers can also earn academic credit, boosting their resumes through the International Volunteering Diploma, offered in partnership with the Centre for Global Citizenship Studies.

By joining Projects Abroad in Mexico, volunteers step into roles that promise both personal and professional enrichment and a genuine contribution to the global community.

Volunteer with Children in Mexico

Nurture young minds in Guadalajara by supporting local educators in care centers and kindergartens, using play and learning materials to stimulate early development. Your role will be crucial in giving these children, including those with special needs, a brighter start in life.

During your stay in Guadalajara of at least three weeks, you’ll be part of a structured program that prepares you thoroughly for the experience ahead. You’ll be immersed in local culture, living with a host family, and the work you do is designed to help prepare kids for school and support community health standards, ultimately improving English skills and fostering development.

Safety is paramount, with stringent protocols in place. This means acting responsibly with children while being a positive role model. Training, support, and background checks ensure high standards are maintained.

Your contributions to child welfare are valued, with the right balance of fun and education, all while respecting local community dynamics. Whether you’re contributing to lesson plans or engaging in play, you’ll be creating lasting impacts on children’s lives and the community, guided by a strong child protection policy and the organization’s commitment to making a positive change. 

Protect Endangered Sea Turtles in Mexico

Projects Abroad offers you a chance to join a volunteering program on Mexico’s Pacific Coast in the quaint coastal town of Cuyutlán, which is vital for the conservation of endangered sea turtles, including the Olive Ridley Turtle. This opportunity is particularly crucial during the vulnerable poaching seasons. As a volunteer, you will be hands-on with nest transfers, hatchling releases, and habitat maintenance, contributing to scientific research and the local ecosystem’s reforestation.

By partnering with Mexico’s SEMARNAT and El Tortugario Centro Ecológico, your involvement does more than just combat wildlife crime; it also aids in promoting environmental education. You’ll be accommodated near Cuyutlán’s distinctive black sand beach, dedicating about five hours a day to conservation tasks. Your free time is yours to socialize and explore, enhancing your understanding and involvement in the local culture and conservation efforts.

Running from June to September, the program emphasizes sustainable tourism and your active participation in the fight against animal exploitation.

Projects Abroad enforces strict welfare standards that are maintained in partnership with organizations like ADI and FOUR PAWS, with a commitment to cruelty-free practices.

Public Health Internship for Spring Break in Mexico

The Public Health Internship by Projects Abroad in Mexico offers medical career aspirants a unique one-week spring break opportunity in rural Guadalajara. The program provides free health services, educational outreach, and workshops to enhance both your skills and the appeal of your resume. It includes practical medical tasks that give you awareness of Mexico’s healthcare issues, along with Spanish language training and cultural immersion with local families.

As a volunteer, you will contribute through observation and, depending on your qualifications, supervised direct medical work, always focusing on ethical patient care and maintaining data confidentiality. This experience is designed to give you a hands-on understanding of global healthcare and enrich your perspective on medicine.

Projects Abroad aligns medical internships with the UN’s sustainable development goals, leveraging a Global Impact Database to ensure volunteers’ efforts are efficiently channeled for long-term community benefits. The organization maintains high standards for volunteer conduct, with clear medical ethics guidelines emphasizing respect, privacy, cultural sensitivity, and professional integrity. Projects Abroad’s comprehensive approach aims to combine immediate healthcare delivery with sustainable, community-specific advancements.

Involvement Volunteers International (IVI)

Involvement Volunteers International (IVI), a nonprofit organization boasting over 30 years of expertise, invites compassionate individuals to join their initiatives in the picturesque Puerto Escondido, Mexico. IVI’s comprehensive packages ensure a seamless volunteer experience, complete with hostel-style accommodation, traditional Mexican meals (with vegetarian options), airport transfers, and extensive in-country support.

Participants are welcomed into a supportive environment where they can make tangible contributions to the development of Mexico’s impoverished regions. Through a modest application fee, volunteers gain access to a variety of placements that allow them to impact local communities positively, against the backdrop of Mexico’s diverse landscapes and cultural heritage.

The base of operations in Puerto Escondido is renowned not only for its excellent surfing conditions but also for its hospitable locals, presenting volunteers with the perfect setting to explore the richness of Mexican culture. Accommodation is arranged in a local hostel characterized by communal living arrangements, which foster cultural exchange and create a homely, family-like environment. Volunteers are treated to authentic Mexican cuisine, tailored to accommodate vegetarian dietary requirements, providing a true taste of local life while they contribute to meaningful community service.

This opportunity is tailored for those eager to expand their perspectives, partake in substantial work, and profoundly influence young lives, all while experiencing the best of what Mexico and its people have to offer.

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter in Mexico

Puerto Escondido’s animal shelter addresses the critical challenge of homeless cats and dogs in this scenic coastal town, combining animal welfare with a unique volunteering opportunity. This program invites animal lovers to provide essential support to these strays, offering tasks ranging from daily care to shelter renovation and community outreach.

As a volunteer, you’ll participate in feeding, grooming, cleaning, and assisting with healthcare checkups to improve the quality of life for the animals. Your engagement in these activities supports the broader mission to create a safer and more harmonious environment for residents and tourists alike.

The program offers more than animal care; it allows you to dive into local culture, enjoy the stunning beaches, and understand responsible pet ownership deeply. With the convenience of airport pickup, orientation, and ongoing support, your experience is designed to be as impactful as it is educational.

Volunteers are asked to commit a minimum of one week with the shelter, providing an opportunity to leave a lasting positive impact on the local animal population and the community of Puerto Escondido.

Kindergarten Teaching Volunteer Program in Mexico

The Kindergarten Teaching program in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, offers a compelling blend of educational impact and cultural immersion. Volunteers aged 16 and above are welcomed into a supportive environment where they aid in fostering the early development of young learners.

In your role as a volunteer, you’ll be engaging with children aged 3-5 years, guiding them through play-based learning to stimulate cognitive, social, and emotional growth. Your focus will extend beyond traditional academics as you encourage a holistic approach that includes sports, art, music, and dance, all aligned with the national curriculum.

A key priority is Child Protection, and IVI maintains rigorous standards to safeguard the welfare of all children and vulnerable adults involved in its programs. This includes strict policies against abuse, whether neglect, discrimination, or exploitation. To enforce these protections, experienced in-country teams oversee program operations, and volunteers must provide a criminal background check prior to their participation.

The initiative aims not only to provide quality education and nurture the children’s English language skills but also to instill confidence and teach vital social and life skills. As a volunteer, you will work closely with local childcare professionals, providing crucial support to resource-limited centers. The added possibility of earning academic credit may enhance the appeal for you if you’re looking to combine service with your educational goals. In this capacity, you gain invaluable experience in childcare, contributing positively to the community while also undergoing significant personal growth.

Environmental Conservation Volunteer Program in Mexico

This dynamic Environmental Conservation program invites you to take a stand against the environmental challenges threatening the beauty of Mexico, particularly in Puerto Escondido, known for its pristine beaches and rich culture yet facing issues from urbanization and heavy tourism. You are called to become a steward of the environment, tackling air pollution, water shortages, and deforestation head-on.

Your role is crucial; you will engage in activities such as tree planting and cleaning coastlines of plastic debris, becoming a key agent for change towards sustainability. You also have the important task of raising environmental awareness in the community and instilling a conservation ethos through educational initiatives.

As a volunteer, you’ll be absorbed in a routine that’s as demanding as it is fulfilling. The program balances environmental work with cultural engagement, allowing you to switch from hands-on conservation efforts to learning about local customs and ways of life. Your work adapts to the shifting local necessities and ecological statuses, reflecting the program’s commitment to being responsive and proactive.

Through education and direct environmental work, you help foster a comprehensive improvement of both the local landscape and community ethos, laying the groundwork for becoming an informed and active citizen of the world.

Global Vision International (GVI)

For over 20 years, Global Vision International (GVI) has been a leader in promoting sustainable development and global citizenship, supporting over 20,000 volunteers who contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). GVI has made a significant impact in Mexico, offering 17 programs that blend cultural experiences with environmental preservation.

In Puerto Morelos, a town with Mayan roots and a hub for eco-tourism, GVI’s projects protect the unique environment, including the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Volunteers take part in important activities like studying fish and corals and helping with coral reef restoration efforts.

As tourism grows between Cancun and Tulum, GVI’s work in education and data collection helps the community keep the ocean healthy, balancing tourism with traditional fishing. GVI also educates volunteers on environmental issues and the UN SDGs, showing them how their work contributes to goals like Quality Education and Life Below Water.

Partnering with local and international organizations, the programs aim to raise environmental awareness, reduce visitors’ ecological impact, and preserve Puerto Morelos’ natural and cultural beauty, nurturing passionate global citizens and helping local communities for the future. 

On the logistics side, the program includes safe accommodations, meals, airport pick-up, all project equipment, and 24-hour in-country support, among other essentials. Training and support before, during, and after the program are part of the package, including leadership courses and career coaching.

PADI Advanced Open Water and Marine Conservation Teen Volunteer Program in Mexico

The PADI Advanced Open Water and Marine Conservation Teen Volunteer Program invites teens aged 15 to 17 with a PADI Open Water Diver certificate, to advance their diving skills and learn about marine conservation over a two-week program. Not only will you earn your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification, but you’ll also dive into the world of marine conservation education.

You will be directly contributing to scientific research aimed at protecting the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef—the second-largest coral reef system in the world. You’ll gain knowledge on coral restoration, monitoring methods, and the impacts of climate change on these ecosystems. The program also involves research on endangered sea turtles, the effects of plastic pollution, sustainable fishing practices, and the conservation of mangrove habitats.

Ethical conservation practices are emphasized throughout the program to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #14, Life Below Water. You’ll experience stunning underwater sceneries, swim in cenotes, visit Mayan ruins, and immerse yourself in local culture and cuisine, striking a balance between conservation efforts and exploration.

This program is a perfect platform for you to deepen your dive capabilities, explore a potential career in marine biology, contribute to important conservation work, and enjoy a rich blend of cultural and environmental learning experiences.

Marine Conservation Expedition in Mexico

As a volunteer in this program, you will gain scuba diving skills, learn coral reef research techniques, and perform underwater surveying that aligns with conserving Mexico’s Caribbean coast. The data you help gather aids local authorities in making sustainable coastal management decisions. The program tackles urgent issues such as unsustainable fishing, coastal development, mass tourism, climate change, and coral diseases, all of which threaten the region’s marine biodiversity.

Your experience will be enriched with PADI certifications and the chance to participate in weekly beach cleanups, data collection, and sharing. You’ll also educate the community about environmental protection. Your activities will range from practical fieldwork, like species identification and conservation surveys, to achieving diving certifications and receiving emergency response training.

You’ll take part in impactful conservation initiatives, collaborate with ethical local partners, and venture into adventures in remote natural habitats. The program is designed to cultivate friendships with global changemakers, and when you leave, you’ll take with you new skills, certifications, and invaluable life experiences, having contribute meaningfully to marine conservation and community empowerment in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

Sea Turtle Conservation in the Mexican Caribbean

This volunteer program provides the opportunity for individuals to help preserve sea turtle populations over 2 to 12 weeks. Aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 14 to manage and protect marine life sustainably, the program is situated in a key habitat for sea turtles. As a volunteer, you will be contributing through night patrols, monitoring nests and hatchlings, beach clean-ups, and data collection, focusing on species like the Green, Loggerhead, and Leatherback turtles.

Your conservation efforts will be instrumental in improving turtle nesting conditions, safeguarding habitats, and promoting ocean health, while also taking part in educating the community about environmental preservation. Beyond practical conservation work, the program includes marine conservation training, featuring activities such as coral restoration and seagrass monitoring.

Throughout your stay, you are fully supported with meals, accommodations, and project materials provided. You’ll also receive extensive training and career support to further your development. This program doesn’t just contribute to the protection of critical wildlife; it offers you a unique blend of scientific, cultural, and personal development experiences in a remarkable natural setting.

Love Volunteers

Founded in 2009, Love Volunteers offers affordable volunteer and intern abroad placements in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas, with more than 120 programs to choose from. As one of the world’s fastest-growing volunteer groups, Love Volunteers has placed more than 4,000 volunteers overseas just in the past year. Both of Love Volunteers’ trips to Mexico start from $229 for one week.

Childcare and Development Volunteering in Mexico

As a member of Love Volunteers’ childcare and development project, you will help to provide children in Oaxaca with the education that they need and deserve. Many impoverished children in the area do not get a proper education, so you and the other volunteers are there to give them the best education you can along with basic resources and support such as nutritious meals, medical care, and extracurricular activities. With your help, Love Volunteers hopes to end the poverty cycle in the Oaxaca region and allow its citizens to lead more enriched lives. Your duties as a volunteer will include:

  1. Working with children in art classes, the computer lab, and other projects
  2. Working on research, proposals, and fundraising projects
  3. Networking with local residents and project staff
  4. Helping out with jobs in the library and kitchen

All of these combined will help to make a better life for the children of Oaxaca and prepare them for a happier and healthier future that they can share with their families.

For the duration of your stay, you will be living with a local host family who will provide breakfast during the workweek, but you will be responsible for your own lunch and dinner as well as all meals on weekends. Most programs last one week to three months with program fees starting from $229, plus a $299 registration fee for new members (or $149 for alumni).

This particular project in Mexico is available year-round with start dates every Sunday, but space is limited so be sure to plan your trip as early as possible. For more information and to sign up, click here.

Medical Internship in Mexico

The other option to volunteer in Mexico with Love Volunteers is their medical internship, where medical students, nurses, paramedics, and qualified medical practitioners can enhance their skills and help the citizens of Oaxaca. Healthcare is often prohibitively expensive for many people in this area, so as an intern you will be volunteering at local hospitals and clinics to provide free healthcare, both publicly and privately. Your role in this project is to:

  1. Medically assist the most disadvantaged and culturally diverse people of Mexico
  2. Network with local residents and project staff
  3. Supply medical services to people in Oaxaca and the surrounding areas
  4. Assist with medical procedures as well as consultations, depending on your skill level

As a medical intern, you will have the opportunity to help hundreds of people who cannot afford the medical care that they deserve through this amazing program, all while enhancing your skills and exploring a culture different from your own.

Throughout your stay, you will be living with a local host family, who will provide breakfast during the workweek. Outside of your internship hours, you will have plenty of time to explore the surrounding areas and learn all about what Mexico has to offer. This program lasts one week to three months, starting from only $229 plus a $299 registration fee for new members, or $149 for alumni. It is also offered year-round with start dates every Sunday.

For more information on the Medical Internship and everything else that Love Volunteers has to offer, please click here.


For over 25 years, Frontier has combined community development, capacity building, ecosystem protection, economic growth, and the development of civil society through collaboration between communities, researchers, and volunteers. This nonprofit scientific research organization offers more than 400 different volunteer projects in over 70 countries worldwide, and whether you’d like to embark on a volunteer trip, internship overseas, gap year, or beyond, Frontier is a fantastic way to do it. Right now, Frontier is offering nine different volunteer programs in Mexico.

Sea Turtle Conservation in Mexico

Frontier offers many volunteer programs in the beautiful country of Mexico, including a sea turtle conservation project in Veracruz. Due to Mexico’s heightened tourist traffic, the coastline is greatly disturbed and natural habitats are suffering. Sea turtles do not adapt to the tourist traffic and continue to lay their eggs on local beaches as they naturally should, but once the hatchlings are born they face greater dangers of pollution and fishing nets on their way to the ocean.

As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to help these creatures. You will take part in either day or night patrols to ensure the nests are safe, and if they are not, then you will help to move them into a “safe zone” where hatchlings can be born and given aid in their release into the ocean. Your specific duties will be dependent upon the season and current focuses of the program but they could include:

  1. Nest management
  2. Nest transplants
  3. Hatchling release
  4. Attending visiting groups
  5. Attending to sick or injured sea turtles
  6. Learning about marine education, research, and restoration programs

All of these tasks will help to create a safer environment for sea turtles and ensure they can live without risk of endangerment.

Throughout your stay, you will live in a shared room with other volunteers, or you will be camping right by the beach. Either way, you will have access to western facilities, but still very basic living. You will have one day per week off from the project where you can go into town and explore the local areas. Three meals a day will be provided to you in traditional Mexican style.

This program starts from two weeks at $1,345, though you can stay up to five weeks. The project starts on the first and third Monday of each month and although turtle season is June through mid-November, you are welcome to join at any time of the year. Learn more and sign up here!

Volunteer with Children in Mexico

Frontier is also offering a trip to Mexico where you can spend your time volunteering with children in Playa Del Carmen. Through this experience, you will be volunteering with children whose parents work long hours, often leaving them to fend for themselves when it comes to basic care, education, and fun and games. You have the opportunity to be a positive role model for these children and empower them to do great things.

At the center you’ll volunteer in, you will help to provide the children a safe and fun environment where they can learn and play and not worry about the hardships that come from being on their own – whether it’s missing out on important development milestones, life skills, or even being safe from acts of aggression. You can be there to give them the attention they want and deserve. You can help with reading and writing in English and any other tasks their teachers have prepared, while watching the children become more eager to learn and make new friends.

You should expect to work at the center Monday through Friday, which will give you ample time on the weekends to explore or just hang out and relax. Generally you will be working in the mornings, so your afternoons will be spent helping plan lessons for the next day, or practicing your Spanish skills through language lessons. As with the sea turtle conservation program, you’ll have basic but comfortable accommodations.

This project has several start dates still available in 2017 and you can choose to stay from two weeks to six months. Prices begin at $1,895 for two weeks. If you are not already fluent in Spanish, you will be required to take 20 hours of lessons for an additional $445. Click here to learn more and to sign up!

Are You Ready to Travel?

Like many of the countries that you can visit and volunteer worldwide, Mexico is a wonderful place to travel, meet amazing people, and make a difference. If any of the above projects sound like something you might be interested in, what are you waiting for? All of these programs are waiting for willing participants such as yourself to apply and make the journey. You could be one of the volunteers Mexico needs. There is never a wrong time to explore the world and help those around you.

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