Climate Action Volunteer Abroad Programs and Internships


If you’re looking for climate action volunteer abroad programs and internships, you’ve landed on the right article. Here, we’ll cover the best climate action volunteer projects around the world. 

But first, we should emphasize the importance of volunteering to combat climate change. As you’re probably aware, the earth’s surface temperature is about 0.98 Celsius degrees warmer now than in the 20th century. Other research shows an alarming situation too: 

  • There’s more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere now than at any time in history (Wired).
  • Arctic sea ice, which is recorded each September by NASA, is shrinking at a rate of 12.6% per decade.
  • Extreme weather events have grown substantially over the past few decades. 
  • Wildlife populations have declined by 69% since 1970 (Living Planet).
  • Climate change exacerbates economic, social and demographic inequalities, as well as will force hundreds of millions to migrate (MGH Institute of Health Professions).

The world needs all the help it can get to combat the effects of climate change. By signing up for a climate action volunteer abroad program or internship, you can do your part to turn the tides.

Below, check out the best organizations and projects for climate action internship or volunteer experiences. 

Maximo Nivel: Climate Action Volunteer Abroad Programs


A leading volunteer abroad organization in Latin America, Maximo Nivel is an internationally-accredited organization known for their affordable, high-quality projects. Founded in 2003, Maximo Nivel has more than 25,000 international volunteers to date. 

If you want to make an impact in Latin America, look no further than one of Maximo Nivel. The organization has numerous climate action volunteer programs, from sustainable farming projects to environmental protection initiatives. 

Check out these two climate action volunteer programs:

Organic Coffee Farming in Costa Rica

Price: $1,035 for 2 weeks; $1,565 for 4 weeks 

Industrial farming pollutes the environment, especially our water and air, and threatens human health. Held in Monteverde Cloud Forest or the Brunca region of the Talamanca mountains, this project aims to make responsible farming more practical and feasible. 

Not only do volunteers get to help with every step of coffee production, from picking and weeding to roasting and packaging, but you also get to help with reforestation and community education. Plus, you’ll get to sip the fruits of your labor — some super fresh coffee!

Interested? Apply here.

Sea Turtle Conservation in Guatemala 

Price: $945 for 2 weeks; $1,295 for 4 weeks 

Protecting our oceans and marine life is vital to combating climate change. As a climate action volunteer in Maximo Nivel’s Sea Turtle Conservation program on Guatemala’s Pacific Coast, you’ll work with professional biologists and marine researchers to protect sea turtles and collect important data for implementing conservation strategies. 

Duties include nighttime beach patrols, tagging turtles, counting eggs, and beach cleanup. While making a positive impact, you’ll learn a lot about what it takes to protect sea turtles, who play a vital part in the ocean ecosystem. 

Interested? Apply here

African Impact: Climate Action Internships & Volunteer Abroad Projects

Founded in 2004, African Impact focuses on connecting international volunteers to life-changing volunteer programs in Africa. The organization has over 20 different projects across 7 countries on the continent. To date, African Impact has served more than 35,000 volunteers. 

If you’re looking for a career in sustainability, environmental science or similar field, African Impact has lots of internships focusing on climate change and conservation. Your participation will allow you to make an impact while boosting your resume. 

Check out these two climate action internships in Africa:

Wildlife Research Internship in South Africa

Price: $5,795 for 8 weeks; $7,795 for 12 weeks

Journey to the Greater Kruger Area, home to the iconic Big 5 and a major hotspot for wildlife conservation, and do your part to protect some of the world’s most amazing animals. Duties include collecting data on the location and behavior of species during bush walks, as well as setting up cameras for observations. You’ll also help with tasks such as invasive plant species removal and clearing encroaching bush. 

This wildlife research internship will teach you a lot about animal and environmental conservation. You’ll also get up-close encounters with lions, elephants, cheetahs and more (oh my!).

Interested? Apply here

Humpback Whale Research and Marine Protection in Mozambique

Price: ~$2,292 for 2 weeks; ~$3,500 for 4 weeks

Make your way to the beautiful coast of Mozambique, where you’ll join an industry-leading humpback whale research team. As a volunteer intern, you’ll study the behavior, distribution and population of these majestic creatures. The data you help collect will help scientists create better solutions to preserve these vital whales, who play such an important role in the marine ecosystem.

This program also enables you to communicate with locals about the importance of ocean conservation. You’ll visit schools, participate in beach cleanups and attend talks on whale conservation. How amazing is all that?

Interested? Apply here.  

Projects Abroad: Climate Action Volunteer and Intern Abroad Programs

Since 1992, Projects Abroad has hosted more than 130,000 volunteers to date. As champions of Responsible Travel, all of Projects Abroad’s volunteer projects work towards United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

If you’re looking to learn new skills, meet new people, and make a big difference, all while having the experience of a lifetime, look no further than climate action volunteer and intern abroad programs. These projects truly work to fight climate change and preserve our natural world. 

Have a look at two of Projects Abroad’s climate action programs below:

Whale and Puma Conservation in Argentina

Price: $4,040 for 2 weeks; $6,320 for 6 weeks

Make your way to Patagonia, Argentina, where you’ll live and work in a wildlife reserve and contribute to the conservation of unique ecosystems. During the program, you’ll:

  • Take part in seasonal censuses of the Southern Right Whale and sea lion populations
  • Study the local population of pumas
  • Learn native land cultivation and building techniques

Your work will go a long way in helping make the local community and environment more sustainable. Plus, you’ll see some amazing creatures right in front of your eyes. 

Interested? Apply here

Scuba Diving and Marine Conservation in Mexico

Price: $3,185 for 2 weeks; $6,265 for 6 weeks

Head to beautiful Baja California Sur to work alongside expert conservationists and protect critical ocean and coastal resources. During the program, you’ll: 

  • Learn to dive and take part in underwater surveys with pro divers
  • Collect scientific data and observe marine species
  • Participate in coastal conservation workshops and field work

Your volunteer work will help combat the effects of climate change, while ensuring the local environment is better prepared for the future. Are you ready to make an impact?

Interested? Apply here

GoEco: Climate Action Volunteer Abroad Programs

With more than 150 programs across over 40 countries, GoEco has a variety of high-quality projects in amazing destinations. GoEco has been rated a Top Volunteer Organization by GoAbroad, and has been featured in major news publications such as the Boston Globe and The Guardian.

Known for their commitment to environmental conservation, many of GoEco’s volunteer programs focus on marine conservation, wildlife research, environmental preservation and more.

Check out two of GoEco’s climate action volunteer abroad programs below. 

Great Barrier Reef Conservation in Australia

Price: $2,360 for 12 days

Home to many endangered animals, including various dolphins and whales, the Great Barrier Reef faces threats due to climate change and human industry and pollution. As a volunteer, you’ll get to dive into the world’s largest coral reef system (after you get your PADI certification) and help protect it.

After diving certification classes, which are a fun and educational beginning to the program, you’ll get to collect data during coral reef survey dives, as well as help with marine and beach cleanups. You’ll even get to volunteer at a sea turtle rehabilitation center. All in all, you’ll learn a lot about protecting our precious coral reefs during this program.

Interested? Apply here

Elephant and Forest Conservation in Cambodia

Price: $1,380 for 2 weeks; $2,630 for 6 weeks

Elephants and the forests they inhabit face threats due to deforestation, climate change, poaching and other dangers. As a conservation volunteer, you’ll get to work with elephants at a sanctuary outside Phnom Penh. In addition to sanctuary maintenance, you’ll help with strategies to preserve the forests — which is crucial to combating the effect of climate change and giving these elephants a safe place to live. 

This is an ethical sanctuary, which means you’ll mainly observe the elephants (no bathing, riding, feeding or similar activities). The goal is to ensure these elephants can roam freely. Volunteer help from people like you is vital to fulfilling that mission.

Interested? Apply here

Volunteering Solutions: Climate Action Volunteer Abroad Programs

Founded in 2007, Volunteering Solutions has helped more than 17,000 volunteers to date. With 150+ projects across 27 countries, Volunteering Solutions has programs in many popular destinations. The organization is known for affordable, high-quality and impactful service projects.

Volunteering Solutions has programs in lots of different areas of need, including climate action volunteer programs. From marine conservation in Greece to beach conservation in Ghana, options abound. 

To learn more about Volunteering Solutions and apply to their program, visit their website here (UK readers, please visit their UK site here). Also, check out the two climate action volunteer programs below. 

Marine & Coast Conservation in Spain

Price: $1,182 for 2 weeks; $2,982 for 8 weeks

Make your way to Valencia, a beautiful region of Spain known for its gorgeous coast. During this project, you’ll have a variety of amazing duties that will help combat climate change and help the local ocean ecosystem. Tasks include:

  • Monitoring whales, dolphins and seabirds
  • Doing surveys on coastal flora and fauna
  • Working at the wetlands and improve the ecosystem

This program will teach you how to do proper research, data collection and ocean monitoring, as well as how to use your findings to create successful conservation strategies that address the challenges of climate change.

Interested? Apply here

Sun Bear Conservation in Malaysia

Price: $1,226 for 2 weeks

This is one of the more unique projects Volunteering Solutions offers, as you’ll get to assist with habitat conservation, animal care, and construction and renovation work for one of the world’s most amazing bears, the Sun Bear! This project takes place at the Sun Bear Conservation Centre, near the city of Sandakan.

This is a great chance to learn about conservation and wildlife care. You’ll also learn about strategies being used to deal with the challenges that climate change, human industry and other issues present to wildlife populations. 

Interested? Apply here.

Volunteer to Combat Climate Change Today

If you’ve read this article, you understand the situation is urgent. The world needs all the climate action volunteers you can get. In this article, we listed some of the most reputable and impactful climate action volunteer abroad programs. You can also read through some of our other articles to discover more opportunities: 

Now, all that’s left to do is this: Choose your program, book your spot, and get ready for an impactful volunteer trip. It’s time to make a difference!

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