Best Volunteer Programs in Cambodia: Teaching, Medical, Sustainable Development and More


Cambodia beckons volunteers with its blend of ancient allure and modernity, a place where serene temples and lively markets form the backdrop to rewarding humanitarian work. As the country marches towards recovery from the Khmer Rouge’s legacy, many areas are still grappling with poverty, health crises, and educational gaps. Volunteering in Cambodia allows you to make meaningful contributions to various sectors—education, healthcare, and NGOs—while offering an intimate look at its cultural richness. You can teach in under-resourced schools, childcare development, participate in community development, and  medical outreach in communities, all of which help foster sustainable development. In doing so, you gain insight into the local way of life, indulge in the scenic beauty of Cambodia’s beaches and mountains, and play a pivotal role in the country’s resurgence. This is your invitation to engage deeply with Cambodia’s vibrant community, imparting skills and knowledge while exploring the nation’s multifaceted charm.


Cambodia has Visa-Exemption Agreements for citizens of the following countries, and other nationalities may be able to receive a visa upon arrival into Cambodia or may have to apply ahead of time. Check with the Cambodian Embassy in your country for the latest information. 

If you’re volunteering for a short period, you can enter Cambodia on a tourist visa. Known as the Visa T, it costs $36 USD to apply and is valid for 30 days. It’s suitable for travelers volunteering for short terms. However, it doesn’t cover non-touristic activities like volunteering for extended periods.

For extended volunteering periods, you might want to go for a Visa E instead. The ‘E’ in ‘E-Class’ visa stands for ’employment’, encompassing both paid and unpaid work, such as volunteering, and includes studying/training/internship purposes. This visa is first valid for 30 days and can be extended when you’re in Cambodia with Cambodia’s General Department of Immigration.

Both visas can be applied for online.

Additionally, if you’re working with children, you may need to provide a ‘working with children’ clearance certificate, reflecting the Cambodian government’s increasing strictness in this area.

Before your trip, discuss with your placement organization. They can provide specific information and guidance on the type of visa you should apply for based on the duration and nature of your volunteering work. Partnering with reputable providers can be a great way to take the hassle out of paperwork.

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) has offered affordable, comprehensive volunteering since its 2007 inception, focusing on sustainable development across 42+ countries. GoEco has successfully sent over 2,000 volunteers annually to 40+ countries for impactful conservation and education programs. Projects Abroad has enriched global communities with diverse volunteer opportunities since 1992, adhering to strict safety protocols and contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Australia-based Involvement Volunteers International (IVI) provides ethically-driven community programs in 23 countries, known for local empowerment and disaster management. Volunteering Solutions (VolSol), offers over 250 projects in 26+ countries, fostering community development with a commitment to responsible, ethical voluntourism.

The International TEFL Academy has carved a niche in global English education since 2010, providing TEFL certification backed by Level 5 Ofqual accreditation and extensive job placement services. Global Vision International (GVI) has been facilitating sustainable volunteer programs with a focus on ethics and empowerment since 1997, welcoming volunteers of all ages to participate in environmental and educational projects worldwide.

Volunteer and Intern Opportunities in Cambodia

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International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

IVHQ’s comprehensive programs in Cambodia operate across three historical Cambodian cities — Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Battambang. IVHQ offers volunteers the chance to engage with a variety of projects, such as teaching English, childcare, medical assistance, special needs care, and supporting NGOs. IVHQ’s commitment to responsible travel is underscored by its B Corporation Certification, reflecting its high standards in social and environmental performance.

Volunteers in Cambodia are embraced by a community-focused experience, with program fees that include airport pick-up, orientation, accommodations, meals, and constant in-country support. By staying in volunteer houses or homestays, participants are fully immersed in the local culture, with the chance to explore magnificent temples and the rich tapestry of Cambodian life. Each IVHQ project is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring volunteers contribute to meaningful and sustainable change. 

Medical Volunteer Program in Cambodia – Phnom Penh

This program in Phnom Penh is designed to give medical students hands-on experience to enhance clinical skills in a pediatric hospital setting. You’ll shadow local medical professionals, contribute to healthcare improvement for the local population, and participate in mostly observational roles, with some hands-on tasks depending on your experience and stay duration. This program supports the UN Sustainable Development Goal #3: Good Health and Well-Being.

Starting every first and third Monday of the month, the program costs $880 for a four-week placement, covering accommodation, meals, airport pick-up, orientation, and support. You’ll work closely with local staff, gaining invaluable experience while exploring Khmer culture, historical sites, and the lively city of Phnom Penh.

You’ll need to provide a resume, and a recommendation letter, and bring your own white lab coat and stethoscope. After a full orientation in Siem Reap, you’ll be placed for four to twelve weeks, sharing accommodations with other volunteers and enjoying local cuisine.

This opportunity from IVHQ lets you gain course credit, experience Cambodia’s healthcare landscape, and contribute meaningfully to community welfare.

Teaching English Volunteering in Cambodia – Battambang

In Battambang, Cambodia, the Teaching English Volunteering program invites you to make a significant impact in local schools and after-school programs. You’ll share your English language skills, enhancing local students’ prospects for careers in tourism and hospitality.

You’ll not only improve English skills among children and teenagers but also immerse yourself in Cambodia’s rich history and architecture. No prior teaching experience is required, though a TEFL course is recommended. This experience aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goal #4: Quality Education.

The program, starting every first and third Monday of the month, starts at $430 for a two-week placement. You must be fluent in English and provide a criminal background check or character references. Under-18 volunteers need a guardian. You’ll stay in a community guesthouse, sharing rooms with other volunteers and enjoying three local meals daily. 

By joining the IVHQ program in Battambang, you gain teaching experience, contribute to Cambodian youth’s education, and enjoy a culturally enriching yet affordable journey.

Volunteer Work with NGOs in Cambodia

The Volunteer Work with NGOs program in Cambodia is designed for you if you’re passionate about health, education, human rights, gender issues, and environmental conservation. Your skills and interests will be matched with local needs to provide impactful and relevant assistance.

Ideal for those over 19 with a minimum commitment of five weeks, your tasks might include teaching English, writing proposals, report writing, or providing IT support. Despite language barriers, you’ll engage in rich cultural exchanges and contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #10: Reduced Inequalities. You’ll aid a range of NGOs while enjoying Cambodia’s landscapes and historical sites. 

Starting every first and third Monday of the month, the program fee starts at $795 for five weeks, covering accommodation, meals, airport pickup, orientation, and support. You’ll stay in volunteer houses in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap, with basic accommodations, and enjoy three local meals a day. You need to be fluent in English, have travel insurance, and provide a criminal background check.

The program offers academic course credit, personal and professional development, and an understanding of global issues and NGO functioning. You’ll also learn about Cambodia’s history and culture, and visit significant sites like the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. This program is an opportunity for meaningful volunteer work and a deep dive into understanding global inequalities in the heart of Southeast Asia.


GoEco’s volunteer programs in Cambodia offer a blend of community aid and environmental conservation to those looking to make a difference. These programs appeal to volunteers drawn to teaching, construction, wildlife monitoring, and reforestation, embodying GoEco’s commitment to ethical volunteering practices and cultural respect. Currently, GoEco is running a promotion where you can stay for the 3rd week free! Check out the qualifying programs here

Each volunteer journey begins with an informative orientation, coupled with ongoing support, ensuring a meaningful and well-guided stay. Accommodations and meals are thoughtfully provided, with the option for weekend excursions to explore Cambodia’s unique and storied environment.

Cambodia – Sustainable Community Development

GoEco’s Sustainable Community Development program allows you to help underprivileged children in Samraong through education and construction projects. This is ideal for making a real difference in a community recovering from civil war while gaining hands-on experience.

You can work on teaching English, environmental education, and health and hygiene sessions, or engage in construction tasks like building classrooms and playgrounds. For an extra fee, you can join a Cambodian Culture Week to deepen your understanding of the region.

The program, for groups of five to ten international volunteers, lasts from two to eight weeks. You need to be at least 17, fluent in English, have a police clearance, a positive attitude, and bring COVID-19 self-test kits. Upon arriving in Siem Reap and heading to Samraong, you’ll settle into the volunteer house, meet fellow volunteers, and receive an orientation with cultural and language lessons. The volunteer work runs from Tuesday to Friday, leaving weekends free. Your accommodation in a community house includes basic amenities, with three meals on weekdays and two on weekends. Optional activities include a pre-volunteer culture week with language classes, cooking lessons, and local tours. Fees vary based on stay duration, with extra costs for private rooms and airport transfers.

With no prerequisite for prior experience, these programs are suited for those with enthusiasm for service and a will to learn, offering tasks that cater to a range of interests and abilities. GoEco’s programs are an invitation to participate in the global movement towards environmental stewardship and community resilience.

Volunteering with GoEco in Cambodia combines meaningful work with cultural immersion, offering a comprehensive experience in sustainable community development.

Volunteer with Elephants in Cambodia – Elephant Sanctuary & Forest Conservation

GoEco’s Elephant Sanctuary & Forest Conservation program in Mondulkiri offers you a chance to work at an ethically run sanctuary for rescued elephants. You’ll be involved in elephant rehabilitation and forest conservation while living in a beautiful mountain landscape. Suitable for ages 18 to 60, your tasks involve observing and researching elephant behavior, participating in reforestation, and community work like health education. The sanctuary practices ethical treatment, with no elephant riding or bathing.

Your first week includes orientation and elephant observation treks. You’ll also help maintain the sanctuary and might visit a local waterfall. 

The program begins with your arrival in Phnom Penh on a Saturday with a transfer to the sanctuary on Sunday.  You’ll stay in shared dorms with an option for a private bungalow, and meals are provided Monday to Friday. On weekends, you’re free to explore Mondulkiri’s culture and landscapes.

The program requires a moderate to high fitness level for forest trekking, basic English skills, and a police background check. If you’re over 60, medical clearance is needed.

This project focuses on ethical tourism and conservation, offering a rewarding experience if you’re passionate about wildlife and the environment.

Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad’s volunteer programs in Cambodia offer participants the chance to aid community development initiatives while immersing themselves in the rich tapestry of the country’s history and culture. Located in the bustling capital of Phnom Penh, volunteers can choose from various projects tailored to improving education and healthcare in communities where resources are scarce.

Volunteers with Projects Abroad in Cambodia have the opportunity to engage in meaningful work, such as supporting early childhood development, teaching English in kindergartens, or providing basic medical care in rural areas. These projects align with the country’s development goals, offering volunteers a chance to contribute to significant change while gaining insight into the daily life and struggles of the Cambodian people.

Safety and support are paramount, with Projects Abroad offering 24/7 staff assistance to ensure volunteers have a secure and enjoyable experience. From airport pickup to orientation and throughout the volunteer placement, the team provides guidance and support. Additionally, the organization offers detailed information on arrival procedures, accommodation, and local travel, ensuring that volunteers are well-prepared for their service in Cambodia.

By volunteering with Projects Abroad in Cambodia, individuals not only contribute to worthwhile causes but also experience personal growth and gain a profound understanding of the Cambodian way of life. The program promises a blend of service, adventure, and cultural exchange, making it an enriching experience for anyone looking to make a difference abroad.

Volunteer to Teach English in Cambodia

The Volunteer Teaching in Cambodia program by Projects Abroad allows you to contribute to the educational development and welfare of children in underprivileged areas of Phnom Penh. You’ll enrich children’s conversational English skills through interactive games, aiding their future education and employment prospects. You’ll be placed in kindergartens and primary schools in Cambodia’s historic and rapidly developing capital, contributing to educational progress in areas affected by conflict.

This program is perfect if you’re enthusiastic about working with children and want to improve teaching techniques, encourage creative learning, and increase literacy. It’s a great way to add practical teaching experience to your resume and positively impact young learners’ lives.

Safety and responsible conduct are paramount. You’ll act as a positive role model, emphasizing education’s importance and respecting the local social and cultural context. Stringent safety protocols, including training, support, and background checks, ensure a secure environment.

Your efforts align with a robust child protection policy, balancing learning and play to create sustainable educational outcomes and community benefits. With the necessary support and resources, you’ll effectively navigate your role and enhance your teaching practices.

By joining this program, you’re not just participating in an educational initiative but also driving forward the mission of improving children’s lives and supporting community development through education.

Khmer Cultural Project in Cambodia for Volunteers over 50

The Khmer Cultural Project in Cambodia is a unique cultural immersion experience, perfectly tailored for individuals over 50 seeking volunteer opportunities. This program offers a journey into the heart of Cambodian history and traditions, allowing you to engage deeply with the culture alongside peers in your age group. It’s ideal for retirees or those taking a break from work to travel and learn, with flexible start dates and a minimum duration of two weeks. Based in Phnom Penh, you’ll contribute to local communities by assisting in schools and farms, and the program includes trips to significant landmarks like Angkor Wat in Siem Reap.

You’ll immerse yourself in the Khmer lifestyle, learning traditional crafts, culinary skills, and the basics of the Khmer language. The itinerary includes visits to historical sites, offering insights into Cambodia’s past, including the impactful Khmer Rouge era.

Upon arrival, Projects Abroad staff will welcome you to shared accommodations with international volunteers, designed for safety, comfort, and community. The program includes three daily meals, letting you savor local cuisine as part of your cultural experience.

This project is more than just a trip; it’s an educational and socially responsible venture, ideal for seniors eager to explore new cultures and make a positive impact in the host community.

Volunteering with Children in Cambodia for Teens

The “Volunteering with Children in Cambodia for Teens” program by Projects Abroad is an ideal volunteer opportunity for your teenage kids aged 15 to 18. It provides a nurturing environment where they can teach and interact with disadvantaged children in Phnom Penh, focusing on educational activities and school renovations. This program allows teens to develop valuable childcare skills and engage in hands-on work, enhancing their leadership and project planning abilities.

You will assist local teachers in providing education to Cambodian children, improving learning environments, and offering play-based education. The program includes social activities and organized weekend trips for cultural exploration and understanding of Cambodia’s history and contemporary challenges.

Safety and ethical conduct are priorities, with all activities carried out under strict safety measures. Comprehensive training and support are provided, and background checks ensure a safe and quality experience.

This program is a fantastic way for teenagers to contribute to community welfare and child development while immersively learning about Khmer culture.


Volunteering in Cambodia with IVI is a unique opportunity for you to contribute to vital causes like healthcare and education in rural areas where 90% of Cambodia’s underserved live. 

With program fees starting at $405, you can choose from five diverse projects in Cambodia, including education, medicine, community development, conservation, and more, centered around the culturally rich rural regions of Samraong and the southwestern beach regions of Sihanoukville and Kampot. These projects help address issues like limited school resources, malnutrition, and lack of sanitation facilities.

IVI provides a complete package for volunteers, including accommodation, meals, airport pickup, local transportation, a one-day orientation, 24/7 in-country support, project materials, and a Certificate of Completion.

These programs are perfect for those looking to experience Cambodia authentically, participate in local daily activities, and benefit those less fortunate. Whether you’re interested in improving education, healthcare, or environmental conservation, volunteering with IVI in Cambodia offers a deeply rewarding experience.

Teach English in Rural Primary School Cambodia

In the Rural Primary School Teaching program in Samraong, Cambodia, you have the opportunity to teach and impact children’s lives in underprivileged rural areas. You’ll be teaching English conversational skills, writing, reading, and involving students in creative activities like painting, drawing, crafts, and sports. This project is ideal for those who want to experience teaching in a rural setting with limited resources and who are creative and enjoy outdoor activities.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to gain valuable teaching experience, immerse yourself in Cambodian culture, and make a meaningful contribution to the community.

Sports Coaching in Samraong, Cambodia

In the Sports Coaching program in Samraong, Cambodia, you can make a significant impact by coaching football at a local school, located about 25 minutes away by bike. Your role will involve teaching children from the local football team, requiring a love for football, some knowledge or experience in the sport, and team management skills. You’ll lead your group with drills, ideas, and fitness exercises, being creative and resourceful due to limited equipment.

This program is more than just teaching football; it’s about imparting valuable life lessons and fostering the children’s development in teamwork, social interaction, and English language skills. Situated in the rural village of Samraong, near Siem Reap, you’ll have a chance for deep cultural immersion and a truly local experience.

This project is perfect if you’re passionate about sports and keen on teaching, offering a fulfilling experience in coaching and cultural exchange.

Community Development and Construction in Cambodia

In the Community Development and Construction program in Samraong, Cambodia, you have the opportunity to engage in meaningful construction and renovation projects. Regardless of your skills or experience, you can contribute significantly to updating and building vital community centers like village schools, playgrounds, and community halls. Your efforts will directly impact the lives of local people in this rural area.

You’ll work alongside fellow volunteers and local workers on various tasks such as laying bricks, carpentry, painting, tiling, and landscaping. Particularly at the local school, you can assist in creating a better learning environment through decorating and maintenance work.

Located in the rural village of Samraong, north of Siem Reap, this program offers a chance for deep cultural immersion. You’ll stay in a basic but comfortable volunteer guest house, with up to four people per room, and enjoy typical Cambodian meals. This project is perfect for you if you’re active, enjoy teamwork, and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty. You’ll experience the satisfaction of seeing your direct impact on the community while living and working in a unique cultural setting.

Volunteering Solutions

Volunteering in Cambodia with Volunteering Solutions (VolSol) offers a unique opportunity for individuals to contribute to meaningful projects while experiencing the rich culture and history of Cambodia. The programs, located in the capital city of Phnom Penh, range from 2 to 24 weeks and include diverse volunteering options like Teaching, Childcare, NGO Support, and Medical Volunteering. These opportunities are suitable for a wide range of volunteers, from students and professionals to gap year travelers and backpackers. Accommodations are provided in guest houses, volunteer houses, or with Cambodian host families, offering an immersive cultural experience. Volunteers are expected to work for about 5 to 6 hours a day, leaving weekends free for exploring the country’s landmarks such as Angkor Wat, Tonle Sap, and the beaches of Sihanoukville.

The process of joining a VolSol program is straightforward, with no specific deadline for registration, although early booking is recommended due to limited availability. Once the application is submitted, including a CV/Resume and other necessary documents, it takes around 10-12 days for review and confirmation. Certain projects require a criminal background check, especially those involving work with vulnerable populations. Throughout their stay, volunteers receive ongoing support from the local team, ensuring a safe and enriching experience. Upon completion, volunteers can request a certificate, and discounts are available for those participating in multiple programs or returning volunteers. This volunteering experience is not just about the work performed; it’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, immerse in a different culture, and explore the stunning landscapes and historical sites of Cambodia.

Volunteer Teaching English Program in Cambodia

Volunteering in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, as an English teacher is a transformative experience that allows you to make a real difference in the lives of local Cambodians. By joining the Volunteer Teaching English Program, you will help students from underprivileged backgrounds who need English proficiency for better job prospects in the growing tourism industry. Your role as a volunteer involves teaching conversational English and basic grammar in local schools and training centers, where you will work alongside local teachers, and possibly even monks, to enhance students’ language skills.

As you embark on this journey, you commit to a minimum of two weeks, working on weekdays and engaging students for 3 to 6 hours each day. Your weekends are free, offering you the opportunity to explore the beauty of Cambodia. You don’t need professional teaching qualifications to participate; your enthusiasm, open-mindedness, and energy are what matter most. This program is not just about teaching English; it’s about cultural exchange, where you too might learn a bit of Khmer.

This program is more than just volunteering; it’s a chance to immerse yourself in a new culture, make lasting connections, and contribute positively to the future prospects of young Cambodians.

Medical Volunteer Program in Cambodia

In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, the Medical Volunteer Program offers you a chance to work in a local clinic or hospital, contributing significantly to healthcare in the community. This program is ideal if you’re a medical or nursing student in your final or third year, looking for international work exposure. Your responsibilities will vary, including suturing wounds, administering vaccinations, and shadowing doctors during critical surgeries and operations. You’ll be actively involved in daily hospital routines, such as ward rounds, maintaining files, and conducting routine patient checkups.

This volunteering opportunity isn’t just about gaining medical experience; it’s a chance to immerse yourself in Cambodian culture. 

The program requires a minimum commitment of two weeks, and your role will depend on your skills and the hospital’s needs. You’ll need to be 18 or older, physically fit, in good health, and have a clean criminal background.

Childcare Volunteer Program in Cambodia

In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, the Childcare Volunteer Program offers you a rewarding opportunity to work with children from underprivileged backgrounds. As a volunteer, you’ll be placed at local centers where you can make a significant difference in the lives of children aged 3 to 16 years. Your responsibilities include teaching basic lessons, caring for the children, and assisting local staff with day-to-day activities. This experience not only allows you to contribute to the betterment of these children but also immerses you in Cambodian culture and society.

The program requires a minimum commitment of two weeks, where you’ll engage deeply with the children, creating a comfortable and loving environment for them. In addition to teaching and caring, you’ll have the chance to be creative, perhaps by renovating the center or introducing activity-based learning. Your weekends are free, allowing you to explore Cambodia, including the famous Angkor Wat. Accommodation is provided in a volunteer house or guesthouse in Phnom Penh, ensuring a comfortable stay. You’ll receive an orientation to help you settle in and understand local customs, along with meals that introduce you to Cambodian cuisine. This program is not just about volunteering; it’s an opportunity to spread love and care while experiencing the rich culture of Cambodia.

International TEFL AcademyGet your TEFL/TESOL in Cambodia

In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, you have the opportunity to earn an accredited TEFL/TESOL certification in a 4-week intensive course. This program is designed to qualify you for numerous English teaching jobs both in Cambodia and around the world. It offers expert-led training and recognized qualifications, along with personalized job placement assistance globally.

Your commitment will be significant, involving 150 hours of university-level coursework over four weeks. This includes class observation, teaching practice, and completion of various assignments like course journals, lesson plans, and essays on student motivation and course design. You’ll be teaching local Cambodian students in a real school environment, gaining hands-on experience.

Accommodation is part of the package, located conveniently near the school. The course, capped at 16 students and accredited by the Australian International College of Language, ensures a focused and supportive learning environment. You’re expected to have a good grasp of English grammar as the course aims to provide you with the skills to teach it effectively. With this certification, you’ll receive lifetime job search guidance, helping you to embark on your English teaching career.

Global Vision International (GVI)

Volunteering in Cambodia with GVI presents an opportunity for individuals to contribute to locally-led community initiatives in Siem Reap, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These include programs focused on a wide range of concerns, and volunteers can participate in various activities, ranging from early childhood development and English teaching to women’s empowerment and community development.

The programs, varying in duration from 1 to 12 weeks, are designed to fit into different schedules, making them suitable for those on short vacations or longer gap years. Accommodation is provided in a guesthouse located in the heart of Siem Reap, close to cultural and historical sites.

GVI is committed to ethical volunteering practices, ensuring the safety and well-being of both participants and local communities. They adhere to strict child protection policies and do not support orphanage volunteering. The experience offers participants a chance to immerse themselves in Cambodian culture, contribute to meaningful projects, and develop personal and professional skills valuable for future endeavors.

Teaching English in Early-years Education in Cambodia

Join GVI’s Teaching and Early-years Education program in Cambodia, where you’ll assist in teaching English, facilitating educational games, and contributing to early childhood development initiatives in Siem Reap. This program allows you to build a better world by contributing to vital community projects that align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, specifically focusing on quality education.

In this unique opportunity, you’ll work with young students, helping them grow and discover their potential through creative activities like educational games, arts, and crafts. You’ll be responsible for splitting your day between English classes, lesson planning, and leading interactive activities for the students. This experience not only involves teaching from an English curriculum but also facilitating fun and engaging extracurricular activities.

Situated in the vibrant Siem Reap province, near the majestic Angkor Wat, you’ll immerse yourself in Cambodian life, contributing towards UN Sustainable Development Goal #4: Quality Education. This program offers in-depth training in teaching and leading classes, allowing you to gain career experience in early years teaching and develop professional skills. You’ll also become part of the local community, experiencing an authentic way of living, and work on projects led by local organizations.

This program promises personal and professional development, immersing you in a new culture and contributing to global education initiatives.

Gender Equality Volunteering in Cambodia

In GVI’s Gender Equality Volunteering program in Cambodia, you’ll have the chance to make a significant impact in Siem Reap by contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goal #5: Gender Equality. This program focuses on increasing women’s access to essential skills and resources. You’ll be involved in teaching English and supporting the development of vocational and life skills that open new economic opportunities for women and girls.

Collaborating with local partners, your work might include delivering workshops or sessions that support the organization’s operations, or directly working with women and students. You’ll help advance women’s rights and contribute to equitable power and agency, which are crucial for gender equality.

Your weekdays will be dedicated to project work, and in your free time, you can explore Siem Reap’s rich cultural heritage. This program not only allows you to contribute to meaningful community development but also offers personal growth, cultural immersion, and the opportunity to work alongside a diverse team of passionate individuals.

Teach English to Cambodian Buddhist Monks

In GVI’s Teach English to Cambodian Buddhist Monks program in Siem Reap, you will make a positive impact by contributing to the education of local Buddhist monks and children. This unique opportunity allows you to build a better world by supporting vital, locally-led projects that align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Your task will be to improve the English proficiency of Buddhist monks in the mornings and teach children in the evenings, enhancing their chances of higher education and skilled employment.

This program is not only about teaching English but also immerses you in Cambodia’s rich culture and significant cultural heritage. You will gain valuable life skills and hands-on teaching experience that will improve your employability. Working alongside local partners, you will help enhance educational facilities and English literacy levels in the community.

Your weekdays will be filled with meaningful project work, and in your free time, you can explore the beauty and cultural richness of Siem Reap, from the Angkor Archaeological Park to vibrant streets and local markets. This experience allows you to become part of the local community and contribute to sustainable community development projects led by inspiring local NGOs.

Love Volunteers

Medical Internship in Phnom Penh

Love Volunteers provides medical internships through a Medical Volunteers program in Phnom Penh. This internship requires some medical background to gain hands-on experience working in hospitals alongside physicians. It costs $609 for two weeks and can go for as long as 12 weeks. As an intern, you may focus on children’s health or pediatrics.

Community Development in Phnom Penh

On Love Volunteers’ Cambodia Community Development program, you can assist with a variety of projects that focus on making society fairer and just for the impoverished. Volunteers pay $609 for four weeks and can opt to stay up to three months. Choose to work on any number of projects that focus on the following issues:

  • Human rights
  • Discrimination
  • Poverty
  • Health
  • Education

Construction Work in Siem Reap

Love Volunteers’ Construction Volunteering Building Homes program is perfect for those who want to work outdoors. This program helps to provide shelter for impoverished community members in Cambodia – you are invited to stay one to two weeks, starting at only $359. No prior construction experience is required – just a willingness to lend a helping hand with painting, demolishing, building, sawing, or cleaning.

A Journey of Cultural Immersion and Community Development

Cambodia, with its stunning blend of history and contemporary life, offers an unparalleled opportunity for volunteers. The range of programs available caters to diverse interests and skills, providing a chance to contribute meaningfully to various sectors while immersing in the local culture. From teaching English to Buddhist monks to empowering women and girls for a better future, each program is intricately designed to support Cambodia’s growth and development. As a volunteer, you not only gain invaluable experience and skills but also play a crucial role in the lives of the local communities. Whether it’s through education, healthcare, or community development, your efforts contribute significantly to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This journey promises not just personal growth and a deeper understanding of a unique culture but also the joy of making lasting connections and memories. Cambodia awaits with open arms, offering a fulfilling and transformative experience for those ready to make a difference.

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