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30 Best Places to Volunteer Abroad: 10 Countries & 30 Program Destinations

Nick Callos
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By Nick Callos
Volunteer Forever - 30 Best Places to Volunteer Abroad

You have much to consider when preparing to volunteer overseas. Not only do you have to find a reputable volunteer abroad program that suits your budget and interests, but you also must ensure times align with your schedule. And you may have to apply for scholarships and grants.

Needless to say, the process can get time-consuming and confusing.

To streamline your search, we’ve put together a list of the 30 best places to volunteer abroad. Here’s how we did that:

  1. We examined volunteer and tourism data, as well as expert resources, to determine the best places to volunteer abroad.
  2. We selected 10 of the top countries for volunteering abroad.
  3. We chose three great programs within each country (each in a different region/location).
  4. We included a variety of program types, from marine conservation to medical volunteering to teaching English.

So, our 30 best places to volunteer abroad cover 10 countries and all sorts of interests. Take a look – and start your dream volunteer vacation sooner than you’d imagined!

Volunteer in Costa Rica

Volunteer Forever - 30 Best Places to Volunteer Abroad

National Geographic has called Costa Rica “the most biologically intense place on Earth.” With lush rainforests, misty volcanic peaks, and golden coasts (on both sides!), Costa Rica delivers magic every step of the way. And with the vibrant capital of San Jose, the country never fails to entertain.

Naturally, Costa Rica has become a top choice for international volunteers – whether you want to volunteer for sea turtles or teach English, you’ll find a suitable program.

Check out three volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica:

Pacific Coast or Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica: Turtle Conservation

Organization: International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

Price: from $355 for one week

Duration: 1 to 24 weeks

Costa Rica has been blessed with two beautiful coastlines. When you volunteer for sea turtles with International Volunteer HQ, you have a choice of four stunning beach destinations:

  1. Ostional (Pacific Coast)
  2. Matapalo (Pacific Coast)
  3. Junquillal (Pacific Coast)
  4. Parismina (Caribbean Coast)

As a conservation volunteer, you’ll contribute to initiatives to protect green, leatherback, olive ridley, and hawksbill sea turtles. Duties include building hatcheries to protect eggs, tagging sea turtles for counting, beach cleanups, and night patrols. No matter what location you choose, you’ll have the chance to relax on the sand, go snorkeling in the ocean, hike in the jungle, and more during free time. Doesn’t that sound like a blast?

Also, know your work will have a positive impact. IVHQ began in 2007 and has sent more than 99,000 volunteers abroad in their first 11+ years. Their programs meet high standards for quality, safety, and commitment to positive change. If you’re interested in volunteering to help sea turtles with IVHQ, click here to learn more!

Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica: Organic Farming Volunteering

Organization: Maximo Nivel

Price: from $695 for one week

Duration: 1 to 4 weeks

Journey to Monteverde Cloud Forest, a sprawling tropical spot with great hiking and plenty of wildlife to view. There, you’ll support sustainable coffee production and local farmers. Duties include picking, weeding, roasting, and even packaging. You’ll see the process from seed to cup! And through various community activities, you’ll also boost reforestation efforts.

Perfect for coffee lovers and those that want to preserve our precious environment, this program is held through Maximo Nivel, a top volunteer abroad organization in Latin America. Their programs are affordable, transparent, and focused on sustainable development and education. So, do you want to learn to reap what you sow? Sign up with Maximo Nivel today!

Volunteer in Thailand

Volunteer Forever - 30 Best Places to Volunteer Abroad

Data from MasterCard shows Thailand is Asia Pacific’s most popular tourist destination. It’s not hard to understand why: with beautiful beaches, bustling cities, tranquil temples, lush landscapes, and welcoming and friendly locals, Thailand delights and amazes travelers.

Thailand has a need for volunteers to address social and environmental issues, such as poverty, unequal access to education and healthcare, and deforestation. When you volunteer in Thailand, you could help in a variety of ways. Teach English, support hill tribes, care for elephants, and more.

Have a look at three volunteer opportunities in Thailand:

Bangkok, Thailand: Volunteer Teaching

Organization: Love Volunteers

Price: from $669 for two weeks

Duration: 2 to 12 weeks

Want to teach abroadConsider this program with Love Volunteers. Established in 2009, Love Volunteers has become well-respected by volunteers for their transparency and commitment to affordability and making an impact. As an education volunteer, you’ll teach English and other subjects to marginalized children in Bangkok. By gifting the kids with knowledge and confidence, you can play a role in improving their future prospects.

When you’re not teaching, Bangkok awaits. Chill on Khaosan Road, visit Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) and shop at the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Sound like the perfect program? Apply on Love Volunteers’ site!

Krabi, Thailand: Marine Conservation Volunteering

Organization: Projects Abroad

Price: from $3,220 for one week; note prices get much cheaper per week the longer you stay (e.g. 4 weeks is $4,555)

Duration: 1 to 52 weeks

Travel to southern Thailand with Projects Abroad, an organization that places more than 10,000 volunteers abroad each year. As a marine conservation volunteer, you’ll get your PADI certificate during the first week here. Once certified, you’ll join in conservation activities, like coral propagation efforts and underwater surveys. Your work will benefit the marine ecosystem greatly.

What’s also great is that you’ll live with other volunteers in a bungalow in Ao Nang, a laid-back beach town in Krabi Province. Now, picture yourself in the Andaman Sea, drifting underwater with scuba gear on your back. If that sounds amazing, don’t wait—sign up here now!

Chiang Rai, Thailand: Volunteer at an Elephant Sanctuary

Organization: GoEco

Price: from $950 for one week

Duration: 1 to 8 weeks

Few creatures make us stand in awe like the elephant. Do your part to enable them to live freely in their natural habitat, away from the abuses of the tourism and logging industries. Offered by GoEco, an organization that was recognized as the Top Volunteer Abroad Organization in 2015 by GoAbroad, this project in Northern Thailand involves feeding and general care, rehabilitating injured elephants for release back in the wild, and building and maintaining of elephant sanctuary infrastructure.

When you’re not helping elephants, explore Chiang Rai, a mountainous province with gorgeous Buddhist temples, tea fields, and waterfalls. Ready to make the trek to Chiang Rai? Sign up here!

Volunteer in Kenya

Volunteer Forever - 30 Best Places to Volunteer Abroad

Home to ancient cultures, abundant wildlife, stirring landscapes, and modern cities, Kenya entices you to stay and play for a while. Among the best places to volunteer abroad in Africa and the world, Kenya makes for the perfect place to fuse traveling with volunteering. Dive into the culture and scenery, and do some good while having fun.

Kenya faces a variety of challenges, including the need to alleviate poverty and improve access to education and healthcare. A pioneer in environmental and wildlife conservation, Kenya always welcomes volunteers to support initiatives. When you volunteer abroad in Kenya, you could assist with HIV prevention, teach children computer skills, protect precious wildlife like the black rhino, and more.

Read through three cool programs in Kenya:

Nairobi, Kenya: Sports Coaching Volunteer

Organization: Agape Volunteers

Price: from one week for £590

Duration: 1 week to 1 year

Coach sports in Nairobi with Agape Volunteers, a top organization for volunteer opportunities in Africa. As a volunteer in the Kenya sports program, you’ll help with sports education at a local school and assist with training and coaching a community soccer team (aka football!). In addition to being a ton of fun, you’ll give vulnerable youth in Nairobi a structured environment in which they can make friends, establish healthy lifestyles, and develop important interpersonal skills.

Agape Volunteers comes highly recommended for a number of reasons, notably their commitment to the communities they serve but also the perks they offer (like free travel insurance). Through Agape Volunteers, your time as a sports coach volunteer can easily be combined with a Nairobi city tour, beach excursion, and three-day cultural experience with the Maasai Tribe. Find out more details here!

Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya: Big Cat Wildlife Research and Conservation Volunteer

Organization: African Impact

Price: from $2,311 for two weeks

Duration: 2 to 12 weeks

Support conservation efforts by protecting big cats in Kenya. Offered by African Impact, an organization that volunteers rate as among the best in the industry, this program involves monitoring lions, leopards, and cheetahs. In addition to collecting data to help develop effective conservation strategies, you’ll get to immerse yourself in Maasai culture and contribute to conservation education classes.

Perfect for wildlife and nature lovers, the Maasai Mara area will sweep you off your feet. Whether it’s hearing a lion’s roar or soaking up views of the expansive plains, you’ll know you’re in a special place. If you want an outdoor adventure, volunteer on this project. Register on the site!

Diani Beach, Kenya: Volunteer for Drug Rehabilitation

Organization: Love Volunteers

Price: from $299 for one week

Duration: 1 to 12 weeks

Travel to Diani Beach and provide drug users with the care and compassion they need to get clean. Your work will have a direct impact on reducing transmission of disease. You’ll also raise awareness in the community and help remove the stigma of addiction. Offered by Love Volunteers, an organization praised for their affordability and impact, this program suits doctors, nurses, medical and pre-med students, as well as anyone interested in drug rehabilitation.

When it comes to playing in the sand in Kenya, few places compare to Diani Beach. When you’re not serving as a medical volunteer, enjoy the waters, seafood eateries, and other entertainment. Interested? Sign up to volunteer here!

Volunteer in India

Volunteer Forever - 30 Best Places to Volunteer Abroad

From the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas to the stunning Taj Mahal to the gorgeous beaches of the tropical south, India whirls you into a world of varied cultures and landscapes. Come with a go-with-the-flow attitude and a willingness to try new things (like all the tasty food). You’ll have the time of your life.

Given the size of the country, and the need to address social issues like poverty and gender inequality, India has lots of volunteer opportunities. As a volunteer, you have enough selection to choose according to your interests and skills, whether that’s volunteering to help street children or serving as a medical volunteer.

Read over the three exciting programs in India:

Delhi, India: Special Needs Volunteering

Organization: Plan My Gap Year (PMGY)

Price: from $579 for two weeks

Duration: 2 to 24 weeks

Care for Indian children with special needs in Delhi, the capital territory and home to famous historical sites like the Red Fort and Humayun’s Tomb. As a special needs volunteer, you’ll provide essential education and support to disabled children. Since children with disabilities face barriers (they’re five and a half times more likely to not be in school), your role can prove critical in getting the kids to access quality education and services.

Plan My Gap Year supports this program. Established in 2011, PMGY receives high praise from program participants and goes the extra mile to make certain your work has an impact and you have a positive experience. The project allocates free time so you can explore Delhi too. Shop in Old Delhi, see the India Gate, and more. Want to learn more about this program? Go to PMGY’s site!

Kerala, India: Volunteer for Women’s Empowerment

Organization: Global Vision International (GVI)

Price: from $2,145 for two weeks

Duration: 2 to 12 weeks

In India, girls and women encounter obstacles to obtaining equal education and career opportunities. When you volunteer for women’s empowerment, you’ll combat social inequalities by teaching classes at a school, hosting skills workshops, and educating girls and women about their rights. Offered by Global Vision International, the program aligns with numerous United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, notably:

  1. good health and wellbeing
  2. quality education
  3. gender equality

GVI has been around since 1998 and has major partners like Save the Children and The Red Cross. Know your service work will help a lot. And during non-volunteer hours, chill in tropical Kerala, a state on India’s Malabar Coast. Enjoy the pristine beaches and visit epic nature spots like Athirappilly Falls. Sound like the adventure you need? Register on GVI’s site!

Volunteer in Peru

Volunteer Forever - 30 Best Places to Volunteer Abroad

Peru masterfully blends ancient culture, nature, and modernity. Explore Inca ruins at Machu Picchu, taste your way through the culinary scene in Lima, and cycle along the Pacific Coast. No wonder the country is a top gap year destination.

As a volunteer in Peru, you can help in a range of ways. For instance, you could teach English to marginalized children, and give them a skill they can use to break the cycle of poverty. Or, you could improve the health of the Amazon rainforest (it encompasses 60% of the country!).

Here are three wonderful programs in Peru:

Andes Mountains, Peru: Volunteer with Indigenous Communities

Organization: Maximo Nivel

Price: from $645 for one week

Duration: 1 to 4 weeks or longer ($150 per extra week)

Want to live in an indigenous, Quechua-speaking community high up in the Andes Mountains? Then join this program with Maximo Nivel, a preferred organization for volunteer programs in Latin America. As you learn the community’s traditional way of life, you’ll help with agricultural work, community construction, creating textiles, and more.

Note this is an off-the-grid project. Come with an open mind and be respectful, and you’ll have an incredibly powerful experience and make lasting connections with the locals. If that sounds like the trip you seek, click here to sign up!

Lima, Peru: Medical Volunteering

Organization: International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

Price: from $180 for one week + a $35 weekly surcharge

Duration: 1 to 24 weeks

Bring much-needed services to vulnerable communities as a healthcare volunteer in Lima. Your duties will include getting patients checked in, taking vitals, hosting health workshops, and other tasks as needed. To qualify, you must have intermediate Spanish skills and be a pre-med, medical, or nursing student, or fully qualified professional. Know you’ll have a big impact as a medical volunteer in Peru. IVHQ is one of the most trusted names in volunteering, having placed volunteers from companies like Microsoft and institutions like UCLA.

During free time, Lima invites you to have a good time. Check out pre-Columbian art at the Larco Museum, see the Cathedral of Lima, and dive into all the dining and entertainment. Want to hear more? Head to IVHQ’s program page!

Cusco, Peru: Teaching English

Organization: Maximo Nivel

Price: from $645 for one week

Duration: 1 to 4 weeks or longer ($150 per extra week)

Make your way to Cusco, the former capital of the Inca Empire. Teach English to disadvantaged kids and teens in an after-school program. By equipping them with English language skills, you’ll open up economic opportunities and improve their employability. What’s also great about this program is that Maximo Nivel gives all volunteers a crash course in teaching English as a second language. You could even jumpstart your teaching career!

Located in the Peruvian Andes, Cusco sits in the heart of the Inca Empire, right near Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. Take time to traverse the region. Wish to learn more? Get all the details here!

Volunteer in Fiji

Volunteer Forever - 30 Best Places to Volunteer Abroad

Fiji moves to its own rhythm. When you’re greeted with “Bula!”, you’ll feel the warmth of the people and this wonderful country. And whether you’re scuba diving in the Mamanuca Islands or taking part in construction volunteer projects, you’ll feel a positive energy.

Fiji has made great progress over the years, but challenges remain, especially in childcare, education, and healthcare. Volunteering in Fiji offers a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture and do your part to build a brighter future.

Look at our top three places to volunteer in Fiji:

Suva, Fiji: Childcare Volunteering

Organization: Plan My Gap Year (PMGY)

Price: from $639 for two weeks

Duration: 2 to 16 weeks

Many rural Fijian families move to Suva, the capital, for work. This creates a large need for affordable daycare. As a childcare volunteer, you’ll support these families by giving their kids quality early education. Help develop their social and cognitive skills through activities like puzzles and arts and crafts. And teach life skills such as basic hygiene and good manners.

This program is hosted by Plan My Gap Year, a well-established volunteer abroad organization that sends more than 4,000 volunteers overseas per year. PMGY offers a lot of support, which makes planning your free time easier. Be sure to tour the Fiji Museum and Thurston Gardens in Suva. And get to the beaches! Want to volunteer with PMGY in Fiji? Click here!

Pacific Harbour, Fiji: Shark Conservation Volunteering

Organization: Projects Abroad

Price: from $4,215 for two weeks

Duration: 2 to 52 weeks

Venture to Pacific Harbour, the adventure capital of Fiji, and volunteer for shark conservation. Help scientists protect one of the globe’s most endangered species by feeding, identifying, and tagging sharks in their natural marine habitat. As part of your work, you’ll get your own diving certification. How awesome is that?

Projects Abroad assists Project AWARE and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on this initiative. When you volunteer, you’ll contribute towards a truly great conservation effort. As Ian Campbell, global shark program manager at WWF, states, this is “probably the most important shark conservation project in the world.” If that has you excited to join, apply now!

Road Trip Across Fiji: Travel and Volunteer

Organization: GoEco

Price: $1,950

Duration: 3 weeks

Offered by GoEco, a leading volunteer tourism organization, this project takes you across Fiji, from the main island to the Ovalau and back. Itinerary highlights include:

  1. A visit to Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park
  2. A meeting with elders in a traditional village
  3. A day on the beaches of Levuka
  4. A scenic drive around Viti Levu
  5. Fijian cooking lessons

In addition to snorkeling, learning Fijian dance, trekking in nature, and more, you’ll spend time volunteering as a teacher or sports coach at a local school. It’s a nice way to give back during the journey. Sign up for this trip on GoEco’s site!

Volunteer in South Africa

Volunteer Forever - 30 Best Places to Volunteer Abroad

South Africa connects you to plenty of adventure, nature, history, and culture. Look for the Big 5 in Kruger National Park, see how far the country has come to museums in Cape Town, go surfing, and chat with locals over a meal. This country entertains and inspires, no matter where you roam.

An incredibly resilient nation, South Africa welcomes volunteers with open arms. Service work is vital to tackling problems, including economic inequality, educational inequality, health issues such as HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, and environmental destruction.

If you want to volunteer in South Africa, consider one of these three programs:

Marakele National Park, South Africa: Animal Conservation Volunteering

Organization: Agape Volunteers

Price: from £1530 for two weeks

Duration: 2 to 12 weeks

Protect endangered animals at Marakele National Park. Located in the heart of the Waterberg Mountains, Marakele National Park serves as the home for leopards, elephants. cheetahs, hyenas, buffalos, lions, and white and black rhinos. Sadly, a changing environment and illegal activities like poaching have put their futures at risk. As a conservation volunteer, you’ll help with animal monitoring, anti-poaching efforts, and park management.

Agape Volunteers, a UK-registered charity that supports humanitarian work in Africa, hosts the program. They guarantee real impact for local communities and affordable, rewarding experience for volunteers. During your trip, you’ll have time to arrange sightseeing (in addition to touring the park). For instance, Johannesburg, with important historical sites like the Apartheid Museum and Mandela House, isn’t far away. Get all the program details here!

Wild Coast, South Africa: School Volunteer Project

Organization: Naturally Africa Volunteers

Price: from $830 for two weeks

Duration: 2 to 12 weeks

Teach computer literacy to children in Chintsa, a beautiful coastal village. Many rural students don’t have access to digital devices and tools, so your help enables the kids to learn valuable IT skills. You’ll teach in the morning and help with community development projects in the afternoon, such as gardening, an after-school homework program, and a mobile computer lab project (bring the internet to remote parts of town!).

You’ll volunteer through Naturally Africa Volunteers, an organization focused on making sustainable contributions to communities across Africa. Their in-country staff offer 24/7 support and advice, which comes in handy if you want to roam around South Africa’s Wild Coast. From unspoiled nature reserves to tranquil villages to sandy beaches, this region delivers beauty and adventure. So, are you ready to go? Apply here!

Volunteer in Greece

Volunteer Forever - 30 Best Places to Volunteer Abroad

Greece, that sun-soaked nation in the Mediterranean, warms the soul. Rich in history and culture, Greece vibrates today to the sounds of passionate music and waves crashing on the coastline. From the streets of Athens to beaches of Thessaloniki, the country delights and good conversation always awaits you at cafes and bars.

While the beauty of the Greek Islands gives you reason enough to come, Greece has a need for volunteers. Volunteers are needed to deliver services to refugees and migrants from nearby countries. As tourism and industries like fishing and forestry affect biodiversity, there has been an increased call for conservation volunteers. The education and healthcare sectors benefit from extra help as well.

Look at the three best places to volunteer abroad in Greece:

Chios, Greece: Food Outreach Volunteering

Organization: International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

Price: from $660 for two weeks

Duration: 2 to 12 weeks

Make your way to Chios, the fifth-largest of the Greek Islands. There, you’ll offer assistance providing meals at elderly homes and public schools. Main duties include food preparation, meal distribution, and cleaning dishes. During holidays and the summer, you can participate in outdoor classes and activities for the children and seniors.

International Volunteer HQ, a top volunteer abroad organization, has very affordable fees and great in-country support. You should have extra cash to enjoy Chios and hop around the Greek Islands. Ready to soak up the sun? Apply on IVHQ’s site!

Chalkida, Greece: Volunteer to Support Refugees

Organization: Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS)

Price: from $1,990 for one week

Duration: 1 to 4 weeks or longer ($600 per extra week)

Support refugees and migrants in Chalkida, a town just north of Athens. More than one million refugees and migrants have arrived in Greece since 2015, many from Syria. As a volunteer for refugee relief, you’ll help provide solutions to a humanitarian crisis. The aim is to bring a sense of normalcy and renewed dignity to the lives of these displaced people. You can choose to work in one of four impact areas:

  1. Female Friendly Space (available to females volunteering at least 4 weeks)
  2. Distribution Center
  3. Laundry Center
  4. Clothing Shop

Founded in 1995, Cross-Cultural Solutions has a 99% approval rating from past volunteers and programs like these show why. You can truly make a big impact here. And when you finish volunteering, explore nearby Athens. Sound like the volunteer vacation you want? Click here to apply!

Kefalonia, Greece: Turtle Conservation Volunteering

Organization: Frontier

Price: from $1,045 for two weeks

Duration: 2 to 4 weeks

Protect one of Greece’s most important loggerhead turtle nesting areas in Kefalonia. Conduct daily monitoring surveys, observe and tag nesting females, and raise public awareness about conservation efforts. Your volunteer work will protect nests from predators and collect valuable data for implementing conservation strategies.

Founded in 1989, Frontier served over 103,000 volunteers in their first three decades. They currently have over 400 adventurous volunteer abroad projects, and this is one of the most notable ones. You’ll have a blast doing turtle conservation work on the Ionian Islands. Apply on Frontier’s site!

Volunteer in Ghana

Volunteer Forever - 30 Best Places to Volunteer Abroad

With a vibrant democracy and growing economy, Ghanaians continue to push ahead. Today, Ghana’s varied landscape, ethnically diverse population, and rich history make the country a fascinating place to visit. From exploring Ashanti culture in Kumasi to trying out all the fresh cuisine (waakye sounds good right now!), your mind and taste buds will be stimulated. And when nature calls, expansive parks, and relaxing beaches answer.

As a volunteer in Ghana, you can help the country build a brighter future. For instance, poverty has declined to around 23% but remains a problem (especially as income inequality rises). Volunteer assistance in sectors like healthcare, education, and agriculture can benefit marginalized Ghanaians greatly. Conservation volunteers can also help with creating a sustainable tomorrow.

Learn about three great volunteer opportunities in Ghana:

Accra, Ghana: Music Teaching

Organization: Agape Volunteers

Price: from £510 for one week

Duration: 1 week to 1 year

Give free music lessons to underprivileged children and teenagers in Accra. Working alongside professional musicians, you’ll empower these kids to unleash their creative potential and teach them a skill they can enjoy and use for a lifetime. Note you must know at least one instrument to qualify for this program.

Hosted by Agape Volunteers, a top-rated volunteer abroad organization in Africa, this project gives you the chance to make an impact right away. And during free time, Accra, which sits on the Atlantic Coast, not only has awesome beaches like Labadi Beach, but also notable sites such as Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park (which honors the prominent leader Kwame Nkrumah). So, do you want to volunteer in Ghana’s capital? Apply with Agape Volunteers today!

Kumasi, Ghana: Disabled Children Volunteer Program

Organization: Plan My Gap Year (PMGY)

Price: from $624 for two weeks

Duration: 2 to 24 weeks

Give physically and mentally disabled children and teenagers the resources and opportunities they deserve. Out of the 100,000 Ghanaian children with a disability, 16,000 don’t even attend school. And those that do most often don’t have access to proper support. As a special needs volunteer, you can turn the tides by assisting with speech and physical therapy, hosting life skills classes, and providing companionship.

You’ll volunteer through Plan My Gap Year, an organization founded by volunteers for volunteers. They know how to craft a meaningful volunteer experience, and help with everything from getting you cozy accommodation to touring the area. While in Kumasi, shop at Kumasi Central Market, the largest single market in West Africa. Ready to apply or want to learn more? Click here!

Volta Region, Ghana: Health Research Volunteering

Organization: A Broader View Volunteers Corp (ABV)

Price: from $995 for two weeks

Duration: 2 to 8 weeks

Head to the Volta Region, and work to combat the spread of infectious diseases, increase access to healthcare, and improve overall awareness. Duties depend on your qualifications and experience. You could:

  1. Contribute to medical research focused on HIV/AIDS
  2. Run health education workshops
  3. Promote maternal health
  4. Conduct rural community health assessments

This project is hosted by A Broader View, a non-profit organization committed to helping disadvantaged communities throughout the world. You’ll be based in the Kpando Municipal District, which sits right beside gorgeous Lake Volta (the world’s largest reservoir by surface area). Intrigued? Learn more on ABV’s site!

Volunteer in Brazil

Volunteer Forever - 30 Best Places to Volunteer Abroad

From the bold celebrations of Carnaval to the immaculate Amazon rainforest to the tasty feijoada (a stew), Brazil comes to please. As the fifth-largest country in the world, Brazil has it all: buzzing urban centers like São Paulo, chilled-out beaches, remote jungles, and more.

The sheer variety of sites and activities make the South American nation a bucket list destination. With so much to give visitors, it’s worth it to give back while in Brazil. Volunteers can do a lot of good by serving in Brazil, as the country has a need to protect their natural areas and must address issues stemming from income inequality.

Here are three of the best places to volunteer abroad in Brazil:

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Construction Volunteering

Organization: Love Volunteers

Price: from $459 for one week

Duration: 1 to 8 weeks

Build and repair homes in Complexo do Alemão, a group of favelas in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro. By enhancing the living conditions of families residing in shantytowns, you’ll improve the future prospects of Rio’s most marginalized residents. Better homes mean a better quality of life and less potential health problems.

You’ll volunteer through Love Volunteers, an organization with affordable service opportunities across 34-plus countries. Their initiatives focus on tangible solutions, so expect your labor to yield great results for the local community. And during off-hours, reward yourself by having fun a Rio, a city known for its world-class beaches, arts, dining, and entertainment. Reserve your spot on Love Volunteers’ site!

Amazon Rainforest, Brazil: Amazon Guide Program

Organization: Fronteering

Price: from $1,595 for two weeks

Duration: 2 to 4 weeks

Educate tourists about the importance of conserving the Amazon jungle, as well as how to minimize their impact during visits. As a volunteer with the Amazon Guide Program, you’ll also teach local guides English (and learn Portuguese), care for monkeys at a rehabilitation center, learn about eco-friendly living, and do wilderness training with military experts. And you’ll even get to sleep on a hammock beneath the stars!

Offered by Fronteering, a volunteer travel organization known for off-the-beaten-path experiences, this program takes you to the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. Sound incredible? Get your trip started on Fronteering’s site!

Santa Catarina Island, Brazil: Otter Conservation Volunteering

Organization: Frontier

Price: from one week for $695

Duration: 1 to 4 weeks

If sunshine and conservation work is your thing, this is the volunteer abroad program for you. Contribute to the conservation of neotropical otters on beautiful Santa Catarina Island. Duties include general care and collection of important data at the otter sanctuary. This project suits those aspiring to work in biology, zoology, ecology, and related fields.

The host organization, Frontier, has contributed to more than 600 research papers and will challenge you to learn and make meaningful observations about the otters. Register on Frontier’s site today!

Bonus! More of the Best Places to Volunteer Abroad

Selecting the best places to volunteer abroad gets difficult. There are just so many great destinations.

As a bonus, we’re adding some more top places to volunteer abroad here.

Volunteer in Ireland

Volunteer Forever - 30 Best Places to Volunteer Abroad

Want to volunteer abroad in Europe? Consider Ireland—a country with a fascinating combination of history, culture, landscape, and charm (feeling lucky?). Take a literary tour in Dublin, explore the rugged coastline of Donegal, listen to traditional Irish music in Doolin, and more.

Recommended program: English Language and Cultural Exchange

Organization: Angloville

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Price: Varies on your personal expenses; accommodation, three meals per day, and a free city tour are covered)

Duration: 1 to 4 weeks or longer

Join Angloville’s linguistic and cultural exchange program, and explore Europe while having free lodging and meals. Founded in 2011, Angloville sends more than 8,000 people abroad each year and is active across Europe, notably in Ireland, England, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Romania.

Through Angloville, you can receive free accommodation at Dublin City University for teaching English. Angloville requires you participate in 12 hours of English conversations per week. In addition, you and your language partners can play sports, hang out at cafes, do art, and more. You have a choice of teaching adults, teenagers, or children. You’ll also have ample time to experience Dublin, a living museum. The city delights with sites like St. Patrick’s Cathedral and good times at the pubs.

Volunteer in Cambodia

Volunteer Forever - 30 Best Places to Volunteer Abroad

Home to awe-inspiring sites such as Angkor Wat, charismatic cities like Phnom Penh, and dazzling countryside scenery and beaches, Cambodia sets the stage for the trip of a lifetime. The country is truly one of the best places to volunteer abroad in Southeast Asia. Help the country continue moving forward as you eat, sightsee, and relax.

Recommended program: Cambodia Clean Water Project

Organization: Globalteer

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Price: from $461 for one week

Duration: 1 to 12 weeks

Go with Globalteer to Siem Reap, and work to provide clean, safe water to villages. For impoverished Cambodians living outside urban centers, a lack of sufficient access to clean water puts them at risk of water-borne illnesses and diseases. Duties include building and installing filters, as well as assisting with general maintenance of filters and wells.

Globalteer focuses on ethical community development projects. Known your work will have a direct impact every day. And when you’re not volunteering, have fun in Siem Reap. Visit Angkor Wat, shop at the Old Market, try a fish spa, and more. Intrigued? Apply on Globalteer’s site!

Begin Your Great Volunteer Abroad Adventure

That wraps up our list of the top places to volunteer abroad. You have lots of amazing choices. Start making your own list and applying to programs.

Remember the right program and destination matter. Do your research and select according to your interests, goals, and budget. You can have a life-changing experience, learn about a different culture, build your CV/resume, gain valuable skills, and truly help those who need it most.

It’s entirely up to you where you go. Your grand volunteer adventure may happen in one of the programs in our list of best places to volunteer abroad. Or, it could happen in Cuba with Global Leadership Adventures or Tanzania with Raleigh International.

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