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The Volunteer Forever team is very excited to announce the launch of our new platform, Abroadly, where you can find and apply for volunteer, intern, and teach abroad programs perfect for your interests and goals.

Whether you are interested in a volunteer vacation or long-term service opportunity, an international internship to kickstart your career, or an amazing chance to earn your TEFL certification and get paid to teach English overseas, Abroadly is here to help. Right now, you can find over a hundred different trips on Abroadly, with new ones added each week.

Why Abroadly?

With Abroadly, not only can you search for the right program overseas, but you also will be able to find info about these trips that can be difficult to find elsewhere. Abroadly helps you answer questions like:

  1. How much does this trip cost, and what’s included – or not included?
  2. Where will I live while abroad, and what’s the housing like?
  3. What is my day-to-day life like on this project?
  4. What’s the impact of the program I’m signing up for – and what’s my impact as a participant?
  5. How do I know this is a reputable organization?
  6. How does this program ensure my safety as a participant?

Once you’ve discovered the perfect program abroad, we make it easy for you to sign up. Our secure, four-step application reserves your spot, and once you’ve completed your application, you’ll hear back within two business days about whether you’ve been accepted.

Funding for Your Travels

Through Abroadly, you have free access to two different fundraising resources: our exclusive scholarship competition and our crowdfunding platform.

As an applicant through Abroadly, you can be enrolled in our scholarship competition, where we award two $500 scholarships each quarter to travelers embarking on a volunteer, intern, or teach abroad program. Your award can be used for any of your travel expenses – your program fee, transportation, visa, clothing, and gear…you name it!

And once you apply, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to set up a free crowdfunding campaign, where you can tell your friends and family all about your upcoming trip and raise funds for it!

New Volunteer, Intern, and Teach Abroad Opportunities

Here are just a few of the many great volunteer, intern, and teach abroad trips that you can choose from on Abroadly. Click on a program to learn more about it and to apply!

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Provide Medical Care in Tanzania

Travel to Tanzania and gain insight and experience into medical and healthcare practice on this program, where you can volunteer in a government hospital or in a community clinic! While you do not need previous experience to sign up for this program, your level of involvement will depend on your background and skills, how long you stay, and the doctor that’s supervising you. Previous volunteers have been able to take part in hands-on tasks such as administering IV injections or dressing wounds, though if your supervising doctor deems it safest for you to observe only, your role will be more focused on learning from shadowing. This trip starts from only $789 for your first two weeks in Tanzania – learn more and sign up here!

Volunteer for Mental Health and Psychology in Ghana

If you have experience in mental health and psychology, travel to Ghana and learn about the country’s mental health sector. As a volunteer, you will learn about Ghanaian psychiatric services, as well as the history and new developments in mental health care. Not only will you learn from professionals at the hospital (and depending on your experience, lend a hand with their work), but you’ll also take part in community outreach programs to help build support for those afflicted with mental illnesses. This program is open to those studying or looking for further study in psychology or mental health. This trip starts at $714 for two weeks – learn more here!

Volunteer with Children in Nepal

Based close to Kathmandu, Nepal, you are invited to teach through a program that provides free education, textbooks, uniforms, and shoes to more than 150 impoverished children. As a volunteer, you can teach vital subjects such as English, mathematics, science, history, and geography, with your biggest impact being on the children’s English language skills. Knowing English will help them pursue greater education opportunities and better jobs later on to support themselves and their families, and to build up their communities. During your stay, you’ll live in a shared volunteer house with breakfast and dinner provided. This trip starts from one week at $558 – learn more and apply here!

Volunteer for Wildlife Conservation in Costa Rica

Travel to Costa Rica, one of the most biodiversity-dense regions of the world, and volunteer with animals on a nature reserve. A few ways that you can help include:

  1. Taking care of the animals, including preparing food, feeding them, and cleaning their enclosures
  2. Building cages and shelters for the animals
  3. Educating visitors about the importance of wildlife conservation
  4. Helping out with maintenance tasks around the animal rescue center

You’re also invited to take Spanish classes as part of your trip to Costa Rica, which will help to give you a truly immersive experience. Your efforts will further the important work being done by a rescue center that aims to protect animals from encroaching development and agricultural practices, as well as the illegal exotic animal trade. During your stay, you will live with a host family – an excellent way to learn Spanish and gain a truly immersive experience in Costa Rica. This trip starts from $853 for your first two weeks – learn more and apply here!

Empower Women in India

On this trip, you will help make a difference for girls and women in Kerala, India through education, workshops, vocational training, and more. In India, girls and women face social inequalities including spousal abuse, being married off at an early age, and being denied an education by their families. Through this volunteer initiative, you will play a part in providing educational, healthcare, and income-generation assistance as a way to promote gender equality. Over the long term, this type of support decreases infant mortality rates, encourages children to stay in school, provides jobs and healthcare, and so much more, all to end the cycle of poverty. Your role on this program will depend on your background and the project needs at the time, and may include one-on-one lessons for girls, hosting alternative income and health workshops in the community, or working in a vocational training center. This program starts from $1700 for two weeks – click here to learn more and to apply!

Teach English in Ghana

Visit Western Africa and teach English to students in Kumasi, Ghana on this wonderful program, where you’ll help promote creative thinking introduce innovative teaching techniques in an international school. During your trip to Ghana, you will volunteer as a teaching assistant and help with lesson planning and teaching English, math, IT, and other subjects, finding ways to get your students engaged and interested in learning. Outside of the classroom, you’ll be able to lead extracurricular activities, such as sports, dancing, storytelling, coloring, and much more. You’ll live in a shared and gated volunteer house that’s basic but comfortable, and will be provided with three meals each day during your volunteer trip. This program starts from only $624 for your first two weeks in Ghana – learn more and sign up here!

Volunteer at a Summer Camp in Buriram

Earn your TEFL certificate and teach English in Thailand! On this 21-day trip, you will teach students in Buriram, go on sightseeing tours, and immerse yourself in Thai culture. A few highlights include a tour of Bangkok, day trip to Surin Lake, Thai language and boxing lessons, English teaching at summer camps in schools or temples, a visit to an elephant conservation center, and traveling to the island of Koh Samet. While you don’t need TEFL certification to sign up for this trip, it can be very helpful with gaining the most from your volunteer program – plus, you may have the opportunity to extend your stay in Thailand through a paid English teaching placement. This program costs $1199 for a three-week stay – learn more and apply here!

Ready to Travel?

If you’re ready to start planning your next meaningful adventure, head over to Abroadly and check out all the amazing places you can go! Click here to start the search for your perfect trip.

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