Best Summer Internships Abroad 2024


Are you a college or graduate student eager to step beyond the classroom and into a world of real-world experiences? Embarking on an international internship is an incredible way to enhance your academic journey, offering both professional development and cultural enrichment. These programs, particularly available during the summer months to align with your academic schedule, are tailored to provide hands-on experience in your field of study while immersing you in diverse global settings.

Imagine nurturing neonatal care in Tanzania, a perfect opportunity for medical students to gain practical skills and understand healthcare in different cultural contexts. Or, dive into the vibrant world of marine biology in Costa Rica, where you can apply your theoretical knowledge in a rich, biodiverse environment. For those studying hospitality, managing a hotel in Bali offers invaluable insights into international tourism and business practices. If wildlife conservation ignites your passion, engage in crucial efforts in Malawi, combining fieldwork with conservation studies.

In this guidebook, we delve into some of the most enriching and impactful summer internships abroad. These programs, offered by renowned organizations like Intern Abroad HQ, GoEco, Maximo Nivel, Projects Abroad, African Impact, Involvement Volunteers International, and Volunteering Solutions, not only provide valuable professional experience but also align with important global initiatives like the UN Sustainable Development Goals. There are costs to join these programs, but taking the stress out of securing a personalised summer internship is worth the investment!

So, whether you’re a budding medical professional, an aspiring educator, or a conservation enthusiast, get ready to discover how you can make a difference globally while paving the way for your future career. 

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Maximo Nivel

Maximo Nivel, active since 2003, offers volunteer and internship opportunities, TEFL certification, and Spanish immersion in Latin America, accredited by various educational bodies. It’s renowned for being accredited by the Ministries of Education in Guatemala and Peru, a Global Associate member of NAFSA, and recognized by Bildungsurlaub in Germany. Furthermore, it’s a member of ALTO and a certifying organization for the U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Award.

Education Internships In Latin America

Maximo Nivel’s Education Internships in Latin America offer a chance to grow as an educator in international settings across Guatemala, Peru, and Costa Rica. Key features include practical teaching in various educational stages, direct classroom involvement, and lesson planning with professional feedback. Interns learn about local curricula and student development methods. 

The program, tailored to academic and professional needs, includes private room accommodations with a host family, meals, and Spanish lessons. Suitable for individuals aged 19+, the program enhances skills in student assessment and teaching strategies. Starting at $1,595 for four weeks, it offers comfortable accommodations, and professional support, and aligns with academic credit requirements. Conducted in English, it’s ideal for those eager to immerse in local culture and contribute to educational development in Latin America.

Medical Internships In Latin America

Maximo Nivel’s Medical Internships in Latin America offer practical healthcare experience in nationalized healthcare systems, ideal for understanding patient care in developing countries. Key aspects include hands-on experience in hospitals, clinics, and assisted-living facilities, exposure to medical practices in the developing world, and working alongside professionals in patient consultations and healthcare services. Starting at $1,595, the program includes private room accommodation with a host family, meals, and Spanish classes, suitable for individuals 19 or older with medical education or training. 

Interns engage in activities like triage, health education, and potentially medical campaigns, enhancing medical Spanish skills and communication with Spanish-speaking patients. With comfortable accommodations and comprehensive support, the program builds a global medical perspective.  Whether it’s working in Costa Rica’s progressive healthcare system, assisting in Guatemala’s under-resourced settings, or navigating Peru’s unique healthcare challenges, these internships provide invaluable insights and professional growth in the medical field.

Micro-Business Internships In Latin America

Maximo Nivel’s Micro-Business Internships in Latin America provide an opportunity to engage in international business, focusing on micro-companies in developing economies in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. Key features include real-world business experience in various areas like marketing, sales, and accounting, and aiding local entrepreneurs to expand internationally. Starting at $1,595, the program includes private room accommodations with a host family, meals, and Spanish classes, and is suitable for individuals 19 or older, eager to learn and contribute creatively. 

Interns work closely with small business owners, enhancing operations, client services, marketing, and more, improving business understanding in developing economies and Spanish business vocabulary. The program offers comfortable accommodation and comprehensive support, aiming to build a global business perspective. Available in different Latin American countries, each presents unique business challenges and opportunities, providing valuable insights and professional growth in international business. Intermediate Spanish skills are required.

Intern Abroad HQ

Can you imagine a workplace better than the open sea itself?

Neonatal Care & Children’s Health Internships in Arusha, Tanzania

The Arusha Neonatal Care & Children’s Health Internships provide an immersive experience in African healthcare, focusing on newborn and children’s care. You’ll develop practical healthcare skills under professional supervision, with the opportunity to work in various medical departments according to your interests. Priced from $1,769, the program includes accommodation, and meals, and is ideal for medical students, graduates, and professionals. 

You’ll work with diverse patients in neonatal and pediatric care, involving routine checks and patient care, fostering both cultural intelligence and professional development. The internship, conducted in English, also offers comfortable accommodation, and support for activities, and aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals, enhancing job readiness.

Marine Biology Internships in Costa Rica

The Marine Biology Internships in Costa Rica offer a chance to engage in marine conservation in a biodiverse region. This program, starting at $3,466 with accommodation and meals, focuses on coral rehabilitation, reef health, and community education. Key features include coral restoration specialization, varied marine research, and learning from experienced scientists, making it ideal for marine biology enthusiasts. 

Participants will do hands-on conservation, including dive site surveys and community outreach, and can earn a PADI Coral Restoration Specialty Certification. The program, aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goals, offers an enriching experience in Costa Rica, complete with comfortable accommodations and meals, and is conducted in English. It’s designed for those committed to marine preservation and keen on experiencing Costa Rica’s ecological richness.

Hotel Management Internships in Bali, Indonesia

The Hotel Management Internships in Bali provide a chance to learn hotel management in Indonesia’s vibrant tourism sector. With placements in Kuta, Seminyak, and Ubud, you’ll gain experience in the front office, guest relations, and housekeeping. The program, starting at $2,799 including accommodation, offers professional training in hotel management and skill development for employability, and is suitable for relevant students.

You’ll work alongside experts, gaining skills in customer service and operational management in a full-time, dynamic setting. The internship includes comfortable accommodation and support, blending professional growth with cultural exploration. Conducted in English, it’s ideal for those aspiring to a career in the global hospitality industry.


GoEco, since 2006, has facilitated over 150 volunteer programs in 40+ countries, with a focus on sustainability, education, and wildlife conservation. Recognized as a sustainable operator, it has achieved significant impacts in education and wildlife conservation. GoEco’s efforts and achievements have been acknowledged in major news platforms and through awards, bolstering its profile in global volunteerism.

South Africa – Pre-Vet Internship

GoEco’s animal care experience in South Africa is ideal for pre-vet students or those interested in veterinary medicine. Key features include hands-on animal care with a variety of animals, including livestock, domestic animals, and African wildlife, along with cultural immersion in the Chintsa area. Participants learn from experienced vets and local teams. The program requires a minimum two-week commitment, extendable to twelve weeks, perfect for your summer break!

Activities encompass practical animal work and community engagement. Accommodations vary, ensuring comfort and safety, and three meals per day are provided. Comprehensive support and orientation are included, making it a fulfilling opportunity to contribute to animal welfare and gain valuable experience.

Malawi – Wildlife Rescue Center Veterinary Internship

GoEco’s Wildlife Rescue Center Veterinary Internship in Malawi offers hands-on experience for those interested in veterinary science. Key aspects include active participation in veterinary practices, working with diverse wildlife like orphaned vervet monkeys, and immersion in Malawi’s natural beauty. The program, located in Lilongwe, runs for 2 to 12 weeks and includes shared housing with amenities like Wi-Fi and laundry services. Three vegetarian meals a day are provided, along with comprehensive support including airport transfers. 

Interns will engage in health checks, emergency operations, and animal husbandry, aiding in animal rehabilitation and release. This impactful experience, starting at $1,840 for two weeks, is perfect for advancing veterinary skills and contributing to wildlife conservation in Africa.

Founded in 1992, Projects Abroad provides internship and volunteer programs worldwide, emphasizing responsible travel and global impact tracking, with a focus on UN Sustainable Development Goals. They enforce comprehensive safety protocols and deliver tailored experiences inclusive of accommodation, meals, and airport transfers.

Medical Internships in Ghana

The Medical Internships in Ghana by Projects Abroad offer a chance for those interested in medicine to experience a developing country’s healthcare system, suitable for pre-med students, medical students, and professionals. Key features include practical medical experience in hospitals under doctor supervision, exposure to various medical departments, and hands-on health checks and education campaigns. The program accepts participants aged 16 and over. Interns will shadow medical professionals, learn about diseases prevalent in Ghana, and participate in community outreaches to rural and marginalized areas, involving wound treatment and health checks. Accommodation with a local host family provides cultural immersion and meals offer a taste of local cuisine. This internship is ideal for expanding medical knowledge, understanding healthcare challenges in developing countries, and gaining valuable experience in medical school applications.

International Development Internship in Guadalajara, Mexico

The International Development Internship in Mexico by Projects Abroad offers practical experience in Latin American development issues. Based in Guadalajara, it’s ideal for those aspiring to work in international development, with hands-on work in areas like women’s rights, immigration, and community development. The program, suitable for individuals 18 and over, starts from four weeks and utilizes basic Spanish skills for effective communication. Interns engage in fundraising, fieldwork, and initiatives empowering marginalized groups, including assisting immigrants and addressing child malnutrition. Accommodation with a host family provides cultural immersion and authentic Mexican cuisine. This internship is perfect for understanding developing country challenges and NGO efforts, suitable for recent graduates, university students, or professionals seeking insights and professional development in international development.

Veterinary Medicine Internship in Sri Lanka

The Veterinary Medicine Internship in Sri Lanka by Projects Abroad is designed for students, graduates, and aspiring veterinarians to gain practical experience. Key aspects include direct involvement under local veterinarians, working with domestic and farm animals, and accommodation with a local host family for cultural immersion. The program, open to individuals 16 and over, starts from one week. Interns will observe veterinary tasks, assist with procedures like vaccinations, and participate in fieldwork at farms. This offers a broader perspective on veterinary medicine in a developing country and enhances your CV. Staying with a host family provides an authentic cultural experience and learning about local customs and cuisine. Available year-round with flexible dates, this internship is a great opportunity to gain veterinary skills, understand animal healthcare in a different context, and contribute to animal welfare in Sri Lanka.

African Impact

African Impact offers internship programs in community, conservation, business, NGO & charity, and teaching fields, with a focus on structured training and adherence to UN Standards for Child Protection. African Impact’s commitment to ethical practices is evident in its zero-tolerance policy for modern slavery and human trafficking, and its decision to cease affiliations with orphanages focused more on income than welfare.

NGO Photography Program – Nkhata Bay, Malawi

The NGO Photography Program in Nkhata Bay, Malawi, organized by African Impact, is ideal for photographers aiming to impact social and environmental issues. Key features include professional tutoring in NGO photography, opportunities to work with charities in education, animal welfare, and food security, and a workshop by humanitarian photographer Anna Lusty on culturally sensitive documentation. The program lasts two to four weeks, starting 19th May 2024, with fees covering accommodation, meals, airport transfers, workshops, and transport. Participants will engage in a comprehensive workshop in the first week and then photograph NGO projects, aiding in their digital marketing and fundraising. Staying in scenic Nkhata Bay, the fee includes essentials but not flights, insurance, or personal expenses. This internship offers a unique combination of professional photography development and contributing to humanitarian causes, enhancing skills and supporting NGO missions.

TEFL Teaching Internship In Zanzibar

The TEFL Teaching Internship in Zanzibar, Tanzania, by African Impact, is ideal for those seeking to teach English as a Foreign Language. It offers practical teaching experience, fulfilling TEFL requirements, and the opportunity to impact the local community. Key aspects include a minimum of 28 hours of teaching across two weeks, teaching children aged 4-7, adults, and members of the Maasai tribe, in various settings including local nursery schools and African Impact’s Education Centre in Kizimkazi. Participants develop and deliver lesson plans, assisting adults in learning English, crucial for job opportunities in tourism. The project fee includes accommodation in a private beach house, three daily meals with local and international cuisine, comprehensive support, and an online TEFL course. This program combines professional teaching development with cultural immersion in Eastern Africa, enhancing teaching skills and contributing to community development in Zanzibar.

Gender Equality Internship

The Gender Equality Internship in rural Zambia, managed by African Impact, is tailored for those committed to female empowerment and gender equality. This professional experience in international development focuses on gender empowerment initiatives. Key features include supporting girls facing social isolation, gender-based violence, and economic challenges, and participating in the Girl Impact initiative, which focuses on education, health, safety, early pregnancy, self-confidence, and income generation. Interns work in Livingstone, near Victoria Falls, and gain exposure to development issues, collaborating with volunteers and interns. They develop and implement programs using a six-pillar framework to empower young women and include boys in outreach.

The project fee covers accommodation at Victoria Falls Backpackers Zambia, weekday meals by local chefs, airport transfers, and comprehensive support from international and local staff. This immersive experience in a culturally rich setting allows interns to contribute to social change, develop new skills, and understand the challenges faced by women in Zambia. It’s ideal for those eager to impact gender equality and gain valuable experience in international development.

Involvement Volunteers International (IVI)

Make a real difference while gaining real-world experience!

Involvement Volunteers International (IVI), since 1989, has engaged 25,000+ volunteers in 23 countries in education, public health, and community development projects, focusing on ethical and sustainable programs. Focused on education, public health, and community development, IVI wins praise for ethical, sustainable programs and local empowerment, notably having been recognized as a Top Overseas Volunteering Organisation in 2019 by the APAC Insider Australia awards.

Dental Internship Kathmandu, Nepal

The Dental Internship in Kathmandu, Nepal, offers a meaningful opportunity for medical professionals and students to gain experience in dental care where access is limited. Key features include shadowing local dentists in hospital departments, cultural exchange with local dentists, learning about various dental procedures, and participating in academic sessions about Nepal’s healthcare system. Interns work alongside dentists, observing and assisting with procedures. The program includes accommodation in a volunteer house with shared rooms and meals featuring Western and Nepalese cuisine. The first week involves orientation to Nepalese culture and customs, followed by professional experience in Kathmandu’s dynamic environment. This internship provides a mix of professional dental skill development and cultural immersion, allowing participants to experience Nepal’s rich heritage while contributing to community dental care needs. It’s ideal for those seeking to broaden their dental expertise in an international context, offering personal and professional growth.

Rural Medical Internship – Leyte, Philippines

The Rural Medical Internship in Leyte, Philippines, is designed for medical professionals and students seeking hands-on healthcare experience in a region challenged by poverty and limited medical resources. Key features include assisting in healthcare clinics, educating the community on health and nutrition, engaging in patient interaction and learning from medical professionals, supporting medical procedures and patient care, and participating in health education outreach. Interns will record patient vitals, assist with diagnoses, and shadow medical staff, possibly administering treatments and engaging in outpatient services. Based in Tacloban, Leyte, the internship offers immersion in Filipino culture and an understanding of the challenges in rural healthcare. With clinics often being the only free healthcare source, interns’ contributions are vital. This program is ideal for those in medicine or health sciences, providing a deep insight into global health issues and a culturally enriching experience in the Philippines.

Physiotherapy Internship Ghana

The Physiotherapy Internship in Accra, Ghana, is a valuable experience for qualified physiotherapists or second-year students seeking practical experience. Participants work alongside local healthcare professionals in under-resourced clinics and sports organizations, engaging in both clinical and sports physiotherapy. This opportunity allows interns to support local clinics and sports groups, contributing to a critical area of medical care often overlooked. Key activities include providing physiotherapy services in clinics and sports centers, offering essential treatment to those with limited access, and exchanging knowledge with local professionals. The program not only enhances participants’ skills but also provides deep insights into healthcare challenges and rewards in a developing country. It offers a chance to immerse in Ghana’s culture while delivering vital medical services in a region where healthcare is often inaccessible, enriching an understanding of global health issues.

Volunteering Solutions

Volunteering Solutions (VolSol), since 2006, has run 250+ projects in 26 countries, in healthcare, education, and conservation. It is a member of the World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation, advocating responsible volunteering. VolSol fosters community development and cross-cultural connections, advocating for a positive social and ecological impact through its programs.

Journalism Internship – Chiang Mai Thailand

The Journalism Internship in Chiang Mai, Thailand, offers an engaging opportunity for media and journalism students to gain practical experience in a professional setting. Interns work with Northern Thailand’s leading English-language entertainment magazine, contributing to various departments such as editorial, multimedia design, and marketing. This program, requiring a minimum commitment of four weeks, is based in the culturally rich city of Chiang Mai.

The program offers a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a dynamic media environment, collaborating with both Thai and international staff. Based in Chiang Mai, it provides cultural immersion, with accommodation and meals included. This setting allows for significant opportunities for professional development and cultural exploration, enriching both career skills and personal growth.

Suitable for media students or young professionals, this internship is ideal for those looking to enhance their skills in an international context and contribute to a vibrant publishing house. Starting at $1,400 for four weeks, the program offers comprehensive support, ensuring a rewarding and enriching experience.

Nursing Internship in Sri Lanka

The Nursing Internship in Galle, Sri Lanka, is designed for nursing students and graduates to gain experience in a diverse healthcare setting. Tailored for those with a nursing background, it offers rotations across various hospital departments, allowing exposure to medical practices in a developing country’s healthcare system. Key aspects include practical experience in different departments, learning from local medical professionals, and exposure to a different healthcare system with opportunities to observe and participate in patient care. 

Interns are expected to be proactive and adaptable, with the program providing an orientation, project-specific training, and 4 to 7 hour workdays, Monday through Friday. Costs start at $785 for one week, covering accommodation, meals, airport transfers, local transport, and staff support, excluding visa fees, personal expenses, and additional excursions. This internship is ideal for nursing professionals and students aiming to enhance their skills and global healthcare understanding.

Healthcare Internship in Jaipur

The Healthcare Internship in Jaipur, India, is a valuable opportunity for pre-medical, pre-nursing, medical, and nursing students to engage with the Indian healthcare sector. The program offers practical exposure to various medical departments, including general wards, ICU, and emergency care, under the guidance of seasoned professionals. It provides a comprehensive understanding of healthcare practices in a developing country, alongside cultural immersion in the Pink City of India. Designed for healthcare students and professionals, the program requires adaptability and a professional approach. Starting at $650 for two weeks, it includes accommodation, meals, airport transfers, and local staff support, creating a holistic and engaging experience for those seeking to advance their healthcare careers internationally.

Global Vision International (GVI)

Global Vision International (GVI), founded in 1997, offers sustainable volunteer projects worldwide, recognized for its impactful contributions and commitment to empowerment. With opportunities for all ages and no experience needed for most programs, GVI supports participants with scholarships and upholds a highly intentional Badge of Ethics symbolizing their commitment to empowerment and measurable impact.

Wildlife Conservation Internship in Madagascar

The Wildlife Conservation Internship in Madagascar provides a unique chance to work in rare habitats and contribute to research projects by Madagascar National Parks. Lasting 2 to 12 weeks, it’s ideal for those interested in science and ethical conservation. Interns engage in vital research supporting Earth’s ecosystems, aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for sustainable impact. Located in Nosy Be’s rainforest, the internship offers immersion in a biodiverse area, conducting population censuses and biodiversity surveys, and learning to tackle threats like illegal logging and poaching. Participants also aid in indigenous plant nurseries and the cultivation of traditional medicinal plants.

Key aspects of the program include conducting impactful research, hands-on experience in diverse conservation projects, working with conservation partners, and gaining international experience for career advancement. Interns live in remote habitats, experiencing Madagascar’s wilderness, blending adventure with professional development. This internship is a career accelerator in wildlife conservation, providing skills and experiences valuable in the environmental conservation field.

Marine Conservation Internship in Mexico

In Puerto Morelos on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, interns join an international team working with local authorities to protect ecosystems within the Marine Biosphere Reserve, including coral reefs, seagrass meadows, mangroves, and cenotes. The 2 to 12-week internship offers the chance to earn the PADI Coral Reef Restoration Diver Specialty while gaining marine conservation experience.

Key activities involve coral reef health monitoring, Coral Watch surveys, coral restoration, ocean floor cleanups, sea turtle monitoring, and environmental awareness, contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goal 14. Highlights include learning marine conservation skills, diving in the Caribbean to explore the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, assisting in research and coral restoration, developing leadership skills, and gaining international experience and qualifications for career advancement.

Interns experience remote, beautiful locations and get involved in fieldwork training, conservation surveys, project work, and personal research under expert mentorship. This internship offers a unique blend of hands-on conservation work, professional development, and exposure to protected species and ecosystems.

Teaching Internship in Thailand

The Teaching Internship in Thailand, located in the Phang Nga region, is an ideal opportunity for those aiming to teach English abroad. This 2 to 12-week program allows for immersion in Thai culture while contributing to English education in local schools. Key highlights include developing professional teaching skills, hands-on experience with TEFL methods, lesson planning, and classroom management, alongside deep cultural immersion in the Thai community, learning the language, and culinary skills, practicing Buddhism, and understanding local customs. Interns make a significant community impact, take part in development projects, and receive comprehensive support from qualified staff for both professional and personal growth. The experience involves teaching English in diverse settings, including primary, secondary, and adult education, with a focus on sustainable and ethical work aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Living in Phang Nga, interns enjoy Thai cuisine, local culture, and travel opportunities in Thailand. Collaborations with local organizations like the New Light Foundation and Ban Nam Khem School ensure meaningful and sustainable contributions. This program offers valuable work experience and insights into global cultural dynamics and community needs.

Start Applying for internships!

As we conclude our exploration of the world’s best summer internships abroad, it’s evident that these opportunities are more than just career advancements—they’re gateways to global understanding and personal growth. Whether it’s engaging in hands-on healthcare in Tanzania, diving into marine conservation in Costa Rica, mastering hotel management in Bali, or contributing to wildlife conservation in Malawi, each internship promises a unique blend of professional development and cultural enrichment. These programs, supported by organizations committed to sustainable and ethical practices, are not just about building a resume; they’re about crafting global citizens equipped to make a meaningful impact in our interconnected world. So, take the leap, embrace the challenge, and embark on an internship journey that will broaden your horizons and shape your future.

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