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Exploring Internship Opportunities in the Field of Social Work

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By Munira Maricar
Travel Writer

The field of social work is a dynamic and essential area of service that focuses on helping individuals, families, and communities to improve their well-being and resolve problems. Social work interns play a critical role in this field, gaining hands-on experience that enriches their learning and prepares them for future professional challenges. 

This article will guide you through various aspects of social work internships, including finding opportunities, preparing for interviews, and making the most of your internship experience.

What is a Social Work Internship?


A social work internship is a practical, supervised experience where students apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to real-world situations. These internships are essential for understanding the complexities of human behavior, social systems, and methods of effective intervention. Interns work under the guidance of experienced professionals, gaining insights into the day-to-day responsibilities of social workers.

Finding Social Work Internship Opportunities

Social work internships can be found in various settings, including hospitals, schools, government agencies, non-profits, and private practices.


Here’s how you can start your search:

  • University Career Services: Most social work programs offer assistance through their career services to help you find internships that align with your career goals.
  • Professional Social Work Organizations: Organizations such as the National Association of Social Workers offer resources and networking opportunities that can lead to internships.
  • Online Job Boards: Websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn frequently list social work internships.
  • Local Nonprofits and Hospitals: Directly contacting organizations of interest can sometimes uncover unadvertised internship opportunities.

You can also explore the following internship opportunities from reputable organizations worldwide:

Volunteer abroad with the elderly through Maximo Nivel

Maximo Nivel

For those interested in social work, Maximo Nivel offers internships based in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru that are deeply aligned with social work values, focusing on advocating for and empowering individuals and communities through hands-on experience in diverse settings. 

Positive Change & Empowerment (Human Rights)

This internship focuses on addressing the challenges caused by poverty and discrimination in Latin America. Interns work with community organizations, NGOs, and government agencies dedicated to social justice and human empowerment. Activities include community outreach, education, research, and fundraising. By immersing into local communities, interns gain firsthand experience of the impacts of culture, social values, and the roles of politics, religion, gender, and ethnicity. Intermediate Spanish skills are required to maximize effectiveness, with programs available to enhance language skills if needed.

Volunteer Abroad for Women’s Empowerment & Girls’ Education - Maximo Nivel

Developmental Needs & Abilities (Special Education)

Interns in this program have the opportunity to work in environments catering to individuals with special needs, including visual, hearing, physical impairments, and developmental disabilities. Placement is usually in private schools where interns act as teacher’s aides, conduct their own lessons, and directly engage with students. This experience is invaluable for social workers focusing on children or individuals with disabilities, offering insights into special needs curricula, educational standards, and the socio-economic challenges faced by families.

Developing World Healthcare (Medical)

While primarily medical, this internship provides exposure to healthcare needs and disparities in settings where resources are limited. Interns work alongside medical professionals in public and private hospitals, clinics, and assisted living facilities. The role may involve patient consultations, health education, and support in medical procedures, offering a comprehensive understanding of healthcare in developing regions. Intermediate Spanish proficiency is encouraged, with additional language support available to ensure successful integration and contribution.

Best internships abroad - Maximo Nivel

Each of these internships not only aligns with fundamental social work skills such as empathy, advocacy, and cultural competency but also includes structured support from Maximo Nivel. 

This support comprises airport pick-up, host family accommodations, meals, Spanish classes, and continuous on-site guidance to ensure a productive and enriching internship experience. Interns conclude their program with a final project, reflecting their learnings and contributions, and receive a letter of recommendation, enhancing their future career opportunities.

Intern Abroad 

For individuals interested in social work, Intern Abroad HQ provides a comprehensive suite of internships under the Social Sciences category that align perfectly with the objectives and methodologies integral to social work:

Social Work

This core internship offers direct involvement in the social work field across several countries, including Australia, Indonesia (Bali), England, New Zealand, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zanzibar.  Interns may engage in activities such as case management, community outreach, and client advocacy, providing them with practical experience in assessing and addressing the needs of diverse populations. Explore Remote Social Work Internships here!


Law & Human Rights Support

Ideal for those interested in the advocacy side of social work, these internships are available in countries like Argentina, Belize, England, Ireland, Jordan, Morocco, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, and New York, USA. It involves supporting legal initiatives and human rights campaigns, which can complement a social worker’s role in fighting for social justice and protecting the rights of vulnerable groups. Explore Remote Law & Human Rights Support Internships here!


Since social work often deals with the psychological aspects of client care, an internship in psychology would provide valuable insights into human behavior, mental health issues, and therapeutic techniques that can enhance a social worker’s effectiveness. Internships in this field are offered in Belize, Greece, Peru, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, and Zanzibar. Explore Remote Psychology Internships here!



With a significant overlap between social work and educational support, education internships are crucial. They are available in Argentina, Australia, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Japan, Morocco, Peru, South Africa, Spain, and even a cool remote position based out of Tanzania. These internships help future social workers understand educational systems, policies, and the specific needs of young learners.

These internships provide opportunities to develop skills in communication, problem-solving, and intercultural competence, all of which are crucial for a successful career in social work.


For those interested in social work, GoEco has the following internships that focus on aspects closely aligned with social work principles, such as community service, empowerment, and direct support to vulnerable populations:

Barcelona Youth Empowerment (Spain)

This internship offers the chance to support young individuals in after-school centers, assisting with homework and facilitating educational and empowering activities. It’s an excellent opportunity to engage in community service and youth development, which are integral to social work. Volunteers work closely with organization staff and other international volunteers to foster personal development and life skills among students aged 5 to 18.


Program Highlights:

  • Develop teaching and mentoring skills while making a positive impact on young people’s education.
  • Engage in enriching cultural exchange by interacting with local students and community members.

Barcelona Food Rescue & Community Empowerment (Spain)

This program focuses on combating food waste and empowering communities through sustainable solutions. Interns work directly with NGOs to support community development and social justice, crucial components of social work.


Program Highlights:

  • Contribute to the fight against food waste and hunger by helping distribute surplus food to those in need.
  • Participate in community-building projects and witness the impact of your efforts firsthand.
  • Engage in weekly training sessions and workshops to expand your skills and knowledge.

Antigua Medical Internship (Guatemala) and San Jose Medical Internship (Costa Rica)

Although these are primarily medical internships, they offer valuable experience for those interested in medical social work. Interns gain insight into healthcare provision in different cultural contexts and can develop skills in addressing the psychosocial aspects of patient care.


Medical and Nursing Program (Sri Lanka)

Similar to the medical internships mentioned above, this program allows interns to engage in the healthcare field, providing a foundation for careers in medical social work. This includes understanding patient care from holistic perspectives that combine physical and mental health considerations.

These internships provide practical experience and professional development in areas that complement the educational and career goals of aspiring social workers, focusing on empowerment, healthcare, and community service.

Projects Abroad

For individuals interested in social work, the following internships by Projects Abroad are the most directly relevant and beneficial, each offering unique opportunities to engage directly with diverse communities and develop practical social work skills:

Social Work Internship in Ecuador

This program provides interns with practical experience in social work, particularly focusing on disadvantaged children in a kindergarten setting on the island of San Cristobal in the Galapagos. Interns work closely with local staff, engaging in activities like educational games and arts and crafts to promote early childhood development. Special attention is given to children with special needs, helping them integrate and learn alongside their peers. This internship is ideal for those studying social work or a related field and requires intermediate Spanish to effectively communicate with the children.


Key Components:

  • Assist in daily care and educational activities for children, focusing on those from single-parent homes and with special needs.
  • Engage in the assessment of children’s development across various domains using specialized tools and contribute findings to a global impact database.
  • Live and work in a unique ecological setting, with opportunities for cultural immersion and exploration of the Galapagos Islands.

Social Work Internship in Ghana

Interns in this program work across various settings, including rehabilitation centers and schools, providing support and services to children and communities in need. The internship offers a deep dive into the social challenges prevalent in Ghana, such as poverty and domestic violence, and the role of social workers in addressing these issues. Interns collaborate with local professionals to enhance service delivery and engage in community outreach and education.

human rights internships

Key Components:

  • Shadow and assist professional social workers in diverse environments.
  • Conduct assessments and participate in community education on social issues.
  • Gain insight into global social work practices and contribute to sustainable development within communities.

Social Work Internship in Mongolia

This internship offers a chance to engage in social work activities in a variety of settings including centers for children with learning disabilities, public schools, and NGOs. Interns in Mongolia work alongside experienced social workers, gaining insights into the unique challenges faced in the region such as poverty and inadequate child protection. The internship involves hands-on activities like creating workshops, conducting research, and implementing awareness campaigns.

Volunteer Forever - Volunteer in Mongolia

Key Components:

  • Support children and adults through direct engagement and tailored educational activities.
  • Help develop and run awareness campaigns and workshops focusing on major social issues such as violence and alcoholism.
  • Research and provide innovative solutions to enhance the effectiveness of local social welfare programs.

Each of these internships offers a structured environment where interns can develop core social work skills such as client assessment, case management, and community engagement. They provide valuable opportunities to observe and practice ethical considerations and advocacy roles that are crucial in social work, making them ideal for individuals eager to advance their skills and contribute meaningfully in diverse settings.

African Impact 

For individuals pursuing a career in social work, the following internships provide comprehensive exposure to crucial aspects of the field, such as healthcare, gender equality, and non-governmental organization (NGO) operations:

Public Health Internship in Zambia

This 4-week program, based in Livingstone, is designed to enhance public health by improving access to healthcare and addressing specific community health challenges. Interns participate in research, health initiatives, and educational workshops focusing on issues like nutrition, mental health, and disease prevention. This internship is ideal for social work students interested in understanding the broader health needs of communities and the systemic factors that influence public wellness.


Key Components:

  • Conduct health assessments and community surveys to identify public health needs.
  • Collaborate with healthcare professionals and NGOs to deliver workshops and health education.
  • Gain practical experience in a variety of settings, from clinics to community workshops, enhancing skills in public health advocacy and education.

NGO Internship in Zambia

This internship offers hands-on experience with the African Impact Foundation, focusing on community development, program planning, and policy implementation. Interns gain insight into the daily operations of an NGO and contribute to projects that have a tangible impact on local communities.


Key Components:

  • Assist in the management of community projects, including education, health, and economic development.
  • Develop skills in project management, fundraising, and strategic planning within an NGO context.

NGO Virtual Internship

For those unable to travel, this remote internship allows participants to contribute to an NGO’s operations from home. This internship is suitable for developing project management, fundraising, and communication skills—all crucial for a successful career in social work.


Key Components:

  • Participate in remote project management, collaborate on fundraising initiatives, and engage in strategic NGO operations.
  • Customize the internship to focus on specific areas of interest within the NGO sector, gaining skills applicable to both local and international social work environments.

These internships not only provide practical skills and knowledge in areas crucial to social work but also offer the opportunity to engage directly with communities, understand diverse global challenges, and develop a professional network in international development and public health. Each program includes comprehensive support, accommodation, meals, and professional development, ensuring a well-rounded and impactful experience.

Involvement Volunteers International (IVI)

For individuals interested in social work, selected internships provide critical exposure to key elements of the field, emphasizing community support, public health, and direct intervention in social issues such as healthcare and nutrition.


These internships are especially suitable:

Guatemala – Community Healthcare

This program in Antigua, Guatemala, offers interns the opportunity to work directly within communities, providing healthcare and support to some of the most vulnerable groups, including the elderly, disabled, and children with HIV. Interns participate in activities ranging from medical campaigns to physical therapy and personal care, offering a robust experience that integrates social work with healthcare.

Key Activities:

  • Assist in daily care for patients at assisted living facilities, including feeding, bathing, and engaging in therapeutic activities.
  • Participate in community workshops and health education sessions to promote overall well-being.
  • Support healthcare staff in organizing and delivering medical treatments and rehabilitation services.

India – Community Support

Based in Bodhgaya, this internship focuses on empowering local communities through education and direct support. Interns work in schools and community centers, helping to provide educational programs, nutrition advice, and health checks.

Key Activities:

  • Teach English and basic nutrition in schools to enhance educational outcomes.
  • Engage in community development projects that improve local infrastructure and healthcare services.
  • Assist with the planning and delivery of community health initiatives.

Peru, Philippines, Vanuatu, Fiji (Public Health & Nutrition)

These internships are centered around improving public health and nutrition, vital components of community well-being. Interns work on projects that address dietary needs, provide health education, and promote sustainable health practices across diverse settings.


Key Activities:

  • Conduct health screenings and nutritional assessments to identify community health needs.
  • Develop and implement health education workshops focusing on disease prevention and healthy lifestyles.
  • Engage in activities that promote physical health and wellness in the community.

Costa Rica – Medical Volunteering

While primarily focused on medical tasks, this internship in Costa Rica incorporates elements of social work by educating patients and the community on health practices and social determinants of health.


Key Activities:

  • Assist in medical and health services at local clinics and hospitals.
  • Participate in educational programs that address health literacy and community wellness.
  • Help in the development and implementation of public health campaigns.

These internships not only provide practical experience in areas crucial to social work but also offer opportunities to engage deeply with the social, emotional, and physical well-being of individuals and communities. Interns develop essential skills in advocacy, education, and holistic support, aligning with the core responsibilities of social work professionals. Each program includes accommodations, meals, and comprehensive support, ensuring a well-rounded and impactful experience.

Volunteering Solutions 

These internships, offered by Volunteering Solutions, an organization providing meaningful international internships and volunteer experiences, enable students to gain hands-on international work experience and cultural immersion in various fields.


Those particularly interested in social work may be interested in the internships listed below, which provide direct engagement with communities, offer opportunities to work with diverse populations, address a broad range of social and health-related issues, and encounter socio-economic challenges impacting health. 

Medical Internship in Nepal

This program places interns in local government and private hospitals in Nepal, where they engage with a diverse patient base. This provides a valuable perspective on the social determinants of health, which is a crucial aspect of social work.


Medical Internship in Ghana

Interns work in hospital settings in Ghana, gaining insights into health disparities and the social issues that patients face, which are essential considerations in social work.

Nursing Internship in Sri Lanka

Offering hands-on medical experience in a hospital setting, this internship allows interns to engage in nursing from a holistic perspective, considering both medical and social needs, and aligning well with social work principles.


Such environments are instrumental in learning how to apply social work principles in real-world contexts, particularly in understanding and addressing the social aspects that influence health outcomes.

Global Vision International (GVI)

For individuals passionate about social work, the following fields are deeply intertwined with social work’s core values of empowerment and social justice.


Below are the most suitable internships based on their alignment with social work’s objectives:

Community Development Internship in Ghana, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Fiji, and South Africa 

These programs aim to enhance community infrastructure, resources, and overall well-being, mirroring social work’s focus on community organization and empowerment. Interns in Ghana, for example, might engage in educational support at local schools or design vocational training workshops that address healthcare, gender equality, and professional skills development. This hands-on experience is crucial for those interested in sustainable community impact and developing leadership skills in a global context.

Women’s Empowerment Internship in Cambodia, Nepal, and South Africa

Supporting and resourcing women to enhance their social, economic, and health outcomes are central themes of these internships. Interns may engage in teaching, leading empowerment workshops, or supporting entrepreneurial activities, all aimed at enhancing women’s roles in their communities.


Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Internship in Ghana 

This internship involves promoting fair treatment, reducing disparities, and fostering inclusivity within educational settings and the broader community. Interns might work on integrating inclusive teaching methods, conducting community workshops, and enhancing awareness of social justice issues.

Each of these internships provides substantial opportunities to engage deeply with the social, emotional, and physical well-being of individuals and communities. They offer platforms for interns to develop critical skills in advocacy, education, and holistic support, which are vital in the practice of social work. Through these programs, interns can expect to gain not just field experience but also a profound understanding of global social issues, supported by structured training and mentorship provided by the hosting organizations. These experiences are invaluable for personal and professional growth in social work and related fields.

Making a Difference

Social work internships are an invaluable part of your educational journey. They provide practical experience, enhance skills, and help build professional networks. By carefully selecting your internship, preparing thoroughly for interviews, and actively engaging during your internship, you’ll set a strong foundation for a successful career in social work.


Remember, the path to becoming a skilled social worker is both challenging and rewarding. Each step you take during your internship is a building block toward becoming a compassionate and effective professional.