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Family-friendly Volunteering in Asia

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By Munira Maricar
Travel Writer
Volunteer Forever - Volunteer Vacations for the Famil

Volunteering abroad with your family is a fantastic way to experience the world, immerse yourself in new cultures, and foster a sense of global citizenship. Asia, with its diverse cultures, landscapes, and opportunities, has become one of the best places to travel with family for those who seek meaningful vacations. Whether it’s restoring natural habitats, teaching in local schools, or helping in animal sanctuaries, family volunteering holidays abroad in Asia offer a unique blend of adventure and altruism.

Why Choose a Volunteer Vacation?

The United States alone may send 20 million volunteer travelers on projects worldwide by the year 2020. The UK, the EU, Australia, and Canada also are seeing millions of its citizens travel for volunteer opportunities. Nearly all of these individual travelers are alone when they begin their journeys.
  • Educational Value: Volunteer trips provide a hands-on learning experience for children and adults alike. Families get to learn about new cultures, environments, and global issues in a way that’s far more impactful than reading about them in a book or watching a documentary. 
  • Strengthening Family Bonds: Working together towards a common goal can strengthen family bonds. These shared experiences create deeper connections and memories that last a lifetime. 
  • Personal Growth: Volunteering can instill a sense of responsibility and empathy in children. It broadens their worldview and encourages them to think about how they can make a positive impact in the world. 
  • Community Impact: Volunteer vacations contribute to the welfare of the communities visited. Whether it’s helping with conservation efforts, building infrastructure, or engaging in educational activities, these trips make a tangible difference. 
  • Fun and Adventure: These trips are not just about work; there’s plenty of time for fun and exploration. Families can enjoy the local sights, cuisine, and activities, making it a well-rounded vacation.

Where Can I Volunteer as A Family in Asia?


Southeast Asia: A Hub of Family-Friendly Travel

Southeast Asia remains a hub for family-friendly travel, with countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia standing out as prime destinations. These nations not only dazzle with their natural beauty and historical sites but also provide safe and welcoming environments for families interested in volunteering abroad. Engaging in family volunteering here allows you to contribute to community projects while immersing yourselves in the rich tapestry of Southeast Asian cultures.

South Asia: Rich History and Cultural Diversity

Venture further into South Asia, and you’ll discover a region steeped in history and cultural diversity. Countries like India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka offer a myriad of volunteer opportunities for families, ranging from teaching English in rural schools to assisting with healthcare initiatives in underserved communities. Embark on a journey to South Asia, where every corner unveils new wonders and opportunities to make a difference.

Popular Family-Friendly Volunteer Programs in Asia


Travel Family Packages to Asia

Several organizations offer travel family packages to Asia that include volunteering components tailored to families. These packages often come with accommodations, meal plans, and itineraries that balance volunteering with leisure activities, ensuring that everyone in the family has an enjoyable and fulfilling trip.

Tailoring the Experience

When selecting a family volunteering abroad program, it’s essential to consider the age and interests of your children, the skills you can contribute, and the type of impact you want to have. Some programs are more suited to older children and teens, offering more robust involvement in projects, while others are perfect for younger children, focusing on education and cultural exchange.

Available Programs

Dive in to discover how your family can bond over shared experiences, learn about different cultures, and contribute to making the world a better place.

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) is a leading volunteer organization established in 2007, and family volunteer vacations with IVHQ present a unique and enriching way for families to spend their summer. These trips offer an opportunity for families to bond deeply while engaging in meaningful work in diverse global communities. A highlight of their offering is a 50% discount on the registration fee for children aged 15 and under, making these trips more family-friendly financially.

Volunteer Forever - Volunteer Vacations for the Famil

Here are some family-friendly volunteer programs with IVHQ that cater to diverse interests and provide a rich cultural and educational experience for families:

  • Childcare Volunteer Program in Kerala, India: Families with enthusiasm for early childhood education will thrive in Kerala, aiding in children’s English learning and engaging with local culture. Based in Kochi schools, families can explore historical sites and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Goa, all while contributing significantly to community development. 
  • Rural Community Development in Sri Lanka: Ideal for families wanting a profound cultural immersion, this program involves supporting village development through education and infrastructure projects in rural Sri Lanka. It’s a meaningful way for families to connect and contribute together, offering a slower pace and direct impact on local communities. 
  • NGO Support Volunteer Program in Nepal: Families interested in advocacy and support can assist NGOs in Nepal, focusing on women’s empowerment, education, and health. This program allows families to use their skills meaningfully while experiencing the breathtaking landscapes and cultural richness of Nepal. 
  • Animal Care Volunteer Project in Chiang Rai, Thailand: For animal-loving families, this program provides care to abandoned or injured animals in Chiang Rai. It’s an emotionally rewarding opportunity that combines animal welfare activities with the exploration of Thailand’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. 
  • Sea Turtle Conservation in Bali: Families passionate about marine life and conservation can help protect endangered sea turtles in Nusa Penida. This program includes nurturing young turtles and cleaning beaches, offering families a chance to contribute to environmental preservation while enjoying the stunning island setting.


GoEco’s Family Volunteer Vacations offer a unique blend of travel, cultural immersion, and giving back to communities and environments around the world. These vacations are designed to align with each family’s individual values, creating lasting memories and a deep sense of fulfillment. These programs by GoEco offer a perfect blend of vacation, education, and meaningful contribution, making your family holiday an unforgettable experience.


Here are some of GoEco’s top choices for family volunteer vacations:

  • Bali – Family-Friendly Child Education Volunteer Program: Dive into Balinese culture and contribute to community development by teaching English in Ubud’s villages. Ideal for families, this program combines cultural immersion with valuable teaching experience. Families will stay in private rooms, ensuring comfortable accommodations while participating in enriching educational and environmental activities. 
  • Sri Lanka – Family-Friendly Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation: Engage in meaningful conservation work with your family by aiding sea turtle preservation in Sri Lanka. This program is perfect for nature-loving families, offering hands-on activities with sea turtles and environmental education, coupled with explorations of local culture and private, comfortable family accommodations. Check out the family-friendly Sea Turtle program in Bali too! 
  • India – Family-Friendly Teaching and Community Work in Goa: Experience the vibrant culture of Goa while contributing to local community and teaching projects. This program is designed for families to work together in educational settings, providing an enriching experience that combines cultural immersion with impactful volunteer work, suitable for families with children of all ages. 
  • Thailand – Family-Friendly Child Care Volunteer Program: Join a rewarding program in Hua Hin, where your family can assist in child development through teaching and activities. Perfect for families looking to engage directly with local communities, this program offers a blend of cultural immersion and volunteer work, with weekends free to explore Thailand’s cultural sites. 
  • Family-Friendly Teaching and Community Work in Goa: Engage in enriching community service while exploring the vibrant culture of Goa, India. This one-week program integrates sightseeing with meaningful volunteer work in teaching projects for migrant children. Experience a comprehensive cultural immersion including language lessons, cooking classes, and scenic tours. Stay in comfortable, private accommodations tailored for families, making this an ideal choice for those looking to combine travel with impactful volunteer work.

Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad, established in 1992, specializes in offering volunteer and educational programs globally, promoting responsible travel. Their Family Volunteering Abroad programs allow families to engage in community work overseas, offering a transformative experience for children as young as six. Families can participate in ‘Flexi’ Trips, designed for diverse age groups, ensuring a meaningful and safe experience with round-the-clock support. They offer a 5% discount for immediate family members traveling together and accommodate various age groups, with children under 16 requiring adult supervision. 

Volunteer Forever | Family & Group Volunteer Abroad Projects

Here are our top picks for the best family volunteer vacation opportunities with Projects Abroad:

  • Volunteer with Children in Nepal as a Group: Join a group of volunteers in Kathmandu, Nepal, to support local staff at disadvantaged care centers. Ideal for those interested in childcare and community improvement, this program includes renovation projects and educational activities. It’s perfect for groups looking to make a significant impact while experiencing Nepalese culture. 
  • Sea Turtle Conservation in Sri Lanka: Participate in vital conservation efforts to protect endangered sea turtles at Galbokka Beach, Sri Lanka. This program is excellent for families passionate about marine life and environmental conservation. Activities include night patrols, beach conservation, and helping with turtle hatchlings, offering a hands-on experience in a beautiful setting. 
  • Rhino Conservation in Nepal: Engage in conservation efforts in Chitwan National Park to protect rhinos and other wildlife. This program is suited for wildlife enthusiasts and includes tasks like tracking animals, collecting data, and community education. It’s an immersive experience in a rural setting, ideal for those committed to environmental conservation.

Involvement Volunteers International (IVI)

Family volunteering with IVI is a transformative experience, and IVI facilitates this by tailoring programs to family needs. These initiatives are ideal for families, providing a platform for cultural exchange and hands-on learning. IVI’s commitment to real impact, affordability, and flexibility makes it an ideal choice for families looking to volunteer abroad.


Here are some family-friendly volunteer programs with IVI that cater to diverse interests and provide a rich cultural and educational experience for families:

  • Environmental Education in Bali: A fantastic opportunity for families passionate about environmental stewardship. Volunteers educate local children on environmental issues and engage in practical activities like litter picking and school cleanups in Ubud, Bali. This project combines hands-on conservation efforts with educational outreach, making it ideal for families wanting to make a meaningful impact. 
  • Turtle Conservation in Sri Lanka: Perfect for families who love marine life and are eager to contribute to the conservation of endangered sea turtles. This program involves hands-on activities such as cleaning tanks, feeding turtles, and potentially releasing hatchlings into the sea. Located in Ambalangoda, it offers a unique chance to directly support wildlife conservation efforts on the beautiful Sri Lankan coast. 
  • Environmental Conservation in the Philippines: Aimed at families interested in serious environmental work, this program focuses on restoring mangrove plantations in Aborlan, Palawan. Volunteers help plant new mangroves, assist in conservation efforts, and educate the local community about the importance of preserving their natural environment. This project is great for families wanting to dive deep into ecological conservation and experience life in a stunningly biodiverse region. 
  • Kindergarten Teaching in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: Families can bring their energy and creativity to assist in local kindergartens, teaching and playing with children aged 3-6. This program is great for families looking to develop teaching skills and instill confidence and creativity in young students through interactive learning and play activities in the vibrant city of Ho Chi Minh. 
  • English Teaching in Ubud, Bali: This program invites families to teach English to local children, helping improve their conversational skills and boosting their future educational and employment opportunities. Volunteers create and implement engaging lesson plans that include games, songs, and other creative educational activities, making this ideal for families who enjoy teaching and cultural exchange.

Volunteering Solutions (VolSol)

VolSol’s family volunteer vacation opportunities are tailored to enable families to make a meaningful contribution. VolSol makes an exception for the minimum age requirement of 8 years for kids, especially when multiple families are traveling together. Additionally, kids aged 15 and under receive a 50% discount on their application fees.


Here are some of VolSol’s top choices for family volunteer vacations:

  • Family Volunteer Adventure in Borneo, Malaysia: This program is designed for families to work together on wildlife conservation, habitat restoration, and community development. Spend a week in the breathtaking Sabah region, contributing to real conservation efforts while learning about the local flora and fauna. It’s a perfect educational and bonding opportunity for families. 
  • Elephant Volunteering in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Dive into wildlife conservation with your family by caring for elephants in Chiang Mai. This program allows families to work closely with mahouts, feed and bathe elephants, and even partake in making organic products from elephant waste. It’s a perfect blend of cultural immersion and wildlife conservation, suitable for nature lovers. 
  • Sea Turtle Conservation in Galle, Sri Lanka: Engage your family in meaningful conservation work by protecting sea turtles. Volunteers help in beach cleaning, educating the community, and caring for turtles. This program combines environmental conservation with cultural experiences in one of Sri Lanka’s picturesque settings, ideal for families passionate about marine life. 
  • Environmental Conservation Project in Galle, Sri Lanka: Families can participate in diverse activities like mangrove reforestation, organic farming, and beach cleanups. This program is ideal for those who want to impact climate change and learn about sustainable living practices while experiencing the rich culture and natural beauty of Sri Lanka. 
  • Street Children Volunteer Program in Delhi, India: Families can make a profound impact by supporting street children in Delhi. Engage in educational activities, teach basic hygiene, and go on educational city tours with the children. This program is great for families looking to provide care and support while exploring the cultural depth of India’s capital city.

Family Bonds and Global Service

Embarking on a family volunteering holiday in Asia not only contributes to the betterment of global communities but also provides your family with a deeper understanding of the world. It’s an enriching experience that combines travel, education, and altruism, making it one of the most rewarding ways to spend a family vacation in Asia.

Volunteer Forever | Family & Group Volunteer Abroad Projects

So, pack your bags, prepare your spirits for adventure, and set off on a journey that will leave lasting impressions on your family and the people you help.