Intern Abroad HQ: Your Guide to Finding and Landing the Perfect International Internship


Are you a student, graduate, or young professional looking for career exposure, growth, or change? Consider an international internship! Internships are supervised learning opportunities in a professional job setting that allow you to gain insights and experiences in a career field of interest. Going abroad can seem daunting and stressful, but there are many organizations that can make the process easy, safe, and personalized. For example, Intern Abroad HQ, a sister organization to the world’s leading and trusted volunteer abroad organization, International Volunteer HQ, is a great choice. Intern Abroad HQ helps students, graduates, and young professionals secure international internships for an affordable fee. They take care of everything from finding the perfect internship to arranging your accommodation and airport pickup. They also offer support throughout your internship, so you can focus on your work and making the most of your experience.

Why should I Intern Abroad?

But let’s back up, and talk about why you should intern abroad instead of locally. Some major benefits of interning abroad include:

  1. Gain valuable international work experience. This is a great way to learn about different cultures and business practices, and to develop your skills in a global context.
  2. Build a global network. This can help you build your contacts and make connections that could lead to future jobs or opportunities.
  3. Learn about different cultures and perspectives for personal growth. You will be able to immerse yourself in a different culture and have a chance to practice another language you may be studying. This can help you become more understanding and adaptable, and to appreciate the diversity of the world.
  4. Boost your resume and make yourself stand out to employers. An internship abroad shows that you are adventurous, adaptable, and have a global mindset.
  5. Have a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Interning abroad is a great way to travel, meet new people, and have an unforgettable experience.

Tell me more about Intern Abroad HQ

As a division of International Volunteer HQ, Intern Abroad HQ is a well-known and trusted organization. They are the only organization that is a certified B corporation, which means that they meet the highest social and environmental standards to meet “sustainability, inclusivity and quality” in all their projects. And all that means they are an ethical organization to solve global social and environmental issues.

With a network of over 230 host organizations in over 22 countries, they offer affordable internships in over 30 career fields in a variety of industries, including business, marketing, technology, and social impact. These internships can range from 2 to 24 weeks duration. The cost of the program fee starts from $1,044 USD for 2 weeks, and changes depending on location, duration, and the type of internship. They are fully- hosted, meaning the cost of the program includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals (note a few programs do not)
  • 24/7 in-country support
  • Dedicated support staff throughout the program
  • Personalization of your internship
  • Academic credit
  • International reference letter
  • Certification of completion

But do note the following expenses are not included and need to be budgeted in:

  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Travel Insurance
  • Vaccinations
  • Transfer back to airport
  • Leisure activities
  • Personal spending money

Intern Abroad programs have flexible starting dates, most are year round, and highly customizable to your educational and career goals. There are over 170 intern abroad programs in over 17 destinations, and at least 61 remote internships opportunities in 13+ countries. Remote internships in international companies are suitable for those under 18 years old in high school, or those with financial constraints. In addition, you can gain academic credit for all these programs!

With such a wide range of intern programs, Intern Abroad has something for everyone, whether you are a:

  1. High school student. Consider an online internship that is great for 16-18 years old while in high school. Intern Abroad offers 17 impactful yet affordable remote programs in 6 countries to help you gain international experiences. This is an opportunity to learn about a career path, enhance your college application, as well as to start building a professional network. For an example, take a look at the Child & Youth Mental Health, based out of Jamaica. From this internship, you will gain experience developing online resources to improve mental health, resilience and emotional intelligence.
  2. Gap year student. Internships are invaluable when you are taking a break from school, while trying to discover yourself and consider what kind of education and career you want to pursue. Research has shown gap year students receive better grades when they go back to school, and are more employable. Intern Abroad offers year round abroad internships that are customized to your career interests and goals, enabling you to have personal and professional development. For instance, this exciting internship in Sustainable Business & Tourism Internships in Costa Rica will open you to the marine tourism industry, non-profit organizations, and marine conservation while assisting with sustainable business development and growth strategies. All at the same time, you get to experience the beautiful landscapes and beaches of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. You can even add Spanish language lessons to your internship!
  3. College student. College is the most popular and common time to start internships. Interning abroad will make you stand out to future employers who look for candidates that have real-world experiences. Intern Abroad has a diverse range of intern opportunities for health science students, law students, psychology students, or environmental students. And don’t forget these programs are eligible for academic credits!
  4. Recent graduate student. Graduating from university is a great feat already, and now let Intern Abroad help you find an international internship to dip your toes into the real world! These programs will help you build the practical work experiences needed to land the job you’ve been preparing for. For instance, take a look at the Medical Internships in Greece for those interested in gaining practical knowledge and experience in modern healthcare practice.. You will learn from tenured professionals who can guide you through internship experiences.
  5. Professionals looking for a career change. Looking to switch careers? Or want to dip your toes into a different career before committing? Interning offers this opportunity for you to find out more, as well as building a future professional network. And actually, employers prefer candidates who have diverse experiences to bring different perspectives into the work space. For instance, if you’ve always had an interest in medicine and are drawn to help others, look at the Human Rights Law Internships in South Africa. You can gain valuable experience in human rights law and social advocacy in Cape Town, where unique social issues and discrimination affect a range of communities. Interns have the scope to observe and assist lawyers and advocates in day-to-day activities, including research, clerical and case management support, and meeting clients. The great thing about this program is that you get to personalize and prioritize your experiences to gain knowledge and fulfill your interests.

Why Should I Pay to join an Internship?

Traditional internships are usually free to participate and even offer payment to you for your work contribution. However, these are very competitive and not always in your best interests. Paid international internships require you to obtain a relevant work visa (for the country you want to work in) to enable you to work legally and pay tax. However, the process can be long and challenging to set up. Also, paid internship positions are incredibly competitive, as at that point they’re just jobs, which attract qualified candidates – so it can be hard for people to get their foot in the door, if they’re more entry-level. Lastly, paid internships may not always be designed to give you the most value in terms of professional development. They are designed for the organization’s goals, not yours.

Intern Abroad offers unpaid international internships that are affordable to join. Investing in an internship specialist like them can save you time and stress, and provide valuable support throughout the process. Specifically, Intern Abroad HQ offers:

  1. Established networks with numerous organizations for a wide range of career fields
  2. Find, plan, and discuss with you to make a personalized internship
  3. A variety of support services, such as help with your visa application, pre-travel advice, airport pickup, and accommodation
  4. Dedicated support and guidance throughout your internship
  5. Established learning model to help you deepen your experiences. What sets Intern Abroad internships apart from others is their Experiential learning curriculum, which is an effective learning model to increase an intern’s experiences by encouraging self-reflection for personal and professional growth.
  6. Connect you with mentors and other resources
  7. Accountability to make sure you have the best experience

What is the Application and Placement Process?

So how does this work? Here is an overview of the application process to the completion of the internship with Intern Abroad HQ:

  1. Create an account and apply online for free to show your interest once you have chosen the career field. You do not need to finalize your plans at this stage if you don’t know where you want to go, for how long, or when. You can change the details before confirming your participation.
  2. Confirm your internship. Intern Abroad will review your application to make sure your chosen internship matches your interests and experiences, as well as checking start date availability. Once you are accepted for the internship, you can reserve the internship by paying the deposit of $449 USD. This will start the planning for the internship placement, as well as for the necessities of  international travel.
  3. Confirm internship placement. Intern Abroad will carefully select host organizations to match your needs. At this stage, some organizations may ask for an online interview to make sure your expectations, needs, and scope of the internship are aligned with theirs. Once this is finalized, you will be given details of the internship with the scope of work.
  4. Pay the rest of your Program fees. The program fees include accommodation, possible meals, airport transfers, program orientation, and 24/7 local support. For more details of the program fees, click here.
  5. Get ready for your internship! Intern Abroad will pick you up from the airport to take you to your accommodation to help you settle in. They will arrange a full orientation with the host organization for you to learn about your job, team, and work culture. You will be introduced to a dedicated supervisor at the organization to plan and discuss your goals and learning outcomes.
  6. Experiential Learning Curriculum. During your internship, you will have these weekly reflection exercises to complete, and your Internship Program manager will provide feedback and guidance to support, encourage, or celebrate your goals.
  7. Completion of internship. After you have completed your internship, you will have gained a global perspective and experience for your resume, with references from your managers. You also have the opportunity to gain academic credits for your work!

Highlighted Intern Abroad HQ Internship Programs

Below are overviews of Intern Abroad opportunities

Veterinary & Animal Care Internships in Cusco

Journey to Cusco, Peru to intern at veterinary clinics and animal shelters! This internship is great for undergraduate students who are animal lovers interested in veterinary sciences, biology, or animal sciences. Candidates 18+ may qualify depending on the strength of their application. This internship requires a basic to moderate level of Spanish.

For this internship, you will get to work in a dog shelter as well as assist in a veterinarian clinic. You will be working alongside the professional staff to help with general animal care for sick and injured dogs, play with the dogs, and also engage in care and maintenance of the shelter. At the vet clinic, you will be able to shadow the veterinarian during treatments and surgeries, as well as assist in consultations, diagnoses, and rehab. You will also gain experience in planning veterinarian outreach programs. On the weekends, you will have free time to enjoy trips to Machu Picchu, the Inca trails, and many other exciting tourist attractions.

This internship will undoubtedly boost your resume as well as an opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture and country. The program fees start at US$1,044 for 2 weeks and include homestay accommodation, meals, airport transfer, and local support. For more information, click here!

Business Development Internships in Valencia

Check out business internships in Valencia, Spain for those interested in start up companies, business operations, or developing business growth strategies. These internships are perfect to gain exposure in project management, accounting, data analysis, consultancy, etc. What’s special about these programs is that they are highly customizable based on your field of study, level of experiences, and your expectations and goals. Host organizations include start-up and tech companies, real estate companies, and small and medium sized enterprises. The minimum duration is 2 weeks at a cost of US$2,590. Moveover, the orientation includes 5 introductory Spanish lessons! Valencia has a lot of cultural activities, excursions, and weekend trips to fill up your free time. Check here to get started!

Teaching & Youth Support Internships in Morocco

For aspirating educators, check out this internship based out of beautiful Rabat, Morocco. You can choose to work in a nursery, kindergarten, primary, or secondary school to assist local teachers. Those with teaching experience are highly encouraged to apply, or those who have a desire to gain experience for TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). This program is suitable for students who have at least one year of university experience. Although the lessons will be conducted in English, do expect a language barrier since the students speak Arabic. In addition, there are French and Arabic language lessons available to you for a fee if you want to learn! Through this internship, you will gain experience in lesson planning, teaching skills, communication skills with children and other professionals, and many more. Cost starts at US$2,099 for 4 weeks and is fully hosted. Full details are included here.

Intern Abroad HQ Reviews

Are you still wondering whether to apply for an internship with Intern Abroad HQ? Read the reviews from past interns and their success stories to get inspired and take the plunge!

“This experience was amazing and if I could I would love to do it all over again. Morocco is a beautiful country which has some great people, and places to visit. Moreover, Intern Abroad HQ made sure we got all the facilities we needed and made sure we were looked after. My favourite memory definitely has to be all the new amazing people I met. We all got so close in such a short amount of time which made this internship so much more fun and comfortable for me. I will definitely be missing the tasty Moroccan food and the amazing people who always have a smile on their face. I feel more empowered after being successful in my field as I have learnt many new techniques and skills which I know for certain can be used within my future ambitions.” – Zeeshan

“I gained experience in how small-scale NGOs function on a day-to-day basis, and hope to transfer my understanding into the role of NGOs on an international scale. I would like to pursue a career in international relations and development, so for me, the communication skills I gained from my internship have been incredibly useful! I worked with people from all over the world and gained skills in being concise and clear during work-related conversations, to ensure an efficient working environment, especially given language barriers.” – Zoe

“During my internship I learnt how to work as part of a team and how it feels to be a programmer, keeping my supervisor up to date with my progress each week. I was encouraged to network and ask more questions when I found something challenging, improving my communication skills. I really enjoyed the chance to experience how a professional company allocates work and supports each other when help is needed. As a result, my expectations of what I can achieve has grown and I have developed higher standards for myself.”- Hasanur

Summing it all up

Interning abroad can be a truly transformative experience, both personally and professionally. If you’re considering going abroad for an internship, Intern Abroad HQ is a top choice.

With a wide range of affordable programs and personalized support throughout the process, Intern Abroad HQ is committed to ensuring that their interns have a positive and rewarding experience. Investing in a customized internship program is an investment in your future, and it will pay off in many ways! Let’s get you started!

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