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Kendra Raises $3345 for ISL

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By Steven Weddle
Co-Founder, Volunteer Forever
Volunteer Forever fundraising

Volunteer Forever fundraiser, Kendra, has raised $3,345 for her volunteer trip to Peru! Kendra will volunteer with the organization, International Service Learning, to provide medical services and continue her development as an aspiring nurse.

We’re super excited to share Kendra’s fundraising secrets with you!

1. Can you tell us about your cause? What organization are you fundraising for?

Kendra: This winter I will be traveling with International Service Learning (ISL) to provide medical relief for the people of rural Peru. It is a program designed to take students within many of the medical disciplines and co-teaching them useful skills and giving underprivileged populations medical aide they would not regularly receive. I selected ISL because I think it is a phenomenal opportunity to use the skills I am learning as a nurse for the global community. I have always wanted to become a medical missionary but haven’t had an opportunity to serve yet. I am hoping this trip will not only teach me about nursing but also expand my vision for medical missions abroad and, of course, help people in rural Peru access medical care.

2. How did you let your friends and family members know about your fundraising campaign?

Kendra: I have been using social media almost exclusively. Because I am still in school, I have had limited time to do traditional fundraisers. My community has been so amazingly and outlandishly supportive thus far in my pursuits! I am so blessed. I hope to continue to fundraising with more traditional routes as school wraps up.

3. How did you follow up with potential donors who were initially unresponsive?

Kendra: Persistent emails and Facebook posts. I am sure people are tired of hearing about Peru at this point but as I said, I have been so incredibly blessed by the pouring out of funds for the trip.

3. How often do you share your fundraising campaign on Facebook?

Kendra: I average one to two times a week. When I approach deadlines its more like once a day for a week with updates on how close I am to the goal. I know some people don’t like it but it has been very successful.

4. What resources on Volunteer Forever have you been utilizing to run your campaign?

Kendra: I have been using the blog intermittently and have filled out the profile completely.

5. How helpful was the fundraising video for the campaign?

Kendra: I didn’t make an original video though I wish I did (actually, I may still do it!). I did use one from the ISL site and it got a lot of hits.

6. Are there any specific donors that you would like to thank?

Kendra: God has really provided for this trip through such amazing supporters. I want to thank my family who has been especially generous and just all the other donors who have even given $10-20 – Every bit counts!

7. Do you have any other tips you’d like to share?

Kendra: Do not be discouraged. Be genuine and persistent.

8. What was the most important thing you did that contributed to your fundraising success (or anything else that you want to add)?

Kendra: Prayer! God is so in control of everything. Aside from prayer, being consistent on Facebook was great. Posting pictures with my posts grabbed people’s attention. Also, consistently telling them how much you still need shows people the need and when it starts coming in fast, it becomes contagious and people just are compelled to give because they see others believe in you too.