Professional Internships Abroad in Top Cities


Interning and volunteering abroad fosters personal development, allows you to gain useful professional skills, and enables you to expand your horizons through cultural exchange and network building.

Whether you hope to work in finance, healthcare, education, environmental conservation, law, journalism, or another field, professional development travel can benefit you tremendously. It’s a rewarding personal and professional experience and looks good to prospective employers.

As one intern who went through Intern Abroad HQ said about working in Bali:

“I feel that I have grown a lot personally in terms of being more independent, culturally aware and being more open to new ideas and proactive at everything I do. It was also an extremely eye-opening experience to me, as I was so close to the sustainability issues that are often discussed in lecture rooms but rarely experienced first-hand like I have in Bali.”

Read on to find out about the wonderful intern abroad opportunities across the world.

Requirements For Volunteering And Interning Abroad


For the majority of volunteer abroad programs and professional internships abroad, you must be at least 18 years old (some projects welcome high school students). Most of what you need to know is covered during orientation and initial training, though there may be stricter requirements for medical and legal internships, such as enrollment in at least a pre-med or pre-law program or some work experience.

Also, purchasing medical and travel insurance is generally required. Organizations may do a background check as well, especially if you’re going to be working with children. There may be visa requirements for certain destinations. Before applying to any intern or volunteer abroad program, be sure to review the requirements.

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Maximo Nivel

For professional internships abroad in Latin America, Maximo Nivel is your go-to organization. They specialize in volunteer, intern, and teach abroad programs in this region.

Maximo Nivel offers intern abroad programs in education, hospitality, human rights, medicine, micro-business, and special education. Destinations include:

  1. San Jose and Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica: With a solid economy and plenty of natural beauty, Costa Rica is an excellent place for professional development travel. 
  2. Antigua, Guatemala: Utilize your skills to help Guatemala’s economic, educational, and healthcare institutions develop and prosper. 
  3. Cusco, Peru: Head to the Cusco, once the political, economic, and cultural heart of the Inca Empire, and employ your expertise to help Peru create a better tomorrow. 

Intern Abroad HQ

When it comes to professional development travel programs, Intern Abroad HQ is one of the most reputable organizations in the industry. From healthcare, engineering, and finance internships in Valencia, Spain to business, media, and education internships in Tokyo, Japan, you’ll find all sorts of programs that align with your education, skills, and future goals.

For instance, if you plan to work in tourism and hospitality, look no further than Intern Abroad HQ’s internships in Dublin, Ireland. Gain work experience in tourism operations while you have a great time seeing all the sites in the country.

Here are other top cities where you can find internships with Intern HQ:

If you’re not ready for an internship just yet, check out their volunteer programs instead!


Created by experienced volunteers to help fellow travelers contribute to the communities they visit, GoEco is a top-rated organization with plenty of great intern, volunteer, and teach abroad programs.

GoEco has a selection of great internship programs for qualified participants worldwide. For example:

Galle, Sri Lanka: Join GoEco’s Medical and Nursing Program for invaluable experience in healthcare. Suitable for pre-med, medical, and nursing students, this program offers observation and hands-on involvement in various medical fields, exposure to diverse wards, and cultural exploration. 

Barcelona, Spain: Participate in Barcelona’s Youth Empowerment project, assisting disadvantaged students aged 5 to 18. Provide homework help, organize activities, and teach English to foster personal development and life skills. Engage in cultural exchange, develop mentoring skills, and explore Barcelona. 

Projects Abroad

As the world’s largest international volunteering and internship provider, Projects Abroad is a go-to organization for professional internships abroad.

They’ve been running since the early 1990s and now have lots of exceptional intern projects, like:

  1. Business internship in Guadalajara, Mexico: Work at a consultancy firm and help private companies, NGOs, and government agencies improve their operations. 
  2. Human Rights Internship in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: Gain practical experience and conduct research on issues like domestic violence, alcoholism, and children’s rights. Work with NGOs, engage in advocacy, assist with training, and participate in community fundraising. Ideal for law and social work students, available year-round.
  3. Veterinary Medicine Internship in Brasov, Romania: Join a Veterinary Medicine Internship in Romania, working alongside vets in Brasov. Gain practical experience, assist with medical procedures, care for animals, and interact with pet owners. Live with a host family, explore Eastern Europe, and enhance your CV. Ideal for aspiring vets, available year-round.

African Impact

African Impact is a leading volunteer travel organization that offers meaningful and sustainable volunteer and internship opportunities across Africa. Founded in 2004, the organization partners with local communities to address social, environmental, and economic challenges. Volunteers and interns engage in diverse projects such as healthcare, education, wildlife conservation, and gender empowerment. African Impact emphasizes ethical volunteering, cultural immersion, and making a lasting, positive impact on both participants and the communities they serve.

Limuru, Kenya: This customized hospital-based medical internship offers unparalleled access to various departments like obstetrics, gynecology, ICU, and more. Gain practical experience alongside qualified professionals, learn about Kenya’s healthcare system, and have the option to participate in community outreach. Live in the peaceful highlands of Kenya for a unique experience.

Livingstone, Zambia: This gender equality internship in Zambia offers professional experience in international development, focusing on empowering young women through workshops, mentorship, and support. Develop new programs, work on existing initiatives, and gain exposure to development issues. Live in Livingstone, near Victoria Falls, and be supported to acquire and develop new skills.

Involvement Volunteers International (IVI)

Involvement Volunteers International (IVI) is an organization that offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities around the world. They specialize in programs related to community development, education, healthcare, wildlife and conservation, and more. IVI focuses on providing meaningful and sustainable projects that make a positive impact on local communities and environments. They aim to create immersive experiences for volunteers, allowing them to learn about different cultures while contributing to important causes.

Lisbon, Portugal: Get involved by supporting a local NGO by preparing, cooking, and serving food to the homeless. Assist in food basket preparations, serving meals, and maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen. 

Accra, Ghana: This Physiotherapy Internship allows participants to assist local clinics and sports organizations, treating injured athletes, and providing care to community members in need. Gain hands-on experience, exchange knowledge with local healthcare professionals, and contribute to important community and sports development work. Accommodation is provided in a volunteer house, with shared rooms. Must be a qualified physiotherapist or at least a second-year student.

Volunteering Solutions (VolSol)

Delhi, India: The Medical and Nursing Internship in Delhi, India, offers medical students a rewarding learning opportunity with international work exposure in major hospitals. Choose to work in different departments, shadow professionals, and gain valuable skills. Live in South Delhi, near markets and attractions. Participants must declare credentials pertaining to their qualifications. 

Athens, Greece: Gain valuable hands-on experience with a Dental Internship in Athens, Greece, offered by Volunteering Solutions. Shadow English-speaking dental professionals, learn the local language and immerse yourself in Greek culture. Ideal for students in dental fields, this program offers 2 to 12-week placements, following AAMC guidelines, with no direct patient work allowed.

Global Vision International (GVI)

Global Vision International (GVI) has become a leading volunteer and intern abroad organization since opening its doors in 1998. They aim to help you boost your career while making a positive impact on the world.

GVI specifically has some great intern abroad programs worldwide including:

  1. Cape Town, South Africa: Join GVI’s Women’s Empowerment Internship in Cape Town, South Africa, for 4 to 12 weeks. Assist in breaking the cycle of poverty by supporting gender equality through education, public health, and income-generating initiatives. Gain hands-on experience, contribute to sustainable projects, and explore iconic landmarks while working 40 hours per week alongside an international team.
  2. Canary Islands, Spain: Join a Marine Biology Internship in Tenerife, Canary Islands, for 2 to 12 weeks. Assist in cetacean research, collect and analyze data, and contribute to conservation efforts. Work 40 hours per week, gaining hands-on experience in marine science. Enjoy island activities and support environmental initiatives while enhancing your research skills. Ideal for marine biology students.

Choosing The Right Volunteer Or Internship Abroad Program

Volunteering or interning abroad can be a truly magnificent experience. To get the most out of professional development travel, consider your skills, goals, budget, interests, and where your expertise has the greatest use. Whether it’s Sales and Marketing in Dublin or finance in NYC,  you can discover the perfect program if you do your research.

Ready to plan a volunteer or internship trip? Sign up on Volunteer Forever for an account. You can start fundraising to reduce expenses for traveling abroad. And you can be packing your bags in no time!

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