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Skills Development Through Volunteering: Enhancing Your Resume

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By Munira Maricar
Travel Writer

Volunteering is not just an act of kindness; it’s a strategic step toward personal and professional growth, especially for students and young professionals. These experiences can shape your character and polish your professional skills, making your resume shine. Every moment spent volunteering is a step toward personal and professional growth. Dedicating your time and energy to meaningful causes not only brings about change in communities but also transforms you into a well-rounded, skilled individual, ready to take on the professional world. So, let’s dive in and discover how each act of volunteering is a building block for your career!

The Power of Skills-Based Volunteering


Every skill learned on your volunteering project can be useful for a wide range of professional careers.

Skills-based volunteering allows you to apply and hone specific professional skills. Every skill learned or every task completed on your volunteering project can be useful for a wide range of professional careers. Here’s how specific tasks in volunteering projects abroad can be linked to relevant job-related skills:

  • Teaching or Childcare
    • Relevant Skills: Communication, public speaking, patience, lesson planning, creativity, and adaptability.
    • Professional Application: Apart from being directly applicable in educational roles, they can also be relevant for corporate contexts like HR or training, including any job that involves presenting information clearly, such as marketing, copywriting, or public relations.
  • Community Development Projects
    • Relevant Skills: Project management, leadership, negotiation, cultural sensitivity, and problem-solving.
    • Professional Application: Valuable in roles that require managing teams, liaising with stakeholders, or working in international development or community engagement sectors.
  • Medical or Health Campaigns
    • Relevant Skills: Technical medical skills, empathy, stress management, and crisis handling.
    • Professional Application: Directly applicable in healthcare professions, and also useful in roles requiring composure under pressure, including emergency services or mental health support.
  • Construction or Infrastructure Projects
    • Relevant Skills: Physical labor, project planning, teamwork, and resource management.
    • Professional Application: Useful in construction, urban planning, and logistics. Also beneficial for roles requiring collaborative project execution, precise planning, and working together in groups to achieve a common goal.
  • Wildlife or Environmental Conservation
    • Relevant Skills: Data collection, research, patience, and a strong understanding of ecological systems.
    • Professional Application: Relevant in roles within environmental agencies, research institutions, and NGOs focused on sustainability or conservation. It’s also a great way to train your skills in adapting to methodologies, which can be highly relevant for jobs like impact assessment, and roles in sustainable business practices where understanding and applying diverse research methods and analytical approaches are crucial.
  • Social Work and Community Outreach:
    • Relevant Skills: Empathy, active listening, advocacy, and crisis management.
    • Professional Application: Directly relevant to careers in social work, counseling, human resources, or any role that requires strong interpersonal skills and an understanding of social dynamics.

Other benefits of skills-based volunteering


Your experience volunteering abroad is more than just a CV booster!

  1. Building a Professional Network Through Volunteering: Volunteering introduces you to a network of professionals and like-minded individuals. These connections can lead to mentorship opportunities, references, job offers, or even just lifelong friends!
  2. Enhancing Soft Skills in a Real-World Setting: Volunteering is an excellent opportunity to develop essential soft skills. Skills like teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and adaptability are highly valued in the job market. Volunteering provides a platform to practice and refine these skills in diverse, real-world scenarios.
  3. Boosting Your Resume with Varied Experiences: Participating in different volunteer programs can diversify your resume. Employers often look for candidates with a range of experiences that demonstrate adaptability, a willingness to learn, and a commitment to personal growth.
  4. Demonstrating Commitment and Work Ethic: Regular volunteering shows potential employers your dedication and work ethic. It reflects your ability to manage time effectively and your commitment to causes beyond yourself, which are attractive traits in any employee.
  5. Gaining Cross-Cultural Competence: Volunteering, especially abroad, can enhance your cross-cultural competence. This skill is invaluable in our increasingly globalized world, where understanding and working effectively across cultures is a significant asset.

List of Ideal Volunteer Abroad Programs


Expand your skills and your network during your volunteer experience abroad!

Below we highlight some of the best impactful volunteer programs from trustworthy volunteer organizations around the world that you can volunteer with. These organizations usually provide accommodation, meals, airport transport, and 24/7 support included with the program fees. 

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)


If you're interested in a career in construction or landscaping, IVHQ may just have the ideal volunteer placement for you!

Volunteering with International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) is great for learning new skills and boosting your resume. Since 2007, they’ve helped over 132,000 volunteers worldwide. IVHQ cares about doing good for people and the planet, and they make volunteering easy and affordable. It’s a chance to see the world, meet new people, and make a real difference.

  1. Food Outreach in Vietnam: Volunteering in a Ho Chi Minh City soup kitchen blends culinary skills with community service, offering invaluable insights for careers in cooking, hospitality, or social work.
  2. Teaching English in Romania: Teaching English abroad leverages your language skills to educate children, ideal for those passionate about teaching or aspiring to become educators.
  3. Outdoor Work in Thailand: This program involves tasks like building and farming, suits those who love hands-on, active work, and can serve as a solid foundation for careers in construction or landscaping.
  4. Physical Therapy in India: This program offers hands-on experience in Kerala’s clinics, deepening your understanding of healthcare and aiding recovery, ideal for aspiring therapists and healthcare professionals.
  5. Content Creator For Impact Volunteer Program in Greece: Enhance NGOs’ online presence using your tech and creative skills. Perfect for those skilled in web development, graphic design, or digital marketing, looking to immerse in Greek culture while supporting vital social and environmental causes.


medical volunteers

Observing diverse healthcare practices in Sri Lanka with GoEco

Volunteering with GoEco is a great way to learn new things and make your resume shine. Since 2006, they’ve set up over 15,000 volunteers in 40+ countries with 150+ programs. Volunteers can expect comprehensive support, including pre-departure information, in-country orientation, and emergency assistance.

  1. Cambodia – Sustainable Community Development: Contribute to Samraong’s revival by teaching and building infrastructure. Ideal for those interested in education, civil engineering, or international development, you’ll foster local growth and gain hands-on experience in community-driven projects.
  2. Thailand – Hua Hin Teaching and Childcare: Engage in cultural exchange and teaching in Hua Hin, enhancing the education of Thai students. A perfect fit for aspiring educators, linguists, and cultural ambassadors, it’s a chance to develop teaching strategies and intercultural communication skills.
  3. Zimbabwe – African Wildlife Orphanage: Work at a prominent wildlife sanctuary, nurturing a variety of animals. This project suits those pursuing careers in veterinary medicine, wildlife conservation, or zoology, offering hands-on experience in animal care and rehabilitation practices.
  4. Sri Lanka – Medical and Nursing Program: Immerse yourself in the medical field in Sri Lanka, observing diverse healthcare practices. Designed for medical and nursing students, it’s an opportunity to gain practical insights, beneficial for careers in healthcare, nursing, or hospital administration.
  5. Nepal – Construction and Rebuilding: Assist in Nepal’s rebuilding efforts post-earthquake, honing your craftsmanship and project management skills. This program is valuable for those in construction, architecture, or disaster relief and management, contributing to real-world projects with lasting community impact.

Maximo Nivel


Aid reforestation and conservation efforts in the Amazon with Maximo Nivel!

Maximo Nivel is a respected provider in the field of international volunteer programs in Latin America, known for adhering to high standards and ethical practices. Since 2003, they’ve welcomed over 100,000 people into programs in Latin America. They’re well-recognized and even give college credits for some programs. Plus, they offer Spanish classes, making it a great choice for those wanting to learn a new language and experience a different culture, all while making a difference.

  1. Volunteer in Amazon Conservation & Reforestation: Dive into the heart of Peru’s Amazon Jungle, aiding reforestation and conservation efforts. This initiative is perfect for those aspiring to work in environmental science, forestry, or biodiversity conservation, offering hands-on experience in one of the most ecologically diverse regions in the world.
  2. Volunteer with Indigenous Communities: Engage deeply with Andean and Mayan cultures, living and working within indigenous communities. This immersive program is invaluable for those interested in anthropology, social work, or cultural studies, providing a profound understanding of traditional lifestyles and community dynamics.
  3. Volunteer in Beach Conservation: Contribute to the preservation of Costa Rica’s pristine natural reserves and beaches. Ideal for individuals passionate about environmental science, marine biology, or sustainable tourism, this program offers the chance to participate in hands-on conservation, trail maintenance, and ecological education.
  4. Volunteer in Sea Turtle Conservation: Participate in vital sea turtle conservation in Costa Rica or Guatemala, involving beach patrols and hatchery management. A remarkable opportunity for those interested in marine biology, environmental education, or wildlife conservation, offering direct involvement in safeguarding marine life and ecosystems.
  5. Volunteer in Construction & Renovation: Immerse yourself in high-impact construction projects in Latin America, working with materials ranging from adobe to modern construction blocks. This program is perfect for those interested in civil engineering, architecture, or sustainable development, offering hands-on experience in building infrastructure like housing, schools, and community centers.

Projects Abroad

Archaeological dig programs with Projects Abroad

Enthusiasts in archaeology, anthropology, or history will love this placement by Projects Abroad!

Since 1992 Projects Abroad has helped over 125,000 people in programs worldwide. They’re known for high-quality experiences outside the classroom and follow top safety and quality standards. Whether it’s a one-week trip or a year-long project, you can pick what fits you best. Plus, you don’t need special qualifications to start. It’s a great way to travel, help out, and boost your resume.

  1. Volunteer as a Basketball Coach in Ghana: Empower youth through basketball in the Akuapem Hills, honing their skills and confidence. This opportunity is prime for individuals aiming for careers in sports management, physical education, or youth mentorship. It’s a hands-on way to learn about team dynamics and leadership.
  2. Archaeology Volunteering in Peru for Teenagers: Dive into the ancient world of Peru, working with professional archaeologists and exploring iconic sites like Machu Picchu. This project is a gateway for young enthusiasts considering careers in archaeology, anthropology, or history, offering real-world fieldwork experience.
  3. Migrant and Refugee Support Project in Mexico: Provide crucial support to migrants and refugees in Guadalajara. Engage in humanitarian aid, offering services such as clothing distribution and meal provision. This role is fitting for those interested in careers in social work, international relations, or human rights.
  4. Volunteer with Children for Spring Break in Jamaica: Support children’s education in Mandeville through teaching, health workshops, and environment enhancement. This project is ideal for future educators, public health professionals, or anyone looking to enter the field of community development.

African Impact


Join the Female Empowerment Volunteer Project In Zambia to prepare for careers in non-profit organizations and more!

Volunteering with African Impact is a fantastic way to gain new skills. Since 2004, they’ve been all about making a real difference in Africa. They’re big on working closely with local communities and making sure their efforts really count. It’s a great chance to learn, help out, and experience Africa’s culture and challenges firsthand.

  1. Reforestation Volunteer Project In Kenya: This project suits those interested in environmental science, forestry, education, or sustainable agriculture. Volunteers partake in biodiversity initiatives, local education, and sustainable farming practices, gaining experience valuable for careers in environmental policy, education, or community development.
  2. Waste Reduction Volunteer Program In Zambia: Ideal for individuals pursuing careers in environmental sustainability, waste management, or community development. Tasks include creating EcoBricks from plastic waste, conducting conservation workshops, and spearheading recycling projects.
  3. Female Empowerment Volunteer Project In Zambia:  This project is perfect for those interested in gender studies, social work, or human rights. Activities include health education, confidence-building, and career development programs, providing insights and experience valuable for careers in non-profit organizations, international development, and counseling.
  4. Community School Volunteer Project In Cape Town, South Africa: This opportunity is fitting for individuals eyeing careers in education, social work, or public health. Volunteers support educational and life-skills programs for children impacted by HIV. Ideal for those considering roles in teaching, child development, or community health initiatives.
  5. Horse Riding And Hands-On Elephant And Rhino Conservation: Combine your passion for horseback riding with wildlife conservation at the Imire Conservancy. This unique project is suitable for experienced riders interested in wildlife conservation, veterinary sciences, or park management. Engage in anti-poaching patrols, animal monitoring, and conservancy management, gaining hands-on experience applicable to careers in wildlife management, conservation policy, or eco-tourism.

Involvement Volunteers International (IVI)

Wildlife, Marine Animal, Veterinary, & Conservation Volunteer Abroad - Volunteering Journeys

Ideal for those passionate about marine biology - you can't miss out on IVI's Turtle Conservation Program in Bali!

Since 1989, this Australian charity has made a big impact, sending over 25,000 volunteers to projects in 23 countries. They offer a variety of programs, and their focus on ethical, sustainable projects means you get real, hands-on experience that makes a difference and looks great on a resume.

  1. Alpaca and Llama Farm in Peru:  Engage in tasks like feeding, pen maintenance, shearing, and textile creation. This project is perfect for those interested in veterinary sciences, sustainable agriculture, or cultural preservation, offering insights into local economies and ecological practices.
  2. Turtle Conservation Program in Bali: Ideal for those passionate about marine biology, environmental science, or community outreach. Contribute to turtle conservation through hands-on care, beach cleanups, and ecological education in local schools.
  3. Kindergarten Teaching in Costa Rica: Suited for aspiring educators, childcare professionals, or volunteers passionate about early childhood development. Assist in teaching and child development in beautiful regions like Manuel Antonio and San Jose. Tasks include teaching basic English, leading creative activities, and promoting hygiene.

Volunteering Solutions


Gain hands-on experience in wildlife management and conservation strategies with VolSol's Elephant Volunteer program.

With a vast network encompassing over 250 projects in more than 26 countries, Volunteering Solutions (VolSol) has enabled over 15,000 volunteers to contribute a staggering 817,275+ hours to date.  They’re all about responsible travel and making a real difference in communities. Whether it’s a short-term or a longer stay, you get to learn, help out, and experience different cultures, making it a great boost to your career journey.

  1. Early Years Childcare Support Program in Nepal: Ideal for those pursuing careers in education, early childhood development, or social work. This program provides hands-on experience in nurturing and teaching young children, enriching your skills in classroom management and child psychology while offering the cultural richness of the Himalayas.
  2. Volunteer NGO Support and Human Rights in Morocco: Perfect for individuals interested in careers in international development, non-profit management, or human rights advocacy. Gain valuable insight into NGO operations and community development in Rabat, enhancing skills crucial for roles in policy analysis, community organizing, or legal advocacy.
  3. Community Development Volunteering in Nosy Komba, Madagascar: Suitable for those looking to enter the fields of civil engineering, public health, or sustainable development. Participate in infrastructure projects and health awareness programs, gaining practical experience in project management, community engagement, and public health, all within the unique environmental context of Madagascar.
  4. 2 Weeks Special Volunteer Program in Thailand – Elephant & Beaches: Assist in elephant care, learn about conservation efforts, and explore Thailand’s cultural heritage, gaining hands-on experience in wildlife management, conservation strategies, and cultural communication, valuable for careers in environmental science, wildlife conservation, or sustainable tourism.



Combine your love for surfing with the opportunity to give back with Surfpop's innovative program!

If you’re s surfer who wants to do more, you should definitely check out Surfpop. Volunteering with Surfpop in Muizenberg, South Africa, offers a unique opportunity to engage in surfing while providing support to local children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Surfpop’s long-term commitment to each child and holistic approach sets it apart, offering a deeply rewarding and enriching experience.

As a volunteer, you’ll help with surf sessions, classroom support, and life skills workshops, ideal for those interested in social work, education, sports coaching, and community development. It offers hands-on experience in child mentorship, educational support, sports management, and health awareness, enriching skills valuable in non-profit, educational, and health sectors.

Global Vision International (GVI)


For those pursuing careers in education, social work, or human rights, volunteering with GVI may be exactly what you need!

Global Vision International (GVI), established in 1997, is a prominent organization offering ethical opportunities in various fields. GVI is an award-winning organization with a focus on long-term, measurable impacts and ethical practices

  1. Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Volunteering in Ghana: Ideal for those pursuing careers in education, social work, human rights, or diversity and inclusion consultancy. Gain valuable experience in fostering equitable education, training educators, and empowering diverse student populations, equipping you for roles in policy-making, community outreach, and educational consultancy.
  2. Gibbon Conservation Volunteering in Thailand: Suitable for individuals interested in wildlife conservation, environmental science, or zoology. Gain hands-on experience in species monitoring and conservation strategies, crucial for careers in wildlife research, environmental conservation, or roles within environmental NGOs and government agencies.
  3. Business and Micro-Enterprise Volunteering in Tanzania: Beneficial for those interested in entrepreneurship, economic development, or international business. Contribute to local business growth and acquire skills applicable to roles in business consulting, development agencies, or NGOs focused on economic empowerment and microfinance.
  4. Plastic Pollution and Conservation In Thailand: Perfect for individuals aiming for careers in marine biology, environmental science, or waste management. Participate in marine conservation efforts and community education, preparing you for roles in environmental advocacy, sustainability consultancy, or community development projects.

Transforming Volunteering into Career Milestones

Volunteer abroad with your best friend

Watch how volunteering ca open doors to a world of opportunities!

The journey of skills development through volunteering is much more than just a noble cause; it’s a powerful catalyst for personal and professional growth. Each volunteer experience offers a treasure trove of skills and insights. These experiences shape you into a more competent, empathetic, and adaptable individual, qualities highly sought after in the professional realm. 

Your volunteer experiences are not just lines on a resume; they’re testaments to your character and capability. Embrace them, share them, and watch how they open doors to a world of opportunities.