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Summer Abroad Internships for Students

Brittany Edwardes
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By Brittany Edwardes
Guest Volunteer Travel Writer
Volunteer Forever | Summer Abroad Internships for Students

By the time you’re a serious student in your junior or senior year, you’ve probably heard all about internships. You’ve likely heard that they’re important and that’s hardly an understatement.

Why Should You Intern Abroad in the Summer?

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 75% of employers rate “relevant work experience” as one of the most important factors when hiring a new employee and as of 2015, 62.8% of graduating college seniors had participated in an internship, the highest percentage any year yet. The message is clear: in order to be competitive in today’s job market, good candidates for any job must have internship experience.

Luckily for most applicants, however, internships don’t have to be another check on their resume. Internships can be wonderful, fun opportunities to learn more about yourself and your discipline, all while getting some of that real-world work experience that the employers all desire. The good news is also that internships are everywhere and that interning abroad is an excellent way to combine purposeful work with world-altering travel abroad. More and more students and gap year adventurers are turning t internships abroad to help them prepare for the job market while also satisfying their wanderlust.

But why intern abroad rather in your own backyard? Other than great benefits like employability and the possibility of learning a new language, students who intern abroad have the opportunity to see their horizons – both figurative and literal – broaden with each new encounter. One major intended purpose of an internship is to give someone relatively new to a field a chance to try it on for size, even if the field isn’t exactly what a person thinks they would like to dedicate their life to. As a junior in college, I traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to study abroad and Mahidol University International College. While I was there, I applied for an internship with a local English teaching program, mostly out of a desire to earn a few extra baht while I traveled. What I didn’t know, however, was that this would be my very first step into the career that I now love.

In this article, we’ll go over how to find an internship that fits you and your dreams, highly-recommended intern abroad placement programs that cater to their projects to students, how to get started funding your internship abroad, and how to get college credit for your internship abroad.

How to Know if an Internship Program is Right for You

Volunteer Forever | Summer Abroad Internships for Students

Now that most community organizations and NGO’s have an online presence, finding and getting a good internship is easier than ever. A good way to start to find an internship is to explore organizations that do work that you support or aligns with your career interests. For example, if you want a career that involves working with animals in some capacity, it would be your best bet to Google and see what organizations are active with the conservation, care, or awareness of any particular animals that you’re interested in working with. If you know that you’re interested in doing a particular kind of work but aren’t sure about where you want to work, try looking at different internship placement programs (like the ones we have below) to see if any of their programs look like something for you. Many placement agencies can also individualize their programs, so don’t be afraid to reach out on a personal level to explain your passions and see if any group can direct you to an internship perfect for you.

As you look for an internship program, there are two main things to consider. First, realize that it’s best to intern with a program as closely tailored to your own career aspirations as possible. Some internships may be described vaguely on the internet, but it’s definitely worth a call to see if the particular internship is directly related to what you want to do. For example, if you’re interested in becoming a wildlife veterinarian, you might want to look into an internship that allows you to work with professional animal care workers and learn clear-cut, valuable skills that would be directly applicable when you begin looking at pathways to your career. Specialized skills like these are most likely going to be taught by the professionals who utilize them, so make sure that you choose a program that has on-staff professionals in the field of your interest.

Finding a good program also means finding a program that is going to be able to support you before, during, and after your internship. Traveling to another country to intern can be tricky for even the most seasoned traveler and downright intimidating if it’s your first time abroad. So, you want to be able to be connected to people who understand every step of your journey and are able to physically be available when the inevitable hiccup takes place. Many great programs have international and regional staff so that they are able to provide the physical assurance that only a real helping hand can guarantee. Even if smaller programs aren’t able to provide staff members in your home country and your host country, they should be able to quickly answer any queries you might have and provide reasonable solutions to any travel conundrum. A program that won’t respond to questions is a red flag– do yourself a favor by reaching out to your program and making a personal connection before you commit just so you know that they’ll be there for you when it counts.

Finally, use your tools to compare intern abroad placement programs in order to make the best decision for you. We at Volunteer Forever built a sophisticated program reviewing platform for a reason– we wanted to make it easier for interns and volunteers like you to find and connect to the programs that consistently provide the best services to the people they work with. So, check your reviews. Most intern abroad placement programs are able to create smooth, reassuring websites but only those that work truly hard for their interns will be able to inspire the interns to create an awesome review. If you want more than reviews, ask around within the intern abroad circles to ask specific questions about each program, such as whether the included housing is close enough to the internships or how involved the placement organization is once you’re abroad. Information like this is always better to have before you book your trip and will make a huge difference for your overall satisfaction.

Amazing Intern Abroad Programs We Can’t Stop Recommending

Here at Volunteer Forever, we see a lot of Intern Abroad programs and have learned, through the advice of our volunteers and interns, which programs are simply the best of the best. These are the kinds of programs that have been vetted by volunteers and interns just like you, have demonstrated effective, purposeful partnerships with local communities and are full of helpful staff dedicated to making sure that your trip is safe and successful. Here are some great tried-and-true projects to get you started:

Maximo Nivel

Volunteer Forever | Summer Abroad Internships for Students

Founded in 2003, Maximo describes itself as the “Intercultural Center of Latin America” and facilitates volunteer and internship placements in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Perú. Maximo Nivel partners with local hospitals, schools, and other community organizations to place volunteers and interns where they can learn and make a difference. Maximo Nivel is especially well-known for its TEFL Certification/Internship Programs, which allow teachers to a hybrid training program in which they study material from home and then complete their training in a local school under the guidance of a master teacher. All internships with Maximo Nivel have a minimum duration of 4 weeks and usually culminate in a final project, in which interns demonstrate the work that has done with their placement community. Note: Many of Maximo Nivel’s projects require interns to speak at least intermediate Spanish to be successful. However, Maximo Nivel also offers a Native Spanish Course to help interns bring their language skills up to the necessary level.

Micro-Business Internship in Guatemala

Micro-business interns work alongside small, local companies and typically focus on marketing, sales and client services, and accounting to help new businesses thrive in an ever-changing business world. Interns can expect to gain significant knowledge about business practices in the developing world, improve their business Spanish, and develop highly sought-after skills that will help them later in business school or during their own work as an entrepreneur. Interns should have an intermediate level of Spanish to be successful and need to have prior college or work experience in a field related to Business.

Special Education Internship in Perú

This internship places people passionate about special education in private schools working as a teacher’s aide to grow as an educator and work with some of the most at-risk students in Peruvian schools. Typical activities include shadowing lessons of master teachers, conducting lessons, working one-on-one with students with disabilities, and leading educational activities to engage all learners. Interns with experience in ASL are highly encouraged to apply and all interns need to be able to speak Spanish at an intermediate level to be effective in the classroom.

Human Rights in Costa Rica

For many poor Costa Ricans, discrimination and disenfranchisement is an expected part of life. Because Maximo Nivel does not believe this to be a necessary reality, interns are needed to help build and maintain social justice programs in the urban areas of Costa Rica. Interns focus on tasks like community outreach, education, fundraising, and research to help improve the day-to-day life of people living in Costa Rica. Interns are required to be enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s program in Social Work, International Development, or a related discipline and are expected to create a final project demonstrating their impact and learning. Internships last a minimum of four weeks.

Education Internship

If you’re studying to become a teacher, Maximo Nivel offers an amazing opportunity through its education internship abroad. Through this internship, you’ll work in an English-speaking classroom at a private school and can choose from placements in early childhood, elementary, middle school, and high school classrooms. As an intern, you’ll work alongside a local teacher to gain experience and insight into leading a classroom, planning activities, assessing your students’ needs, and so much more, to develop your skills as a teacher. To apply, you must be enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s program in education, secondary education, or a related field.

What Interns Have to Say About Maximo Nivel:

Máximo Nivel exceeded my expectations in just about every way. All of the staff went above and beyond in welcoming our group to Peru, orienting us in our medical campaign work, and showing us the city of Cusco. The cohesion and communication between our homestay, the Máximo staff, the drivers, etc. was extremely helpful in making our week go smoothly. I would absolutely recommend Máximo Nivel to friends!- Molly, in 2016

Love Volunteers

Volunteer Forever | Summer Abroad Internships for Students

Love Volunteers works hard to provide over 120 individualized, productive placements for volunteers and interns in over 30 countries across the globe. Founded by volunteers who sought to find the best way possible to make change through international aid, Love Volunteers prioritizes safety, quality, and affordability when planning intern abroad placements. Love Volunteers works with local partners to introduce interns to viable, community-supported projects where they can learn and make a difference. Love Volunteers has a strong program for interns interested in the medical field, with health and medicine internships in Argentina, Cambodia, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, India, and Kenya.

Women’s Empowerment in Thailand

Interns passionate about women’s equality and empowerment won’t want to miss this amazing opportunity to work with the Women’s Refugee Centre in Bangkok Thailand. Interns help engage with professionals who support local Thai women who have been subjected to cruel hardships such as abandonment, sexual abuse, human trafficking, or poverty. Interns participate in activities like teaching English, teaching marketable skills, improving the women’s feelings of self-worth and caring for their children while they pursue higher education or jobs. Interns are provided with accommodations in a local Volunteer Home and are provided with continuous in-country support.

Urban Gardening in Brazil

Green-thumbed interns should check out this internship that helps connect the urban gardening movement to some of Rio’s poorest inhabitants. Interns participate in tasks like designing and implementing gardening projects, encouraging community garden involvement among families living in poverty, and educating about the benefits of healthy, home-growth food. Interns with interests or backgrounds in horticulture, urban gardening, or environmental science are strongly encouraged to apply. Interns are provided with accommodations in a top-rated local youth hostel.

HIV/AIDS Support in Zimbabwe

Prospective interns interested in participating in finding solutions for one of the most community-dissolving diseases in the world should consider applying to this internship in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe that connects interns to local HIV/AIDS relief organizations with the goal of supporting children and families severely traumatized by the disease. Interns help provide a safe, nurturing environment for children to learn, participate in after-school activities, and be empowered through activities and games. Interns are provided with accommodations through local host families in order to be more fully immersed in Zimbabwean culture.

What Interns Have to Say About Love Volunteers:

Love Volunteers is such an amazing organization. I can’t stress enough how kind and helpful they were doing the whole trip process. They were happy to answer any question I asked, and made the process as smooth as possible. I would recommend Love Volunteers to everyone. I can’t thank them enough for helping give me this opportunity. It easily was the greatest experience of my life, and I can’t wait to do it again.- Delaney, in 2015

Projects Abroad

Volunteer Forever | Summer Abroad Internships for Students

Projects Abroad was founded in 1992 and is now one of the largest volunteer and intern placement organizations in the industry, with over 120,000 alums across the globe. Projects Abroad operates placements globally, with specialties from medicine and healthcare to journalism to advocacy and human rights. Internship timelines vary and can start on any date, depending on the availability of the program, but typically last from four to twelve weeks. Projects Abroad maintains an in-country staff for each of its placements and include housing, meals, travel insurance, and work-related transportation as part of their program costs.

Use your summer to gain practical, real-world work experience. Projects Abroad offer global internships in countries around the world. You can gain hands-on experience working in your field of study or future career, by shadowing skilled professionals in their workplace.

Medical Internships with Projects Abroad

Boost your resume and get your medical career off to the best start with a medical internship. Choose to work in several fields, including medicine, nursing, physical therapy, and more. You’ll learn from experienced medical staff in developing countries, giving you a deeper insight into the healthcare challenges people face. Medical internships allow you to travel to Africa to shadow doctors in GhanaKenya, or Tanzania. Or choose to learn about healthcare in southeast Asia by joining an internship in VietnamCambodia, or the PhilippinesExplore about Project Abroad’s medical internships here.

Business Internships with Projects Abroad

Business internships with Projects Abroad are an unparalleled opportunity to get the practical and cultural insights you need to support your future career. The experience also will help your resume stand out in a competitive environment. You can choose to work at a consulting firm in Guadalajara, Mexico, or gain practical work experience in China, learning from business professionals in a rapidly developing economy. Discover more Business internships offered by Projects Abroad and apply today.

What interns have to say:

“I feel so fortunate to have been able to be a part of such a life-changing experience. I went into this program expecting to learn more about the practice of medicine; I left with that and with much more. I was able to develop great relationships with the doctors and nurses on staff and I also found myself making truly meaningful bonds with the patients themselves.” -Mario, medicine in Tanzania

Cross-Cultural Solutions

Volunteer Forever | Summer Abroad Internships for Students

Since 1995, Cross-Cultural Solutions has offered international internships, gap year experiences, volunteer trips, and high school and group volunteering programs throughout Costa Rica, Ghana, Greece, Guatemala, India, Morocco, Peru, Tanzania, and Thailand. Internships you can sign up for this summer include global health, social work, and economic development, and are a great way to combine service, adventure, and education. So far, nearly 35,000 travelers have signed on with Cross-Cultural Solutions (with a 99% approval rating from past participants), which has some of the highest standards of safety and well-being in its industry. As an organization dedicated to quality programming, CCS received Special Consultative Status with the United Nations in 2003, has received GreatNonprofits’ top award for the third year in a row, and is accredited by the American Gap Year Association.

Global Health Internship

Based in Ghana and India, Cross-Cultural Solutions offers an excellent global health internship where you can learn about public health challenges faced by marginalized and neglected populations while educating and empowering communities in need. Through outreach, participatory research, and assistance with efforts to improve access to resources and information, you will have the chance to make a positive impact on families and individuals in need while gaining valuable insights into global health challenges. Learn more about this six-week program in GhanaNew Delhi, and Dharamsala!

Social Work Internship

Through Cross-Cultural Solutions’ social work internship, you will be able to spend six weeks in Ghana, India, Peru, or Costa Rica, where you’ll learn about sustainable change, community empowerment, and education. As a social work intern, you will learn about sustainable community responses to social needs, children and family rights, HIV/AIDS destigmatization, and much more. You also will have the chance to work alongside community-based organizations, schools, homes for the elderly, clinics and hospitals, and local NGOs. Learn more about social work internships with Cross-Cultural Solutions here!

Economic Development Internship

Based in Ghana, CCS’s economic development internship is a great way to learn about addressing inequality and scarcity of resources within underserved communities. For six weeks, you will have the chance to work with local, sustainable programs focusing on financial literacy and economic development – as an intern, you will learn about finance, marketing, and business practices with support from a mentor. Learn more and sign up here!

Global Vision International (GVI)

Volunteer Forever | Summer Abroad Internships for Students

Founded in 1997, GVI has arranged volunteer and intern abroad trips for over 25,000 participants and partners with organizations like Save The ChildrenWWFPADIThe American Red Cross, and The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. GVI operates intern abroad programs in Africa, Europe, Asia, and South America in countries like Mexico, Fiji, South Africa, Seychelles, and Thailand. GVI arranges internships in many kinds of specialties and disciplines with programs that vary in length from 6 to 24 weeks. Internships are arranged on a case-by-case basis and have rolling deadlines. GVI also encourages successful interns to make strong connections with their project and with GVI staff – many of its most successful interns have gone on to work for projects all over the globe or GVI itself.

Marine and Wildlife Conservation Internship in Costa Rica

In this stunning internship, you’ll have the opportunity to work in pristine coastal rainforests along the coast of Costa Rica, with plenty of hands-on field experience and opportunities for excursions. Interns get to learn valuable, fundamental skills like biological sampling, conducting species surveys, and educating tourists and locals about conservation efforts in the area. This internship lasts for 24 weeks and is broken down into two 12-week cycles. Interns spend the first cycle learning skills necessary for their work-placements, which take up the next 12 weeks.

Community Development in Mexico

This internship places interns in beautiful Playa del Carmen working with a local branch of Save the Children, working alongside professionals to improve the life of local children and youth. This Community Development Internship includes a strong education component. Interns work alongside a dedicated mentor who guides them in the completion of tasks like lesson planning, classroom management, and helping create safe spaces for children away from drugs, violence, and abuse.

Teaching Internship in Nepal

In Nepal, interns invested in creating opportunities for quality education for all children to have the opportunity to work teaching abandoned and at-risk children in the breathtaking Himalayan Mountains. Interns work in Pokhara, a town popular with tourists that was damaged during the 2015 Earthquake. Interns work alongside local organizations to improve initiatives in local communities, help build education infrastructure, and introducing local youth to positive role models. Internships last for 24 weeks and include 12 weeks of training, accommodations in a local homestay, and frequent in-country support.

What Interns Have to Say About GVI:

The two months I spent on the Education Project in Fiji in 2011 were undoubtedly the best time of my life!! I feel like not only was I able to make an everlasting, positive change in the lives of many deserving children and families, but got to do so in one of the most beautiful places in the world with some of the most amazing people in the world. I helped to establish the first kindergarten at Ratu Meli Memorial School, and was able to use all of my teaching experience in doing so. To see it continuing to grow and develop today is absolutely amazing! The only word that comes even close to describing my experience is incredible, and that still is lighty ears away from doing it justice. It made me grow as a professional and a person, and I would definitely recommend it!!! — Lisa in 2014

Agape Volunteers

Volunteer Forever | Summer Abroad Internships for Students

Agape Volunteers supports humanitarian efforts and environmental conservation initiatives throughout Africa. Founded 10 years ago, Agape Volunteers offers meaningful programs in Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, and Tanzania. A registered UK charity, this organization specializes in volunteering, tourism, and development work to benefit communities and travelers alike. Accommodations, airport transfers, food, and orientation are included in the program fee – also included is travel insurance, making Agape Volunteers the most affordable option on this list if you want to volunteer in Africa. Students under 18 must be accompanied by an adult or traveling with a school or community group.

Teaching in Kenya

Join Agape Volunteers in Kenya on a volunteer teaching opportunity, creating your own internship. Stay from one week to a year gaining hands-on experience developing lessons and teaching English, math, science, and more. Teach games, sports, and hold arts and crafts activities, if you’re interested as well. Another aspect of your volunteer experience is supporting an IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camp, assisting with medical outreach work, distributing supplies, or helping with the building and maintenance of ongoing construction projects. Accommodations are in the Agape volunteer house, with dorm-style rooms. During your stay in Kenya, sign up for adventures including Maasai Mara safaris, hiking and biking trips through national parks, and getaways to tropical beaches on the Indian Ocean. Fees start at £590 for one week.

Wildlife Conservation in South Africa

Enhance your education with a self-styled internship in South Africa, working with endangered species on a meaningful wildlife conservation program. Travel to Marakele National Park, where you will work to protect lions, rhinos, elephants, leopards, cheetahs, buffalos, and hyenas. Your duties may include monitoring the movements and behaviors of animals – you’ll also take part in anti-poaching activities, such as looking for suspicious tracks. Other tasks include invasive plant removal, road restoration, trash removal, fire control, and bush clearing. You’ll stay in a refurbished farmhouse with dorm-style rooms and large social areas. This program cost starts at £1,530 for two weeks, and you can stay for up to 12 weeks.

HIV/AIDS Medical Program in Kenya

Give added meaning to your pre-med education track as a volunteer providing HIV/AIDS awareness and care to needy populations in Kenya. Develop an internship with Agape Volunteers and you’ll work five days a week, helping to support local healthcare teams. The HIV program has been built in partnership with health authorities and universities in Nairobi to offer all volunteers an International Diploma in HIV testing and counseling through an intensive two-week course. The course helps to ensure safe testing techniques and provides a useful qualification for your future medical career. This program also includes spending a day volunteering at an IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camp, working to improve the daily lives of refugees. Costs start at £590 for one week.

Intern Abroad HQ

Volunteer Forever | Summer Abroad Internships for Students

Founded by International Volunteer HQ, a leading and trusted volunteer organization, Intern Abroad HQ has a growing international portfolio of affordable and flexible internships. To support students and young professionals in achieving relevant outcomes during their internship, Intern Abroad HQ implements an experiential learning approach. Every internship program includes a guided reflection course designed to build skills that are universally transferable across diverse employment settings. Interns gain hands-on experience while focusing on personal and professional development for a resilient and adaptable career. Whether you’re passionate about business, health, conservation, law, education, engineering or economics, there are entry-level opportunities available year-round. The growing number of placements are offered throughout Central America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Business & Economics internships

Intern Abroad HQ offers a wide range of placements suitable for interns looking to enhance their experience of diverse business operations. Placements are available from just two weeks in NGO Management & Administration (Bali) and Start-Up Entrepreneurship (Cape Town, South Africa). Spanish-speakers are encouraged to join NGO Support in Cusco, Peru, or Microfinance placements in Costa Rica and Guatemala. For something different, Real Estate & Property Management placements are offered in Cape Town, where interns can gain valuable industry experience while interfacing with various levels of management.

Marketing & Communication internships

Marketing & Communication internship placements provide interns with valuable career and industry experience. Short-term internships in Cape Town, South Africa from just four weeks are available in the fields of Journalism & Public Relations, Event Planning, and Marketing & Communication. If you can commit to an eight-week duration, consider opportunities in Bali, which include professional placements in Marketing & Media, Event Management & Public Relations, and Graphic Design. An Architecture & Design internship in Bali is also available for a duration of 12 weeks. Looking for an affordable internship in Europe? Join Media, Communications & Public Relations in Greece or Marketing & Public Relations in Ireland – these flexible placements are both available from a duration commitment of just four weeks.

Tourism & Hospitality internships

If you’re passionate about the tourism and hospitality industry, combining travel with an internship abroad is the perfect way to see the world and gain experience in the field. The two-week Tourism Operations experience in Ireland is a fantastic option for any schedule and budget. Not only will you gain industry insight, but you’ll also have the chance to join day-trips around Dublin and build your resume with Intern Abroad HQ’s resume-boosting reflection program. If you want to get your teeth stuck into a longer-term internship, Tourism & Hospitality placements in GuatemalaPeru, and South Africa are also available year-round. For something different, specialize in Eco-Tourism (Peru) or Hospitality (Dublin).

Find the perfect internship and apply today!

What Interns Have to Say About Intern Abroad HQ:

“My experience with Intern Abroad HQ was nothing less than amazing. It was an eye opening and life-changing experience for me. Going into the program I had originally planned on volunteering but when I heard you could intern I realized I wanted to do that instead. My plan is to go into Occupational Therapy and this internship was the perfect opportunity and experience for that. Working with underprivileged children and learning disabilities was something I haven’t done before. Seeing how happy they were to be shown love and support from not only the therapist but other volunteers and interns like myself, was a great feeling. Of course, there were some difficult times while I was there, such as communication and transportation because they are much different than what I am used to from back home. However, if you aren’t a little uncomfortable while traveling in another country and immersing yourself in another culture then you wouldn’t be doing it right. It can be scary and overwhelming but what you learn and who you meet in the end is so worth it! I highly suggest working with Intern HQ and gaining the knowledge and amazing experiences in another culture!” – Kayla Myott (Physician’s Assistant, Peru)


Volunteer Forever | Summer Abroad Internships for Students

Since 2006, GoEco has offered affordable volunteer abroad programs and internships in over 45 countries throughout AfricaAsiaAustralasiaCentral AmericaEurope, the Middle EastNorth America, and South America. With more than 170 different programs, GoEco is a great organization to check out if you’re looking for a variety of impactful trips to choose from, from wildlife conservation to teaching English. GoEco was recently recognized as the Top Volunteer Abroad Organization from GoAbroad, Top Eco-Enthusiast by Greenmatch, and has been recommended by Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification and more. As a volunteer, you will have 24-hour support from the GoEco team, from start to finish.

Medical Internship in Delhi, India

Journey to Delhi with GoEco, and observe and assist local medical professionals as they care for patients. You’ll work at a private hospital with modern healthcare facilities and renowned medical staff, so there will be plenty of opportunities to learn and gain valuable hands-on experience. You’ll also get to learn about Indian medical practices. Each intern gets to choose to work in three or four different departments. Your choices include emergency, nursing, physiotherapy, radiology, and pharmacy, among many others.

When you’re not caring for patients, explore Delhi, a massive metropolitan area with beautiful temples, historic sites, bustling markets, and more. Ready for your internship adventure? Note you must be a pre-med, nursing, or medical student. Find out more here (from $990 for two weeks).

Eco-Friendly Hospitality Internship in Barcelona, Spain

Interested in a career in tourism and/or sustainability? Then consider this international internship. You’ll work in a hostel in Barcelona that prides itself on offering travelers an affordable and safe place to relax, socialize, and share experiences. As an intern, you’ll assist with hostel operations, such as welcoming guests, offering travel advice, setting up breakfast, bartending, and cleaning. You’ll also participate in the hostel’s sustainability projects, which include the use of renewable energy, recycling, and promotion of responsible travel.

The location in Barcelona, a world-class destination with incredible entertainment, cuisine, architecture, and history, makes this internship even more attractive. So, are you interested? Register here (from just $350 for six weeks).

Diving and Marine Conservation Expedition in Fiji

Perfect for college students preparing for a career in marine biology, environmental science, or related science field, this internship adventure in Fiji gives you the wonderful opportunity to protect coral reefs and native fish species around the islands. During the program, you’ll earn PADI Specialty Diver certification for coral reef research, which enables you to dive, gather data, and contribute directly to research aiming to preserve ocean biodiversity. How awesome is that?

Already packing your bags for a trip to tropical Fiji? Get all the details and apply here (fees from $4,100 for four weeks). And start setting your internal clock to Fiji time.

South Africa – Cape Town Medical Internship

Become a medical intern in a hospital in Cape Town! This medical internship focuses heavily on the shadowing of medical professionals, but those who are qualified may be able to assist in hands-on tasks, such as assisting the nursing staff with vital signs and administering HIV tests. Interns may be placed in triage, pharmacy or maternity obstetrics units.


Volunteer Forever | Summer Abroad Internships for Students

Fronteering Travel Services is a full-service volunteer and intern abroad placement organization catering to volunteers and interns who want to support sustainable, community-driven projects and love to be in nature. Because Fronteering Travel Services plans trips to some of the most remote locations, they use cutting edge technology to guarantee the safety of all of their volunteers, which isn’t always easy to do in places with no cellular service, and equip each trip with a medically-certified staff member. Fronteering coordinates internships and volunteer placements in fourteen different countries including Jordan, Scotland, Guyana, and Belize.

Amazon Internship in Guyana

Interns will be extremely impressed with Fronteering’s Amazon Internship in Guyana and think it would be a great choice for students looking to work in the fields of Information Technology, Hospitality, and Accounting, which are the three focuses of the Amazon project. Interns work to train the local Amerindian population in one of these three focus areas and help them maintain and support their local eco-lodge which seeks to undermine poaching as the major tourist attraction of the area by introducing tourists to the beautiful native Amazonian culture. This project is especially appropriate for interns looking to use their skills to provide a more sustainable future for one of the most endangered cultures on the planet.

Environmental Internship in Vancouver

In this internship, interns have the opportunity to live in one of the world’s most livable cities and participate as part of Vancouver’s strong environmental advocacy sector. Interns work alongside local organizations to ensure that Vancouver stays healthy and beautiful and gain real-world, applicable experience that is likely to be useful when applying for graduate school or an environmentally focused job.

What Interns Have to Say about Fronteering:

“The whole experience was amazing! They were such a loving family and I learned so much being with them. I picked up a whole lot of the portuguese too, which I’m using quite successfully in Paulinia, Sao Paulo, Brazil. If you want the full run down, I kept a log of my travels by posting in a blog everyday – I put a bunch of pictures there too.”- Trevor, 2016


Volunteer Forever | Summer Abroad Internships for Students

With a summer internship, you want to make an impact in your field and build your resume. That makes finding a high-quality program key. Abroadly, Volunteer Forever’s booking platform, streamlines the application process by allowing you to quickly search for the most reputable summer internship programs according to your preferences and needs.

When you search on Abroadly, rest assured knowing all internship projects have been vetted for ethical commitment and safety, and that your application fee is fully refundable if you’re not accepted. Additionally, know that Abroadly offers numerous benefits to applicants. All applicants are entered for a chance to win a $500 scholarship and you get free access to Volunteer Forever’s crowdfunding platform.

Ready to start searching for your dream summer internship abroad? Begin your search on Abroadly today.

Tourism Development Internship in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Plan to pursue a career in hospitality and tourism? If yes, this is the internship for you. Journey to Yogyakarta, which is based on the gorgeous island of Java, with GROUND. There, you’ll help market and promote the area as a great destination for tourists. Depending on your skills and experiences, you’ll be handling tasks like website development, blog writing, training locals for jobs in hospitality, photography, digital marketing campaigns and more. You’ll also spend plenty of time interviewing locals to get to know the city better (Yogyakarta has lots of cultural heritage sites!).

When you’re not busy helping build the tourist industry in Yogyakarta, explore the city yourself. The Kraton of Yogyakarta (a palace) and Beringharjo Market are just some of the many places worth experiencing. Program fees start at $455 for two weeks, with the option to intern for up to 12 weeks. Sound like an internship for you? Apply here!

Paid English Teaching TEFL/TESOL Internship in Thailand

Want to jumpstart a career in ESL education? Look no further than this wonderful internship offered by The Camp Thailand Company. The program, which is internationally accredited under a Thai Ministry of Education school license, is hosted in Bangkok, Phuket, and Buriram. You can earn your TEFL/TESOL certification at location or online prior to the internship (which is paid!). Once you have that certification, you can sign a contract to teach for three, five, or 12 months at a local school.

To qualify for a paid teaching internship, you must be a native speaker or fluent in English, as well as possess a bachelor’s degree. The internship begins with an orientation week, where you’ll have interviews and be placed at a school. Altogether, the fee is $1,495 for TEFL certification, orientation, and job placement. Once you have that job, you’ll make at least 25,000-30,000 Thai Baht per month. You’ll be able to save money and enjoy life in Thailand!

Sound like the right teaching internship for you? Apply here.

Naturally Africa Volunteers

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Naturally Africa Volunteers offers internships lasting from 2-12 weeks in Malawi, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ghana. Strongly committed to preserving relationships with positive, effective local projects, Naturally Africa Volunteers guarantees the following for each volunteer: low prices, transparency about how money is spent, the promise that they will not be displacing any local workers as they intern or volunteers, and that they will be constantly safe and supported throughout their journey.

South Africa Wild Coast Schools Project

In this project, interns have the opportunity to work within local schools that seek to educate students with few staff and even fewer resources. Volunteers participate daily in the schools, working with children ages six-fourteen and are able to work within the content that they are most comfortable with. In the afternoon, interns are able to participate in teaching the children gardening skills, computer literacy, or a number of other programs offered by individual schools. Naturally Africa encourages prospective interns of all skill sets to apply.

Lake Malawi Healthcare Project

Interns looking to gain experience in the medical field should look into this project, which allows interns the opportunity to work alongside permanent staff to provide medical care to local citizens, participate in health outreach programs, and support HIV/AIDS support groups. Internships are scaffolded to fit the skills of the interns, meaning that if you are experienced enough, you can help out with the wound care sessions that are a cornerstone of the Lake Malawi Healthcare Project. Internships are offered year-round on a rolling basis and last from four to twelve weeks.

Lake Malawi Teaching and Sports Project

Interns working with this project work to engage at-risk you with extra-curricular activities, leading sports like soccer and netball to teach the students teamwork and leadership skills. Because of the nature of the poverty in the area, children typically form their own toys out of recycled materials. With the help of interns, children are able to participate in tournaments and other group exercises that help develop skills that help them later in life. Interns are partnered with one teacher and class and stay with them throughout the day, assisting the partner teacher however necessary. Internships are offered on a rolling basis and last from four to twelve weeks.

What Volunteers Have to Say About Naturally Africa Volunteers:

A great experience. Easy to organise, value for money, basic but good accommodations and food, and the most fabulous support at ground level. Nothing was too much trouble for them in order for the volunteers to feel comfortable and at home. It was well structured and supported throughout, with enjoyable and worthwhile projects. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make a difference whilst also enjoying themselves. Ideal for students taking a gap year, or for a summer holiday project, but also fine for the olde volunteer such as myself!- Lesley, 2016

A Broader View Volunteers Corp

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A Broader View was founded in 2007 and is based out of Pennsylvania, United States. Seeking to use volunteering to create a better, more interconnected world, A Broader View supports over 250 programs in 25 countries and connects highly motivated volunteers with local partners invested in work around community development, youth empowerment, education, conservation, the arts, and much more. With so many programs in so many great countries like Cambodia, Argentina, Rwanda, and Costa Rica, A Broader View uses its strong and knowledgeable staff and partner relations to arrange consistently strong intern and volunteer abroad trip.

Sea Turtle Internship in Costa Rica

Interns interested in marine conservation should look into ABV’s Sea Turtle Internship in Costa Rica, which partners with The Beach Investigation Program to protect and conserve sea turtle nests while educating tourists about how to best save this endangered species. This internship is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the language and culture of Costa Rica, all while supporting a project extremely vital to the local sea turtle population and to the Costa Rican marine ecosystem.

Nursing Internship in Tanzania

Nurses or pre-nursing students should consider applying to this hands-on internship in Tanzania, which has interns join local teams of medical professionals in a district hospital outside Arusha. Interns are involved with the day-to-day running of hospitals and participate based on their own skills and training. Internships last from 2 to 8 weeks and include an in-country orientation, transportation to and from a 40-hour workweek, and accommodations at a local volunteer house.

Hippotherapy in Ecuador Internship

Founded in 1995, this project provides equine and canine therapy for children, youth, and adults with mental or physical disabilities. Interns interested in physical or occupational therapy should consider applying in order to participate in a hands-on, immersive program that connects people with animals through links of empathy and compassion. Interns should expect to assist in the care of the horses and other animals, participate in therapy sessions with patients, and assist in administrative efforts. Internships last from 1 to 12 weeks and include accommodations with a local host family.

What Interns Have to Say About A Broader View:

My time at the Kathmandu Orthopedic Hospital after the big earthquake was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I gained an immense amount of experience…and have also met so many amazing people and networked with countless Nepali surgeons at the hospital along with American surgeons here for relief aid. The coordinator was more than accommodating and provided all the information and things I needed to succeed in the program. He showed me how to get to and from the hospital safely using buses and also showed me around the city so that I knew where to visit on my days off.- Yousef, 2015


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Founded in 2006, Connect-123 provides tailor-made international internships, volunteer projects, and study abroad opportunities in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, and Shanghai. Through Connect-123’s customized travel programs, you can focus on a wide variety of topics, including healthcare, human rights, social work, and much more, depending on your interests and background.

Wherever you travel to, you’ll work with a local organization – whether it’s a school, hospital, nonprofit, or beyond – plus you’re invited to apply year-round and will receive housing support, orientation, weekly events, and emergency support to make sure that you have the very best experience abroad.

Connect-123 Internships and Volunteer Programs to Check Out:

Volunteer or Intern in Dublin

Not all volunteer abroad opportunities bring you to developing countries – for a wonderful example, take a look at Connect-123’s volunteer and internship programs in Dublin, Ireland! If you’d like to volunteer, you can help with youth mentoring, green community efforts, economic development workshops, and much more. If you’re more interested in an internship, Connect-123 offers lots of opportunities in Dublin, where you can focus on public policy, advertising, engineering, animal science and wildlife, and many others. Learn more here!

Volunteer Opportunities in Buenos Aires

If you’d like to visit one of Latin America’s most vibrant cities, take a look at Connect-123’s volunteer opportunities in Buenos Aires, Argentina! Placements focus on animal science and wildlife, economic development, medical and public health, human rights, teaching, and much more. When you sign up to volunteer, you’ll have access to Connect-123’s weekly events, ongoing support from staff, arrival orientation, airport transfer, pre-trip information, housing assistance, 24/7 emergency support, and lifetime membership to Connect-123’s alumni group. Learn more and apply here!

What About College Credit?

If you’re worried about interning abroad during the semester and how that might affect your graduation plan, we’ve got you covered. Different programs are able to offer college credit hours for internships on a case-by-case basis and can likely give you more information about how they’ve done this before when you inquire. While this is definitely something that you want to confirm with your college’s Study Abroad Office, it is common practice that programs provide credit when skills equivalent to a college course are being taught. If a program does not offer equivalent college credit, you should also try asking to see if you can participate in a collegiate independent study for your college in which you write a paper following your internship experience. While this doesn’t work for every college and may include other work or qualifications, it’s definitely worth checking out and can be a great way to offset the costs of an intern abroad experience.

Funding Your Internship

As you plan your internship abroad, it’s easy to get discouraged when considering the mounting costs of travel, accommodations, program fees, and visas. The simple truth is that interning abroad can be expensive, even when every cost-cutting measure is taken and you live as simply as possible. To help interns and volunteers cope with the costs of interning abroad, most volunteers turn to crowdsourced fundraising to help raise money to cover their costs. Prospective interns just like you have used Volunteer Forever’s fundraising platform to raise thousands of dollars to help them pursue their dreams, all through using their connections at home and at school to leverage their support groups. Fundraising can seem like a daunting task at first but has proven simple and effective for hundreds of volunteers and interns. Simply check out how it works, create your profile, and get started in preparing for the learning experience of a lifetime. If you’re still a bit nervous, look herehere, and here get great advice from volunteers and interns just like you who have done it and went on to intern and volunteer abroad.

With a great program, funding, and college credit covered, it is time for you to learn and travel and gain experience in a field that could grow into your life’s work.