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Top Countries to Intern in Biology

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By Munira Maricar
Travel Writer

Embarking on an internship in biology is a pivotal step for many aspiring scientists, offering invaluable hands-on experience and exposure to diverse ecosystems and research methodologies. Choosing the right country for your internship can enhance this experience significantly. Here’s a look at some of the top countries for biology internships that promise unique opportunities and unforgettable experiences.

Subjects for Biology Interns

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For those who want to intern in biology, the most appropriate subjects would be:

  • Animal Sciences: Directly related to the study of animals, their biology, behavior, and care.
  • Veterinary & Animal Care: Focuses on the health and treatment of animals, important for those interested in animal biology and veterinary sciences.
  • Wildlife Conservation: Essential for those interested in preserving biodiversity and studying wildlife in their natural habitats.
  • Environmental Sciences: Studies the environment and how biological processes are affected by environmental changes, crucial for ecologists and conservation biologists.
  • Agriculture: Involves the study of plant biology, soil science, and agricultural practices, important for understanding food production and sustainable farming.
  • Environmental Conservation: Focuses on protecting and managing natural resources, integral for those looking to work in conservation biology and ecology.
  • Marine Biology: Specifically studies marine organisms and ecosystems, ideal for those interested in oceanography and marine life.
  • Health Sciences: Broadly covers various aspects of biology related to human health, disease, and medical research.
  • Food Science & Nutrition: Involves the study of biology related to food production, safety, and human nutrition.
  • Medical & Healthcare: Encompasses biological studies related to human health, disease prevention, and medical research.

These subjects are closely aligned with the field of biology and offer relevant knowledge and practical experience for those looking to intern and pursue careers in various biological sciences.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a biodiversity hotspot, home to a staggering array of flora and fauna. With over 25% of its land designated as protected areas, it offers unparalleled opportunities for studying tropical ecosystems, conservation efforts, and marine biology. Interning here means working in lush rainforests, vibrant coral reefs, and diverse habitats teeming with life. 

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Maximo Nivel in San Jose provides internships in the university district of San Pedro. Interns enjoy the vibrant student atmosphere and modern campus facilities. Veterinary Science internships here are particularly appealing, given Costa Rica’s advancements in animal welfare. Interns work alongside professional veterinarians, gaining hands-on experience treating injured and mistreated animals, from administering medication to grooming.

Intern HQ offers Marine Biology internships on the central Pacific coast, ideal for those passionate about marine science and conservation. Interns engage in coral rehabilitation, reef health projects, and community sustainability efforts. The program is perfect for marine science students, offering a blend of practical diving experience and scientific research. Manuel Antonio, a biodiverse hotspot, provides an inspiring backdrop for these activities.

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GoEco’s programs focus on wildlife rescue and conservation. Their Animal Rescue and Conservation internship places interns at Alajuela Rescue Center, where they care for various animals, monitor their health, and assist in rehabilitation efforts. Another notable program is the Sea Turtle Protection project on the Osa Peninsula, where interns patrol beaches, relocate nests, and support hatchling efforts. These programs combine ecological work with community involvement, ensuring a comprehensive internship experience.

New Zealand

Known for its stunning landscapes and unique biodiversity, New Zealand is a dream destination for biology interns. The country’s isolated location has led to the evolution of many species found nowhere else on Earth. Interns can engage in conservation, marine biology, and ecological restoration research. Universities and research institutes such as the University of Auckland and the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) offer enriching internship opportunities.

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Interning in biology in New Zealand with Intern Abroad HQ offers an enriching experience in Auckland, a nature lover’s paradise. The Environmental & Sustainability internships provide practical experience with conservation agencies, environmental NGOs, and eco-tourism companies. Interns gain hands-on experience in environmental policies and sustainability, connect with industry professionals, and enjoy New Zealand’s stunning landscapes. The program includes accommodation, orientation, and 24/7 support, making it an excellent opportunity for students, graduates, and career changers passionate about environmental science.

South Africa

South Africa’s rich biodiversity and varied ecosystems make it a prime location for biology internships. From the savannas and the iconic Kruger National Park to the marine-rich coastline, there’s no shortage of research areas. Interns can delve into wildlife conservation, marine biology, and environmental management. Programs like those offered by the African Conservation Experience provide hands-on experience with some of the continent’s most fascinating species.

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Intern Abroad HQ offers Conservation internships in Cape Town, Kruger National Park, and Gondwana Game Reserve. Programs include Reserve Management & Research, GIS Specialization, and Marine Biology, providing hands-on experience in wildlife conservation and environmental research.

GoEco’s African Wildlife Ranch Internship in Oudtshoorn involves caring for over 90 animal species. Interns participate in animal husbandry, training, and enrichment activities, with opportunities to engage in veterinary procedures.

Projects Abroad offers internships in animal care, working with abused domestic animals, or rehabilitating seabirds in Cape Town. Interns feed, exercise, and rehabilitate animals, gaining valuable experience in animal welfare.


African Impact‘s Facilitated Wildlife Research Internship in the Greater Kruger Area allows interns to design their field research projects. They collect and analyze data on species like lions and leopards, contributing to critical conservation efforts.

GVI’s Big Cat Conservation Internship in Limpopo involves tracking and monitoring big cats, conducting biological surveys, and participating in community development initiatives. Interns gain extensive fieldwork experience and contribute to vital conservation research.


Peru’s diverse ecosystems, from the Amazon rainforest to the Andean mountain range, offer a wealth of opportunities for biology interns. The Amazon, in particular, is a treasure trove of biological diversity, making it an excellent location for studying tropical biology, conservation, and ecology. Many organizations and research stations, such as the Manu Learning Centre, provide immersive internship experiences in this vibrant country.


Maximo Nivel provides Veterinary Science internships, working with stray animals in clinics and assisting local veterinarians. The Alpaca Farm project in Huayllarcocha involves caring for alpacas and llamas, while the University Zoo project focuses on rehabilitating rescued wildlife. The Eco-Agriculture project in the Amazon highlands offers hands-on experience with sustainable farming practices, and the Amazon Conservation & Reforestation project involves planting trees and monitoring wildlife.

Intern Abroad HQ offers Veterinary & Animal Care internships in Cusco. Interns assist vet clinics and dog shelters, helping with surgeries, treatments, and animal rehabilitation. This program is ideal for animal lovers and provides a comprehensive experience in animal care and veterinary practices.


Projects Abroad offers a Nutrition Internship, helping combat malnutrition in rural communities by conducting home visits and educational workshops. The Midwifery Internship in Cusco allows interns to shadow local midwives and doctors, gaining insight into prenatal, birth, and postnatal care. Both programs offer valuable experience in healthcare and community outreach.

Volunteering SolutionsDental Elective Internship in Peru is designed for dentistry students. Interns assist professional dentists in local clinics, participate in medical camps, and conduct oral hygiene awareness drives in schools. This program provides practical dental experience in a community setting.


Spain is home to a variety of ecosystems, from Mediterranean forests to coastal areas and high mountains. This diversity offers numerous internship opportunities in fields like marine biology, environmental science, and conservation. Spain’s advanced research facilities and universities, such as the Institute of Marine Sciences in Barcelona, provide robust programs for biology interns looking to gain substantial research experience in Europe.


Intern Abroad HQ offers Biomedical & Biotechnology internships in Valencia, focusing on bioinformatics, human biology, plant biology, and more. Interns gain practical experience in research centers, consultancy firms, and health technology companies. The program includes accommodation, meals, and Spanish lessons, providing a comprehensive cultural and professional experience. Interns can expect to collect and test samples, participate in research projects, and learn industry best practices, all while enhancing their resumes and employability.

GVI’s Marine Biology Internship in the Canary Islands focuses on cetacean research and conservation. Interns collect and analyze data on dolphins and whales, study the impact of tourism and fishing, and participate in beach cleanups. Based in Tenerife, the program offers hands-on fieldwork and data analysis experience, contributing to vital marine conservation efforts. Interns also gain skills in species identification, survey research, and leadership, making it an excellent opportunity for those interested in marine science and environmental conservation.


Greece’s rich marine biodiversity and its unique terrestrial ecosystems provide a fascinating backdrop for biology internships. The country’s numerous islands and coastline offer excellent opportunities for marine biology and conservation studies. Organizations such as the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation provide internships that focus on preserving the Mediterranean’s rich marine life and habitats.


Intern HQ’s Biomedical & Biotechnology internships in Thessaloniki offer hands-on lab experience in DNA extraction, PCR analysis, and electrophoresis. Interns work in academic research centers, supporting laboratory technicians and gaining valuable skills in molecular biology. The program includes accommodation, with start dates every Monday and durations from 2 to 12 weeks, providing a comprehensive blend of professional development and cultural immersion.

Projects Abroad provides Medicine Internships in Athens, where interns shadow doctors and nurses in public and private hospitals. Interns rotate through various departments, attend medical workshops, and gain firsthand experience in healthcare practices. This internship is ideal for pre-med and undergraduate students seeking clinical exposure and the opportunity to explore Greece’s rich cultural heritage.

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Volunteering Solutions offers Medical and Dental internships in Athens and Thessaloniki. Interns shadow professionals in local hospitals and clinics, gaining practical experience in patient care. The programs provide valuable insights into the Greek healthcare system and allow interns to make a difference in the lives of those in need while exploring the historic and vibrant cities of Greece.

GVI’s Marine Conservation Internship in Kefalonia focuses on sea turtle conservation. Interns participate in beach cleanups, turtle tagging, and habitat mapping, working with organizations like Wildlife Sense. This program offers comprehensive training in marine biology and conservation, making it ideal for those passionate about protecting marine ecosystems.


Embark on a Human Biology & Medical Lab internship in Morocco and gain invaluable experience in the biomedical field. This program, based in Rabat, allows interns to work alongside experienced laboratory technicians in private labs and multidisciplinary hospitals. Interns assist in various biomedical procedures, including blood work, disease testing (such as diabetes and COVID-19), result analysis, and quality assurance. By shadowing lab technicians, interns will learn modern healthcare testing and diagnostic processes, enhancing their skills in DNA extraction, PCR analysis, and electrophoresis. The program includes accommodation, meals, and language lessons, offering a comprehensive support system and an opportunity to improve French or Arabic proficiency.


This internship is ideal for students and recent graduates in fields such as clinical laboratory science, hematology, chemistry, biology, and microbiology. Conducted in English, the program provides a chance to build professional networks with qualified medical staff and gain practical experience in a different healthcare system. Interns will gain insights into Morocco’s healthcare sector, serving nearly 40 million people, and understand the diagnostic and treatment processes for various diseases. Exploring Rabat and the wider Moroccan landscape adds a rich cultural dimension to this professional development experience.

Gain Hands-On Experience Abroad

Interning in biology abroad is not just about gaining research experience; it’s about immersing yourself in new cultures, environments, and challenges. Whether you’re exploring the rainforests of Costa Rica, the savannas of South Africa, or the marine ecosystems of Greece, each of these countries offers unique and enriching opportunities for budding biologists. Choosing the right destination can significantly enhance your learning experience and set the stage for a fulfilling career in biology.