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Top Dental Internships Abroad for 2024

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By Munira Maricar
Travel Writer

Embarking on a dental internship is a remarkable journey, brimming with personal and professional growth opportunities. This experience is particularly significant for those advancing in their dental careers, whether as aspiring dentists, dental researchers, or oral healthcare professionals. It marks a vital phase, not confined to a specific time like a gap year, but possibly during summer or winter breaks as well. Such internships provide an exceptional opportunity to step away from traditional education and engage in enriching experiences. These experiences deepen the understanding of the dental field and clarify one’s role within it. Experiences can also come from volunteering, check out our guidebook on dental volunteering as well!

Internships play a pivotal role during this transformative time. They provide hands-on experience that is crucial in developing the foundational skills necessary for a successful career in dental medicine.

Benefits of Dental Internships


Utilizing a break to gather real-world dental experience can significantly boost your future opportunities in the field.

1. Exploring Self-Identity and Growth

Taking an internship opens the door to self-exploration and personal advancement. It’s a perfect time to break from routine, explore new passions, and gain deeper insight into your personal and professional identity. This period of self-reflection is invaluable in dental careers, offering clarity and direction for your future, particularly in forming a solid foundation for a career in oral health care.

2. Broadening Horizons with Cultural Insights

For those aiming to join or are already in the dental field, experiencing diverse cultures and lifestyles is crucial. It enhances your understanding of different patient backgrounds and their unique oral health needs and choices. This cultural enrichment not only makes you a more empathetic dental professional but also heightens your profile as a prospective dental school or dental practice applicant.

3. Acquiring Practical Experience

Utilizing a break to gather real-world dental experience can significantly boost your future opportunities in the field. Whether through volunteering, working in dental clinics, or engaging in oral health research, these opportunities provide a platform to refine skills and deepen your understanding of dentistry. Such hands-on experiences distinguish you from other candidates and demonstrate your commitment to a dental career.

4. Preventing Overwhelm and Stress

The journey to becoming a dental professional is intense. Taking offers a crucial break from academic pressures, allowing for rejuvenation and mental preparation for the demanding path ahead. This strategic pause can be key in reducing the likelihood of burnout, and enhancing your mental and emotional well-being as you progress in your dental career.

5. Cultivating Professional Relationships

Building networks is essential in dentistry. Time spent in dental-related sectors is an excellent opportunity to forge important professional connections. These interactions can lead to mentorships or future job prospects and allow you to meet peers with similar interests, expanding your professional network in the dental community.

Top Dental Internship Opportunities

Maximo Nivel

dental volunteering abroad

Maximo Nivel offers a chance to work alongside local dentists and learn about oral healthcare in Latin America.

Maximo Nivel, established in Peru in 2003, offers transformative internship experiences, combining hands-on work, language learning, and skill-building courses. Accredited and globally recognized, it provides programs in Latin America across Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. These internships, ranging from 4 to 24 weeks, start every Monday year-round, offering a blend of cultural immersion and career development, ideal for anyone aiming to stand out in the global job market.

  • Dental Internships In Latin America: Maximo Nivel offers a chance to work alongside local dentists and learn about oral healthcare in Latin America. Interns assist in private and public clinics, gaining experience in various dental specialties, preparing materials, and enhancing medical Spanish skills. Requirements include being at least 19 years old, possessing medical education credentials, intermediate Spanish proficiency, and readiness for a flexible work schedule. Internships are available in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru, each providing a unique perspective on dental care in different environments.
  • Dental Volunteer Programs: Maximo Nivel’s Dental Volunteer Programs in Costa Rica, Peru, and Guatemala address healthcare gaps in rural and low-income areas. Despite national healthcare systems, these countries struggle to provide sufficient dental care. Volunteers support local dentists, offering vital services like consultations, cleanings, and treatments. Tasks vary from clinical assistance to administrative duties and dental hygiene education. In Costa Rica, volunteers bridge the gap in a well-developed but unequal healthcare system. In Guatemala and Peru, challenges include limited resources and staff, necessitating volunteer help in raising awareness and enhancing patient care in underserved communities.

Intern Abroad HQ (IVHQ)


Gain insights into various dental specialties and treatment methods.

Intern Abroad HQ, part of International Volunteer HQ, offers a wide array of internships, tailored to individual career goals or academic requirements. Intern Abroad HQ’s Dental internships are ideal for dentistry students and aspiring dentists wanting global, hands-on experience. Available to undergraduates, college, and graduate students, these internships offer unique opportunities to work with experienced dentists worldwide. They include various dental practices, from clinical checks to orthodontic treatments, tailored to individual academic and career goals.

These programs also support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #3, enhancing global healthcare access and education, thereby improving overall well-being. 

  • Dental Internships in Arusha, Tanzania: This program provides dental students with hands-on experience in various healthcare environments. Interns engage in everything from shadowing to direct dental care, enhancing their skills and cultural intelligence while addressing unique healthcare challenges in a supportive, fully hosted environment.
  • Dental Internships in Athens, Greece: Interns gain valuable experience through rotations in hospitals and clinics, shadowing and assisting dentists. Suitable for pre-med and advanced students, the program offers insights into various dental specialties and the chance to experience Athens’ culture.
  • Dental Internships in Zanzibar: This program offers practical dentistry understanding by assisting local dentists with clinical checks and promoting dental hygiene. Interns face unique challenges due to resource limitations, enhancing their adaptability and cultural understanding while experiencing Zanzibar’s unique island life.
  • Dental Internships in Cusco, Peru: Interns assist local dentists in school-based clinics, providing a realistic insight into the Peruvian healthcare system. This hands-on experience is paired with cultural immersion and language skill enhancement, making it ideal for students proficient in Spanish.



Gain practical experience and contribute to dental care in Costa Rica!

GoEco, established in 2006, stands out in the realm of volunteer tourism with over 150 programs in more than 40 countries, each underscored by a commitment to sustainability and responsible travel. Annually, it sends over 2,000 volunteers, averaging four-week stays, to various global destinations. The organization’s sustainable approach has garnered significant impact in fields such as education, medical, and wildlife conservation, earning recognition on major news platforms and through various awards. 

  • Costa Rica – Health and Medical Care in San Jose: This program offers international volunteers a chance to engage in medical work, and among its diverse placement options, this program in Costa Rica includes a dedicated dental track. This option is perfect for volunteers interested in dentistry, offering a unique chance to gain practical experience and contribute to dental care in local communities.

Projects Abroad


Absorb a wealth of knowledge while advancing your dental expertise!

Projects Abroad offers dynamic dental internships, providing unique clinical skill development for future dentists. Participants engage in professional medical settings like hospital dental wards and specialist clinics, gaining insight into dental practices in developing countries. They observe advanced oral diseases, and routine and complex procedures, and partake in dental outreaches to enhance oral hygiene awareness. These internships, tailored for everyone from high school students to professionals, offer a safe, flexible, and comprehensive learning experience, allowing participants to absorb a wealth of knowledge while advancing their dental expertise.

  • Dentistry Internship in Nepal: Kickstart your dental career in Nepal by shadowing experienced dentists in hospitals and participating in dental outreaches. You’ll educate children in marginalized communities on oral hygiene while living with a local host family in Chitwan.
  • Dentistry Internship in Mexico: In Mexico, shadow dentists in clinics and health centers, and take part in outreaches in disadvantaged communities. Gain valuable insights into dental practices in a developing country while based in the vibrant city of Guadalajara.
  • Dentistry Internship in Tanzania: This program offers the opportunity to observe and assist dentists in under-resourced clinics in Tanzania. You’ll witness advanced dental procedures and participate in oral hygiene awareness campaigns in local schools and communities.
  • Dentistry Internship in Sri Lanka: Learn from dentists in Sri Lankan hospitals and engage in health checks during community outreaches. This program offers a deep dive into diagnosing and treating dental diseases in towns like Panadura or Horana.
  • Dentistry Internship in Argentina: Shadow dentists and participate in hands-on dental care at a pediatric hospital in Cordoba, Argentina. Focus on teaching oral hygiene to children in disadvantaged communities, enhancing both your skills and CV.

Involvement Volunteers International (IVI)


Engage in a variety of tasks, including oral hygiene education.

Involvement Volunteers International (IVI) offers enriching medical internships for those eager to blend travel with meaningful public health and healthcare experiences

Catering to a diverse group of participants, including those interested in dentistry, these programs provide essential support in under-resourced clinics, particularly in rural areas. Participants engage in a variety of tasks from health checks and vital sign monitoring to dental assessments and oral hygiene education. Ideal for recent graduates, dental students, and experienced professionals, these programs offer a unique chance to apply a wide range of medical and dental skills in real-world settings. IVI emphasizes sustainable, impactful volunteer work, ensuring long-term benefits for local communities. These internships are an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience, deepen cultural understanding, and contribute meaningfully to global health and dental care.

  • Dental Internship in Kathmandu, Nepal: This program offers medical students and professionals a chance to shadow local dentists in various hospital departments. Participants assist in oral and maxillofacial surgeries, learning about dental practices in a unique cultural setting.
  • Healthcare Project in Coral Coast, Fiji: Volunteers educate local children on hygiene, including dental care, and work on health campaigns. They conduct health checks, including dental assessments, in underprivileged communities, improving overall health and dental hygiene.
  • Healthcare Education in Ubud, Bali: Qualified healthcare professionals teach about healthy living and hygiene, including dental care. They perform health checks, focus on dental hygiene, and educate schoolchildren about proper oral care.
  • Nutrition & Public Health in Peru: Participants, including pre-med and health sciences students, assist in caring for patients, including dental care, in facilities for children with leukemia, HIV, and the elderly. They also run medical and dental hygiene campaigns.
  • Medical Clinic Support in Guatemala: Volunteers assist in understaffed hospitals and clinics, helping with general health checks, including dental check-ups, and community hygiene education. They work alongside local medical staff, providing vital support in disadvantaged communities around Antigua.

Volunteering Solutions


Gather some friends and organize special dental camps to serve more people!

Volunteering Solutions offers enriching medical internships abroad for medical students, including dentistry. Interns gain valuable hands-on experience while observing the healthcare systems in developing countries. Interns can choose their duration, ranging from 2 weeks to 6 months, and work in rural, urban, or semi-urban settings. Additionally, group interns can organize special healthcare or dental camps to serve more people. This opportunity not only enhances medical knowledge and skills but also offers a chance to immerse in the local culture and contribute meaningfully to global healthcare needs.

  • Dental Elective Internship in Cusco, Peru: This program is an enriching opportunity for dentistry students to work alongside professional dentists in local hospitals and clinics. The program includes assisting dentists, sterilizing supplies, and performing hands-on tasks depending on experience. Interns also engage in public health initiatives, educating school children about oral hygiene and conducting checkups. The schedule typically involves working 4-5 hours daily, leaving evenings and weekends free for exploration. Interns need to bring specific dental tools and materials, and intermediate Spanish is required. This program is ideal for dental students seeking practical experience in a unique cultural setting, complemented by the chance to explore Peru’s rich heritage.
  • Medical Internship in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Although primarily a medical internship, this program in Chiang Mai occasionally offers opportunities to observe dental procedures. Interns shadow doctors in various departments, including dental, gaining insights into different aspects of patient care and treatment methodologies. The experience is valuable for those considering a career in dentistry or general medicine.
  • Medical Internship in Accra, Ghana: This program, focused on general medical experience, also includes opportunities to work in dentistry. Interns in Ghana assist in public hospitals and clinics, where they may get involved in dental check-ups and basic dental care, understanding the challenges of dental healthcare in a developing country.
  • Medical Volunteer Program in Phnom Penh, Cambodia: In addition to general medical duties, this program in Cambodia’s capital includes placements in dental departments. Volunteers assist with dental procedures, learn about oral healthcare challenges in the region, and participate in community dental health initiatives.
  • Medical Volunteer Program in Arusha, Tanzania: This program is inclusive of dental volunteering opportunities, especially suitable for dental students. Volunteers work in hospital dental departments, assisting with various dental procedures, and patient care, and potentially participating in community dental health outreach programs. The program offers a comprehensive view of dental care practices in a developing country context.

Dental Internships will put you on the right track!


Lay a solid foundation for your future in dentistry!

Dental internships present an unparalleled opportunity for those at the cusp of their dental careers. Whether you’re a budding dentist, a dental researcher, or an aspiring oral healthcare professional, these programs offer a blend of real-world experience, cultural immersion, and professional networking that can profoundly shape your career trajectory. Each program, be it in Peru, Thailand, Ghana, Cambodia, or Tanzania, is uniquely designed to enrich your understanding of global dental practices and patient care. By participating in these internships and volunteer programs, you not only contribute to the well-being of diverse communities but also lay a solid foundation for your future in dentistry. This transformative journey promises to expand your horizons, deepen your dental expertise, and equip you with invaluable life and professional skills that will resonate throughout your dental career.