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Volunteer Abroad Opportunities in Brazil

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By Munira Maricar
Travel Writer
Volunteer Forever - Volunteer in Brazil

Brazil, a vibrant country known for its diverse cultures and stunning landscapes, offers a wealth of opportunities for those looking to volunteer abroad. Whether you’re interested in teaching, or participating in environmental projects, volunteering in Brazil can be a rewarding experience. 

When you volunteer, you get to dive into the local life and really help out. You might work on protecting the Amazon Rainforest, teaching kids in Rio de Janeiro, or helping preserve the rich cultural heritage. These projects let you see what life is really like in Brazil and make a real difference to the people living there.

Traveling around Brazil is just as amazing. The country is full of stunning places, from the enormous Iguazu Falls to the peaceful beaches of Fernando de Noronha. You might find yourself savoring a plate of feijoada, a traditional Brazilian stew of beans with beef and pork, or dancing in the streets during Carnaval, an explosion of color and music that’s one of the world’s biggest parties. 

Each day is a chance to discover something new about Brazil and yourself.

Visa Requirements for Volunteering in Brazil

To volunteer in Brazil, you’ll need a VITUR visa. Initially, you are granted 90 days upon receiving an entry stamp at an airport or land border crossing, with the option to stay for another 90 days. 

volunteer in Brazil and Ecuador

Brazil’s visa requirements are organized into three categories:

  • eVisa: If you are from the United States, Canada, or Australia, you must apply for an eVisa. This eVisa allows you to stay for up to 90 days per year.

  • Visa-exempt countries: This category allows citizens of certain countries to enter Brazil and be granted a 90-day stay without any visa required.

  • Other visa-required countries: Travelers from countries not listed in the categories above must apply for their visa in person with the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate of their home country. 

Note that this visa does not permit paid employment or long-term residence in Brazil. Any stay longer than 90 days needs to be applied for on a case-by-case basis with a Brazilian consulate or embassy, or with the Brazilian Federal Office if you’re already in Brazil. 

Remember to start the visa application process well in advance of your travel dates to ensure everything is in order. 

Can I Volunteer in Brazil for Free?

While it may seem appealing to volunteer in Brazil for free, it’s important to understand that responsible volunteering often involves certain costs.

Volunteer Forever - 30 Best Places to Volunteer Abroad

Free volunteer programs in Brazil are rare and may not adhere to ethical standards. Most reputable volunteer opportunities in Brazil require volunteers to contribute towards housing, volunteering materials, and administration costs. These fees ensure that the programs can sustain themselves and continue providing valuable services to their communities without diverting local resources. This financial contribution also aids in the continuation of the projects, as many rely on these funds to operate.

Available Volunteer Programs in Brazil

Brazil offers a variety of volunteer programs catering to different interests and skills.

Volunteer Forever - Volunteer in Brazil

The following programs are run by international and local organizations that ensure volunteers have a meaningful and ethically responsible experience.

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

IVHQ has been a trusted name for over 136,000 travelers, thanks to its affordable and impactful volunteering experiences that are available throughout the year. They offer a few projects in Rio de Janeiro to engage your passions and contribute positively to local communities. With program fees including accommodations, daily breakfast, airport pick-up, and 24/7 in-country support, volunteering in Brazil promises a blend of adventure, culture, and service.

volunteer in Brazil and Ecuador

IVHQ’s Brazil volunteer programs include:

  • Community Development: Dive into activities that support low-income communities, ranging from arts and music to renovation projects. Your skills can make a real difference here, with programs starting every first and third Monday of the month. 
  • Teaching English: Help local children and adults improve their English, providing them with greater educational and job opportunities. No previous teaching experience is required, though a TEFL certificate could be beneficial. 
  • Sports Education: Share your passion for sports by organizing and running activities for local children. This program is perfect for those who want to promote physical activity and teamwork. 
  • Carnival Volunteering at a Samba School: Participate in the preparation of one of the world’s largest parties by helping with costumes, floats, and parade preparations at a local Samba school. 
  • Childcare: Provide care and supervision to children in community centers, helping to keep them safe and engaged during the hours their parents are at work.


Volunteering with Kaya in Brazil offers a dynamic and immersive experience in wildlife conservation, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Bodoquena Highlands region. The Wildlife Conservation Volunteering project is located at the gateway to the Pantanal—one of the world’s largest tropical wetlands. Volunteers will engage in activities like wildlife monitoring, setting camera traps, and community outreach efforts aimed at environmental education. This program not only allows volunteers to work closely with local scientists but also provides the opportunity to impact local conservation efforts directly.

Volunteer Forever - Volunteer in Brazil

Volunteers will partake in various conservation tasks, from tracking the movements of white-lipped peccaries—a key species within the local food chain—to participating in environmental education with the community. No specific skills are required, making this an accessible opportunity for anyone with a passion for nature and a reasonable level of fitness. 

Eco Caminhos

Volunteer at Eco Caminhos in Brazil and immerse yourself in a transformative experience at an eco farm nestled in the stunning mountains near Nova Friburgo. This unique project offers volunteers the chance to engage in bioconstruction, agroforestry, and organic farming while living in a vibrant international community. At Eco Caminhos, you can learn about sustainable living practices directly from experts and contribute to projects that aim to make the farm self-sustaining. Whether you’re planting trees, building with natural materials, or participating in eco-tourism activities like hiking and mountain biking, each day is packed with opportunities to learn and grow while making a positive impact on the environment.


The program is perfect for those who want to connect with nature, develop new skills, and meet people from around the world. You’ll also have the chance to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings, with activities organized to explore the local area’s peaks, waterfalls, and natural pools. Eco Caminhos offers a fulfilling blend of volunteer work, apprenticeship, and eco-tourism, making it more than just a volunteering stint—it’s a holistic journey into sustainable living and community building.


Join forces with Natucate in Brazil and contribute to the restoration and protection of the Atlantic Forest, one of the world’s most biodiverse regions. As a volunteer, you’ll engage in reforestation efforts, support local farmers, and help educate youth on environmental sustainability. Natucate’s projects are deeply committed to the ecological revival of Brazil’s precious forests, combining field research with practical conservation tasks. Volunteers participate in a variety of activities, including planting trees, trail maintenance, and creating eco-friendly products like soap from natural ingredients.


By volunteering with Natucate, you not only gain hands-on experience in forest conservation but also join a global community dedicated to making a lasting environmental impact.


IPBio – Biodiversity Research Institute is a non-profit organization that engages in scientific research and environmental education concerning the biodiversity of Brazilian biomes. It offers a hands-on opportunity for volunteers to directly engage in conservation efforts, experience the rich biodiversity of Brazil, and actively participate in scientific research.


Here are the available volunteer programs at IPBio:

  • Amazon Volunteer Program: Volunteers can participate in wildlife and flora research in Alter do Chão, located in the heart of the Amazon. Activities include:
    • Camera trapping for mammal monitoring.
    • Bird inventory for species identification.
    • Forest inventory to assess forest conservation levels.
    • Search for bioluminescent and fluorescent organisms.
    • Fish inventory.
    • Gardening and reforestation projects.

  • Atlantic Forest Volunteer Program: This program involves various research and conservation activities in the Atlantic Forest region. Volunteers will assist in:
    • Bioluminescent mushroom research.
    • Tree inventory to assess the biodiversity and health of the forest.
    • Eco-tourism activities like hiking and exploring caves.
    • Environmental education initiatives to engage and inform the local community.

Impact and Adventure

Choosing to volunteer in Brazil allows you to delve deep into diverse volunteer opportunities, ranging from teaching and conservation to community development. Whether you’re looking to volunteer in Brazil teaching English, participate in volunteer projects in Brazil, or explore volunteer programs in Brazil focused on environmental preservation, there’s a place for everyone. 


Ensure you secure the right visa for volunteering in Brazil to make your transition smooth. For those looking for paid volunteer jobs in Brazil, there are options that offer a sustainable way to contribute, while free volunteer programs in Brazil can provide a cost-effective way to make a difference. Ultimately, volunteering in Brazil not only enriches your life but also supports vital community and ecological initiatives across this vibrant country.