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Volunteer to Teach and Build Schools around the World

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By Munira Maricar
Travel Writer

Education is a gift that keeps on giving. It opens doors to opportunities, breaks down barriers, and ignites dreams. However, not everyone has access to quality education. In many parts of the world, children learn in makeshift classrooms, under trees, or not at all. This is where volunteers like you come in, bringing hope and resources to underprivileged communities by volunteering to teach and build schools abroad.

Why Teach or Build Schools Abroad?

  1. Make a Lasting Impact: By teaching or building schools, you’re contributing to the future of entire communities. Education empowers people to lift themselves out of poverty and pursue their dreams, and learning in a well-built facility is known to improve lives.
  2. Gain New Perspectives: Living and working in a new culture challenges you to think differently and broaden your horizons. You’ll return home with a deeper understanding of the world and your place in it.
  3. Develop Valuable Skills: Volunteering abroad helps you develop skills that are invaluable in school and your future career, such as leadership, problem-solving, and adaptability.
  4. Form Unforgettable Bonds: You’ll meet people from all walks of life, from the children you teach to fellow volunteers and locals. These connections often turn into lifelong friendships.

What do I need to Teach Abroad?


If you’re dreaming about teaching overseas, you’re in for an adventure! As long as you’re fluent in English, one of the simplest paths to take is, of course, teaching English. But that’s not the only door open to you. Subjects like math, information technology (IT), sports, and music are also in demand. Not quite ready to take on a class on your own? There are also opportunities to assist experienced teachers

Additionally, getting TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certified can significantly boost your qualifications, especially if you’re interested in teaching English. This certification opens up more opportunities and can prepare you for the challenges of teaching in a foreign environment.

Many schools out there will benefit from any support they can get. It’s all about sharing your skills and making a difference. So, if you have a passion for teaching and a subject you love, there’s likely a place for you abroad!

What are the requirements to build schools abroad?


Building schools abroad might sound like a noble quest, but it’s not for the faint-hearted. It requires some serious elbow grease. If the job isn’t done right, it can end up causing more problems than it solves, potentially requiring the local communities having to step in to correct mistakes. 

So, if you’re keen on helping to build schools, be prepared for hard work and ensure you’re willing to learn from experts to do the job right!

Partnering with Providers

teach English abroad

Volunteering abroad is not a vacation. It can be tough, with long days, different living conditions, and culture shock. But overcoming these challenges is part of what makes the experience so rewarding. 

There are many ways to limit any travel-related hassle, and partnering with reputable organizations is one of them. These providers are the link between you and the community you’re helping, and they ensure that every project is held up to the highest ethical and sustainable standards while ensuring your safety and comfort. Program costs also include important necessities like accommodation and food. 

Read on to discover some great programs and providers that can help you in your mission for teaching and building schools abroad.

GoEco’s Sustainable Community Development Program in Cambodia


Join GoEco in Cambodia for a transformative volunteer experience in Samraong, where you can teach English and contribute to construction projects, aiding a community rebuilding from civil war. 

This program offers a unique blend of educational support and hands-on building work at a school providing free education, thanks to volunteer efforts. Immerse yourself in a sustainable initiative, and experience personal growth and cultural exchange while making a lasting difference in the lives of underprivileged children and their communities.

African Impact’s Volunteer Teaching Project In Zambia


African Impact‘s pioneering volunteer project in Livingstone, Zambia, offers an incredible chance to engage in meaningful educational activities with young kids. Since 2006, this initiative has focused on developing schools and teaching in the rural community, significantly enhancing children’s education. 

As a volunteer, you’ll work alongside local teachers in overcrowded primary schools, providing much-needed one-on-one attention and support. Your afternoons will be filled with various community projects, from reading and art clubs to building projects. 

Volunteering Solutions’ Projects in Ghana for Community Development

Stock photo of Ghana

Engage in Community Development Work in Tamale, Ghana, and support rural communities through this versatile project. Engage in educational activities in schools, contribute to renovation efforts, and partake in health and water hygiene programs. Volunteers contribute to village schools and construction, working closely with local residents to meet community needs effectively. 

This program is an opportunity to immerse in Ghanaian culture, improve educational access, and partake in meaningful development work, all while experiencing the beauty and adventure Ghana has to offer.

Opportunities to Teach Abroad

If you prefer to focus your efforts and attention on Teaching Abroad projects, here are a few more reputable providers you can explore this with:

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) 

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) offers an array of Teaching Volunteer Abroad programs aimed at boosting access to education in underserved communities.  IVHQ welcomes both qualified teachers and first-time volunteers, and while teaching English is a popular option, you could also teach math, French, and Arts & Music

Volunteers can also benefit from discounted rates on an internationally recognized online TEFL course.


Top Teaching Programs with IVHQ:

  • Teaching in Arusha, Tanzania: Experience the rich culture and breathtaking landscapes of Tanzania. Volunteers contribute to local communities by providing education and support.
  • Teaching in Ubud, Bali: Engage with students in the cultural heart of Bali, Ubud. This program allows volunteers to immerse themselves in local traditions while teaching.
  • Teaching English in Cusco, Peru: Volunteers have the unique opportunity to teach English in the historic city of Cusco, the gateway to Machu Picchu.
  • Teaching English in Antigua, Guatemala: Contribute to educational development in the beautiful, colonial city of Antigua, volunteering to help enhance English literacy.
  • Teaching in Cape Town, South Africa: Volunteers in Cape Town can make a lasting impact on the educational landscape, teaching in one of the most stunning and culturally diverse cities in Africa. 


GoEco presents a broad spectrum of opportunities designed for teaching English to both children and adults in countries where the standard of English teaching often falls short. 

teach English abroad with GoEco

Top Teaching Programs with GoEco:

  • Hua Hin Teaching and Childcare, Thailand: Give back to the Thai community by teaching English in schools around Hua Hin, where you can also explore Thai culture and picturesque beaches in your free time.
  • Tanzania – Zanzibar Teaching Assistant: Dive into the unique culture of Zanzibar, assisting in teaching English and engaging in creative activities with school children. This program blends educational enrichment with cultural immersion, offering weekends for safaris or beach relaxation.
  • Tanzania – Teaching and Community Involvement: Experience village life in Tanzania, teaching English and participating in community activities. Immerse yourself in Maasai culture, with opportunities for safaris and exploring Mount Kilimanjaro’s surroundings on weekends.
  • South Africa – Teach, Surf, and Skate in Cape Town: Make a difference by teaching life-saving skills like swimming, along with surfing and skating to children from disadvantaged areas in Cape Town.
  • English Exchange, Japan: Experience authentic Japanese culture in Nagano through GoEco’s English Exchange program, teaching English through conversation and participating in cultural activities like sushi making.

Maximo Nivel

Maximo Nivel offers transformative Education Volunteer Projects abroad, focusing on teaching English in Latin America. 

As a volunteer, you’ll receive an ESL Crash Course as part of your orientation, equipping you with effective teaching techniques and strategies. Maximo Nivel also offers a TEFL Certification Program, qualifying you to teach English anywhere in the world.

teach English abroad with Maximo Nivel

Top Teaching Programs with Maximo Nivel:

  • Teaching English in Costa Rica: Volunteers contribute to reducing the economic disparities by teaching English in underprivileged schools, after-school programs, and community centers, helping open up new opportunities for both kids and adults.
  • Teaching English in Guatemala: In Guatemala, volunteers are placed in government-run schools and community centers around Antigua, including a special project at the local fire rescue station, to help Guatemalans improve their English and access better opportunities.
  • Teaching English in Peru: Volunteers assist in after-school programs and community centers, providing essential English language skills to children, teens, and adults, thereby enhancing their career and academic prospects.

Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad offers impactful Volunteer Teaching Abroad programs, allowing you to contribute positively to the lives of students in resource-limited countries. These teaching programs don’t require any qualification, previous experience, or knowledge of the local language, making it ideal for beginners. 

Volunteer to teach children with Projects Abroad

Top Teaching Programs with Projects Abroad:

  • Volunteer Sports Coaching in Jamaica: Engage with children in Jamaican schools, coaching various sports to inspire fitness, teamwork, and healthy lifestyles. Volunteers help make sports fun and accessible, enhancing students’ self-esteem and promoting physical activity, without needing prior coaching experience.
  • Volunteer Teaching Project in Mexico: Teach English or French in Guadalajara schools or universities, boosting students’ language skills and confidence. This program offers a deep dive into Mexican culture and is ideal for those looking to gain practical teaching experience.
  • Volunteer Teaching in Romania: Assist in teaching English, French, or drama in Brasov’s schools, supporting disadvantaged students. Volunteers get a rich cultural experience living with host families and gain valuable classroom skills, suitable for anyone interested in education careers.
  • Volunteer Teaching in Nepal: Help improve English proficiency in underprivileged Nepalese schools, opening doors to better job opportunities in tourism. This project suits those looking to gain teaching experience and make a meaningful impact in one of the world’s most beautiful yet challenging environments.
  • Volunteer Teaching IT in Sri Lanka: Enhance IT skills among students and adults in local schools or educational centers, addressing Sri Lanka’s low computer literacy rate. Volunteers live with host families, experiencing the island’s culture while preparing students for better job prospects.

African Impact

African Impact invites passionate individuals to join its volunteer teaching programs in Africa, where you can make a significant impact while experiencing the adventure of a lifetime. 

African Impact’s teaching programs do not require a degree, welcoming all who are eager to contribute. Volunteers can participate in a variety of projects including classroom support, after-school clubs, adult literacy, and community upliftment. 


Top Teaching Programs with African Impact:

Involvement Volunteers International (IVI)

Involvement Volunteers International (IVI) offers a wide array of teaching abroad programs across every continent, aimed at improving education in underprivileged communities, regardless of your experience level. Check out their optional TESOL course recommended for those looking to enhance their teaching skills!


Top Teaching Programs with IVI:

  • India Rural School and Community Teaching: In India, volunteers have the chance to work in rural schools or contribute to community education projects, offering English teaching and support in various subjects to enhance educational access and quality.
  • Kenya Kindy & Primary Teaching and Maasai Mara Teaching: Experience the unique culture of Kenya while teaching in kindergartens and primary schools, or engage with the Maasai Mara community to deliver educational programs that aim to uplift and empower.
  • Fiji Remote Island Teaching: Make a significant impact on remote Fijian islands by teaching English and other subjects, contributing to the community’s long-term development.
  • Ghana English and Art & Design Teaching: Work in Ghana to teach English and art, encouraging creativity and language skills among students for a brighter future.
  • Thailand Primary Teaching, Sports Coaching, and Hill Tribe Teaching: Thailand offers a range of teaching opportunities, from primary education to sports coaching and providing education to hill tribe communities, each program designed to meet the specific needs of the local population.

Volunteering Solutions

Volunteering Solutions (VolSol) offers enriching teaching volunteer abroad programs across the globe. These programs are designed regardless of their prior teaching experience, and volunteers can engage in a variety of teaching activities in environments that range from traditional classrooms to open-air settings.


Top Teaching Programs with VolSol:

Global Vision International (GVI)

Global Vision International (GVI) offers a variety of impactful volunteer teaching programs worldwide. These programs cater to diverse educational needs, from early childhood development to adult education and empowerment projects. GVI’s teaching abroad programs are open to individuals from various backgrounds, including students, graduates, and experienced teachers.

teach English abroad with GVI

Top Teaching Programs with GVI:

Opportunities to Build Schools Abroad

If you prefer to focus your efforts and attention on Building and Construction projects, here are a few reputable providers you can explore:

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) 

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) offers dynamic construction and renovation volunteer projects worldwide. These projects align with UN Sustainable Development Goal #8, focusing on promoting sustainable economic growth and decent work for all. These projects are suitable for active volunteers who are willing to get involved in various tasks. No previous experience is required, as volunteers will work alongside and learn from skilled local tradespeople.


Top School Construction Programs with IVHQ:

  • Construction and Renovation Volunteer Project in Fiji: Work in schools around Sigatoka, enhancing educational facilities for children. Engage in building, demolition, painting, landscaping, and repairs under the guidance of a local project coordinator.
  • Construction and Renovation Volunteer Project in Laos: Assist in improving schools and community buildings in Luang Prabang. Participate in building, renovating, painting, restoration, carpentry, and landscaping tasks, enhancing local infrastructure, making it functional, safer, and more attractive.
  • Construction and Renovation Volunteer Project in Nepal: Support various projects in and around Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan. Get involved in building, renovating, painting, restoration, carpentry, and landscaping tasks to improve local infrastructure, helping to provide essential infrastructure improvements to community services and facilities.
  • Construction and Renovation Volunteer Project in the Philippines: Work at local schools and medical centers in Palawan. Engage in renovations, painting, restoration, repairs, carpentry, and landscaping with the aim to upgrade and improve community facilities, making them more functional and appealing.
  • Construction and Renovation Volunteer Project in Sri Lanka: Assist with repairs and upgrades to Buddhist temples, schools, and pre-schools in Kandy. Get involved in painting, cleaning, and potentially creative tasks like mural painting. Keep community buildings in good condition, benefiting both the community and preserving cultural heritage.


GoEco offers volunteers the opportunity to engage in construction and renovation projects that significantly impact underprivileged communities. By joining these programs, volunteers can help build essential infrastructure, such as schools and community centers, while immersing themselves in the local culture.


Top School Construction Programs with GoEco:

  • Bali – Construction and Renovation: Volunteers participate in construction activities, focusing on renovating buildings to support community growth. Typical projects include working on playgrounds, schools, and public libraries. Live in a local village, engage in cultural exchange, and see the tangible results of your work.
  • Cape Verde – Village School Renovation: Improve learning environments for village students by renovating schools. Tasks may include bricklaying, painting, restoring furniture, and gardening. Make a meaningful impact on the education system, live close to beautiful beaches, and learn basic Portuguese-based Creole.
  • Nepal – Construction and Rebuilding: Take part in renovation and construction projects at schools, children’s homes, and community centers. Work may involve demolition, wall building, painting, and carpentry. Contribute to sustainable building projects, enhance your construction skills, and help communities in need.

Maximo Nivel

Maximo Nivel offers impactful Construction and Renovation volunteer programs in Latin America, enabling volunteers to contribute to building vital community infrastructure including schools. Led by professional local foremen, these programs involve hands-on construction tasks such as excavation, cement mixing, bricklaying, and more.

coronavirus volunteer

Available in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru, these projects not only improve local access to essential services but also offer a rich cultural exchange and learning experience in traditional and modern construction methods. 

Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad offers volunteer Building Projects worldwide, focusing on creating essential infrastructure for communities in need. Volunteers can engage in constructing schools, daycare centers, and more in rural and urban areas. Projects Abroad’s approach is ethical, with dedicated staff support and a focus on making a tangible, long-term impact. 


Top School Construction Programs with Projects Abroad:

Involvement Volunteers International (IVI)

Involvement Volunteers International (IVI) offers impactful Renovation & Construction Programs abroad that empower volunteers to make a significant difference in developing communities through the renovation and construction of schools, libraries, and other essential buildings.


Top School Construction Programs with IVI:

  • Community Development and Construction in Cambodia: Volunteers help renovate and build village schools, playgrounds, and more in Samraong, Cambodia. The work includes laying bricks & tiles, carpentry, painting, and gardening, with a focus on renovating the local school.
  • Rural School Community Support in Bodhgaya, India: Volunteers contribute to various activities including working on construction and renovation projects in the school and surrounding areas.
  • Community Construction in Nepal: This program focuses on rebuilding schools and other vital infrastructure in Kathmandu and remote villages affected by earthquake damage. Volunteers engage in decorating, painting murals, basic carpentry work, and building new structures using cement, sand, stone, and bricks.
  • Community Construction in Palawan, Philippines: Volunteers assist local tradesmen by working on renovation and rebuilding projects including schools. This project supports communities still recovering from the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.
  • Volunteer Construction in Coral Coast, Fiji: Volunteers support local communities by working on important renovation projects alongside skilled local workers. The work includes building new structures, painting, and decorating to improve the quality of life for Fijian locals by refurbishing community structures and classrooms.

Volunteering Solutions (VolSol)

Volunteering Solutions (VolSol) offers impactful Construction & Building Volunteer Abroad Projects. These programs are ideal for travelers looking to make a difference through manual work in underprivileged communities. No previous construction experience is necessary as volunteers will work under the guidance of a supervisor.


Top School Construction Programs with VolSol:

  • Community Development Work in Tamale, Ghana: Volunteers will assist in construction activities, painting, and making schools more kid-friendly.
  • Construction and Renovation Project in Jaipur, India: Volunteers focus on improving the infrastructure of educational institutions by renovating schools and cultural centers to make them more engaging for young people. Tasks may include painting murals, beautification of classrooms, and, for larger groups, construction projects like building toilets and classrooms. This project aims to reduce school dropout rates by creating a positive and attractive learning environment.

Global Vision International (GVI)

Global Vision International (GVI) offers construction volunteering programs focused on creating sustainable infrastructure in under-resourced communities. These community-led projects aim to build and update key facilities like schools and more. GVI’s construction programs are an excellent way for volunteers to contribute tangibly while gaining practical skills and experiencing new cultures.


Top School Construction Program with GVI:

  • Volunteer in Nepal: Support educational objectives by building and renovating facilities like classrooms, libraries, and sports grounds in partnership with local schools and children’s centers. Construct furniture, repaint and build walls, and create play areas for children to directly influence the educational outcomes of students in Pokhara.

Constructing Futures


By choosing to teach or engage in construction projects abroad, volunteers not only contribute to the education and infrastructure of underprivileged areas but also embark on a journey of personal growth and global understanding. It’s about fostering hope, breaking the cycle of poverty, and empowering communities to dream bigger. 

So, as you consider taking this meaningful step, remember that your involvement in building and teaching abroad not only shapes the futures of those you help but also defines the legacy of change and kindness you leave behind in the world.