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Volunteer with Children in India

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Volunteer Forever - Volunteer with Children in India

From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the dazzling beaches of Goa, India shakes your senses at every turn. A land of amazing diversity, India delights with a variety of culinary masterpieces, beautiful landscapes, and distinct cultures.

Volunteering with children in India is a great way to explore and help the country. From teaching English and coaching sports in underprivileged areas to taking care of children at orphanages and providing support for street children, there are so many ways you can help – and so many great experiences you can have.

As one volunteer for Global Vision International said, “I hope I did make a difference for the children I came to work with. They certainly made a lasting difference to me.”

Volunteer Forever - Volunteer with Children in India

Qualifications and Child Protection

As you research various programs for volunteering with children in India, make sure proper child-protection guidelines are followed. Each program should have a thorough child protection policy in place and require some form of a background or criminal records check.

In general, the only other qualifications may be age requirements, English language proficiency (fluency required for teaching English), and medical and travel insurance. Note that qualifications for different India volunteer programs vary. For instance, girls’ homes may only allow female volunteers. Check individual requirements for each program.

Also, you should generally only volunteer at state-affiliated orphanages, as you can be sure these organizations have undergone the necessary inspections to ensure the safety and health of the children.

Read more about volunteer programs with children in India here:

Cross-Cultural Solutions

Cross-Cultural Solutions offers two child development programs in India. One is in New Delhi and the other is in Dharamsala, which is located in the highlands and is home to a large Tibetan community. For both programs, you assist under-resourced and understaffed daycare centers with educational programming, English instruction, and fun activities. Each day, you get the chance to help give children the education they deserve.

Cross-Cultural Solutions also has a program for high school volunteers in Dharamsala. High school volunteers can either tutor children or teach sports and leadership.

Plan My Gap Year

Plan My Gap Year provides two different types of volunteer programs with children in New Delhi, India. These are:

Love Volunteers

Love Volunteers has several volunteer programs with children in various cities in India. These include:

  • Teaching and Assisting in Schools: Held in Jaipur, volunteers help enhance the creativity of children through songs, games, and painting. You also teach English and environmental education.
  • Working with Children: Also held in Jaipur, this program is for females only and involves taking care of children at an orphanage. Activities include feeding the children and holding exercise activities.
  • Street Children Project in Delhi: You work with severely disadvantaged children in this program, providing basic education, guidance, support, and companionship.
  • Working with Children in Delhi: Work in an orphanage to give children the support and attention they need. Duties include teaching children about personal hygiene, assisting with homework, and general cleaning and washing.

International Volunteer Headquarters (IVHQ)

International Volunteer Headquarters (IVHQ) hosts three volunteer programs to help children in the capital Delhi and surrounding areas, like the city of Faridabad. These programs are:

  • Childcare: Daily duties range from cooking and cleaning to teaching English and caring for babies.
  • Slum Teaching: Give disadvantaged children access to educational activities, like English class and painting, that they otherwise could not enjoy.
  • Teaching English: Advance the conversational English of students in schools across the city.

International Volunteer Headquarters also has two programs for children in Dharamsala:

  • Childcare: Assist with preparing meals, giving lessons on hygiene, and more at a childcare center.
  • Teaching English: Work in local monasteries, teaching English to monks aged 5 and older. This project takes place in the community of Bir, a largely Tibetan area.


If you want to volunteer with children in India, check out Abroadly, Volunteer Forever’s new booking platform, and discover numerous reputable programs in minutes. Simply search based on your preferences, timeframe, and budget.

When you find a volunteer program that you feel is a good fit, go ahead and apply – you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $500 scholarship and get to use Volunteer Forever’s crowdfunding tools for free. And, if you’re not accepted, the application fee will be fully refunded.

Ready to begin your volunteer trip? Search for carefully vetted, high-quality volunteer programs with children in India today.

Two-Week Volunteer Abroad Trip to Goa, India

Journey to the gorgeous Goa region, where Bamba Experience runs several programs, including childcare and teaching projects. If you choose the childcare program, expect to play games with the children and hold activities for them to learn English, music, art, and more. If you choose the teaching program, expect to support local staff at under-resourced schools and teach English lessons (and potentially other subjects). During free time, enjoy yoga sessions, tour historical sites in Goa, and relax on the white-sand beaches.

If you apply, be sure to indicate you’d like to work in childcare or teaching (the two programs designed to help disadvantaged local children in Goa). Programs fees start at $1,119 for two weeks. Discover more about the projects here!

Volunteer with Street Children in New Delhi, India

Join the Delhi Street Children Program, and help create an environment where the city’s most impoverished children can develop holistically and improve their future prospects. Your daily duties will include holding classes (such as basic literacy and Math courses), introducing children to new activities and skills, and playing games with them. The main goal is to provide street children with access to better education and help them develop emotionally so they can have the self-confidence and strength to pursue their dreams. It’s a truly great project, and your impact will be felt immediately.

When you’re not volunteering with the children, take time to explore Delhi, a city that includes famous sites like The Red Fort, National Zoological Park, and Gandhi Smriti (the house where Gandhi died). Program fees start at $500 for one week, with the option to stay up to nine weeks. Discover more here!

Global Vision International

Global Vision International has several volunteer projects with children in India. You can volunteer in the southern state of Kerala, where you work in schools in underprivileged communities. Or, if you want to help out through sports, you can teach football, cricket, tennis, and more to children in the port city of Kochi, Kerala.

Volunteer Forever - Volunteer with Children in India

Choosing the Right Volunteer Program with Children in India

Research and make sure any volunteer program with children in India is with a reputable organization. Also, ensure the program you choose matches your personal goals and desires.

As you consider your options, don’t forget about the location. India’s variety of distinct cultures and regions means that a volunteering experience in one area will be entirely unique from another. From the vibrant and historic streets of Delhi to the relaxed beaches of Goa to the Himalayan highlands and everything in between, you have so many exciting destinations to consider.

For all the programs listed here, the good news is that they won’t give you volunteer sticker shock. Any of these organizations are a great choice. Start looking–your volunteer trip to help children in India awaits.