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Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Virtual, Remote Internship

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By Munira Maricar
Travel Writer

The concept of internships has been transformed by the digital age, particularly through the advent of virtual and remote internships. These avenues allow individuals to connect with global causes from their homes, aligning with the increasing trend of remote work and digital nomadism. 

The Growth of Virtual Work and Internships

The growth of virtual and online internships has been a significant trend, especially following global events like the COVID-19 pandemic. This shift underscores an increasing acceptance and demand for remote opportunities and online internships.

A significant 40% of companies have adopted remote programs. Among students, 84% are willing to take part in remote internships. This high acceptance rate shows the alignment of virtual internships with the evolving needs and preferences of the modern workforce and students. Moreover, internships have proven to be more than just learning opportunities; they often lead to job offers and significant career advancements. 

Finding the Right Virtual Internship


Make your future job applications stand out with a virtual internship!

Finding the right virtual opportunities involves a series of steps to ensure that the selected remote internship position aligns with your skills, interests, and personal goals. Here are some detailed pointers:

  • Assess Your Skills and Interests:
    • Identify your strengths and areas of expertise.
    • Consider what you are passionate about and how it aligns with potential opportunities.
    • Reflect on skills you wish to develop through the internship or volunteering role.
  • Research Available Opportunities:
    • Look for online platforms and websites that list virtual internships and volunteering roles.
    • Explore sectors that interest you, such as digital marketing, education, healthcare, or environmental conservation.
    • Read through the job descriptions carefully to understand the roles and responsibilities.
  • Evaluate the Fit with Your Schedule and Commitment Level:
    • Consider how much time you can realistically dedicate to a remote internship or volunteering.
    • Check if the opportunity is part-time, full-time, or project-based.
    • Assess if the time zone or working hours are compatible with your schedule.
  • Consider the Impact and Learning Opportunities:
    • Think about the kind of impact you want to make through your volunteering or internship.
    • Look for opportunities that offer learning experiences, mentorship, or skill development.
  • Check the Organization’s Background and Reputation:
    • Research the organization offering the virtual opportunity.
    • Look for reviews or testimonials from previous interns or volunteers.
    • Ensure the organization’s goals and values align with your own.
  • Understand the Application Process:
    • Prepare your resume and cover letter, tailoring them to the specific role.
    • Be ready for virtual interviews or assessments.
    • Understand the selection criteria and any prerequisites for the role.
  • Seek Advice and Feedback:
    • Reach out to professionals or peers who have experience in virtual internships or volunteering.
    • Join online forums or communities related to your field of interest for insights and advice.
  • Stay Open to Diverse Opportunities:
    • Be open to exploring roles slightly outside your comfort zone for a broader experience.
    • Consider opportunities that may offer a unique perspective or new challenge.

Remember, the key to a meaningful virtual experience lies in finding an opportunity that not only utilizes your skills but also fuels your passion and contributes to your personal and professional growth.

Types of Virtual Internship Opportunities

Virtual internship programs are available in many fields, offering diverse opportunities to match different skill sets.

Maximo Nivel

Serving over 100,000 individuals since its inception in Peru in 2003, Maximo Nivel offers diverse programs including volunteer opportunities, internships, TEFL certification, and Spanish immersion. It’s renowned for being accredited by the Ministries of Education in Guatemala and Peru, a Global Associate member of NAFSA, and recognized by Bildungsurlaub in Germany.


Maximo Nivel ensures that participants in both their online and onsite programs receive a high standard of international education experience.

International Internships at Maximo Nivel are designed to offer practical work experience in a global context. These internships are available onsite in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru, and also as virtual online placements. These internships provide a broad spectrum of professional experience and range from 4 to 24 weeks, with enrollment open year-round and new placements starting every Monday. Each program includes 1 hour/day of Online Spanish classes, 6-8 hours/day of practical work from Monday to Friday, dedicated internship advisors, official certificates, letters of recommendation, and the possibility of earning academic credit.

  • Education Internships: Interns gain a new perspective on international education by working with English-speaking classrooms at private or public schools in early childhood, elementary, middle school, or high school settings. These internships also offer ESL-specific opportunities. Interns assist professional teachers with instruction and classroom management, directly plan and teach lessons, and receive feedback to refine their teaching skills. The experience provides an understanding of school curricula, family and community challenges, and educational development methodologies, and offers practical experience in assessing student needs and leading educational activities.
  • Human Rights Internships: These internships, typically with community organizations, NGOs, and government agencies, focus on combating poverty and discrimination through social justice and human empowerment. Interns participate in community outreach, education, research, and fund-raising, to learn about the impacts of culture, social values, and the roles of politics, religion, gender, and ethnicity. Intermediate Spanish language skills are required for effective placement.
  • Hospitality & Tourism Internships: In regions where travel and tourism significantly contribute to GDP, these internships offer practical experience in hospitality, travel, tourism, and food service with small local companies like boutique hotels, hostels, restaurants, tourism operators, and travel agencies. Interns work on marketing, sales, client service, or operations, learning to adapt to various roles in small enterprises, gaining exposure to daily business practices, picking up Spanish vocabulary for hospitality, and improving communication skills.
  • Micro-Business Internships: Focused on understanding global commerce and business practices, these internships in fast-growing small business sectors offer placements in small, local companies. Interns focus on marketing, sales, client service, or accounting, working with entrepreneurs to improve their businesses and expand their market reach. This includes building marketing and distribution channels, staff training, translations, and improving client communications. Interns gain real-world business experience, increase their knowledge of business vocabulary in Spanish, and enhance communication skills with Spanish-speaking clients and colleagues. Intermediate Spanish language skills are required.
  • Customized Internships: Maximo Nivel collaborates with individuals and universities worldwide to organize tailored short-term and semester-long internship programs in various fields such as Archaeology, IT & Technology, Law, Photojournalism, Psychology, and more. By leveraging strong local partnerships, the organization helps interns explore specific goals and interests. Requirements include being at least 19 years old, and Spanish language skills may be required depending on the preferred placement.

Maximo Nivel’s commitment to quality service, structured organization, and comprehensive support ensures that participants in both their online and onsite programs receive a high standard of international education experience.

Intern Abroad HQ


Intern Abroad HQ's remote programs are ideal for those seeking international work experience from home.

Intern Abroad HQ, a division of International Volunteer HQ, offers a wide array of remote internships across 24 career fields based in 23 countries. These remote programs, ranging from 100 to 350 hours, are ideal for those seeking international work experience from home. Catering to students, graduates, and professionals, these internships allow for flexible start times and the choice to work from anywhere globally. The program’s global reach is evidenced by its diverse intake, hosting interns from over 66 nationalities, making it an inclusive and accessible option for gaining practical career experience and enhancing your professional profile.

  • Accounting & Finance Remote Internships: Intern Abroad HQ offers online accounting and finance internships tailored for students, graduates, and young professionals seeking international career experience in real businesses worldwide. These internships cater to various interests, from commercial business settings to supporting microfinance organizations in low-income communities. The program allows interns to work remotely with organizations in Spain, Tanzania, or the USA.
  • Marketing & Communications Remote Internships: These internships are designed for those seeking to enhance their career in marketing and communications. Intern Abroad HQ connects participants with tailored internships that develop cross-cultural intelligence and insight into global markets. Internship areas include communication plans, marketing campaigns, public relations, and media bookings, with remote placements in 10 countries including Morocco, Guatemala, Japan, and the Czech Republic.
  • Agriculture Remote Internships: These virtual internships offer hands-on experience in various agricultural activities, from sustainable farming methods to business administration. Interns assist with teaching sustainable farming, organizing activities on operational farms, and aiding in business administration. Host organizations are located in Greece and Tanzania, and interns can start at any time, choosing their internship duration and working either part-time or full-time.
  • Education Support Remote Internships: Focused on Tanzania, these remote internships in education allow interns to support mentor teachers in primary and secondary schools. Interns assist with lesson preparation, student assessment, and English language teaching, gaining feedback and professional development advice. The program includes a comprehensive support package and is suitable for those passionate about education or seeking experience in TEFL, with placements tailored to the intern’s preferences.
  • Computer Science & Information Technology Remote Internships: Ideal for computer science or IT students and graduates, these internships provide the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals in fields like website and software development, project management, and data analysis. Hosted out of countries including Argentina, England, and Greece, these internships focus on areas like cybersecurity, ethical hacking, augmented and virtual reality, data analysis, machine learning, and IT, offering a broad spectrum of professional experience and learning opportunities.

Intern Abroad HQ provides comprehensive support, including personalized planning and mentorship, with a focus on developing job-ready skills through their experiential learning curriculum

Global Vision International (GVI)

Founded in 1997, Global Vision International (GVI) is a distinguished organization recognized for its impactful contributions and structured programs in partnership with organizations like SANParks and WWF, GVI offers virtual internships that provide practical experience in community development alongside award-winning organizations. These internships are designed not just for theoretical learning but for working on real community development projects, offering flexibility in terms of part-time schedules and duration, and catering to the personal schedules and goals of participants.


GVI provides robust support and guidance throughout the internship, including dedicated supervisors, weekly check-ins, virtual meetings with partner organizations, and more. Interns work with over 600 international organizations, governments, NGOs, and social enterprises, ensuring a collaborative approach to sustainability. 

GVI – People

  • Global Public Health Virtual Internship: Interns gain firsthand experience and understanding of the responsibilities of public health professionals. Working alongside local and international organizations, interns analyze sustainable approaches to health concerns, focusing on accessible quality healthcare for all. Projects include creating educational resources, researching the impact of zoonotic diseases, and developing health campaigns. Interns also have the opportunity to engage in weekly project work, attend career-focused lectures and local immersion sessions, and receive career development support.
  • Human Rights and Access to Justice Virtual Internship: This internship focuses on understanding and advocating for human rights and justice. Interns work on projects such as grant award research, developing branding strategies for human rights organizations, and increasing their reach and awareness. GVI’s internship includes weekly projects that address real challenges faced by partner organizations, along with lectures, cultural immersion, and career development activities.
  • Social Economic Development Virtual Internship: GVI’s internship in Social Economic Development offers practical experience in fields like microenterprise setup, microfinancing, and social entrepreneurship. Interns engage in tasks such as fundraiser development and social media content creation and prepare pitch presentations for NGOs. The program incorporates weekly real-world projects, interactive lectures, local cultural insights, and career coaching.
  • Education for Development Virtual Internship: This internship by GVI focuses on the role of education in achieving development goals. Interns gain experience in creating educational content, developing health curricula for migrants, and other projects that directly impact educational initiatives. The program involves weekly project work with real organizations, expert lectures, and career development guidance. 

GVI – Planet

  • Wildlife Conservation Virtual Internship: GVI’s Wildlife Conservation Virtual Internship is tailored for those passionate about wildlife protection, including anti-poaching efforts and habitat conservation. Interns work on real projects with NGOs, government organizations, and social enterprises. Project work varies from creating breeding and release plans for endangered turtles to social media planning for rhino conservation and analyzing camera trap data. The internship includes engaging masterclasses from experts and provides valuable insights and connections for a career in wildlife conservation.
  • Marine Conservation Virtual Internship: Ideal for individuals interested in marine species protection, GVI’s Marine Conservation Virtual Internship connects interns with experts in methods used for coral reef replanting, poaching combat, and marine area protection. Interns work on projects like creating educational resources for schools on local ecosystems and species, producing infographics on turtle conservation, and monitoring benthic species. The program features masterclasses with professionals and offers a comprehensive view of the daily operations of marine conservation projects.
  • Climate Crisis and Clean Energy Virtual Internship: This internship focuses on projects that combat the climate crisis and implement clean energy solutions. Interns work with local social enterprises, NGOs, and community-based organizations on tasks like creating social media content for campaigns, assessing bio-fertilizer feasibility, and developing carbon and methane offsetting methods. The program includes masterclasses by experts in the field, providing interns with the experience and knowledge to contribute effectively to climate action and clean energy initiatives.
  • Environmental and Corporate Sustainability Virtual Internship: Designed for those interested in sustainable business practices, GVI’s internship in Environmental and Corporate Sustainability helps interns gain experience in assisting organizations to operate sustainably. Project work includes researching new sustainability methods, reviewing environmental management plans, and suggesting improvements. The internship offers a series of masterclasses from industry professionals, equipping interns with real-world experience in sustainability, a skill highly valued in today’s business and governmental sectors.

In addition to gaining practical experience, interns also complete online courses endorsed by the University of Richmond. The structure of GVI’s virtual internships is designed to provide flexibility and accountability, offering various duration and pace options to suit different needs. The programs are not only ideal for high school students, college students, graduates, and working professionals looking to change careers but also for anyone interested in the conservation and sustainability sectors. With GVI, interns gain international experience, contribute to sustainable initiatives, explore new specializations, and gain practical skills, all while working remotely.

Making an Impact from Afar

The transformation of internships in the digital age, specifically through virtual and remote formats, represents a significant evolution in professional development and global engagement. These online internships offer a diverse array of opportunities, from digital marketing to environmental conservation, providing individuals with the flexibility to connect with global initiatives from their homes. 

Organizations like Maximo Nivel and Intern Abroad HQ have adapted to this trend, offering virtual internships in various fields that cater to the evolving needs of the modern workforce and students. GVI’s commitment to impactful projects in public health, human rights, socio-economic development, and more, further underscores the versatility and depth of virtual internships. 

As remote work and digital nomadism continue to rise, virtual internships stand as a pivotal medium for individuals to develop skills, gain experience, and make meaningful contributions to global causes, all while shaping their professional journeys from any corner of the world.


The beauty of online internships is that you can do them from anywhere, at any time!