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Traveler questions1

Does Volunteer Forever offer its own volunteer, intern, or teach abroad programs?

Volunteer Forever does not directly offer any international volunteer, intern, or teach abroad opportunities at this time. For recommendations on trust worthy programs, please visit our 2019 Best Volunteer Programs page or our sister website Abroadly.

Partner questions5

How can I get my organization featured on Volunteer Forever?

It’s easy! Click “Create an account” under “Organizations” in the footer. Fill in your account information on the Sign Up page and don’t forget to select your “member type” to organization.

How do we get our past participants to review our organization?

There are lots of effective ways to get your past volunteers, interns, or teachers to rate their experiences with you. You can share your organization profile page on your Facebook page and Twitter page. You can also e-mail your past participants asking them to write a review about your organization. Lastly, you can include a link to your Volunteer Forever organization page on your website!

How can I delete my account?

Log onto your account and go to your “Profile Info” tab. At the bottom of the page you’ll see a “Delete Your Account” button. Once you select the button, it will ask you to confirm that you want to delete your account and ask to you input your password. Once you hit “yes”, your account will be deleted!

How much does it cost for an organization to join Volunteer Forever?

It’s completely free to create an organization profile! If you are interested in advertising your programs beyond your profile, please visit our advertising page or contact us.

We’d love to feature Volunteer Forever on our blog and on our mailing list. Who can we contact for more information?

Please email Sarah, our Director of Partnerships, at sarah[at]volunteerforever[dot]com. We’re always excited to have Volunteer Forever featured

Beware of phishing and scams

Recently, travelers have reported the Volunteer Forever brand being used to recruit them for direct placements abroad. Volunteer Forever has NEVER operated international volunteering programs of any kind, including to engineering or other placements in Mozambique, and we are NOT affiliated with the following email addresses or individuals:

All legitimate correspondence with Volunteer Forever or our sister website Abroadly will ONLY come through email addresses ending in “” or “”.

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