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A Broader View Volunteers is a 501 c(3) based non-profit organization based in Pennsylvania, all your expenses are tax deductible if you travel with us. With a love for humankind, and a motivated spirit to help others.

We offer volunteer travel placements in 25 countries which support local organizations in low-income communities and we support over 245 programs with safe and reliable accommodations, local staff available 24/7 and customized programs, programs from 1 to 12 weeks, and cost-effective fees.

A Broader View community-based projects in Countries in development allow volunteers to live and work side by side with local people in a range of fields such as orphanage work, daycare, community development, teaching and much more.

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23 Oct 2019

We wanted to thank you all for the most wonderful experience in Peru. We will recommend ABV to anyone interested in volunteering and will also consider working with you in the future. You did an excellent job in every aspect.
J & C


16 Oct 2019

I volunteered with A Broader View for two months with the Women’s Empowerment Program in Cusco. I chose to volunteer with this nonprofit after completing my social work degree where I focused my studies and work with domestic violence and with refugees and immigrants (where I was able to practice my Spanish a lot). During my program, I ended spending time with the women and kids at the center in order to provide them with extra emotion support and friendship. I spent a lot of time talking with the older and middle aged women, dancing with the younger girls, reading, joking around, having interesting conversations, cooking, and loads of other things! I had the joy of getting very close to several of them and equally so the joy of being able to call them my friends.
I remember one day going into one of the girl's rooms finding her tearful, with a book in her bed. I asked her if she was feeling sad to which she replied, “yes”. She did not want to talk about why specifically she was sad, but I asked her if she would like to read the book to which she also replied “yes”, and we read the book all day. I taught her new words and encouraged her reading, even when it took her 45 minutes to finish the entire page. From this, I was able to watch her spirits and confidence rise and she has been practicing her reading every day since.
I spent a total of three days on a tour to Puno and spent the night on the floating islands. Puno was amazing because it encapsulated culture, landscapes, and great hike all in one trip, and, on top of that, I made several wonderful friends! While at Puno I took a boat ride on Lake Titicaca which was far vaster than any lake I had ever been on. During our boat ride, we made stops at the floating island including the Uros island. I found the Uros island completely captivating because the materials which were on the island were unlike anything I typically see in the States.


14 Oct 2019

I spent three weeks in the Belize orphanage as part of the A Broader View volunteer program. I helped in the preschool making costumes for a parade. It was a wonderful time. The kids and adults had a blast. I also worked in the yards with raking and cleaning. Some days I helped with homework as well and painting a mural. My accommodations were perfect. I had my own house and it was bug free and cool at night. The wifi in the office worked great. Sarah at ABV was very responsive and supportive throughout my entire program and Meghan at the chat online answered many of my first questions.


14 Oct 2019

I recently returned after spending two months in India as part of the ABV program in Jaipur. I was challenged every day by new ways of doing things (in a good way). Sushila, the director of the Care Center, found lots of ways to put my skills to use including an organized event to showcase students exhibiting safe childhood performances of dance and skits. The support provided by ABV staff was truly amazing. So much more than I could imagine. I have seen others in different programs with different support and I can tell you ABV staff does a terrific job. They guided and helped me throughout my stay. I was extremely happy during my stay in Jaipur. The ABV staff and their pre-trip information were spot on.


8 Oct 2019

I love to push my personal boundaries and think this experience at almost 65 has helped me do that. I loved both the Orphanage +the school experience and look forward to continuing with volunteering in other countries.
We each had our own room+ shared a bathroom. They were simple, clean and very adequate. Our host kindly provided heated mattress pods for us because we were cold. We got smart and put both our clothes our pj’s in our beds to warm them before putting them on.
The meals were mostly organic, very healthy, Vilma our host, is a great cook. There was lots of variety and she made 3 meals a day for us. While she is vegetarian, she always provided chicken, fish or meat for us.
I felt entirely safe but was never out at night on my own. I also never carried much money you can use a credit card for almost everything-except buses and tours. I was also cautious with my computer, Ipad, and cellphone.
Best memory being hugged by children every day at school, they were so excited to learn and really made me feel welcome.


30 Sep 2019

The prep for our trip was well thought out. I´m sure each mission brings with its own set of challenges. I do think that if there are certain supplies that are intensively utilized it would be nice to highlight those so that they can be procured ahead of time. In addition, we had a nice variety of toys and such for the children. Hopefully, that can be maintained for future clinics.
I honestly feel that providers who will be participating in missions in Guatemala need to understand that no matter how well a clinic is planned, things happen. There needs to be an understanding that flexibility and adaptation to any situation are key. You just need to take a breath, reevaluate and move forward.
I really enjoyed doing the popup clinics in rural areas. I met the most wonderful, appreciative people.
The host family was very welcoming and made me feel welcome from my first hello. The coordinator was fabulous. Being here in Xela, she kept us on track and was extremely knowledgeable about the area. Our translators ... invaluable. Without them, my job would have been difficult.
We were kept in the loop from the very beginning. Sarah's enthusiasm is phenomenal. The ability to keep 13 health providers satisfied was a tough position and she handled everything with a smile and grace.
Thank you for letting me be a small part of the mission in Guatemala!

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