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The Atlantis Project offers short-term hospital internships in the Canary Islands of Spain and the Azores Islands of Portugal for students interested broadening their understanding of health. Atlantis Fellows shadow local health professionals, improve language skills, and give back to the community by teaching English to local residents — all of this on some of the most beautiful islands on earth.

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Rachael Chabot

29 Aug 2017

I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in learning and observing as much as you can about healthcare in an internship style setting. The Atlantis Project fellowships allow pre-med students the opportunity to experience a new culture both inside and outside of a hospital setting. I experienced more than I could have ever asked for or expected. I spent four weeks in Spain. The hospital staff made me feel welcome and accommodated me in every way they could. I was surprised at how eager the doctors were to show me and teach me. The hospital staff have a passion for medicine and a passion for teaching. Although I could not participate and strictly observed, there were times I felt more like a medical student because of the level education I received during my four weeks in the hospital. I observed in four different departments that rotated weekly. I observed both surgical procedures and patient consultations that were culturally relevant and specific. I do not speak or understand Spanish at all and the language barrier was not an issue. There were a few instances where I was observing a doctor who did not understand or speak English very well and the doctor was still very eager to help me understand as much as I could - often finding unconventional ways to communicate. The Atlantis Project was the most enriching fellowship I have experienced to date. This is an experience that emphasizes healthcare education. Observing healthcare in a system that is foreign to your own is an effective way to learn.

The Atlantis Project is relatively new and may not be as established as some of the programs that are more known in the United States - DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU. This program is worth every penny and then some!

If you have questions and are interested in the program, email me at chabot.rachael@gmail.com for more detail or an application.

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