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The Bamboo Project Powered by GVN is the next step in volunteering and adventure travel. We’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what responsible tourism is all about. We run a range of programs across Asia, Africa, and South America where volunteers can become immersed in a new culture whilst helping the communities they visit.

There are two main arms of our organisation: tours, and volunteering. We are currently running tours in Thailand, Cambodia in Nepal. The tours are designed to be a mix of volunteering and adventure travel with a group of like-minded “give-back-packers”. The volunteer placements involve helping on the project full-time during the week, with weekends off to explore the country. For more information, please see our website. See you there!

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Marie Tobin

13 Apr 2017

I cannot speak highly enough about this organisation. Our guides were extremely professional, knowledgeable and hard working. Heidi was bright, bubbly and very well informed about Thailand. Navorn looked after us so well, his knowledge of the customs and people made the journey very easy. He worked extremely hard alongside us building in Cambodia. They are both huge assets to your organisation.

Sue Heads

7 Apr 2017

I did the Thailand and Cambodia Young at Heart tour in March this year and regret not doing more research first as the week in Thailand was very poor - the "homestay" referred to on their website was a petrol station with a dormitory on the back and two elephants in a small enclosure in the backyard, a mother on a very short chain and her baby. Our tour guide told us that they were kept in the enclosure 24 hours a day, although when I emailed the company to express concerns about the standards of welfare, I was told that they were taken out regularly - and we subsequently saw them being taken out of the enclosure, although the tour guide admitted that she had never seen that happen before. We were told that we had to accept that situation because of cultural differences, which I thought a poor excuse given that the company regularly takes guests there and could presumably exert some pressure, or stay at places where the animals are treated better. The website also talks of Thai language and cooking lessons, games with the children etc at the homestay - none of this happened. I was also told in an email that 99% of their guests can see the positive benefit of being there, although as I have not had a feedback form (don't know if others have), I don't know where they get that figure from. I have to say that the second week of the trip, spent on a building project in Cambodia, was excellent and definitely met my expectations - I really believed that we were dong something worthwhile. I would certainly do another volunteering trip but I would not book through Bamboo as I am sure that there are better volunteer organisations out there, which have higher ethical standards for their host companies. Definitely not one for animal lovers in my view.

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