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Through volunteering and eco/adventure travel, Blue Lizard Adventures is raising awareness and promoting wildlife and environmental conservation.

Blue Lizard Adventures offers worthwhile volunteer programmes and incredible travel experiences. Blue Lizard is built on strong morals and values of conserving and restoring the planet, support local businesses and ensure money is kept within the host countries and to provide an unrivalled friendly personal service. Blue Lizard Adventures was created to provide anyone from any walk of life, opportunities that are affordable, inspirational and educational.

The smallest steps are the basis for larger creation!
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” — Nelson Mandela

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30 Aug 2013

Blue Lizard was a great choice when it came to my trip to Namibia. The owner Rebecca helped with any enquiry I had and made booking my trip a pleasure. The fact that my trip was cheaper than booking direct with the charity meant that I still had some money for spending over there and I didnt have to worry about over spending. Over all a brilliant company that understands what people really want when volunteering! I have aleady had friends looking for things they can do next year with blue lizard as my experience was so good.

Jemma Blood

27 Apr 2013

I was really impressed with the quality of service from Blue Lizard Adventures. The owner really goes out of her way to make sure you have all of the information you need and is always willing to help with any queries you might have. The team are really friendly, supportive and reassuring and make the travelling experience even more exciting. I had a brilliant time in Africa and would definitely go again!

Katie Peat

27 Apr 2013

Blue lizard adventures is a great company focusing on conservation volunteering. The owner Rebecca is supportive and gives each volunteer a personal experience throughout from the inquiry right through to the end of the trip. My experiences with the company are positive and haven't come across any problems.
All of the prices are fair and all the money goes to the organisations which run the volunteering programs unlike some of the larger companies. Allowing them to increase the conservation effort in there country. Though I haven't traveled with this company as of yet, it will be my first choice in the future because blue lizard adventures offers a personal experience and value for money

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