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BreakAway is a student organization of North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. Our mission is to equip students to serve nationally and internationally by providing service trips three times a year. These trips allow students to engage with some of the world’s most pressing issues in some of the world’s least developed regions.

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  • Health & Medicine
  • Education & Literacy
  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Homeless & Housing
  • Arts & Culture
  • Disaster Relief
  • Faith-Based
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VACK Jitolee Afrika

23 Oct 2014

Volunteer Action for Change Kenya is a volunteer service organization founded to spear head development initiatives with local community structures utilizing the services of volunteers in the event. Over the past few years of our existence we have been able to see real change in community projects and the lives of community members at the same time seeing volunteers being fulfilled with what they have been able to offer towards development.

It is on this basis that we seek to expand our partnership base so as we can be able to reach the much demand that we have in Kenya for our services and we have identified your organization as one that can be an important part in enabling us realize our objects.

Joshua Male

25 Oct 2012

BreakAway is awesome! As a student at North Central College, BreakAway offered me the opportunity to travel to Haiti and serve with fellow students. Of which was the main cause in the development of my love for the country of Haiti, along with getting me plugged into North Central as a whole allowing me to become a more involved student and more closely connecting me to campus. Through BreakAway I have gained much leadership, personal, and spiritual development. I look forward to participating and serving with BreakAway in the future, and I encourage all North Central students to check out BreakAway's opportunities.

Natalie Cummins

25 Oct 2012

As a student at North Central College, BreakAway gave me the opportunity to travel to Haiti my freshman year. Not only did it give me a solid foundation to grow in my passion for international service, it also allowed me to meet others interested in service trips. This organization has been such a blessing on campus because it allows students to step out of their comfort zone in Naperville, Illinois and see what is going on in parts of the world that we tend to be sheltered from.

Elizabeth Starkey

25 Oct 2012

BreakAway is such a wonderful organization! It gives so many students the opportunity to serve others that are in need. Over D-Term, I am going with a group of students to Honduras through BreakAway to serve in an orphanage and spread the word of God. BREAKAWAY ROCKS!

Whitney Roberts

24 Oct 2012

BreakAway has allowed me as an undergraduate student to see the world and serve in capacities I would never have access to on my own. It changed the way I see the world and gave me a chance to travel on a budget.

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