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We are a non-for-profit organization that connects travelers willing to volunteer their skills and time to local needs along their planned route. If you are a traveler, we invite you to “do good as you go” leaving behind positive and sustainable changes as you go.

If you are not traveling at the moment but would still like to do good, contact us anyway and we may have an opportunity for you to do good together.


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Ruined Adventures

4 Sep 2012

We've been volunteering with Muskoka for over 6 months now and we've had incredible experiences through them! They have given us the tools necessary and all the right connections to easily find the right volunteer opportunities while we're "passing thru" Latin America.

Most volunteer organizations need careful planning, strict itineraries, and only give few options for doing good. Many even ask for ridiculous sums of money from volunteers, and even have questionable worth in the community. Fortunately, Muskoka has eliminated all of those downsides and made it easy for us to connect with all of the right people, on our own schedule, and under a very broad approach.

From simply hanging out and making friends at orphanages to helping out in a busy medical clinic, we feel like we've truly been able to help out in communities that need it.

Muskoka has also done a great job of listening to our needs, successes, and trials so far. We can tell that they really value our input, which especially became apparent after they received our feedback and together we created an entirely new program to make it easier for volunteers to "break the ice" in new settings. The Global Citizenship Program was created because of our difficult experience breaking down language barriers, and led to a way to motivate children to think globally and feel like they are part of something bigger, beyond their community.

The Muskoka Foundation is constantly trying to better serve our interests and desires by looking for more partners around the world, and more diverse ways that we can serve as volunteers. It makes for a progressively interesting experience that never grows stale.

We are fortunate to have stumbled on this organization; who was the answer to our never-ending quest for volunteer opportunities around the world. They give 100%: to their volunteers, their partners, and the communities that they serve and we're proud to say that we are part of the Muskoka Family!


2 Sep 2012

We have been with Muskoka doing good as we go for about 3 months now. It was exactly the type of organization we were looking for while traveling overland through Latin America. They are an excellent communication hub putting us in contact with their local partners in many different countries and helping us focus our skills where we can be useful. They are also growing worldwide and we have seen many cases of the lasting positive influence volunteers have made. Each partner is different and Muskoka does and excellent job of getting volunteers where they can do the most good in the time they have available.

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