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The Don Bosco Technical Institute is part of the Don Bosco Network which is a worldwide federation of Salesian NGOs. The work was started in 1859 by a young priest named John Bosco. In the Solomon Islands young people that droped out of the school system benefit from our work. In 2002 when the ethnic tensions made the youth suffer most, we opened the doors of the school . The Institute is a Catholic Organization which is open to girls and boys who are technically inclined.
All our activities (sport, music, human rights etc.) are centered around our three year courses, which include one practical year:
â€Â¢Automotive Technology
â€Â¢Life Skill Training (Tourism, Hospitality)
â€Â¢Carpentry Technology
â€Â¢Computer Technology
â€Â¢Electrical Technology
â€Â¢Machine Fitting and Maintenance Training

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  • Community Development
  • Teach English
  • Ecotourism
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  • Environment
  • Advocacy & Human Rights
  • Arts & Culture
  • Faith-Based
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