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Dream Africa Care Foundation is inviting you to volunteer with us in Africa this year for free. Volunteers are needed throughout the year on A wide range of volunteering placements available in Africa, Volunteers can choose to work with orphans in our orphanages, teach in our understaffed rural and urban community school, volunteer in our over crowed clinics and hospitals, agriculture projects, construction projects and sports coaching volunteer project. Volunteers can choose to Work in the coastal city of Accra or the rural villages in the Ghanaian countryside. We provide volunteers with Accommodation, airport pickup, project placement and 24-hrs support from our staff for FREE. We don’t believe people have to pay a fortune for the opportunity to help others.

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18 Participant reviews

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30 Jun 2018

Volunteering with Dream Africa Care Foundation was an amazing experience. I spend 3 weeks in Ghana and I really wish I could have stayed longer. I am so happy I made the decision to travel to Ghana and volunteer with this incredible organization. The foundation has projects of all kinds and do actions that have a strong impact on communities. The coordinators are amazing, reliable and dedicated, they put their heart and soul into the organization, which offers amazing placements opportunities. I had the chance to work in a hospital in Accra, where I learned a lot and saw things I would never have the chance to experiment back home.

DACF takes good care of their volunteers, the staff is so welcoming and friendly, and the volunteer’s house felt like home, a great atmosphere, in all its diversity, with volunteers from all around the world. We were like a big family. It was the best decision I could do and it definitely opened my eyes on many things. Having to know more about the culture, getting to know the locals and being able to understand more about a completely different reality makes you learn and grow. Besides that, the orphanage in Accra, run by the foundation, is located at 1 min walk from the volunteer house so we got to spend a lot of time with the kids. The kids are amazing, so sweet and lovely, and have so much energy!!! but you instantly fall in love with their smiles the minute you meet them. In fact, how can you be unhappy when you are surrounded by amazing people and get to do actions that have positive impacts on the lives of others (Plus you have this amazing weather, ghanaian music and plantain chips). DACF helped me realise how much every little action does matter and are important, even when we can feel powerless in the face of many issues that affect communities: limited access to education, or health care etc.

I really recommend DACF, an amazing NGO that gives you the opportunity to live a meaningful and life-changing experience.

Botond Mischinger

9 Jun 2016

The best decision in my life was to being a volunteer with DACF. I had a great time there. I just was a kid when I landed in Accra, but after a week I realized I gonna see things what the most of the adults in the 'western world' have never seen and they never will, so I saw more from the real world. Now I know I became a serious adult there :) .The Dream Africa volunteer house is an island in a really poor neighborhood where you can feel a little home if you miss it. I recommend it for everyone.

Nicole A.

18 Apr 2016

When looking for a volunteering placement to spend a gap year on, I quickly realized that volunteering is a business today! Non profit organizations asked for €2000 for 3 months (excluding ticket)...this is why I was very happy to find Dream Africa which offered everything other organizations did for $350/month.

Personally I had a great experience there. I met some amazing people with whom I am in contact to this day, some of whom have become close friends. I heard a lot of things have changed since I volunteered. The orphanage has closed down for instance but new foster homes are currently being built so I guess the project will resume shortly. As for the teaching placements, when I was in Ghana we taught at Faith Academy and did some tutoring at the Fishing village. The latter still exists but the school has changed and now volunteers get to work with a reduced number of students (even one on one teaching) which must be a blessing because I had a class of 12 kids where a third had the required level for 3d graders, another 4 had huge difficulties and the last group did not know how to read...in those conditions there wasn't much I could teach them. If i had had the chance to work with them individually I believe the results would have been way more fulfilling both for the kids and for me!

In other words, if you want a chilled out atmosphere where no one is here to patronize you and where you share with the children just what you feel they would most benefit from, I can only recommend DACF! if you are hopelessly rigid and want everything to be super scheduled like it's the army then perhaps opt for a christian NGO, and probably one that's not based in Africa because "African time" is a concept you won't agree with.

Another plus with DACF is also the weekend trips because let's be honest with ourselves, volunteering is part doing something valuable and part doing voluntourism and there's nothing wrong with that as long as you respect the host country!


11 Apr 2016

It was very my best expience of my life. The house is in good neighborhood and we could go to the proyect walkin no more than 30 minutes. The staff of the NGO take care of us very well they where us part of my family. Iḿ saving money to came back as soon as posible.


3 Apr 2016

Although it may sound like a cliche, volunteering with Dream Africa Care Foundation was really a life changing experience. The projects are diverse and have a strong impact on society. What I also really liked is that you are given the freedom to set up your own project should you want to. For example, if you really like music and can sing or play the guitar, you can share this passion with children in Accra.

The organizers and the other volunteers were all enthusiastic, caring and social people, many of whom I am still in contact with. The organizers have been living in Accra for quite a while, hence they know the good places and you are guaranteed a true Ghanaian experience.

What I also really liked was that they organize trips every weekend; discover one of the highest waterfalls in West Africa, have a relaxing weekend at the beach or challenge your fear for hights and walk along the canapy bridges.

Having returned 4 months ago, I still feel nostalgic at times and think about Ghana and the people a lot. It really was an amazing experience and I am so happy I made the decision to volunteer with Dream Africa Care Foundation!


2 Apr 2016

I spent three months in Ghana with Dacf but I only needed one week to know that I would recommend it to everyone who wants to do voluntary work in Africa. Dacf is a good organisation. I always felt safe because I knew that I could always ask for help and advice if I needed it.

When I arrived they just started cooperating with a new school which I also worked in my whole stay. It was a great opportunity for me and the other volunteers to be creative and find our own way to work in the school, since no one had done it before. In the beginning it was very challenging and exhausting but it was all worth it. I ended up loving these kids. I wish everyone would have the opportunity to go volunteering and feel the same love and happiness I felt.

Dacf gives you the opportunity to be creative and use your personal strengths to make a change. You also get to make friends from all over the world. In that way you will not only learn about Ghanaian culture but also about cultures from the whole world.

I came to Ghana with the hope to change a lot. I went home knowing that I can't change everything but I can help putting a smile on a kids face and I can help educate a few kids. Also I went home knowing that the small things you can do is worth it. When you see that one kid giving you a smile it's all worth it.

Volunteering with Dacf is the best thing I've done so far in my life. I recommend those who wants to volunteer to become a dreamer with Dacf. For me it was the best decision I could have made.

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