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EDventure International is an international volunteering organisation aimed at teaching leadership skills through direct engagement with educational volunteer projects in Cambodia, Costa Rica, Thailand and South Africa. EDventure International program participants make a difference through helping local communities in these countries by providing help to local orphanages, schools and wildlife reserves, while also learning about different cultures, making life-long friendships and gaining valuable skills.

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13 Participant reviews

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Jessica Marshall

25 Nov 2014

In January I went on the most amazing trip of a lifetime with the EDventure Cambodian project. I could not speak highly enough of the company or its staff members, whose passion and love for their job shines through in everything they do. Everyone I met on the trip and in the lead up to the trip was genuine and truly caring and I am so glad they have come into my life. The people you meet on a volunteer trip like this are people who you connect with instantly, who have the same desire as you to create more positivity in the worldCambodia stole our hearts. The children, teachers and families we worked with were wonderful and was very humbling to have the opportunity to do 'real' work and get our hands dirty. We were not there just for show; EDventure makes sure we complete real, changing work.
I loved so much, that I am currently preparing for my next EDvenure; South Africa in January! I am excited to be meeting new people and I know the trip will be just as amazing as the last one.

I would 100% recommend doing it while volunteering. You get the best of both worlds and you visit places while volunteering that are so beautiful which you would never have visited while travelling alone. It changes your whole perception and idea of life, travel, values and possessions; what's really important in life and how we should really live it in order to be content. You also have a massive sense of pride; pride in the children you have grown attached to and pride in yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something really worthwhile.

The big difference with EDventure and other volunteer organisations is that EDventure is like a small family, all of the staff and founders know you personally and care for you and you are not palmed off to anyone like most large organisations do. There is a real sense of community and belonging when you first sign up with the organisation and that is why I have stuck around to be a returning EDventurer!

Megan Brown

22 Nov 2014

EDventure International is a fantastic organization. I went to Costa Rica with them in the summer of 2012, and it completely changed me as a person.

I saw the world in a new light, traveling and doing things I never thought I would be able to do. It made me push myself and I gained leadership skills I know I wouldn't be able to get otherwise. I made such great friendships in the program, we became like a family and even though it was only 3 weeks it seemed like so much more.

The fact that I can tell people I traveled to Costa Rica to help sea turtles, to work on a local school, hiked through the rainforest - it's incredible. I would do another program with EDventure in a heartbeat and hope to sometime soon.

Ashlee Scicluna

22 Nov 2014

In February 2013 I went to Costa Rica with a bunch of excited volunteers like myself and since, the Team leaders have become life long friends. I would never have had the opportunity to go to a Spanish speaking country and do all the amazing things we did without them there. The whole time I felt safe and the leadership workshops brought me out of shell I really learnt a lot about my potential and capabilities.

This was the best experience of my whole life, I have a Green Sea Turtle named after me "Miss Ashlee", from Turtle conservation in week one, I am very passionate about animals and this opportunity to help relocate eggs to ensure their survival was insane, we even got to help the hatching's out to sea!! Incredible. Everything was all hands on.
The Costa Rican children in week two also put things into perspective for me, seeing their big smiles when they had so little was something I brought back home with me- enjoy the little things, smile, life goes on.
By week three everyone are buddies and you test your comfort zones with adrenaline adventures- though I'm a thrill seeker so was in my element!!

Seriously life changing, I still reflect on what I did with EDventure even though I've done months of travelling since the story's I choose to tell are from these 3 weeks

Daniel Hoang

22 Nov 2014

As I sit here typing this review, I find myself struggling to even decipher on how to even begin to talk about the impact EDventure has on the lives of everyone who is associated with this organization. Prior to this program I considered myself to almost be a lost soul, struggling to find something more to life beside myself. Stuck in a continuum of daily routine in a fast pace society. Until one day a man by the name of Josh came into my University to talk about an amazing opportunity to take part in some humanitarian work in a different country.

Without hesitation I hopped on the opportunity and the next thing you know I landed in this small country named Cambodia with 9 other amazing people who have become my life long friends. While there, the feeling that you get bonding with locals and knowing that you are taking part in making somewhat of a difference in their lives is indescribable. Working at the orphanages and teaching at the schools you develop a sense of selflessness and humility that one simply just can not learn from a text book. At one point you come to the realization that you are no longer teaching these kids, but that they are now teaching you. It is insane to even fathom how much I have taken from this program from the three weeks I was there. I had days where I was home sick and days where I was literally sick LOL but I would have not changed one single thing about my experience and I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone.

The ball is in your corner, and it is up to you to decide what you are going to do with it.

Loes Nijsmans

22 Nov 2014

I will never forget the three weeks I spend in South Africa with EDventure intl! Being the only European in my group made it even more of an experience! Not only did I learn so much about the South African culture, history and way of life,

I also learned a lot from my American and Aussie group members, who became my new friends for life! The organisation of the trip was amazing and the people we worked with in our little village where so gratefull and kind, it was a pleasure to give something back to them. I came back from this adventure with the greatest feeling in the world, and I still think about it everyday.

Thanks Jamie and Christy for making this such an amazing experience for me, and for all those young people with me!

Russell Jablonowski

21 Nov 2014

EDventure International changed my life!

After three weeks in Thailand I came back to the states with a new-found outlook on the world. I gained confidence, experienced tremendous personal growth, and gained an entire group of new friends.
Moreover, the value of Edventure is hard to measure. What I cherished most about the experience is interacting with wonderful people who all have such a positive outlook on life. The leaders run the program with the utmost professionalism while engaging each of the participants in life-changing experiences in a foreign place. Edventure provided me and the group with constant support before, during, and after the program.
In all, this organization is one that any person would benefit from!

Get on board while you can, folks. EDventure is going places, and you're going to look back one day PROUD to say you got to share in the experience!

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