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The word “fursa” means “possibility” in Swahili and that is exactly what we wish to accomplish with these projects – to create possibilities for communities and individuals to grow and develop in order to create a better future. We seek to provide communities with education about sustainable solutions to their problems instead of fast and easy solutions. How do we plan to do that? By continues education provides by experienced individuals with knowledge and specific education to a certain field. And this is where we need you!

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  • Teach English
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24 Sep 2018

I worked at the hospital at both HIV and obstetric ward. The work consisted in providing the right medication to people. I also had to make sure that pregnant women and their babies were in a good health, provide them with immunisation and medication. I really appreciated to spend time with the patients so that we could talk about their health, but also about our life so that we both learnt a lot about each other, and about our countries.
Regarding the accommodation, staying with the Jackson's family at the WhiteHouse was awesome! I had a lot of fun with Julieth who is Junior's sister, I enjoyed sharing dinner with all the family, Junior, Julieth, Johnson and their mama. I love the chilling place and the evening barbecues.
Tanzania is such a beautiful country where there's wonderful beaches (you should go to Zanzibar!), mountains, rain forest, desert and wild animals.
I will come back for sure !

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