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Founded in 2001, GeoVisions’ Co-Founders bring over 130 years of experience in international education and exchange. We’re young enough to know what’s needed in the twenty-first century, and old enough to have learned what’s not needed.

GeoVisions carefully screens partners around the globe to help prepare participants for living in their host country. We provide sustainable volunteer abroad projects, teach abroad and au pair abroad paid jobs, internships and the J1 Visa US Work and Travel program designated by the US Department of State.

We know the importance of international education and exchange, and we understand the value these experiences bring to your life.

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  • Health & Medicine
  • Children & Youth
  • Teach English
  • Animals
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Intern Abroad
  • Environment
  • Advocacy & Human Rights
  • Au Pair
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  • Oceania
  • Eastern Europe
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5 Participant reviews

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Stu Phillips

25 Jan 2019

Usually I'm not one to leave a bad review but something needs to be said. Please do not give them a deposit. They tell you they will refund you the amount you give if not selected for any trips. If you read reviews regarding this Charity, others would agree. In my opinion, they do not stand for what they say they believe in.


2 Jan 2017

Everything bad you've read online about GeoVisions is true. They obviously have many different programs and I guess you may approach each one individually, but stay away from the programs in France. It wasn't horrible, but that's only because the family was nice.


18 Jun 2016

Trying to get my Certificate for completing my 2 month stay in Spain. Kirsty never follows up. Will try one more time but after reading Joseph R's review , horrid story! Well I guess I got lucky compared to his experience. I feel they are work at home , not connected company and yes, do not follow through. Joseph, how can I contact you? On these blogs it is not possible.


23 Oct 2015

Geovisions does an excellent job with constant support!

Joseph R

20 Oct 2015

France is a beautiful country with many wonderful things about it and I would recommend anyone to spend some time there.

That is a very separate thing from the GeoVisions Tutor a Family program. For that I would say to stay away from this organization. Things started off fine but you find out a lot about an organization (and people) when a problem arises. GeoVisions never had a good family for me, but they wanted to keep the money so they persuaded a family with a desperate plea to take me. It was obvious very quickly that something wasn't right. After trying for several weeks but it not working and getting worse I talked with GeoVisions about making a change. They said they'd try to find something else. The only thing they found was a family in a tiny village that had not one thing that I asked for when i signed up. No language school nearby, no one to tutor in english which is the point of this program. I am also allergic to cats and prefer to be a vegetarian (though that's changed since being in France). If they would have told me I wasn't easy to place that would have been fine, but then you'd need to be ethical to do something like that. With no viable alternative I left the program after 1 month though I paid for and expected to stay for 3. They never apologized or showed any real concern or empathy that thing didn't work out. I have the impression they are used to problems and have become immune and caring. I asked for a refund of the difference which is only about $150 and they said they'd send it but haven't done so at this point which is about 3 1/2 weeks later. . In the name of brevity I left out other gory details but if anyone would like to know anymore about my experience with them I'd be happy to answer any questions.

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