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Global Nomadic was founded in 2009 with a vision of helping young professionals and career-changers gain experience in their field through carefully selected projects abroad or at home. We also offer a range of Volunteer Adventures and Paid Placements.

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24 Participant reviews

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Jeff Rotta

5 Jun 2019

I participated in the wildlife and travel photography internship in South Africa. It was a great experience with lots of hands on learning and professional guidance. At the same time, I got to explore the amazingly beautiful South Africa. I would highly recommend this internship to anyone looking to jump into the world of photography or further develop their existing skills.

Erika Shook

21 Feb 2019

I travelled through Global Nomadic and it connected me with one of the best places ever! It was by far the most valuable experience. At Work With Nature I met wonderful people and got to work on amazing projects, including a biodiversity study and a reforestation project. The project was located in a jungle in eastern Costa Rica and I got to see beautiful animals from sloths to tarantulas. I would recommend this to anyone with a passion for the environment and wildlife!

Catherine Tansey

19 Jul 2018

Jeremy and the team at Global Nomadic were the best organizers and support we could have asked for! I did the TEFL course on Koh Samui with my best friend back in 2015, and it was an incredible experience. We hadn't done any long-term traveling prior to this trip and we were quite nervous. Jeremy and the team helped ease our anxiety by reminding us that there was someone always looking out for us. They answered every late night email, provided comprehensive packing lists, and offered tailored advice for adjusting to the Thai cultural expectations. We couldn't have asked for a better liaison between us and our TEFL course. Thanks GN team!

Faith Jordan

3 Apr 2018

I found the Global Nomadic website very helpful in looking for environmental internships abroad. It was easy to compare different projects and choose the right one for me. Jeremy was also very helpful in answering my initial questions and getting me in contact with the in-country project supervisor. I also enjoyed the ability to write a journal report for the Global Nomadic website and see it published, as this reminded me of everything I had achieved during my project. I didn’t use the support from GN to its full extent but believe this would be useful for people seeking more guidance throughout their placement. I really appreciate the facility they provide and its accessibility, my experience with Runa Foundation in Ecuador was incredible – thank you for introducing it to me!

Global Nomadic response

Hi Faith, Thanks so much for your feedback! It was pleasure helping your trip become a reality! We hope to hear more about your achievements in the future and wish you all the very best with your fledgling career!


1 Oct 2017

I was teaching English in a buddhist monastery in Mandalay. Global Nomadic was one of many organizations that were corporating with the local organization. Most of the volunteers came with different organizations and there were huge differences in what they charged you for even though everyone got exactly the same food and accommodation . Global Nomadic charged more than most of the others but their support was really poor, they haven't texted me back in days when I was asking for some informations and they asked me to bring a criminal background check and a hardcopy of my CV while I was already in Myanmar however I perfectly informed them when my trip to Mandalay starts.The other volunteers that paid less had great support and got some very valuable prior information about the program or the culture. The monastery itself is amazing... the children, monks and teachers that are mostly living in the monastery aswell were beautiful souls with truly heartwarming smiles and the whole school just has a great spirit and dynamic..I would recommend anyone to take part of the program in the PDO monastery and I would love to go back if I get the chance. xx Sarah

Global Nomadic response

Hi Sarah, I am glad to hear that the programme went well. We pride ourselves on offering high quality programmes with reputable in-country partners. In regards to your issues, we did send you numerous emails checking in with you on the 24th, 25th & 27th August, and never got any reply. We wanted to make sure that you had arrived safely, if you had any concerns and that everything was going well, but never got any response. We eventually heard from the project coordinator that you were enjoying your placement, so we did not worry. It is difficult to offer support if we do not get a response. Anyway, we are glad it all went well and wish you all the best for the future. Jeremy


6 Sep 2017

My internship in NGO management in Kenya, through Global Nomadic, was an incredible experience! Jeremy and his team were very friendly and worked efficiently. Although it is certainly not cheap, I can definitely say it is worth the money (FYI, I did not purchase the support package as I think it is easy enough to book your own flights, insurance, visa and vaccinations). Jeremy kept a close eye on my safety in Kenya, as I arrived just before the elections took place (which caused quite a bit of uncertainty), everything went smoothly, but I was very happy to know that they were looking out for me :) Regardless of the topic and the location - everyone should do something like this at least once in their life!

Global Nomadic response

Hi Camille, So glad your placement went well. It is true that we were a bit worried due to the uncertainty surrounding the election, but we were sure that the coordinator would take good care of you. Let us know if there is ever anything we can do to help in the future!

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