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Founded in 1993, Global Service Corps (GSC) is a non-profit leader in both short & long term service learning, volunteer, study abroad and international internships in Cambodia and Tanzania. Global Service Corps is dedicated to fulfilling our mission of designing and implementing effective service-learning programs that provide maximum benefit to our program participants and the communities we serve. Through the hard work of our staff, support of our advisory board, collaboration with our partners and the participation of hundreds of volunteers each year, GSC has earned its reputation as a leader in international volunteerism, service-learning and community development. Global Service Corps now offer a 15 college credit semester or 9 credit summer abroad service-learning program.

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6 Feb 2014

Volunteering with Global Service Corps was an experience that far exceeded my expectations. I spent 4 months in Tanzania in the fall of 2013. I participated in their Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security program during which time we traveled to numerous villages to lead organic agriculture community trainings. Each week presented amazing, unique experiences. The villages I traveled to and worked in were all villages that GSC had outstanding and lasting relationships with.

It was beyond rewarding to work with the GSC staff and villagers on innovative, yet simple projects that had huge impacts on lives of those we worked with. We built water efficient and nutrient rich organic gardens called keyhole gardens, grain storage containers and rainwater harvesting systems at the homes of voluntary participants. The work was hands on, challenging, and empowering. I learned so much about small scale organic agriculture practices and community development through education. The aim of the projects was not only to build something that served purpose in increasing their access to healthy food but also to educate individuals so they are able to build and care for these innovations on their own.

GSC embraces full immersion. Volunteers live with a Tanzanian family and develop close friendships with staff members and training participants. I walked away with phenomenal insight into Tanzanian culture and lifestyle. I even learned a good bit of Kiswahili! It was amazing to travel to villages so remote and work with community members in such mutually inspiring and positive ways.

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