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Global Volunteers is a globally recognized and respected non-profit leader founded in 1984 providing genuine human and economic development, short-term volunteer assignments on long-term projects, and sustained community-based partnerships.

Volunteer abroad as a family, group, individual or couple, and you can indeed make an enormous impact as a Global Volunteer! Your unique talents and skills, guided by our respected philosophy of service, are valuable resoureces on life-giving community projects. You experience life as local people live it. And, your return home with deep, informed insights on your place in the world. Contribute one, two or three weeks to change lives – yours and those you serve!

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8 Participant reviews

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Leslie Purchase

7 Jan 2019

Buyer beware with this organization. My family of five spent a humiliating week in Peru this past summer. When we reported our experience to Bud the CEO he was initially receptive. When we asked for an accounting of how our fees were allocated he lawyered up and sent me a notice reminding me I cannot sue for negligence. How is that for a well-run charity. I'm sure they will delete this post before long but anyone looking to take their family on a trip like this would do well to steer clear here. I will make every effort I can to let people know what to expect from this organization.


27 Jan 2017

I have volunteered with Global Volunteers on the Blackfeet Reservation two summers in a row now. The people there are welcoming and warm and many have become like family to me. The program itself has been around for a long time, and all of our partners on the reservation are happy to see the volunteers come every year.
Driving around in the big Global Volunteers Van you begin to feel a bit like a celebrity because people are always asking you if you are one of the "Globals" and telling you about a new work project that the team can do. There is no shortage of work on the Reservation, but there is definitely a related culture shock for many volunteers.
As other reviewers have mentioned, the pace of life there is very different, especially if you are someone who is punctual, and rigid about order and control. Work projects may fluctuate day to day, based on this pace and the availability of materials and local people. You may find yourself doing a few different work projects but that affords the ability to meet more people, and create more relationships which is really the whole goal. The work projects are there, not only to get things done, but to facilitate cross-cultural understanding and create relationships with people.
I highly recommend this program for just about anyone. The people are amazing, the scenery can't be beat, and the flexibility of the work projects assures that your skills will be put to use. Oh, and did I mention Indian Tacos?! Delish! (PS- Indian is not a derogatory term on this particular reservation and they are indeed called Indian Tacos).

Timothy Cunniff

13 Dec 2016

I've been volunteering with Global Volunteers since 1998. I've supported English classes in Europe, Asia, and Central America. I've done daycare in Ecuador, Peru, and India. The most important value of Global Volunteers is that we support communities that have asked us to participate in their growth and development. Global Volunteers helps communities that want to participate in their growth. We are waging Peace one link at a time by investing in the future potential of the communities we serve..... I have Volunteered in approximately 20 locations. Send me a note and I will gladly share my experiences,s


Helen Blythe

13 Dec 2016

John & I have volunteered 9 times with Global.
It has always worked well for as we have learned so much being part of another culture . People around the world have similar wants and needs.
Our teams we've worked with have always shared the same enthusiasm.
We hope to continue .

Steve Fox

5 Dec 2016

Global Volunteers is a real people to people experience. Where else can one go for a one to two week trip and spend your time interacting with the people rather than just passing through the towns and villages and saying you've been there.
Comparing costs to tours one of the most economical ways to travel.
The staff at Global is more than capable to assist you, and upon arriving on site team leaders make you feel very much at home. And they have already done the preplanning of hotels, restaurants,. and other cultural centers. Oh yes you still have free time to do your own thing. On two week projects you have the whole week end to explore.
Teams are usually 15 or less so there is a lot of team interaction, because we are all there for the same purpose to help others.

Eunice Hop

3 Dec 2016

I have taken more than a dozen trips with Global Volunteers and had positive experiences each time. I like the idea of traveling with a purpose and thus being able to do even alittle bit for the country I visit. I like being able to stay two or three weeks and seeing how the people really live everyday and not just as a tourist does. I could see a little bit of the country on weekends, before, or after volunteering. I go with no particular friend but have friends who are interested in the same things I am as soon as I arrive.

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