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For over 28 years, Global Works has been a leader in community service-based travel programs for high school students and custom group trips. Much more than a vacation, Global Works international trips are the bridge for meaningful cultural exchange with people around the world. In all of our locations, we partner with communities and organizations to select and implement grassroots service projects that make an impact. Your unforgettable journey of community service, language immersion, cultural exchange, and adventure starts here!

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  • Health & Medicine
  • Education & Literacy
  • Alternative Break
  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Study Abroad
  • Conservation
  • Ecotourism
  • Animals
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Environment
  • Arts & Culture
  • Disaster Relief
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  • Puerto Rico
  • Fiji
  • Cuba
  • China
  • Nicaragua
  • New Zealand
  • Oceania
  • Martinique
  • Ecuador
  • France
  • Spain
  • Panama
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8 Oct 2015

I've been on two Global Works trips.
Four week France trip: Excelent! I learned so much about myself and the world! My leaders were supportive, encouraging, and adventurous. I practiced French because I wanted to, not because it was a trip requirement. Because of this trip, I would love to spend the rest of my life traveling!
New Zealand and Fiji: in usual Global Works fashion, this trip was beautifully orchestrated. I learned about Maori culture, lifei n third world countries, and how to become a good traveler. My leaders were fantastic!
To those wanting to take a Hlobal Works trip: take a trip that self-selects travelers. Take a language immersion trip for a month or a trip to a third world country. During my trip to New Zealand, many of the kids were suffering from acute cases of affluenza. Although I eventually made some friends on that trip, the majority of the kids made me, and the other scholarship kids, highly uncomfortable.

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