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help2kids offers children in Africa the opportunity for education, nutrition, and a place to live. We strive to give young people a lasting perspective that will help them to achieve a better life.
We run community projects in Tanzania and Malawi, including a children’s home, local nursery schools and primary schools, health care and community projects. For more info, please visit www.help2kids.org. We are always looking for motivated people willing to volunteer with us! We provide nice, clean and safe accommodation at our Friendly Gecko Guesthouses (www.friendlygecko.com). Volunteers can also choose to work in both Tanzania and Malawi and experience completely different cultures of East Africa. Have a look at our websites www.help2kids.org and send an email to volunteer@help2kids.org!

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  • Community Development
  • Teach English
  • Sports & Recreation
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8 Dec 2012

Perfect accommodation for good price. Very nice projects with children's home, nursery and primary school. You can combine two countries (Tanzania and Malawi).


8 Dec 2012

The organization offers very great prices and absolutly a nice accomodation and great projects at the help2kids childrens home.

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