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ISL strives to enhance learning through service experience, while providing health care and other services in developing communities. We offer volunteers practical experience through pre-health, medical, nursing, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, public health, and veterinary programs which observe the highest ethical standards and inspire volunteers to a lifestyle of service.

Teams are open to volunteers aged 18+ who are interested in gaining valuable experience in their chosen field, exploring another culture, and assisting those in need. ISL offers 9 to 14 day opportunities throughout the year; no experience or certifications needed unless specifically stated.

ISL has been providing quality service opportunities for nearly 20 years.

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Amy Turner

15 Mar 2018

I loved my experince with ISL! Last spring break I visited Managua, Nicaragua. I was very nervous about this trip, however ISL made this a wonderful experience. Other members of my team and I got to set up a medical and dental clinic and helped over 100 patients! After clinic we got to visit local restuaruts and popular tourist spots! My team leader was orginally from Nicaragua and stayied with us entire time, helping all of us I feel safe during our trip!

Kathryn Martin

9 Feb 2018

ISL is a wonderful organization from the pre-trip planning to the post-trip follow-ups. There are trips offered for every interested from health to sports to education. I went on a Global Health trip to Mexico. Preparing for the trip was painless as ISL has the requirements listed very clearly on the trip website, and any questions are answered promptly. They also provide a large list of fundraising ideas to offset the cost. In country we felt very safe with our locally based team leader, paid friendly, security staff, and wonderful chef. The translators were very patient and knowledgeable. As far as medical experience, we assisted with vitals in a local health clinic, performed community health surveys with abbreviated triage including taking blood glucose, held a free clinic with a doctor, nurse, and pharmacy, and shadowed in a local hospital. In the hospital I was able to assist in the beginning of a live birth, and watch the delivery! Beyond service, we had so many opportunities for recreation, exploring the local community, and eating exquisite food. After the trip, ISL reached out to find out what was good about the program and what to do to improve it. They also offer incentive to continue in the ISL family, and help it grow.


23 Mar 2015

This Spring break a group of pre-dental students traveled to Panama with ISL to provide dental care to the underserved populations. It was an experience of a lifetime. I made some friends who share the same dream of helping others through dentistry and was able to learn and experience some incredible things traveling abroad and being thrown into the heart of a new culture and community. I would definitely recommend.

Jerry Schutz

24 Feb 2015

When I signed up for this trip, I was nervous. It was my first semester in nursing school. I was 49 and I had never been to South America, and knowing I was going to a less fortunate area did not calm my nerves.
Our Colombia Team Leader Glen organized everything perfectly. When I landed in at Pereira, I looked around for less than 30 seconds before he found me up and took me to where the rest of the group was waiting.
For the next two weeks- he and Aidee were incredible. We were the first ISL Team ever in Colombia. The program was organized, kept everyone safe and together, and teamed up with an NGO with staff that knew who and where our help was needed.
I was worried about food, and packed granola bars- but only had to eat them on the trails in the countryside! The food at the hotel was delicious!
Everything about the trip was outstanding- including the doctors who helped in our clinics, the bus driver who took us, even the internet connection was good. It was an awesome trip. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to go into the health field.
I came back after that trip with satisfaction and the knowledge that I was going to pass nursing school, and that I am going to be an outstanding nurse. If you have the opportunity to take an ISL Trip do it! You’ll have the experience of a lifetime.

Brandon Stewart

25 Oct 2014

I'm not usually one to give 5 stars across the board, but my experience with ISL to Belize was honestly the best experience of my life. The Belize staff welcomed us with open arms and by the end of the trip, we were starting to feel like family rather than acquaintances from different countries. In addition, from the planning and organizational efforts of our State-side reps, our welcome at the Belize City airport, and our sad departure for home, everything was so incredibly perfect! Definitely recommend a trip through ISL! As students at The University of Toledo, we even created a student organization based around ISL trips specifically because we love them so much. We'll be sending 3 groups out for the first time ever in May 2015!!!

Lina Maria Calderon

29 Oct 2013

I had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica with a group of Physical Therapy students. I had a great experience thanks to our team leaders and the organization. From the get go, our team manager kept us up to date on what we needed for the trip and what to expect, she answered every question promptly and keep us well informed. My stay in Costa Rica was wonderful, this trip was definitely life changing. They provided home cooked meals (breakfast and lunch) that were fresh and delicious, translators that were knowledgeable, Therapist that were caring and were great teachers. I would recommend this organization to anyone

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