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KIVOLEX is a volunteer abroad organisation with its head office in Arusha, Tanzania East Africa with an international support office in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada . We are a non-profit organization, aimed at improving the lives of all those in need in the local community, through amazing volunteer abroad projects . Specifically, we work with underprivileged groups such as women and children. Established to bring Western enthusiasm, expertise and passion to tackling some of the problems which affect the most needy in Tanzania. Our ethos is that you�¢ï¿½ï¿½ll be volunteering with us, not for us. We�¢ï¿½ï¿½re far more interested in your skills and desire to help than your money.

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Unhappy Volunteer

18 May 2017

I hope that Kivolex have improved since I volunteered with them in 2012. We discovered that only a tiny fraction of what we paid actually made it to the schools we volunteered at, compared to the hundreds of pounds per volunteer being pocketed by the organisation!

I remember I and the other volunteers in my group were appalled, and felt deliberately misled by the organisation. Incredibly disappointing.


21 Apr 2017

When i traveled across Africa for a year, i happened to pass through Tanzania and decided to do a three weeks volunteer work with KIVOLEX abroad volunteers. The organisation is so well managed, the staff are good and the director is a very smart person. I did volunteer teaching English in local primary school in Arsuha. The project is so nice and you real get to help these needy children of Tanzania.

KIVOLEx abroad volunteers coordinated my stay during the entire period i volunteered with them and i have to say they were outstanding when it came to managing my stay. Food, accommodation and trips were excellent. I would definitely recommend anyone to try this program


21 Apr 2017

i have personally taken part in their programs. they are simply super. well organised and reliable. They have got very rewarding programs and they are very affordable

The most important thing is that you dont volunteer for them rather you volunteers with them. they are not interested with your money but your skills and desire to help. this is why KIVOLEX abroad volunteers is one of the best in the volunteer abroad industry.

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