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We are located in Northern Kenya and offer various volunteering opportunities, either with children or adult education (health, life skills, language etc.). The primary school we support has a huge lack of teachers, classrooms and other resources. It also addresses issues like parents ignorance and tries to bring those who are in the bush looking after goats back to school.
You can assist teaching in both programs, or organize other activities for the children e.g. sports.
Cultural beliefs and practices are still very alive in this area, within pastoral communities (Rendille), and you will get to live within, experience and see people wearing a lot of beadwork, manyattas… On top, the project is located just around a Game Reserve with lots of animals like lions, elephants, antelopes.

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  • Health & Medicine
  • Education & Literacy
  • Alternative Break
  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Teach English
  • Ecotourism
  • Sports & Recreation
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Shelby Rose

20 Oct 2022

This was an amazing program which a real eye opening to me .The staff are very welcoming and gave me good and enough orientation to the program enough security i want to volunteer again with this program

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