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Mwenda Edward is the second born child ,he is disabled his whole body is crippled from neck to toes, can̢۪t walk upright, his back is cyclic in nature, arms and legs are very slim and hardly walks for a long distance. Bright and jolly Mwenda is in secondary three now his parents are very happy about but have lots of fears about where they will raise funds to pay for him secondary three.
What Edward needs.
1. School fees, Clothes, Mattress and Bedding’s,wheel chair for using to go to school,a house and many other things.Mwenda’s family is faced with a challenge where among their 6 children 3 are disabled, a situation that they can’t tell its cause.Parents say that they don’t know what the problem is because all their children are born in good shape,Join us to help this family in any form

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