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Medi Gateways is a specialised company which offers short-term, observational, medical internship programs in hospitals and animal hospitals located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. You will be given access to several main areas of the hospital, by shadowing doctors and other professionals whilst they work. This gives you a real life experience of what a career in medicine is really like. We also offer tailored programs in areas such as Psychiatry, Dentistry, and more. We help people from the age of 16 years old upwards, from all over the world As well as the hospital program placement, we provide quality accommodation, delicious food, tailor made uniforms, private transportation, extra curricular activities, full-time pre-arrival and in-country support and a certificate of completion.

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Jane Kim

26 Jan 2015

Before joining the hospital rotation program, I wasn't exactly sure if this was the right career for me. But joining the program was one of the best choices I made, because it made it crystal clear to me that I want to become a doctor. They allowed us to go to all the main areas of the hospital, we saw some really amazing cases and the doctors and nurses were awesome. They explained things so well, and were really friendly.

During the evenings and weekends, the program manager arranged so many activities for us. We learnt some Thai cooking, Thai language, and got to go out in the local markets which sold some really cool items.

I recommend this program to anybody who is thinking of applying to medical school, it will open your eyes to what your career will be like, and give you experiences you won't forget!

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